Thornbury Baptisms 1740-1749

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The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March. Under the old Julian calendar the new year started on 25th March. Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

DateNamesParentsNotesSource Image No.
2/4/1740Jacob LeeSon of Caleb Lee and Hannah his Wife
2/4/1740Sarah WithersDaughter of John and Sarah Withers
3/4/1740Sarah HughsDaughter of Thos. & Elisabeth Hughs
20/4/1740Thomas Wilcoxaged 35 years
20/4/1740Sarah WilcoxDaughter of Thomas & Ann Wilcox
22/4/1740Ashfield EylesDr of John and Elisabeth Eyles
25/4/1740Elisabeh WebbDaughter of Thomas and Jane Webb
4/5/1740Mary ThurstonDaughter of Rebecca Thurston
7/5/1740William CoxSon of Thomas and Ann Cox
26/5/1740Thomas Stokes SalmonSon of John and Ann Salmonborn 15/7/1741??????
27/5/1740Joseph GroveWilliam & Margaret Grove
27/5/1740Hannah LucasDaughter of Thos. & Mary Lucas
30/5/1740Priscilla GuillaumDaughter of Richard & Hannah Guillaum
25/6/1740Thomas OsborneSon of William & Mary Osborne
25/6/1740Martha OsbourneDaughter of William & Mary Osborne
23/7/1740Sarah HaywardDaughter of John and Sarah Hayward
25/7/1740Ann WilliamsDaughter of Daniel & Mary Williams
25/7/1740Hannah Ellisbase Daughter of Elisabeth Ellis
17/8/1740Elisabeth BarrowDaughter of John & Ann Barrow
7/9/1740William HicksSon of John & Elisabeth Hicks
24/9/1740Ann SmithDaughter of William and Ann Smith
1/10/1740Ann RichettsDaughter of James & Sarah Richetts
5/11/1740Benjamin LippiatSon of Thos. & Mary Lippiat
16/11/1740John WeeslySon of John and Martha Weesly
21/11/1740Ann LockstonDaughter of Thomas & Mary Lockston
28/11/1740Hannah NurseDaughter of Elias & Elisabeth Nurse
14/12/1740Joseph BakerSon of Zacchary and Ann Baker
14/12/1740Sarah GroveDaughter of William & Elisabeth Grove
31/12/1740Thomas PreuettSon of William and Sarah Preuett
1/1/1740/41Jonathan PritchardSon of Solomon & Hannah Pritchard
7/1/1740/41George ButlerSon of John and Mary Butler
11/1/1740/41Hesther BoozBase Daughter of Ann Booz
11/3/1740/41Mary Nicollsposthumous daughter of Mary Nicolls
11/3/1740/41Mary KnotDaughter of John & Hesther Knot
13/3/1740/41Ann JonesDaughter of Edward & Ann Jones
26/3/1741William OsborneSon of William & Margaret Osborne
27/3/1741Elisabeth TaylerDaughter of James & Mary Tayler
8/4/1741Mary HulbertDaughter of John & Hannah Hulbert
11/4/1741Katharine CookDaughter of John & Katharine Cook.
11/4/1741Frances JamesDaughter of Francis & Joyce James
15/4/1741John TaylorSon of William & Sarah TaylorMoreton
15/4/1741John NealeSon of Thomas and Mary Neale
16/4/1741Robert Childson of James and Mary Child.
5/5/1741Robert OlifeSon of James and Mary Olife
10/5/1741James MerryfeildSon of Willm. & Susannah Merryfeild
10/5/1741Elisabeth MerryfeildDaughter of Willm. & Susannah Merryfeild
29/5/1741John WithersSon of Willm. and Xian WithersPriv. baptd before
29/5/1741Christian WithersDaughter of Willm. and Xian Withers
26/6/1741Hugh ParnellSon of Edward and Sarah Parnell.
