Thornbury Baptisms 1690-1699

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The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March. Under the old Julian calendar the new year started on 25th March. Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31/1/1685/6′ would be 31st January in 1685 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1686 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

5/1/1689/0Katherine RendallDaughter of Sarah Rendall
12/1/1689/0Robert CookseySon of Robert Cooksey
20/1/1689/0Elizabeth NelmeDaughter of William Nelme
16/2/1689/0Katherine MillsDaughter of John Mills
23/2/1689/0Jane LongDaughter of Thomas Long
23/2/1689/0Hanah EmlyDaughter of William Emly
11/3/1689/0Susanna WhitfeildDaughter of Andrew Whitfeild
16/3/1689/0Jeremiah WaltersSon of Jeremiah Walters
16/3/1689/0Robert MasonSon of Hugh Mason
29/3/1690Elizabeth HillDaughter of John Hill
25/4/1690Thomas LewesSon of Thomas Lewes
3/5/1690Elizabeth GlovierDaughter of Joseph Glovier
4/5/1690William FerrisSon of Walter Ferris
14/1/1689/0James FordesSon of James Fordes
17/2/1689/0Anne HardingDaughter of Richard Harding
11/5/1690William LesterSon of Robert Lester
26/5/1690Jane AttwellsDaughter of Richard Attwells
7/5/1690Mary ThomasDaughter of Elias Thomas
10/6/1690William AylerSon of Arthur Ayler
20/7/1690Mary FrenchDaughter of John French
3/8/1690Sarah TrayherneDaughter of Thomas Trayherne
21/9/1690Joseph ThomasSon of Henry Thomas
24/9/1690Hannah LawrenceDaughter of Thomas Lawrence
6/10/1690Mary MacklinDaughter of Thomas Macklin
12/10/1690Will. HewettSon of John Hewett
19/10/1690Will. PriceSon of Will. Price
10/11/1690John HughesSon of Henry Hughes
13/11/1690Judith BarroweDaughter of Joseph Barrowe
16/11/1690John PowellSon of John Powell
26/11/1690Elinor CoventryDaughter of James Coventry
9/12/1690Anna ThurstonDaughter of Robert Thurston
28/12/1690John SignettSon of William Signett
28/12/1690William ThomasSon of John Thomas
28/12/1690William WhitfeildSon of William Whitfeild
28/12/1690Thomas AylerSon of Thomas Ayler
1/1/1690/1John LeggSon of John Legg
2/1/1690/1Sarah WoodDaughter of Stephen Wood
21/1/1690/1William HuddSon of Charles Hudd
1/2/1690/1Margrett SmithDaughter of John Smith
8/2/1690/1William HitchingsSon of John Hitchings
14/2/1690/1Joseph HoneSon of Richard Hone
22/2/1690/1John HitchingSon of John Hitching of Morton
2/3/1690/1Mary HarvestDaughter of Thomas Harvest
8/3/1690/1Charles WilliamsSon of Richard Williams
16/3/1690/1Christopher PowellSon of John Powell
29/3/1691Frances ChampneisDaughter of Richard Champneis
8/4/1691Thomas HarrisSon of Henry Harris
9/4/1691John HillSon of John Hill
12/4/1691Mary TaylorDaughter of Thomas Taylor
14/4/1691Thomas ClarkeSon of Thomas Clarke
14/4/1691Jane WebbDaughter of Richard Webb
15/4/1691George RaymandSon of George Raymand
5/5/1691Mary SmithDaughter of William Smith
10/5/1691Sarah HobbsDaughter of William Hobbs
18/5/1691James PearceSon of Thomas Pearce
25/5/1691William IsgerSon of William Isger
29/5/1691Christopher DowleSon of Christopher Dowle
16/6/1691Sarah BedggoodDaughter of Nicholas Bedggood
5/7/1691Anne ThomasDaughter of Robert Thomas
8/7/1691Nicholas BedggoodSon of Robert Bedggood
2/8/1691Mary HaleDaughter of Anne Hale (Hall) and a base child
7/9/1691Jonathan ProwtSon of William Prowt
25/10/1691Thomas BlanchSon of William Blanch
2/10/1691John BurroughsSon of Anthony Burroughs
John TannerSon of John Tanner born 25th April 1691
John Webbthe second son of Edward Webb born April 27th 1691
Levie WeareSon of Charles Weare born 5th June
Robert WebbSon of Edward Webb born March 16th ?
