Thornbury Baptisms 1800-1809

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Baptisms include those which took place at Thornbury (Thy), Oldbury (Old) and Falfield (Fal)

1/1/18005/12/1799Thomas BendaleSon of Thomas & Jane BendaleThy
1/1/18002/12/1799Esther LindseyDr. of George & Elizabeth LindseyThy
5/1/180030/10/1799Hannah WithersDr. of Richard & Mary WithersFal
5/1/180028/11/1799Hannah ClarkeDr. of Giles & Ann ClarkeFal
22/1/180021/8/1799Sarah BargeDr. of John & Elizabeth BargeThy
26/1/180027/12/1799Mary DayThe second Child & first Daughter of William & Mary DayOld
29/1/18001/12/1799Ann NelmsDr. of John & Ann NelmsThy
5/2/18003/1/1800Luke PruetSon of Thomas & Hannah PruetThy
7/2/180024/12/1799Wallwynn BaylisSon of Benjamin and Elizabeth BaylisThy
17/2/180024/1/1800John ThatcherBase Son of Jane Thatcher. privately baptizedThy
23/2/180024/12/1799John HowardSon of Robert & Elizabeth HowardOld
23/2/180025/1/1800Elizabeth LimbrickDr. of William & Ann LimbrickThy
2/3/180025/11/1799John CookSon of William & Ann CookFal
9/3/18006/2/1800Elizabeth VirgoDr. of Thomas & Hannah VirgoOld
9/3/18009/2/1800John PriceSon of James & Hannah PriceOld
30/3/180027/1/1800Charles BindenSon of Henry and Mary BindenThy
10/4/180030/12/1799Thomas SpillSon of William & Ann SpillThy
20/4/180025/3/1800Thomas BakerSon of Henry & Sarah BakerThy
20/4/180025/3/1800James WilsonSon of Joseph & Sarah WilsonThy
20/4/180024/1/1800John ThatcherBase Son of Jane Thatcher. publickly baptizedThy
6/5/180013/3/1800Deborah BakerDr. of William & Sara BakerThy
24/5/18009/3/1800James ClutterbuckSon of George Clutterbuck and his Wife ElizabethThy
1/6/180011/5/1800Isaac HeavenSon of William & Ann HeavenThy
1/6/1800Elizabeth Pritchardabout 4 years old . One of the three Children of John Pritchard and his wife AnnThy
1/6/1800William Pritchardabout 2 years old. One of the three Children of John Pritchard and his wife AnnThy
1/6/1800Catharine Pritchardabout half year old. One of the three Children of John Pritchard and his wife AnnThy
22/6/18001/4/1793James HamiltonSon of John & Sarah Hamilton. N.B. He was publickly receivedThy
9/7/180021/3/1800Mary PitcherDr. of John & Margaret PitcherThy
13/7/180022/6/1800Lois LimerickDr. of Thomas & Ann LimerickOld
23/7/180014/6/1800Elizabeth CullimoreDr of William & Elizabeth CullimoreThy
27/7/18007/7/1800Mary KnappDr. of William & Flora KnappThy
30/7/180027/5/1800James ChittsSon of John and Ursula ChittsThy
30/7/18001/7/1800John TyndaleSon of John and Ann TyndaleThy
30/7/180027/9/1799Harriot AllenDr. of William and Mary AllenThy
30/7/180030/12/1798Ann ClarkeOne of the daughters of John Clarke and Esther his wifeThy
30/7/180027/1/1800Harriot ClarkeOne of the daughters of John Clarke and Esther his wifeThy
6/8/180022/7/1800Nicholas Cornock GroveSon of Thomas & Mary GroveThy
10/8/180011/7/1800Elizabeth StaggDr. of William and Esther StaggOld
10/8/180020/4/1800John WadeSon of John and Frances WadeThy
10/8/180014/7/1800Elizabeth GoughDr. of Joseph & Esther GoughThy
7/9/180010/7/1800John HopkinsSon of Stephen and Mary HopkinsThy