24/7/1741Ann PriceDaughter of Samuel and Sarah Price
27/9/1741Mary EringtonDaughter of William and Sarah Erington
21/10/1741Hesther TaylerSupposed Daughter of Thomas Tayler the Elder and Christian his wife
28/10/1741Miles MillsSon of John and Jane Mills
28/10/1741Mary BakerDaughter of William and Rachel Baker
3/11/1741Sarah HendyDaughter of John and Mary Hendy
30/11/1741Richard BartonSon of Thomas and Sarah Barton
6/12/1741William TaylorSon of Arthur and Mary Taylor
8/12/1741Margaret GroveDaughter of Mr. William & Margaret Grove
26/12/1741Mary BeckintonDaughter of John and Elisabeth Beckinton
7/4/1742Ursula (Usly) ThurstonDaughter of Nathaniel and Thurstonof OulburyPR158 of 184
12/4/1742Un-namedDaughter of William and Sarah Carter
16/4/1742Elisabeth ChappelDaughter of Thos. and Margaret ChappelPR158 of 184
19/5/1742Edward HixSon of Mary HixPR154 of 184
9/6/1742Sarah TaylorDaughter of Thomas and Christian Taylor
23/7/1742John (or Charles) JamesSon of Daniel and Elizabeth JamesPR154 of 184
6/8/1742Arthur LinkSon of Arthur Link
3/9/1742Edward ParnellSon of Edward and Sarah Parnellof KintonPR158 of 184
5/9/1742Mary NewmanDaughter of Charles and Ann Newman
1/10/1742Mary CaddyDaughter of William and Ann Caddy
6/10/1742Elias NurseSon of Elias and Elizabeth NursePR14 of 166
13/10/1742Samuel WithersSon of John and Sarah Withers.
15/10/1742Susanna BarrowDaughter of John and Ann Barrow
1/11/1742Mary SmithDaughter of William and Ann Smith
7/11/1742Ann LippiateDaughter of Thomas and Mary Lippiateprivately Baptized
7/11/1742John Goodenough CosshamSon of George and Elizabeth Cossham
18/11/1742Joannes ThurstonSon of John and Mary Thurston
21/11/1742Mary StephensDaughter of John Stephens
14/12/1742John BurnellSon of John and Dianna Burnell
19/12/1742Hannah BeckingtonDaughter of John and Elizabeth Beckington
19/12/1742Sarah UnderwoodDaughter of John and Sarah Underwood
26/12/1742John PearceSon of John and Mary Pearce
19/1/1742/43Mary TrayThomas Tray of KyntonPR156 of 184
13/2/1742/43Susann FaeyDaughter of Nicholas and Margarett Facey
13/2/1742/43Mary ButtlerDaughter of John and Sarah Buttler
16/2/1742/43Thomas MauriceSon of Thomas and Ann Maurice
16/2/1742/43William WhitfieldBase born Son of Susanna Whitfield
15/3/1742/43Kingsmill GroveSon of Mr. William and Margt Grove
23/3/1742/43William TaylorSon of William and Sarah Taylor
5/3/1742/43Elisabeth ThurstonDaughter of Hugh and Alce Thurston
17/4/1743William TaylorSon of James and Mary TaylorPrivate Baptized
24/4/1743John NottSon of John Chester NottBorn April 2d.
4/5/1743Thomas GibbonsSon of John and Margarett Gibbons
8/5/1743William HopkinsSon of Willm. and Elizabeth Hopkins
15/5/1743Thomas WooslySon of John & Martha WooslyPR160 of 184
27/5/1743Mary & Martha WitfildDafters of Andry & Maeary Witfild of ThornburyPR160 of 184
14/6/1743John CollinsSon of John Colins of EswoodPR160 of 184
16/6/1743Philip ThomasSon of George & Anne Thomasborn 2/6/1743
24/8/1743Thomas GroveSon of John and Ann Grove
24/8/1743Sarah GroveDaughter of John and Ann Grove
27/8/1743Mary WhitfeldDaughter of Andrew & Mary Whitefieldborn 15/5/1743
26/9/1743Ursula ThurstonDaughter of Hugh and Alce Thurston
27/12/1743John HodgesSon of John and Sarah Hoges
9/12/1743Timothy RoachSon of Timothy & Mary Roach entered
9/12/1743William SalmonSon of John & Ann Salmonborn 1/8/1743
9/12/1743Martha Osborn2d Child and 1st. Dr. of William and Margaret Osbornborn 7/2/1744?