Edward WebbSon of Edward Webb born Oct 23rd 169?
8/8/1691Anne WytherDaughter of Thomas Wyther
Anne LewisDaughter of Thomas Lewis born 4th Jan 1691/2
24/1/1691/2John FrenchSon of John French
7/2/1691/2Arthur ShipleySon of Frances Shipley
12/2/1691/2Katherine SmithDaughter of Thomas Smith
15/2/1691/2John WytherSon of John Wyther
21/2/1691/2John BedggoodSon of Peter Bedggood
21/2/1691/2Elizabeth WhiteDaughter of Thomas White
28/2/1691/2Elizabeth DyerDaughter of John Dyer
John BarleyBorn 17/2/1691/2 son of John Barley
22/3/1691/2Mary OcfordDaughter of John Ocford
10/4/1692Mary WhitfeildDaughter of Andrew Whitfeild
19/4/1692Sarah ThurstonDaughter of Robert Thurston junior
24/4/1692John CrosseSon of William Crosse
25/4/1692Rachell NealeDaughter of Arthur Neale
15/5/1692Edith PowellDaughter of John Powell
19/6/1692Ellections LangleySon of Ann Langley
3/7/1692Henry SearchSon of Anthony Search
10/7/1692John ScamellSon of Christopher Scamell
31/7/1692Mary GroveDaughter of William Grove
4/9/1692John HobbySon of William Hobby
Charles HughesBorn 29/09/1692 son of John Hughes
9/10/1692James AylerSon of James Ayler
16/10/1692William and Sarah OgborneChildren of Thomas Ogborne
25/10/1692William AdamsSon of Nathaniel Adams
20/12/1692Anne RaymondDaughter of George Raymond
29/12/1692John CookeSon of John Cooke
13/1/1692/3Joane HallingsDaughter of John Hallings
15/1/1692/3William SheppardSon of John Sheppard
24/1/1692/3John HillSecond son of John Hill
29/1/1692/3Elizabeth CurtisDaughter of John Curtis
5/2/1692/3John WytherSon of John Wyther
12/2/1692/3Sarah FerrisDaughter of Walter Ferris
19/2/1692/3Morris DyerSon of John Dyer
19/2/1692/3Mary WhiteDaughter of John White
28/3/1693Elizabeth TaylorDaughter of John Taylor
9/4/1693Sarah TaylorDaughter of Thomas Taylor
16/4/1693Henry ThomasSon of Henry Thomas
24/4/1693John CooxeySon of Robert Cooxey
25/4/1693Anne HarrisDaughter of Henry Harris
25/4/1693Anne LeggDaughter of John Legg
2/5/1693George AylerSon of Arthur Ayler
9/5/1693Richard WebbSon of Thomas Webb
23/5/1693Katherine HewettDaughter of John Hewett
13/6/1693Thomas SmythSon of Thomas Smyth of Morton
13/6/1693John PontinSon of Matthew Pontin
14/6/1693John SwanleySon of William Swanley
9/8/1693Sarah GlovierDaughter of Joseph Glovier
3/9/1693Elizabeth HughesDaughter of Henry Hughes
7/9/1693Elizabeth WytherDaughter of Thomas Wyther
24/9/1693John HarvestSon of Thomas Harvest
8/10/1693Benjamin WalkerSon of Thomas Walker
24/10/1693Anne LewisDaughter of Thomas Lewis
3/12/1693Charles CoshamSon of Charles Cosham
3/12/1693John WhitfeildSon of William Whitfeild
14/12/1693Mary ThurstonDaughter of Robert Thurston
17/12/1693Mary PearceDaughter of Joseph Pearce
25/12/1693Sarah WebbDaughter of Richard Webb
John HughesSon of John Hughes born 28th Dec
29/12/1693Mary NealeDaughter of Joseph Neale
2/1/1693/4William FrenchSon of John French
14/1/1693/4Margarett HobbyDaughter of William Hobby
21/1/1693/4John FowlerSon of Daniel Fowler
25/1/1693/4John and Edward WilliamsSons of John Williams
4/2/1693/4Grace HudDaughter of Charles Hud
15/2/1693/4John WebbSon of John Webb
16/2/1693/4Robert WhitfeildSon of Andrew Whitfeild
4/3/1693/4Mary AmosDaughter of Joseph Amos
4/3/1693/4Elizabeth BrowningDaughter of Richard Browning
6/3/1693/4Abraham ClarkeSon of William Clarke Jnr.
