Thornbury Baptisms 1684-1689

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The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March. Under the old Julian calendar the new year started on 25th March. Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31/1/1685/6′ would be 31st January in 1685 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1686 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

DateNameNotesSource Image
26/3/1684John Giles
16/4/1684Thomas MansellSon of Joseph Mansell
21/4/1684Elizabeth HewettDaughter of Hezekiah Hewett
24/4/1684Richard JenkinsSon of Richard Jenkins
11/5/1684Robert ColeSon of George Cole
24/5/1684Mary BuckDaughter of Andrew Buck
25/5/1684William GaynerSon of Richard GaynerPR171 of 184
3/6/1684Jane WhiteDaughter of John White
22/6/1684Anne TaylerDaughter of William Tayler
10/7/1684William WhiteSon of William White
16/8/1684Susan JonsDaftar of William Jons of of CowellPR172 of 184
24/8/1684John WalkerSon of Thomas Walker
9/9/1684William CoventrySon of James Coventry
22/9/1684Esther Sanigarof Buckover
29/9/1684Jonathan BartonSon of Jonathan Barton
19/10/1684Mary MannellDaughter of John Mannell
18/11/1684Edmond ChampneisSon of William Champneis
5/12/1684Anne CrowtherDaughter of John Crowther
27/12/1684Mary WilliamsDaughter of Roger Williams
18/1/1684/5Elizabeth OldlandDaughter of John Oldland
7/2/1684/5William WinstonSon of William Winston
22/2/1584/5Arthur NealeSon of Arthur Neale
24/2/1684/5Elizabeth OcfordDaughter of John Ocford
26/2/1684/5Martha OcfordDaughter of Edward Ocford
3/3/1684/5Mary GloverDaughter of Joseph Glover
4/3/1684/5William PitcherSon of George Pitcher
6/3/1684/5Mary HallingsDaughter of John Hallings
8/3/1684/5Anne DimeryDaughter of John Dimery
22/3/1684/5Edward JayneSon of John Jayne
23/3/1684/5Edith AmosDaughter of Richard Amos
30/3/1685Richard ThurstonSon of John Thurston
5/4/1685Joseph NealeSon of Joseph Neale
22/4/1685Rosamond MastersDaughter of Hanna Masters
27/4/1685Charles HuddSon of Charles HuddPR9 of 100
10/5/1685Elizabeth HorslyDaughter of Anthony Horsly
27/4/1685Peter BidggoodSon of Peter BidggoodPR9 of 100
17/5/1685Edward HuntSon of Matthew Hunt
9/6/1685Edmond HughesSon of Edmond Hughes
21/6/1685Matthew HuettSon of John Huett
28/6/1685Richard BidggoodSon of Robert Bidggood
4/7/1685William CoxSon of William Cox
12/7/1685Mary WilliamsDaughter of John Williams
19/7/1685Thomas RandellSon of Thomas Randell
21/7/1685Elizabeth GilbertDaughter of John Gilbert
21/7/1685Elizabeth DriverDaughter of Elizabeth Driver
26/7/1685Elizabeth AylerDaughter of James Ayler
1/8/1685John LeonardSon of Thomas Leonard
10/8/1685Robert LesterSon of Robert Lester
21/8/1685Dorothy MillsDaughter of John MillsPR9 of 100
4/9/1685John SwanleySon of William SwanleyPR9 of 100
13/9/1685Mary WestDaughter of John West
4/10/1685Joseph BrookeSon of Thomas Brooke
4/11/1685Ursula ParnellDaughter of Hugh Parnell
5/11/1685Alice SwanlyDaughter of John Swanly
10/11/1685Mary LewisDaughter of Thomas Lewis
22/11/1685Samuel WhitfieldSon of Andrew Whitfield
8/12/1685Isaac WebbSon of William Webb
24/12/1685Sarah CollensDaughter of William Collens
11/1/1685/6Richard BrewtonSon of Henry Brewton
19/1/1685/6John ThomasSon of Samuel Thomas
24/1/685/6Mary WytherDaughter of Henry Whyther
30/1/1685/6Sarah LawrenceDaughter of Thomas Lawrence
15/2/1685/6Joseph PearceSon of Thomas Pearce
12/2/1685/6William ClarkeSon of John Clarke a base child
7/3/1685/6John HopeSon of Thomas Hope
7/3/1685/6Anne HopeDaughter of Thomas Hope
7/3/1685/6James Stephens
10/3/1685/6Katherine ShipleyDaughter of Francis Shipley
21/3/1685/6William GoughSon of William Gough
2/4/1686Elizabeth ClarkeDaughter of William Clarke
4/4/1686John LutonSon of Toby Luton
4/4/1686Abigail Bayley
19/4/1686Hannah BeamesDaughter of William Beames
3/5/1686Rose BrowningDaughter of John Browning
16/5/1686Richard ColeSon of William Cole
20/5/1686Martha HewettDaughter of Guy Hewett
1/6/1686Elizabeth GoughDaughter of William Gough
3/6/1686Mary ClarkeDaughter of Thomas Clarke
6/6/1686Sarah WilcocksDaughter of Thomas Wilcocks
11/6/1686Elizabeth GroveDaughter of William Grove
20/6/1686John NelmesSon of William Nelmes of Oldbury
20/6/1686Sarah AldridgDaughter of Joseph Aldridg
15/7/1686John BlanchSon of William Blanch
19/7/1686Mary BrinkworthDaughter of John Brinkworth
25/7/1686Thomas Tanton ?Son of Thomas Tanton ?