1/4/1744Thomas GwilliamSon of Richard Gwilliam
1/4/1744Robert GereySon of John Gerey
20/5/1744Moses ChappleSon of Thomas Chapple
26/5/1744Elizabeth HellierDaughter of John and Margaret Hellier
24/6/1744William LippiateSon of John and Ann Lippiateborn 21st
6/8/1744Edward ThurstonSon of John and Mary Thurston
19/8/1744John LeeSon of Caleb and Hannah Lee
19/8/1744Ann SharruckDaughter of Elizabeth Sharruck
24/8/1744Henry MillsSon of John Mills
24/8/1744Mary MillsDaughter of John Mills
27/11/1744William WatkinsSon of Thomas and Sarah Watkins
2/12/1744Hannah GroveDaughter of William and Elizabeth Grove
16/12/1744Wiliam SearchSon of John and Elizabeth Search
26/12/1744William GreenwoodPR158 of 184
27/12/1744John HullburdSon of John HullburdPR158 of 184
25/1/1744/45William EnglishSon of William English
25/1/1744/45Ann CosshamDaughter of George and Elizabeth Cossham
25/1/1744/45Betty TombsDaughter of Thomas and Ann Tombs
13/2/1744/45Ann WetmoreDaughter of John and Sarah Wetmore
13/2/1744/45Mary SmithDaughter of William and Ann Smith
20/2/1744/45Hannah LimbrickDaughter of William Limbrick
20/2/1744/45Benjamin BarnardSon of Benjamin and Susanna Barnard
23/2/1744/45Solaman BeardSon of William BeardPR153 of 184
17/3/1744/45Thomas AllenSon of Elizabeth Allen
20/3/1744/45Elizabeth WalkerDaughter of Thomas and Mary Walker
22/3/1744/45Ann BarrowDaughter of John and Ann Barrow
22/3/1744/45Robert FaceyRobert Son of John & Ruth Facey
31/3/1745Elisabeth ShepardDaughter of Hester Shepardnatural Child
31/3/1745Samuel WowesleySon of John Wowesley
10/4/1745Francis NottSon of John & Hester Nott
29/4/1745Richard GreenSon of Richd. & Mary Greenaged about two years & half.
29/4/1745Hannah LippiatDaughter of Thos. & Mary Lippiataged about two years.
1/5/1745Hester NealDaughter of Arthur & Mary Neal
3/5/1745Thomas WitherSon of William & Christian Wither
3/5/1745John WitherSon of John & Sarah Wither
15/5/1745Hester TaylorDaughter of James & Ann Taylor
3/6/1745Kingsmill GroveSon of Willm. and Margaret Grove
3/6/1745Decimus GroveSon of Willm. and Margaret Grove
3/6/1745Elizabeth ThurstonDaughter of Hugh & Aice Thurstonaged about 3 years
3/6/1745Ursula ThurstonDaughter of Hugh & Aice Thurstonaged about one year
3/6/1745Martha ThurstonDaughter of Hugh & Aice Thurstonaged eight months
3/6/1745Elizabeth RicketsDr. of James & Elizabeth Rickets
21/7/1745Thomas BartonSon of Thomas & Sarah Barton
2/8/1745William CullimoreSon of William & Mary Cullimoreof Kington
11/8/1745Charles WillamsSon of Thomas & Mary Williams
14/8/1745John HendySon of John & Mary Hendy
16/8/1745Sarah BurroughsDaughter of Anne Burroughsnatural Child
28/8/1745William BakerSon of William & Rachel Bakerof Kington
28/8/1745Charles RoachSon of Timothy & Mary Roach
4/9/1745Sarah CarterDaughter of William & Sarah Carter
4/9/1745Sarah FlideDaughter of Thomas & Sarah Flide
27/9/1745Sarah LinchDaughter of Thos. Linch and Margaret his Wife
20/10/1745Brice Web SalmonSon of John & Ann Salmon