17/3/1693/4Elizabeth BarrowDaughter of Joseph Barrow
18/3/1693/4Elizabeth NealDaughter of Arthur Neal
25/3/1694Thomas Adivo
10/4/1694William Gale (Geale)Son of Nicholas Gale (Geale)
6/5/1694Thomas and Elizabeth FowlerChildren of Edward Fowler
6/5/1694Anne HarvestDaughter of Anne Harvest
30/5/1694Thomas BarleySon of John Barley
27/2/1683/4Charles WilliamsSon of Charles Williams
Nathaniel WilliamsSon of Charles Williams born 2/10/1686
Elizabeth WilliamsDaughter of Charles Williams born 28/1/1687/8
Thomas ShepardSon of Thomas and Joane born 10/11/1693
27/5/1694Sarah CoventryDaughter of James Coventry
21/6/1694Mary PearceDaughter of Thomas Pearce
12/8/1694Sarah ShipleyDaughter of Francis Shipley
16/9/1694Stephen HopkinsSon of Stephen Hopkins
23/9/1694Mary ProsserDaughter of Mary Prosser
Mary AdyDaughter of Henry Ady born 23/9/1694
27/9/1694John OckfordSon of John Ockford
1/11/1694Elizabeth SheppardDaughter of John Sheppard
25/11/1694William HitchingsSon of John Hitchings
29/11/1694Richard HoneSon of Richard Hone
20/12/1694Mary HillDaughter of John Hill
25/12/1694Susanna GroveDaughter of William Grove
27/12/1694Thomas SchamellSon of Christopher Schamell
1/1/1694/5Anne AttwoodDaughter of William Attwood
13/1/1694/5Elioner PowellDaughter of Thomas Powell
26/2/1694/5Edward AdamsSon of Nathaniell Adams
3/3/1694/5Richard HobbySon of Richard Hobby
31/3/1695Elizabeth BellDaughter of Richard Bell
14/4/1695Thomas NeastSon of Thomas Neast
12/5/1695Ann ShepardDaughter of Thomas Shepard of Kington
15/5/1695Elizabeth ChampnisDaughter of William Champnis of Crossways
21/5/1695Mary LeggDaughter of John Legg of Morton
14/6/1695Sarah HarvestDaughter of Thomas and Mary Harvest
17/6/1695Hester ThurstonDaughter of Robert Thurston the younger and Anah his wife
21/7/1695John AppalySon of Daniell Appaly of Siblon
28/7/1695Charity EvansA child born at Morton
4/8/1695John BuckSon of Andrew Buck of ye Borough
7/8/1695John WhiteSon of John White
18/8/1695Elizabeth ShipwayDaughter of Joshua Shipway of Siblon
25/8/1695John LewisSon of Thomas Lewis of Thornbury
15/9/1695John DyerSon of John Dyer of Oldbury
Edmund HughesSon of John Hughes born 28/9/1695
30/9/1695Elizabeth WhitfieldDaughter of Andrew Whitfield
6/10/1695John TaylerSon of Thomas Tayler of Crossways
27/10/1695Henry HarrisSon of Henry Harris of Thornbury
11/11/1695Samuell BedggodSon of Peter Bedggod of Thornbury
29/11/1695Ann WilliamsDaughter of Richard Williams of Thornbury
8/12/1695Winifred FrenchDaughter of John French of Thornbury
17/12/1695James PearceSon of Joseph Pearce of Morton
22/12/1695Richard BarnesBase son of Dorathy Barnes
30/12/1695Elizabeth TaylorDaughter of Samuell Taylor of Thornbury
14/1/1695/6Mary TanerDaughter of Samuell Taner
14/1/1695/6William PearceSon of Thomas Pearce of Thornbury
24/1/1695/6Henry HughesSon of Henry Hughes of Oldbury
4/2/1695/6Mary AtwoodDaughter of William Atwood of ye Hackit born 14/1/1695/6
5/2/1695/6Christian SharpDaughter of John Sharp of Whitfield
12/2/1695/6Thomas PriceSon of William Price of Thornbury