8/8/1686Anne BarrowDaughter of John Barrow
22/8/1686Anne BrookeDaughter of George Brooke
2/9/1686Mary SmithDaughter of Joseph Smith
5/9/1686William HitchingsSon of John Hitchings
12/9/1686Mary WhiteDaughter of Nicholas White
14/9/1686Anne SaingerDaughter of Edward Sainger
17/9/1686Elizabeth LanderDaughter of Ephraim Lander
19/9/1686John CookeSon of Ralph Cooke
19/9/1686Henry HughesSon of Edmond Hughes
19/9/1686John SearchSon of Anthony Search
22/9/1686Anne FowlerDaughter of Richard Fowler
3/10/1686John WebbSon of John Webb
10/10/1686Ralph HorwoodSon of Richard Horwood
15/10/1686William WilliamsSon of Roger Williams
18/10/1686Hannah WeekesDaughter of John Weekes
21/10/1686Anne WebbDaughter of John Webb
31/10/1686William HuddSon of Charles Hudd
31/10/1686Mary CurtisDaughter of John Curtis
22/11/1686John TrayhearneSon of Thomas Trayhearne
31/12/1686Elizabeth DimeryDaughter of John Dimery
28/12/1686Thomas HindySon of Thomas Hindy
3/1/1686/7Thomas HendySon of Thomas Hendy
3/1/1686/7Elizabeth BuckDaughter of Andrew Buck
3/1/1686/7Elizabeth AylworthDaughter of Arthur Aylworth
16/1/1686/7Mary ScamellDaughter of Christopher Scamell
18/1/1686/7John FowlerSon of Edward Fowler
23/1/1686/7John WilliamsSon of Richard Williams
31/1/1686/7Sarah TaylerDaughter of John Tayler
3/2/1686/7Mary ChampneisDaughter of William Champneis
3/2/1686/7Anne MillsDaughter of John Mills
7/2/1686/7Thomas LesterSon of Robert Lester
18/3/1686/7Joseph PearceSon of Thomas Pearce
18/3/1686/7Elizabeth FarnhamDaughter of Stephen Farnham
20/3/1686/7James HorsleySon of Anthony Horsley
21/3/1686/7James CullimoreSon of Joseph Cullimore
March 1686/7Grace BartonA base child Daughter of Elizabeth Barton and born 20th December 1686
3/4/1687Thomas OcfordSon of John OcfordPR11 of 100
12/4/1687William TaylerSon of William Tayler
12/4/1687Mary ThurstonDaughter of John Thurston
17/4/1687Richard BeardSon of Thomas Beard
27/4/1687Mary TilladamsA base child, Daughter of Mary Tilladams
6/7/1687John HitchinsSon of John and Susanna Hitchins
16/12/1687Christian LewisDaughter of Thomas Lewis born 8/12/1687
14/4/1688Jane WhitfeildDaughter of William Whitfeild
22/4/1688Hannah BarrowDaughter of Joseph Barrow
23/4/1688Frances Pearce
24/4/1688Joane ButtlerDaughter of Thomas Buttler
30/4/1688Mary AttwellsDaughter of Richard Attwells gent
4/4/1689John AttwellsSon of Richard Attwells
4/5/1688Martha HughesDaughter of Henry Hughes
20/5/1688Joseph WebbSon of William Webb
20/5/1688Isabella ClarkeDaughter of Francis Clarke
23/5/1688Mary AylerDaughter of James Ayler
4/6/1688Katharine LangleyDaughter of John Langley
24/6/1688Elizabeth ClarkeDaughter of Thomas Clarke
20/7/1688Elizabeth ThomasDaughter of Samuel Thomas
22/7/1688Henry ThurstonSon of John Thurston of Oldbury