20/10/1745Mary GroveDaughter of Thos. Grove and Joyce his Wife
6/11/1745Robert SmithSon of Solomon & Hannah Smith
8/11/1745John WickesSon of Edward & Eliz: Wickes
29/11/1745Dorothy EddingtonDaughter of Willm. & Sarah Eddington
29/11/1745Ann EddingtonDaughter of Willm. & Sarah Eddington
6/12/1745Mary PearceDaughter of John & Eliz: Pearce
15/12/1745Mary HodgesDaughter of Willm. & Sarah Hodges
26/12/1745William GreenwoodSon of Willm. & Mary Greenwoodaged about ten years
1/1/1745/46Susannah StephensDaughter of John & Elisabeth Stephens
15/1/1745/46Hester TaylorDaughter of Willm. & Ann Taylor
24/1/1745/46Sarah WissDaughter of Edwd. & Wiss
26/1/1745/46Nathaniel ClutterbuckSon of Thos. & Elisabeth Clutterbuck
29/1/1745/46Mary HollandDaughter of Willm. & Mary Holland
9/2/1745/46Maria WatkinsDaughter of John & Hester Watkins
13/2/1745/46John LuceSon of John & Sarah Luce
21/2/1745/46Mary HopkinsDaughter of Jonathan & Mary Hopkins
23/2/1745/46Nicholas FaceySon of Nicholas & Margaret Facey
26/2/1745/46Richard DyerSon of Richd. & Ruth Dyer
2/3/1745/46Sarah JonesDaughter of John & Sarah Jones
9/3/1745/46Flower GroveDaughter of William & Elisabeth Grove
26/3/1746John HopkinsSon of John & Eliz: Hopkins &
26/3/1746Sarah ThornDaughter of John & Hannah Thorn
6/4/1746Sarah WhitfieldDaughter of Andrew & Mary Whitfield
16/4/1746Job GillamSon of Richd. & Hannah Gillam
20/4/1746George NicholesSon of John & Jane Nicholes
20/4/1746Thomas PhillipsSon of Ralph & Joannah Phillips
20/4/1746William ShepherdSon of George & Eliz: Shepherd
14/5/1746Nathaniel Thurstonson of Nathaniel & Ann Thurston
18/5/1746John WardSon of James & Ann Ward
26/5/1746George ThornSon of John & Mary Thorn
6/7/1746Martha ParmiterDaughter of Joseph & Ann Parmiter
8/7/1746Hester PountneyDaughter of Robt. & Sarah Pountney
11/7/1746Sarah HixDaughter of John & Mary Hix
17/7/1746Thomas WhetmoreSon of Thomas & Sarah Whetmore
15/8/1746Jane TombsDaughter of Thos: & Ann Tombs
17/8/1746Ashfield Bennetbase Childof Falfield
17/8/1746Ann RogersDaughter of Eliz. & ------ Rogersof Bristol
19/8/1746John HunderwoodSon of John & Sarah Hunderwood
1/10/1746Judith ThurstonDaughter of John & Mary Thurstonpriv. baptisd.
11/10/1746Susannah ThurstonDaughter of Hugh & Alice Thurstonpriv. baptisd.
19/10/1746Mary WalkerDaughter of Thos. & Mary Walker
19/11/1746Mary EnglishDaughter of Wm. & ------ English
14/11/1746Edward WilcoxSon of John & Betty Wilcox
13/12/1746William CullimoreSon of Wm. & Ann Cullimore
16/1/1746/47Mary LockstoneDaughter of Thos. & Mary Lockstone
11/2/1746/47Ann TysonDaughter of Thos. & Elizabeth Tyson
5/3/1746/47Thomas HuetSon of Robert & Mary Huet
5/4/1747Mary GoffDaughter of Joseph & Hannah Goff
10/4/1747John WatkinsSon of Thomas & Sarah Watkins
14/4/1747Hannah BurroughsDaughter of William & Sarah Burroughs
19/4/1747Ann LippiatDaughter of John & Ann Lippiatborn ye 14th
22/4/1747Charles CosshamSon of George & Eliz: Cosshamprivately bapt.
