Thornbury Baptisms 1700-1709

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The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March. Under the old Julian calendar the new year started on 25th March. Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

27/3/1700Elizabeth Williamsdftr: of William Williams
28/3/1700Sarah Atwooddftr: of William Atwood
7/5/1700Sarah Stinchcombdft: of Nathaniell Stinchcomb
12/5/1700Joseph Champnissone of Richard Champnis
12/5/1700Guy Martimoresone of Guy Martimore
21/5/1700Hezekiah Greeningbace sone of Mary Greening
22/5/1700Sarahdaughter of Jonathan
3/6/1700John Wethinsone of William Wethinof Falfield
16/6/17003/6/1700William Scottsone of William Scott168 of 184/PR19 of 100
10/7/1700Thomas Muttlysone of James Muttly
11/7/1700Edward Jonessone of Thomas Jones
23/7/1700Mary Nelmedaughter of Guy Nelme
11/8/1700John Davissone of John Davis
11/8/1700Mary Davisdaughter of John Davis
21/8/1700William Trayhernesone of Joseph Trayherne
25/8/1700Katharine Buckdaughter of Andrew Buck
25/8/1700Martha Buckdaughter of Andrew Buck
25/8/1700Joseph Walkersone of John Walker
25/8/1700Thomas Smythsone of Thomas Smyth
25/8/1700Susanna Thurstondaughter of John Thurston
29/8/1700John Rimersone of Thomas Rimer
8/9/1700Theophilus Tannersone of Samuell TannerPR168 of 184
15/9/1700John Pricesone of William Price
15/9/1700Anne Hudddaughter of Charles Hudd
17/9/1700John Izgersone of Nicholas Izger
19/9/1700Thomas Orchardsone of Richard Orchard
22/9/1700Izraell Powellsone of Thomas Powell
23/9/1700Solomon Roachsone of Timothy Roach
4/10/1700Thomas Hemingssone of Thomas Hemings
6/10/1700Joane Russelldaughter of Thomas Russell
17/10/1700Mary Maydaughter of John May
19/10/1700Hester Wytherdaughter of John Wytherof Falfield
21/10/1700John Clarkesone of William Clarke
27/10/1700Mary Trotmandaughter of Joseph Trotman
3/11/1700Robert Cartersone of John Carter
3/11/1700Mary Carterdaughter of John Carterabout two years old at her baptism
3/11/1700Eliabeth Howelldaughter of Charles Howell
3/11/1700Sarah Olivedaughter of John Olive
7/11/1700Elizabeth Lewisdaughter of Thomas Lewis
14/11/1700William Faceysone of Nicholas Facey
17/11/1700Solomon Lanesone of Thomas Lane
17/11/1700Mary Fielddaughter of John Field
18/11/1700Elinor Hughesdaughter of Henry Hughes
4/12/1700John Machinsone of John Machin
15/12/1700Elizabeth Jenkinsdaughter of Thomas Jenkins
5/12/1700Nicholas Galesone of Nicholas Gale
19/12/1700William Bellbace sone of Elizabeth Bell
6/12/1700Elizabeth Trayhernedaughter of William Trayherne
31/12/1700Thomas Mansellsone of Phillip Mansell
28/1/1700William Browningson of William Browning
8/1/1700Henry Dunnson of Henry Dunn
11/1/1700Mary Webbdaughter of Richard Webbof Thornbury
13/1/1700John Curtissone of John Curtis
16/1/1700Thomas Childsone of Brian Child
30/1/1700Ann Trayhernedaughter of Edward Trayherne
29/1/1700Mary Nelmedaughter of Thomas Nelme
10/2/1700Mary Webbdaughter of Joseph Webb
16/2/1700John Bartlettsone of William Bartlett
17/2/1700Thomas Lideatsone of Thomas Lideat
23/2/1700Sarah Sheparddaughter of John Shepard
2/3/1700Charles Coxsone of Simon Cox
2/3/1700????sone of John Reeve
9/3/1700Charles Godwinson of Samuell GodwinClarke
9/3/1700Margarett Willsondaughter of Thomas Willson