13/8/1688Elizabeth HarrisDaughter of William Harris
1/8/1688Andrew WhitfeildSon of Andrew Whitfeild
George WeareSon of Charles Weare born 15th August 1688
7/9/1688Dorothy MillsDaughter of John Mills
9/9/1688Henry ThomasSon of Henry Thomas
16/9/1688John FowlerSon of Richard Fowler
23/8/1688William BlanchSon of William BlanchPR172 of 184 & PR11 of 100
5/10/1688Mary HuddDaughter of Charles Hudd
14/10/1688Mary LeisterDaughter of Robert Leister
28/10/1688Mary and Martha MooreDaughters of John and Mary Moore strangers who came out of Ireland
28/10/1688Anne BartonDaughter of Jonathan Barton
28/10/1688John HorsleySon of Anthony Horsley
19/11/1688John SanigerSon of Edward Saniger
25/11/1688Katharine WilkinsDaughter of William Wilkins
3/12/1688Charles MacklinSon of Thomas Macklin
13/12/1688John SmythSon of Joseph Smyth
30/12/1688John HoneSon of Richard Hone
31/12/1688Tymothy MatthewsSon of Thomas Matthews
18/1/1688/9James ElySon of James Ely
4/2/1688/9Thomas MoxhamSon of Edward Moxham
10/2/1688/9William BurroughsSon of Anthony Burroughs
10/2/1688/9Robert CurtisSon of John Curtis
10/2/1688/9Elizabeth GroveDaughter of William Grove
11/2/1688/9William OrchardSon of William Orchard
17/2/1688/9Andrew JayneSon of John Jayne
24/2/1688/9Elizabeth Price?Daughter of William Price?
1/3/1688/9Jane ScottDaughter Joane Scott
13/3/1688/9George HarvestSon of Thomas Harvest
14/1/1688/9Francis DunneSon of Henry Dunne
18/1/1688/9Sarah BrewtonDaughter of Henry Brewton
19/3/1688/9John OcfordSon of John Ocford
4/8/1689Richard ChampneyesSon of William Champneyes
19/5/1689William HicksSon of William Hicks
20/5/1689Joseph CookeSon of John Cooke
20/5/1689John WicksSon of John Wicks
20/5/1689Richard HobbySon of Will. Hobby
9/6/1689Anne CatchmyDaughter of John Catchmy
Arthur TaylerSon of Will. Tayler born 16/3/1689
22/5/1689William TaylerSon of Will Tayler
12/5/1689William HitchinsSon of John Hitchins
12/5/1689Nathaniell WhitfeildSon of Alice Whitfeild
4/8/1689Richard ChampneysSon of Will. Champneys
30/6/1689Mary ThomasDaughter of John Thomas
16/6/1689Ellenor PowellDaughter of Thomas Powell
17/6/1689Martha PearceDaughter of Thomas Pearce
14/7/1689John KnottSon of Guy Knott (or Huett)
23/7/1689Robert WebbSon of Thomas Webb
18/7/1689Anne TimbesDaughter of Frances Timbes
8/8/1689John SmithSon of John Smith
22/9/1689Elizabeth ArthursDaughter of Frances Arthurs
22/9/1689Mary SwanleyDaughter of William Swanley
30/9/1689Richard PickeSon of Thomas Picke
6/10/1689William SearchSon of Anthony Search
20/10/1689Sarah WoodDaughter of Stephen Wood
26/10/1689Thomas TaylerSon of Thomas Tayler
29/12/1689William PowellSon of John Powell
27/12/1689Joane CullimooreDaughter of Joseph Cullimoore
3/12/1689William ProutSon of William Prout