10/9/18002/6/1800Susannah BartonDr. of John and Susannah BartonThy
14/9/180016/8/1800Sarah LuceDr. of George and Mary LuceThy
24/9/18006/8/1800Robert CarterSon of Robert and Ann CarterThy
24/9/18002/8/1800James NewmanSon of Aaron & Maria NewmanThy
28/9/180018/8/1800William CullimoreSon of Joseph & Martha CullimoreThy
1/10/180015/8/1800Esther AllenDr. of James and Mary AllenThy
8/10/18004/9/1800Ann HoneyburnDr. of Henry & Martha HoneyburnThy
12/10/180011/5/1800Sarah TrayhurneDr. of Joseph & Elizabeth TrayhurneThy
19/10/180021/9/1800Ursula ThomasDr. of George & Esther ThomasThy
26/10/18002/10/1800Elizabeth TrayhurneDr. of John and Ann TrayhurneThy
26/10/180031/8/1800Elizabeth Bensonbase child of Jane BensonThy
2/11/18001/11/1799Thomas PritchardSon of Lewis and Sarah Pritchard. Note ; The above Thomas Pritchard was entered wrong thro' the wicked and false Representation of his supposed Father Lewis Pritchard. The Entry should have been, as follows, base Son of Sarah PearceThy
2/11/18005/8/1800George ChappelSon of Robert and Sarah ChappelThy
5/11/180018/5/1800Emma RiddifordDr. of Abraham & Esther RiddifordThy
5/11/18005/10/1800Frances PenduckDr. of Samuel & Fanny PenduckThy
5/11/180014/10/1800George RiceSon of James & Diana RiceThy
20/11/18008/10/1800George RolphThe fourth Son and Seventh Child of George and Sarah RolphThy
30/11/18001/11/1800Elizabeth SharpeDr. of Joseph & Isabella SharpeOld
3/12/18003/2/1793Charlotta MorganDr. of Thomas & Elizabeth MorganThy
3/12/180030/10/1800Thomas MorganSon of Thomas & Amelia MorganThy
3/12/180023/4/1800Elizabeth HudsonDr. of William & Flora HudsonThy
3/12/180021/10/1800Hannah HudsonDr. of Thomas & Celia HudsonThy
14/12/180012/9/1800Jacob White WithersSon of William & Elizabeth WithersThy
14/12/180025/10/1800Sarah JenkinsDr. of William & Hannah JenkinsThy
17/12/180031/10/1800Ann BarnettDr. of John and Sarah BarnettThy
17/12/180010/10/1799Unity GodwinDr. of Howell & Ann GodwinThy
17/12/18001/2/1800William GodwinSon of William & Hannah GodwinThy
7/1/1801William IslesAged 11 years the 11th April last. One of the Children of Joseph Isles and Elizabeth his wifeThy
7/1/1801Esther IslesAged 8 years the 5th of March last. One of the Children of Joseph Isles and Elizabeth his wifeThy
7/1/1801George Islesbase Son of Ann Isles. aged 1 year (the 2nd Nov. last)Thy
7/1/18019/4/1797Thomas FeaceyOne of the Children of Thomas and Martha FeaceyThy
7/1/180124/10/1797Maria FeaceyOne of the Children of Thomas and Martha FeaceyThy
1/2/180110/12/1800Mabel TrotmanDr. of Joseph and Elizabeth TrotmanFal
4/2/180114/1/1801Ann WoodworthDr. of John and Mary WoodworthThy
8/2/18011/12/1800Elizabeth ArnoldDr. of Richard & Sarah ArnoldOld
8/2/180120/1/1801Mary WherretDr. of William & Virtue WherretThy
16/2/180125/1/1801Joseph AblettOne of the the Twin born Chilldren of James and Ann Ablett of OldburyThy
16/2/180125/1/1801Mary AblettOne of the the Twin born Chilldren of James and Ann Ablett of OldburyThy
22/2/180120/1/1801Sarah RuggeDr. of Cornelius & Rose RuggeThy