24/5/1747William BeardSon of Wm. & Eliz. Beard
24/5/1747Betty ColeDaughter of Jonathan & Sarah Cole
14/6/1747William FaceySon of Richard & Catharine Facey
19/7/1747Thomas FordSon of James & Ann Ford
30/8/1747Mary DunnDaughter of Joseph & Ann Dunn
30/8/1747John SmithSon of John & Mary Smith
13/9/1747Susannah FaceyDr. of John & Ruth Facey
25/9/1747Sarah BartonDaughter of Thos. & Sarah Barton
27/9/1747James WitherSon of John & Sarah Wither
30/9/1747James PearceSon of John & Mary Pearce
23/10/1747Mark MilesSon of John & Jane Milles
24/10/1747Anselm ThurstonSon of Anselm & Sarah Thursonof Oldbury
4/11/1747Richard DyerSon of Richd. & Ruth Dyerof Oldbury
13/11/1747Maria MayDaughter of John & Eliz. Mayof Oldbury
18/12/1747Jane TaylorDaughter of James & Mary Taylorof Moreton
23/12/1747John RoachSon of Timothy & Mary Roach
26/12/1747Sarah WhetmoreDaughter of John & Sarah Whetmore
28/12/1747Betty NelmsDaughr. of John & Sarah Nelms
28/12/1747Robert AllenSon of Henry & Eliz: Allen
6/1/1747/48Susannah FaceyDaughr. of Nicholas & Margaret Facey
6/1/1747/48Thomas BeckingtonSon of John & Rebecka Beckington
13/1/1747/48Rebecka CaterDaughr. of Wm. & Sarah Cater
13/1/1747/48Jane NurseDaughr. of John & Ann Nurse
25/1/1747/48James HillierSon of John & Margat: Hillierof Oldbury
14/2/1747/48James Rogersbase Son of Blanch Rogers
14/2/1747/48Ann CullimoreDaughr. of Thos. & Ann Cullimore
28/2/1747/48James NealSon of Arthur & Mary Neal.
29/2/1747/48Betty HancockDaughr. of John & Mary Hancockof Oldbury
7/3/1747/48William GazzardSon of Saml. & Sarah Gazzard
7/3/1747/48Thomas GazzardSon of Saml. & Sarah Gazzard
9/3/1747/48Thomas TombsSon of Thos. & Ann Tombspriv. baps.
10/3/1747/48Solomon SmythSon of Solomon & Hannah Gundy Smyth
20/3/1747/48Eliz. TaylorDaughr. of Wm. & Ann Taylor
3/4/1748Robert HopkinsSon of Jonathan & Hopkins
20/4/1748Ann VinesDaughr. of Daniel & Mary Vines
29/4/1748Robert WatkinsSon of John & Hester Watkins
27/5/1748William HigginsSon of Edward & Hester Higgins
31/5/1748Ann TaylorDaughr. of John & Ann Taylor
5/6/1748Richard CosshamSon of George & Eliz: Cossham
26/6/1748Edward SalmonSon of John & Ann Salmon
13/7/1748Thomas GroveSon of Thos. & Joyce Grove
13/7/1748Thomas WalkerSon of Thos: & Mary Walker
15/7/1748Solomon HopkinsSon of John & Eliz: Hopkins of Kington
23/7/1748Charles Corshamson of James & Mary CorshamPriv. Bap.
25/7/1748Elizabeth WitherDaughr. of Richd: & Mary Wither
5/8/1748Hannah LippiatDaugr. of John & Ann Lippiatborn June 30th
17/8/1748George WhitfieldSon of Andrew & Mary Whitfieldborn July 17th
19/8/1748Edward SannigarSon of Thos. & Jane Sannigar
24/8/1748Alicia ThurstonDaugr. of Hugh & Alice Thurstonpriv: bap.