9/3/1700Caleb Whitfieldsone of Andrew Whitfield
10/3/1700Mary Seeforddaughter of Samuell Seeford
11/3/1700Mary Howelldaughter of Edmund Howell
25/3/1701Daniell Pridesone of Thomas Pride
7/4/1701???sone of John Greening
20/4/1701Hanna Floyddaughter of Walter Floyd
20/4/1701Sarah Edwardsdaughter of Thomas Edwards
30/4/1701Joseph Trayhernesone of John Trayherne
10/5/1701Hester Collingsdaughter of Thomas CollingsYeoman
11/5/1701Mary Trayhernedaughter of Thomas TrayherneYeoman
John WhitfieldBace sone of Alice Whitfield
25/5/1701Sarah Buckbace daughter of Ann Buck
1/6/1701Margrett Pearcedaughter of Joseph PearceBlacksmyth
5/6/1701Elizabeth Maslindaughter of John MaslinLabourer
3/6/1701Thomas Foardsone of James FoardButcher
11/6/1701William Huntson of Mathew HuntYeoman
9/7/1701Elizabeth Bendalldaughter of Maurice BendallYeoman
3/7/1701????sone of John MabbettBaker
16/7/1701?????sone of James DerrettYeoman
8/8/1701Joseph Mansellsone of Joseph MansellLabourer
10/8/1701Josiah Ridefordsone of Arthur RidefordWeaver
10/8/1701????daughter of John StamellMason
18/8/1701John Taylersone of John Tayler yeomanOldbury
31/8/1701William Orchardsone of Richard OrchardYeoman
14/9/1701Mary Reddydaughter of Richard ReddyBlacksmyth
18/9/1701Sarah Bedggooddaughter of Peeter Bedggood
23/9/1701Thomas Millardsone of Thomas MillardLabourer
28/10/1701Elizabeth Davisdaughter of John DavisYeoman
8/10/1701Thomas Jeningssone of Thomas JeningsYeoman
17/10/1701Roger Walkersone of John WallkerThatcher
19/10/1701Thomas Taynersone of Richard TaynerLabourer
30/10/1701Hester Goffdaughter of William Goff
4/11/1701Phillip Pearcesone of Thomas Pearce
27/11/1701Richard Scottsone of William ScottOf Oldbury
1/12/1701William Williamssone of William Williams
17/12/1701Sarah Wothing?daughter of William Wothing?
4/1/1701Richard Trayhernesone of Joseph Trayherneof Cowhill
23/1/1701John Whitesone of William White
18/1/1701Thomas Tombssone of John Tombs
26/1/1701John Osbornsone of Henry Osborn
24/1/1701Emme Dunndaughr of Henry Dunn
8/2/1701Thomas Lanesone of Thomas LaneOf Oldbury
17/2/1701Anne Husedaughter of John Huse
1/3/1701Elizabeth Thurstondaughter of John Thurston
6/3/1701Robert Willcokssone of Thomas Willcoks
4/3/1701Hanah Maydaugh of John MayOf Oldbury
19/3/1701????daughter of John Wickes
29/3/1702Rozamond Hancockdaughter of Joseph Hancockof Cowhill
1/4/1702John Collingssone of Richard Collings
4/4/1702Cealeb Nicholassone of Thomas Nicholas
7/4/1702Thomas Smythsone of Thomas Smyth
11/4/1702William GaleSone of Nicholas Gale
11/4/1702Elizabeth Howelldaughter of Edmund HowellOf Oldbury
17/4/1702Susana Trayhernedaughter of Edward TrayherneOf Oldbury
19/4/1702Mary Wytherdaugh of Thomas Wyther
21/4/1702John Smythsone of John SmythOf Oldbury
26/4/1702Josuah Whitfieldsone of Andrew Whitfield
27/4/1702Elizabeth Browningdaughter of William BrowningOf Oldbury
27/4/1702John Dyersone of John DyerOf Oldbury
3/5/1702Richard Ferrissone of Richard FerrisOf Oldbury
10/5/1702Edeth Proutdaughter of William Prout
22/5/1702Hannah Coxdaughtr of John Cox
24/5/1702John Faceysone of Nicholas Facey
23/4/1702John Addamssone of Thomas Addamsof Oldbury baptd at Alveston
31/5/1702Thomas Coxsone of Thomas Cox