4/3/18019/2/1801William GibbsSon of John and Ann GibbsThy
8/3/180124/1/1801Sarah HobbsDr. of Daniel and Hannah HobbsThy
22/3/180113/4/1800Elizabeth EverettDr. of William & Elizabeth EverettOld
22/3/18013/1/1801Ann Maria WooseleyDr. of John and Sarah WooseleyOld
22/3/180110/2/1801Elizabeth ParkerDr. of William & Elizabeth ParkerOld
22/3/180118/2/1801James ShepherdSon of James and Phebe ShepherdOld
22/3/18018/1/1801George CaveSon of George and Sarah CaveThy
25/3/180118/2/1801William SmithSon of James and Ann SmithThy
29/3/180121/2/1801James WebbSon of John and Johanna WebbThy
2/4/180129/11/1800Elizabeth DaviesDr of Robert Davies, Sergeant in the 2nd Division of Marines, and Mary his Wife, Daughter of James and Elizabeth Roach of this TownThy
11/4/18016/4/1801John Sarch Daviesbase son of Elizabeth DaviesThy
12/4/18019/2/1801Thomas Whitebase Son of Sarah White (Now Curthoys)Thy
19/4/180120/3/1801Thomas LeeSon of Caleb & Jane LeeThy
26/4/18019/3/1801Mary Ann JonesDr. of Wm and Sarch JonesOld
28/4/18011/3/1801Ann FordDr. of William and Ann FordThy
3/5/18013/3/1801Benjamin SmithSon of Joseph & Ann SmithThy
13/5/180128/3/1801George BindenSon of Henry and Mary BindenThy
17/5/180126/4/1801Ephraim WilsonSon of Joseph and Sarah WilsonThy
3/6/18018/5/1801Elizabeth CroomeDr. of Henry & Sarah CroomeThy
10/6/180122/4/1801Mercy BakerDr. of William & Elizabeth BakerThy
28/6/180122/11/1800John BoultonSon of Abraham & Sarah BoultonThy
9/8/18019/11/1800Charles KnottSon of George & Alice KnottThy
23/8/180123/5/1801Daniel Rymer or RymoreSon of John & Elizabeth RymerOld
30/8/18015/8/1801Imm Parslow AllenSon of James & Mary Allen.Thy
30/8/180131/7/1801Flower TaylorDr of William & Sarah TaylorThy
13/9/180129/6/1801John TetherSon of James & Sarah TetherThy
27/9/18014/7/1801Decimus NelmesSon of William & Hannah NelmesThy
7/10/18016/10/1801Henry Reevesbase Son of Sarah ReevesThy
11/10/18011/10/1792John CullimoreOne of the Four Children of James and Sarah CullimoreThy
11/10/180112/1/1795James CullimoreOne of the Four Children of James and Sarah CullimoreThy
11/10/18016/1/1798William CullimoreOne of the Four Children of James and Sarah CullimoreThy
11/10/180116/8/1801Esther CullimoreOne of the Four Children of James and Sarah CullimoreThy
25/10/180124/7/1800John HoptonSon of John and Sarah HoptonThy
25/10/180118/12/1800George JudgeSon of Giles and Betty JudgeThy
25/10/18019/4/1801George WalkerSon of Benjamin & Frances WalkerThy
25/10/18014/10/1801Ann MorganDr. of William & Mary MorganThy
8/11/18018/4/1801Hannah HollisterDr. of William & Elizabeth HollisterThy
11/11/18019/10/1801William TrayhurneSon of Thomas & Susannah TrayhurneThy
15/11/180115/10/1801Elizabeth SpillDr of William and Ann SpillThy
25/11/180116/3/1801Eliza ClarkeDr. of John & Ester ClarkeThy
9/12/180131/10/1801William CullimoreSon of William & Elizabeth CullimoreThy
9/12/180123/7/1801Ambrose BurleySon of Thomas & Sarah BurleyThy
30/12/18012/10/1801Diana AlwayDr. of Richard & Jane AlwaysThy
10/1/180217/10/1801Hannah GreenwoodDr. of William & Ann GreenwoodThy