11/9/1748John EnglishSon of Wm. & Eliz: English
13/9/1748Sarah KnightDaughr. of Joseph & Martha Knight
2/10/1748John OliveSon of Wm. & Hester Olive
11/10/1748Ann CullimoreDaugr. of John & Mary Cullimoreof Whitfield
2/12/1748Phillip BanksSon of Wm. & Christian Banks
28/12/1748Thomas FlideSon of Thos. & Sarah Flide
10/1/1748/49William WilshurSon of John & Mary Wilshur
10/1/1748/49Susannah WilshurDaughter of John & Mary Wilshur
29/1/1748/49Betty RobinsonDaugr. of John & Mary Robinson
2/2/1748/49Betty TysonDaugr. of Thos. & Betty Tysonborn 3/1/1748
8/2/1748/49Ann HuetDaugr. of Robt. & Mary Huet
10/2/1748/49Betty MartinDaugr. of John & Ann Martin
19/2/1748/49Hannah NewmanDaugr. of Charles & Hannah Newman
5/3/1748/49Elizabeth ColeDaugr. of Jonathan & Sarah Cole
8/3/1748/49Sarah CullimoreDaugr. of Thos. & Ann Cullimore
22/3/1748/49Ann NottDaugr. of John & Hester Nottborn 16/3/1746
22/3/1748/49Sarah NottDaugr. of John & Hester Nottborn 9/3/1748
26/4/1749Elizabeth ThornDaughr. of John & Mary Thorn
5/4/1749William PoutneySon of Robert & Sarah Pountneyof ye Bourough
9/4/1749John Nealeson of Joseph & Mary Nealeof Kington
19/4/1749John Nealeson of Thomas & Mary Nealof the Burrough
3/5/1749Mary FaceyDaugr. of Nicholas & Margaret Faceyof the Burrough
19/5/1749James BeardSon of John & Martha Beardof Owlbery born 9th DecemberPR162 of 184
29/5/1749Toby ThurstonSon of Mr. John & Thurstonof Kinton
31/5/1749Willm. ArnoldSon of Thos. & Elizh. Anoldof Duckhol
14/6/1749Joseph PearceSon of John & Mary Pearce
14/6/1749Jane HicksDaughter of John & Elizh. Hicks
9/7/1749John DaySon of Paul & Elizh. Dayof Owlbery
16/7/1749Hannah ClarkDaughter of Willm. & Clarkof Farvell
4/8/1749Sarah SmithDaughter of Willm. & Smithof Moreton
20/8/1749Ralph ThornSon of John & Hannah Thornat Farvell
20/8/1749Jane FowlerDaughtr of Richard & Jane Fowlerof Owly
20/8/1749Mary LeonardDaughter of John & Mary Leonard
6/10/1749Hester CullimoreDaughter of Isaac & Elisabeth Cullimore
25/10/1749John WiltsSon of Thomas & Ann Wiltsof the Parish of Ledbury
1/11/1749Robert AllenSon of Henry & Elizabeth Allen
11/11/1749Hester CoxDaughter of John & Ann Cox
11/11/1749Betty CoxDaughter of John & Ann Cox
15/11/1749Joan CollinsDaughter of John & Hester Collinsbaptized at Falfield
6/12/1749Ruth FaceyDaughter of John & Ruth Facey
8/12/1749Benjamin FaceySon of John & Ruth Facey
22/12/1749Unity WatkinsDaughter of John & Hester Watkinsof Avening in Heinton
24/12/1749John Popeson of John Pope & Mary his Wifeof Oldbury
31/12/1749John Mayson of John May & Elizabeth his Wifeof Oldbury
1/1/1749/50Sarah WardDaughter of James Ward & Ann his Wifeof the town of Thornbury
9/1/1749/50William RoachSon of Timothy & Mary Roachof Sibland in Heinton
19/1/1749/50Hugh Thurstonposthumous Son of Hugh & Alice Thurston his Wifeof the town of Thonbury
19/1/1749/50Elizabeth Curnockdaughter of William & Susannah Curnockof Oldbury privately baptized:
2/2/1749/50Ambrose NealeSon of Arthur & Mary Nealof the town of Thornbury
2/2/1749/50Sarah SmithDaughter of Solomon & Hannah Smithof the town of Thornbury
11/2/1749/50Griffin BarnesSon of Griffin & Sarah Barnesof Oldbury
11/2/1749/50John LippiatSon of John & Anne Lippiatborn 22nd June
14/2/1749/50William SaundersSon of John Saunders by Mary his Wifeof the town of Thornbury
14/2/1749/50James OsbornSon of William Osborn by Mary his Wifeof Moreton
14/2/1749/50James MorganSon of William Morgan by his Wifeprivately baptized at Cowell
19/2/1749/50Daniel VinesSon of Daniel & Mary Vinesof Moreton privately baptized
4/3/1749/50Joseph ChappellSon of Thomas Chappell by Margarey his Wifeof Millbury Heath
4/3/1749/50Sarah GazardDaughter of Samuel Gazard by Sarah his Wifeof Moreton
21/3/1749/50Elizabeth TylerDaughter of John Tyler by Ann his Wifeof Crosse Ways