30/5/1702Hester Childedaughter of Brian Childe
4/6/1702Thomas Bartonsone of Thomas Barton
4/6/1702Sarah Batondaughter of John Baton
5/6/1702Thomas Webbsone of Joseph Webb
2/6/1702John Lideatsone of Thomas Lideat
23/6/1702William Ridefordsone of Arthur Rideford
21/6/1702Richard Balesone of John Bale
9/8/1702Judeth Taylerdaughter of Samuell Tayler
16/8/1702Sarah Taylerdaughter of Arthur Tayler
10/9/1702Christopher Raymondsone of George Raymond
14/9/1702Mary Honedaughter of Richard Hone
27/9/1702Susanah Webbdaughter of Richard Webb
27/9/1702William Coxsone of Simon Cox
28/9/1702Jane Addamsdaughter of Nathaniell Addam
5/10/1702Anne Skaydaughter of William Skayof Falfield
4/10/1702Samuel Whitesone of Richard White
8/10/1702John Collingssone of Nathaniell Collings
25/10/1702Ephraim Gibbingssone of Thomas Gibbings
18/11/1702James Gaynersone of John Gaynerof Falfield
26/11/1702Samuell Godwinsone of Samuell GodwinClerk
29/11/1702George Pearcesone of Joseph Pearce
1/12/1702Anne Whitedaughter of John White
13/12/1702Sarah Walkerdaughr of John Wallker
7/12/1702Hannah Jonesbase daughter of Elizabeth Jones
17/12/1702Mary Pearcedaughter of Richard Pearce
27/12/1702Rebecca Hopkinsdaughter of John Hopkins
27/12/1702Mary HawkinsWife of Thomas Hawkinsof Tockinton
29/12/1702Rozamond Roachdaughter of Timothy Roach
3/1/1702James Bedggodsone of James Bedggood
4/1/1702Mary Haledaughter of Robert Hale
10/1/1702Sarah Smythdaughter of Thomas Smyth Senr
17/1/1702Mary Nootedaughter of Joseph Nooteof Oldbury
10/2/1702Thomas Davisye Son of Tho. & Mary Davis
2/2/1702Mary Trotmanaged abt. 2 years. Daugh: of Joseph Trotman & Elisabeth
28/2/1702Mary PowellDaugh: of John Powell
1/3/1702William PitcherS. of Wm. Pitcherof Moreton
21/3/1702Thomas TaylorSon of Rich. & Sarah Taylorof Moreton
23/3/1702Lucretia Mouselld. of John & Mary Mousellof Moreton
30/3/1703Robert MansellS. of Philip & Elisabeth MansellBurrough
4/4/1703Charles Robertsye S. of Will. & Mary Robertsof Falfield
18/4/1703Ann Shepheardye D. of John & Elis. ShepheardBurrough
7/5/1703Hannah WoodD. of Stephen & Magd: Woodof Moreton
9/5/1703Elisabeth Manselld. of Joseph & Mary MansellBurrough
16/5/1703William ReddiverS. of Arthur and Jane ReddiverBurrough
20/5/1703Daniell Fowlerye S. of Dan: & Jane Fowler
28/5/1703Anna Bartond. of John and Jane Barton
10/8/1703Ann HewettD. of Hezekiah and Ann Hewett
22/8/1703Ann GaynerD of Richard ---- Gayner
3/9/1703Mary WilcocksD of Tho: and Elisabeth Wilcocks
12/9/1703John NelmesS. of Thomas & Sarah Nelmes
15/9/1703Jane ThurstonD. of Rob.& Ann ThurstonGodparents: Nic. Bedgood, Wm. Blackden, Jane Counsell & Elis. Mansell
29/9/1703Charles Hudye S. of Charles Hud
3/10/1703Mary Laned. of Tho: Laneof Oldbury
3/10/1703Robert AllenS. of Robert AllenWhitfield
3/10/1703Henry LydiatS. of Thomas Lydiatof Falfield
17/10/1703Elizabeth BartonD. of Thomas Barton
4/11/1703Elisabeth WebD. of Joseph Webof Hope
29/11/1703Elisabeth CollinsD. of Rich. & Sarah Collins
5/12/1703Richard OrchardS. of Richard Orchardof Falfield
8/12/1703Thomas LloydS. of Walter Lloydof Hope
14/12/1703William PenduckS. of Thomas Penduckof Morton
19/12/1703Griffith FacyS. of Nicholas Facy
2/1/1703Richard BartletS. of Willm: BartletBurrough
9/1/1703William WatkinsS. of William Watkins