17/1/180213/12/1801Mary BeardDr. of Stephen & Elizabeth BeardThy
24/1/18028/1/1800James BrutonOne of the Children of John Bruton and Ann his wifeOld
24/1/180227/12/1801Ann BrutonOne of the Children of John Bruton and Ann his wifeOld
27/1/180231/8/1793Osborne Manning ParnellOne of the Children of Hugh Parnell and Anne his wifeThy
27/1/18027/5/1796Nathaniel Osborne ParnellOne of the Children of Hugh Parnell and Anne his wifeThy
14/2/18024/9/1801James SavarySon of Daniel & Elizabeth SavaryOld
14/2/18027/1/1802Ann PruettDr. of Thomas and Hannah PruettOld
14/2/180225/12/1801John LongdenSon of John & Hannah LongdenThy
28/2/18026/12/1801Henry LambertSon of Thomas & Alice LambertThy
14/3/180214/2/1802Alfred WeeksSon of James and Hannah WeeksOld
11/4/180217/3/1802John WathenSon of Joel and Flower WathenThy
16/4/180221/12/1801Hannah NewmanDr. of Aaron and Maria NewmanThy
25/4/180227/3/1802Elizabeth DriverDr. of William and Joyce DriverThy
28/4/18022/2/1802Emma FordDr of Joseph and Sarah FordThy
28/4/18026/4/1799John BurnoleOne of the Children of Thomas Burnole and Mary his wifeThy
28/4/180227/3/1802Mary BurnoleOne of the Children of Thomas Burnole and Mary his wifeThy
28/4/18026/4/1802Hannah PoveyDr. of William and Hannah PoveyThy
28/4/180227/7/1801Josiah BennetSon of William and Sarah BennetOld
9/5/18021/4/1802Ann BurroughsDr. of John and Ann BurroughsOld
9/5/180211/4/1802John BindenSon of James and Mary BindenThy
9/5/18027/11/1801Thomas RoachSon of John and Hannah RoachThy
12/5/180213/1/1802Charlotte SpillDr. of John and Mary SpillThy
15/5/180218/3/1802Ann Child RiddifordDr. of Abraham and Esther RiddifordThy
23/5/180211/3/1791Martha MillsOne of the Daughters of Michael Mills and Esther his wifeThy
23/5/18023/7/1793Esther MillsOne of the Daughters of Michael Mills and Esther his wifeThy
23/5/18029/4/1801Mary MinettDr. of George & Henrietta MinettThy
31/5/180217/4/1802Nicholas Comely Cornockthe Son of Nicholas & Mary CornockOld
2/6/180220/10/1801Eliza BirtDr of John & Elizabeth BirtThy
2/6/18028/5/1802William NelmsSon of John and Sarah NelmsThy
16/6/18027/5/1802Sarah BartonDr. of John and Susannah BartonThy
20/6/180217/5/1802Ann HarrisDr. of Thomas and Jane HarrisThy
23/6/180222/4/1799William Parker CollinsOne of the Children of James & Grace Collins of Gosport, Hants. Born at Slepney, MiddlesexThy
23/6/180226/5/1802Charlotte Susanna CollinsOne of the Children of James & Grace Collins of Gosport, Hants. Born at ThornburyThy
27/6/180221/5/1802John BoultonSon of William & Mary BoultonThy
14/7/180213/6/1802George GazardSon of Samuel & Hannah GazardThy
21/7/180231/5/1802George FewsterSon of Thomas and Elizabeth FewsterThy
26/7/180223/2/1801Ann DawDr. of William and Martha DawThy
26/7/180223/6/1802Maria MorganDr. of William & Hannah MorganThy
26/7/180225/6/1802Mary Ann Smithbase daughter of Sarah SmithThy
8/8/180230/6/1802Elizabeth ArthurDr. of James and Elizabeth ArthurThy
8/8/18027/3/1802Martha KingDr. of John and Martha KingThy
8/8/18023/5/1802Ann SlainDr. of Charles & Ann SlainThy
