This website has been developed to hold some of the information previously held on Thornbury Roots.

Thornbury Roots 2 holds memorial inscriptions and images of the graves at the various churches in Thornbury and the Cemetery as well as historical information about the churches and their ministers.  These records can be selected using the menu bar above.  Use this also to see the various lists of parish records, rate books and land tax records.

In the absence of the excellent website Scribes Alcove we have just added baptisms, marriages and burials covering the period  up to 1840 and plan to add more.

We have also searchable transcriptions of the 1841 census for Thornbury and Thornbury Workhouse.  These transcriptions were kindly sent to us by our friend Richard Byrd who provided us with transcriptions of the early parish records.  Please contact us if you would like any of the 1841 census files for other areas of Thornbury District.

Thornbury Roots, our main site, holds the historical information about the older properties in Thornbury and the families who lived in them.  It includes amongst other things histories of the public services, crime and criminals and details of how Thornbury was affected by the various wars.  It also has a collection of photos of the various streets and certain families.

You can move easily between the two sites.  Please note that a search made on one site will only extract information held on that site.

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We are always happy to hear from anyone with an interest in Thornbury – contact us on thornburyroots@gmail.com