9/1/1703Elisabeth Smithd of Thomas SmithBurrough
16/1/1703Elisabeth FowlerD. of Thomas FowlerBurrough
30/1/1703Sarah PearceD of Thomas PearceBurrough
2/2/1703Mary BartlettD. of Edward BartlettKington
10/2/1703Margarett OliveD. of John OliveMorton
13/2/1703Patience ScammellD. of John ScammellKington
18/2/1703Anna TombsD. of John TombsKington
11/3/1703William WhiteS. of William WhiteBurrough
12/3/1703Ann ButlerD. of Thomas ButlerMorton
17/3/1703Hester RoachD of Timothy RoachMorton
27/3/1703/4Thomas CoxS. of John CoxKingtonPR168 of 184
14/4/1704Christian FrenchD. of John FrenchBurrough
18/4/1704Ann CossamD of Charles CossamBurrough
14/5/1704Elisabeth MarshD of Robert and Alice MarshBurrough
31/5/1704Joseph NooteS. of Joseph NooteMorton
31/5/1704Richard ScottS. of Will: ScottOldbury
11/6/1704Edmund HowellS. of Edmund Howell.Oldbury
20/6/1704Godwyn WygateS. of John WygateBurrough
28/7/1704John PainS. of John PainMorton
16/8/1704John WalkerS of John WalkerBurrough
21/8/1704Thomas FoordS. of James FoordFalfield
11/9/1704John PearseS. of Richard PearseMorton
13/9/1704Elisabeth MansellD. of Joseph Mansell.Burrough
7/10/1704William SkayS. of Mr William SkayFalfield
17/10/1704Elisabeth GroveD. of Wm. Grove Junr.Burrough
3/11/1704Thomas WebS. of Thos: WebKington
31/12/1704John LaneS. of Thomas LaneOldbury
31/12/1704Martha WhitfieldD. of Andrew WhitfieldBurrough
22/1/1704William BartlettS. of John BartlettMorton
29/1/1704Dorothy DimeryD of John DimeryBurrough
24/2/1704William ShepheardS of Will: ShepheardMorton
1/3/1704Thomas MorganS. of John MorganKington
2/3/1704Daniel FowlerS of Edwd. FowlerMorton
4/3/1704Elisabeth WhitfieldD of Wm. WhitfieldOldbury
21/3/1704Ann PageD of John PageFalfield
25/3/1705John FieldS. of John FieldBurrough
4/4/1705John DavisS. of John DavisBurrough
18/4/1705Elisabeth NelmsD of Tho: NelmsBurrough
3/5/170524/4/1705Anne DavisPosthumous D. of John Davis and Francis? WidwEastwood
6/5/1705Anne GainerD of Richard GainerFalfield
3/6/1705Joseph TrotmanS. of Joseph Trotman Decd.Burrough
18/6/1705Rachel AdamsD. of Nath: Adams.Kington
29/7/1705Nicholas WhiteS. of John WhiteBurrough
30/7/1705Richard BrowningS. of Richard BrowningOldbury
5/8/1705Walter CoxS. of Simon CoxBurrough
23/8/1705Hester ShepheardD. of John ShepheardBurrough
10/9/1705Thomas WeathinSon of Willm. WeathinBurrough
17/9/1705John BedggoodS. of John BedggoodBurrough
16/9/1705Elisabeth FacyD. of Nicholas FacyBurrough
23/9/1705John WilcoxS. of Robt WilcoxBurrough
23/9/1705Christopher PowelS. of Thomas PowelFalfield
28/9/1705Elisabeth GlasterD: of John Glastera stranger
16/10/1705John BartonSon of John Barton about 2Burrough
16/10/1705Jonathan BartonSon of John BartonBurrough
25/10/1705William RaymondS. of Mr William RaymondBurrough
28/10/1705Arthur ReddiverS. of Arthur ReddiverBurrough
6/11/1705Joseph WebS. of Joseph WebBurrough
13/11/1705Edward WebbS. of John WebbKington
21/11/1705Richard BartlettS. of William BartlettBurrough
21/11/1705John CoxS. of John Cox
16/12/1705Elisabeth RaymondD. of George RaymondBurrough
5/1/1705/06Elisabeth NootD of Mary NootBurrough
17/2/1705/06Ann FowlerD. of Thomas FowlerBurrough
15/3/1705/06John WygateS. of John WygateBurrough
5/4/1706William GroveS. of Ralph Grove Vicr.