8/3/1695/6Elizabeth CrossDaughter of William Cross of Thornbury
23/3/1695/6John MansellSon of Phillip Mansell born 8th day
29/4/1696Ann HewettDaughter of John Hewett of Kington
May 1696James BeavenSon of James Beaven
26/5/1696Will. WhitSon of William Whit of the parish of Wooton
29/5/1696Eliza WalkerDaughter of Thomas Walker the younger of Thornbury
19/7/1696Sarah and Rachell WaterTwin daughters of Jeremiah Water born at Whitfield
20/7/1696Edward AlenSon of Robert Alen of Whitfield
Joseph CaningsSon of Joseph Canings of Thornbury born 10/8/1696
Alice WebbDaughter of Edward Webb Alderman of Thornbury born 7/8/1696
15/8/1696Mary WebbDaughter of Richard Webb of Thornbury
30/8/1696Rozamond WhitfieldDaughter of William Whitfield
8/10/1696Jonathan PenduckSon of Thomas Penduck of Morton
25/10/1696Elizabeth AdeyDaughter of Henry Adey of Morton born 29th April
Zachariah BakerBorn 3/11/1696 son of Joseph Baker of Thornbury
16/11/1696Margarett ThurstonDaughter of Robert Thurston of Thornbury
Thomas EdwardsSon of Thomas Edwards of Thornbury born 6/1/1696/7
7/1/1696/7Elizabeth NeastDaughter of Thomas Neast of Thornbury
10/1/1696/7Elizabeth ProutDaughter of William Prout of Thornbury
Elias PlayerSon of James Player of Thornbury Born 20th Jan
20/1/1696/7William PearceSon of Thomas Pearce of Thornbury
21/1/1696/7Thomas RicketsSon of James Rickets of Buckover
21/1/1696/7John WytherSon of Guy Wyther of Morton
30/1/1696/7Grefeth CurthoysSon of John Curthoys the younger
30/1/1696/7John CurthoysSon of the same John Curthoys aged about 2 at baptism
5/2/1696/7Mary LawrenceDaughter of Thomas Lawrence of ye Hacket
7/3/1696/7Thomas DyerSon of John Dyer of Oldbury
George MotlySon of James Motly of Thornbury born 15th March
17/3/1696/7Sarah HillDaughter of John Hill of Brinkmarsh
30/3/1697Elizabeth AdamsDaughter of Nathaniell Adams of Kington
Abraham HughesSon of John Hughes of Thornbury born ye 7th April
Ann PlayerDaughter of Joseph Player of Thornbury born 20th April 1697
28/4/1697Mary ShepardDaughter of Thomas Shepard of Kington
7/5/1697Eliza. JeningsDaughter of John Jenings of Kington
7/5/1697Joseph WickesSon of John Wickes
8/5/1697Mary RendallDaughter of John Rendall
Joseph ThurstonSon of Jonathan Thurston of Thornbury born 11th May
30/5/1697John ShepardSon of John Shepard of Thornbury
Jane BendallDaughter of Moses Bendall of Thornbury born 7th June
8/8/1697Robert HaleSon of Robert Hale of Thornbury
22/8/1697Thomas CroftBase child of Hanah Croft of Oldbury
25/8/1697Mary HobbyDaughter of William Hobby of Morton
William WilliamsSon of Roger Williams of Thornbury born 6th September
30/9/1697Daniell OsbornSon of Henry Osborn of Kington
3/10/1697Joseph WhitfieldSon of Andrew Whitfield of Thornbury
10/10/1697Thomas RimerSon of Thomas Rimer of Oldbury
10/10/1697Robert SmythSon of Thomas Smyth of Thornbury
18/10/1697Joseph PearceSon of Joseph Pearce of Morton
20/11/1697John GreeningSon of John Greening of Park Mill
6/12/1697William OsborneSon of John Osborne of Wotton
19/12/1697John GroveSon of William Grove of Thornbury
20/12/1697Edward BartlettSon of William Bartlett of Thornbury