9/4/1706Thomas CollinsS. of John Collins
11/4/1706Jone TaylorD. of Samuel Taylor
12/4/1706Thomas CollinsS. of Richard Collins
27/5/1706Anna BellD. of James BellBurrough
2/6/1706John HulbertS. of John HulbertBurrough
16/7/1706Sarah SmithD. of Thomas SmithBurrough
25/7/1706Thomas FieldS. of John FieldBurrough
4/8/1706Elisabetha Child left at Falfield Her Parents Since known & She found to have been before baptized by ye name of MaryFalfield
14/8/1706Deborah GreenD. of John Green decd. near 20 years aged.Burrough
1/9/1706Joseph WalkerS. of John WalkerBurrough
10/9/1706Jone HopkinsD of John HopkinsKington
14/9/1706Edward MansellS. of Philip Mansell Senr.Burrough
1/10/1706Mabel SkayD. of Mr William SkayFalfield
8/10/1706Elisabeth JohnsonD. of William JohnsonBurrough
19/10/1706William ScreenS. of Robert ScreenFalfield
27/10/1706Elisabeth DavisD. of John DavisBurrough
27/10/1706Sarah ThurstanD. of John and Edith Thurstan 2 ys. old.
12/11/1706John LydiatS. of Thomas LydiatFalfield
13/11/1706Thomas BinghamS. of Henry Bingham JunrBurrough
8/12/1706Ann ScammelD. of John ScammelKington
9/12/1706Mary ReddiverD. of Arthur ReddiverBurrough
16/12/1706Mary WiltshireD. of Robert WiltshireBurrough
23/12/1706William WebS. of Thomas WebKington
25/12/1706Edward PearseS. of Joseph PearseMorton
25/12/1706John BedggoodS. of James BedggoodBurrough
28/12/1706Samuell WhiteS. of Rich: White
28/12/1706Mary RoachD. of Timothy RoachMorton
1/1/1706/07William Mayye Son of John MayOldbury
2/1/1706/07William Groveye S. of William GroveBurrough
5/1/1706/07James FordS. of James Ford.Falfield
8/1/1706/07Mary GoffD of William GoffMorton
8/1/1706/07Patience HuddD. of Charles Hudd.Burrough
12/1/1706/07Timothy TrotmanS. of Samuel TrotmanOldbury
15/1/1706/07Mary MorganD of John MorganKington
15/1/1706/07Mary ShepheardD. of William ShepheardFalfield
20/1/1706/07William RaymondS. of Mr. William RaymondBurrough
20/1/1706/07Thomas BrownS. of Thomas BrownBurrough
25/3/1707Thomas Buckaged 9 yearsBurrough
30/3/1707Elisabeth HarvisD. of Anthony HarvisBurrough
28/4/1707Betty CoxD of John CoxKington
2/5/1707Elisabeth KingscottD. of Abraham KingscottMorton
4/5/1707Betty FrenchD. of John FrenchBurrough
6/5/1707John YeelsS. of Daniel YeelsFalfield
8/5/1707Mary GroveD. of Ralph Grove. Vicr
2/6/1707Anna PearceD. of Thomas Pearce above a year old.Burrough
16/8/1707Elisabeth DymeryD. of John DymeryBurrough
31/8/1707Thomas FacyS. of Nicholas FacyBurrough
7/10/1707Ann NelmsD. of Daniel NelmsMorton
21/10/1707Sarah ThurstanD. of John Thurstan junrBurrough
16/11/1707Patience LaneD. of Thomas LaneKington
17/11/1707Jane BartonD. of John BartonBurrough
7/12/1707Ann DriverD. of John DriverFalfield
31/12/1707John GreenS. of John GreenBurrough
27/1/1707/08Mary WhiteD. of William WhiteMorton