2/1/1697/8Elizabeth MansellDaughter of Phillip Mansell of Thornbury
6/1/1697/8Mary ColingsDaughter of Elizabeth Colings was born October 9th
6/1/1697/8Elizabeth TaylerDaughter of Sam.Tayler of Thornbury
9/1/1697/8Nicholas WhiteSon of John White of Thornbury
9/1/1697/8Richard WintleSon of Richard Wintle of Thornbury
19/1/1697/8Robert HudSon of Charles Hud of Thornbury
20/1/1697/8Ann MayDaughter of William May of Oldbury
20/1/1697/8Joseph NeallSon of Joseph Neall of Oldbury
23/1/1697/8William NeallSon of Arthur Neall of Thornbury
23/1/1697/8Mary SmythBase child of Mary Smyth of Thornbury
29/1/1697/8Thomas FrenchSon of John French of Thornbury
13/2/1697/8Samuell LaneSon of Thomas Lane of Oldbury
Margarett RussellDaughter of Thomas Russell of Thornbury born 9/4/1698
22/5/1698John LawrenceSon of Mary Lawrence of Morton
27/5/1698William BallSon of William Ball of Thornbury
John ThurstonSon of Jonathan Thurston of Thornbury born 12/6/1688
3/7/1698Thos. WebbSon of John Webb of Morton
Joseph Mogride?Son of Josha Mogride? of the city of London born 1/7/1698
15/7/1698Ann TaylerDaughter of Thomas Tayler of Crossways
7/8/1698William WickesSon of John Wickes of Kington
17/8/1698Elizabeth NelmeDaughter of Guy Nelme
Sarah PriceDaughter of James Price born 17/8/1698
12/9/1698Thomas MachinSon of John Machin
20/9/1698William NeastSon of Thomas Neast
21/9/1698Sarah ClarkDaughter of William Clark
21/10/1698Damaris SkamellDaughter of John Skamell
25/10/1698William LewisSon of Thomas Lewis
28/6/1698Winifred ThurstonDaughter of Robert ThurstonPR168 of 184
John WilliamsSon of William Williams born 26th June
17/10/1698James TrayhurnSon of Thomas Trayhurn of OulberyPR168 of 184
Janis ShepardDaughter of Thomas Shepard born 28/11/1698
William ScottSon of William Scott born 21st Jan. 1698/9
19/1/1698/9Mary ShepardDaughter of John Shepard
15/3/1698/9Jane JonesDaughter of Grifin Jones
15/3/1698/9William BradlySon of John Bradly
15/3/1698/9Alice DyerDaughter of John Dyer
Henry OsbornSon of Henry Osborn born 11th April 1699
June HughesDaughter of John Hughes born 3/5/1699
28/5/1699Hester JenkinsDaughter of Thomas JenkinsPR18 of 100
16/5/1699Elinor HenningsDaughter of Thomas Hennings
Mary EdwardsDaughter of Thomas Edwards born 1st June
13/6/1699Unity? PearceDaughter of Thomas Pearce
14/6/1699Nathaniell PrideSon of Thomas Pride
18/6/1699Margarett AlinDaughter of Robert Alin
16/7/1699Mary DunnDaughter of Henry Dunn
20/7/1699Margarett JenningsDaughter of John Jennings
27/8/1699Nicholas BedggoodSon of John Bedggood. but footnote says born 15th and baptised 27th August witnesses John Smyth Richard Trotman and Ann B...
18/8/1699Thomas WicksSon of John Wicks
19/9/1699Thomas CoxSon of Simon Cox
20/11/1699Sarah ColingsDaughter of Nathaniell Colings
15/12/1699Mary PitcherDaughter of William Pitcher
24/1/1699/0Thomas LidietSon of Thomas Lidiet
5/2/1699/0Peter JeningsSon of Thomas Jenings
Elinor MabbetDaughter of John Mabbet born 7/3/1699/0
Mary BradlyDaughter of John Bradly born 23rd March
12/3/1699/0Mary AddamsDaughter of Nathaniell Addams