28/3/1708Andrew FieldS. of John FieldBurrough
4/5/1708Ann CullimoreD. of John CullimoreFalfield
2/5/1708Elisabeth ReddiveD. of Arthur ReddiveBurrough
18/5/1708Robert GroveS. of William GroveBurrough
1/6/1708Sarah BinghamD. of Henry Bingham JunrBurrough
2/6/1708Joanna SkayD. of Mr. William Skay
27/6/1708John HopkinsS. of John HopkinsKington
8/7/1708John HopkinsS. of Joseph HopkinsMorton
9/7/1708Susanna ThomasD. of Cornelius ThomasMorton
1/8/1708Elisabeth WhiteD. of William WhiteBurrough
20/8/1708William WitherS. of William Wither.Burrough
22/8/1708Margaret BrownD. of Thomas BrownBurrough
25/8/1708Sarah CoxD. of Simon CoxBurrough
10/9/1708Hannah BarrowD. of Richard BarrowBurrough
3/10/1708Jane WhiteD. of Robert WhiteKington
3/10/1708Elisabeth PearceD. of Thomas PearceBurrough
15/10/1708William HopeS. of John HopeBurrough
30/10/1708Peter BedggoodS. of Peter BedggoodBurrough
16/11/1708John BedggoodS. of James BedggoodBurrough
18/11/1708Elisabeth WiltshireD of Robert WiltshireBurrough
18/11/1708Samiuell LydyattS. of Thomas Lyd?att
15/12/1708Hester MansellD. of Philip Mansell Junr.Burrough
17/12/1708Thomas NelmsS. of Samuel Nelms.Morton
22/12/1708Hester WhiteD. of John WhiteBurrough
23/12/1708Joyce BellD. of James BellBurrough
25/12/1708Samuel LydiatS. of Thomas Lydiat
29/12/1708Mary RaymondD. of Mr. William RaymondBurrough
10/1/1708/09Mary FordD. of James FordFalfield
14/1/1708/09Sarah GroveD. of Thomas GroveBurrough
17/1/1708/09Sarah SmithD. of Thomas SmithBurrough
19/1/1708/09Mary GroveD. of Ralph Grove Vicr.Kington
23/1/1708/09John BarnesS. of Nicholas BarnesOldbury
5/2/1708/09Hannah OckfordD of Mary Ockford.
18/2/1708/09Andrew BuckS. of James Buck.
24/2/1708/09Sarah RidleyD of Richard Ridley
25/2/1708/09Elisabeth GreenD. of John Green.
6/3/1708/09Mary CoxD. of John Cox
8/3/1708/09Susanna FacyD. of Nicholas Facy
7/3/1708/09Unity AldrichD. of John Aldrich.
16/3/1708/09Charity HudD of Charles Hud
19/5/1709William PowellS. of Thomas PowellOldbury
24/6/1709Mary MoodyD. of Jasper Moody of Mortimers Cross. Hereford
24/6/1709Hanah CookD. of John Cook
26/6/17093/6/1709William WalkerS. of Jon. Walker
27/7/1709Thomas TaylorS. of William TaylorMorton
19/8/1709Hannah JohnsonD. of John Johnson
6/9/1709Sarah NelmsD. of Thomas Nelms
12/9/1709Martha HewettD. of John Hewett junr
5/11/1709Katherine Frances Neckby & Bp of Kilmore.
1/12/1709Mary HughesD of Henry HughesOldbury
27/12/1709Mary ReddiverD. of Arthur Reddiver
17/1/1709/10John GroveS of Thomas Grove
17/1/1709/10Thomas HopeS of John Hope
27/1/1709/10Mary HarvestD. of Anthony Harvest
5/2/1709/10D. of Morgan Williams
12/2/1709/10Hester BrownD. of Thomas Brown
18/2/1709/10Mary Ritckettes base childD of Jane Ritckettes base Child
19/3/1709/10Joseph HopkinsS of Joseph Hopkins