8/8/180226/7/1802William PinketSon of William and Sarah PinketThy
22/8/180224/6/1802Ann PhilippsDr. of William & Charity PhilippsOld
22/8/180221/3/1802Hannah Martinbase Daughtr. of Sarah MartinThy
31/8/180216/7/1802Elizabeth Symesbase Daughtr. of Elizabeth SymesThy
3/10/18023/9/1802Sarah LongneyDr. of Thomas and Sarah LongneyThy
10/10/180222/8/1802Sarah Neale JohnsonDr. of John Neale Johnson and Mary his wifeThy
17/10/180221/1/1802Bathshua BakerDr. of William & Sarah BakerThy
17/10/180227/8/1802Ann SmithDr of James & Ann SmithThy
19/10/18029/1/1802George TilleySon of George & Sarah TilleyOld
19/10/180210/6/1802Maria LydyattDr. of John & Ann LydiattOld
24/10/18024/9/1802Mary HoptonDr. of John and Sarah HoptonThy
14/11/18029/10/1802Ann LuceDr. of George and Mary LuceThy
21/11/180214/10/1802Elizabeth BindenDr. of Henry & Mary BindenThy
28/11/180215/10/1802Ann GaynerDr. of Charles & Ann GaynerThy
5/12/18027/11/1802Ann BakerDr. of Henry & Sarah BakerThy
11/12/18028/7/1800Elizabeth ThornOne of the Children of Alexander Thorn and Mary his wifeThy
11/12/180220/8/1802Alexander ThornOne of the Children of Alexander Thorn and Mary his wifeThy
19/12/18027/10/1802Elizabeth JenkinsDr. of John & Elizabeth JenkinsThy
26/12/180219/11/1802William StaggSon of William & Esther StaggOld
26/12/180222/10/1802Anne DaviesDr. of Thomas and Martha DaviesThy
26/12/180221/2/1802William LiddiattSon of William & Hannah LiddiattThy
26/12/18029/11/1802Esther Belcher KnottDr. of Francis and Sarah KnottThy
26/12/180220/9/1802Betty PriceDr. of James & Hannah PriceThy
4/1/180325/9/1802Helen BarnettDr. of John and Sarah BarnettThy
9/1/180324/6/1802Betty FordDr. of William and Sarah FordThy
9/1/180317/11/1802Hannah BakerDr. of William & Elizabeth BakerThy
9/1/18039/12/1802George ThomasSon of George and Esther ThomasThy
23/1/180315/10/1802John HudsonSon of Thomas & Celia HudsonThy
23/1/180315/11/1802William HudsonSon of William & Flower HudsonThy
2/2/180314/1/1803Mary Cornock GroveDr. of Thomas & Mary GroveThy
13/2/18031/1/1803Sarah BeardDr. of Brice & Sarah BeardOld
16/2/180313/10/1802William Piercebase Son of Mary PierceThy
18/2/18032/10/1802Hannah CarterDr. of Robert and Ann CarterThy
18/2/180328/12/1802James CullimoreThy
27/2/180323/1/1803Ann TetherDr. of James & Sarah TetherThy
27/2/18037/10/1802Martha StaggDr. of Jacob & Mary StaggThy
2/3/18034/10/1802James PruettSon of John & Sarah PruettThy
14/3/180316/2/1802Christiana ChitzDr. of John & Ursula ChitzThy
16/3/180318/2/1803Ann DayDr of William and Mary DayThy
20/3/180315/11/1802Wm Adams CullimoreSon of John & Ann CullimoreThy
20/3/180325/2/1803Sarah CroomeDr. of Henry and Sarah Croome.Thy
3/4/18038/12/1802William TaylorSon of John & Johanna TaylorThy
9/4/18035/3/1803John SheppardSon of James & Phoebe SheppardOld
17/4/180311/2/1803Ann HobbsDr. of Daniel & Hannah HobbsThy
17/4/180321/2/1803Ann BurleyDr. of Thomas & Sarah BurleyThy
17/4/180315/3/1802Charlotte WilliamsDr. of Robt. & Sarah WilliamsThy
13/4/1803Edna LimbrickBaptised May 1803 Dr of Thomas Limbrick (lately deceased) & Ann his wifeOld
8/5/180313/4/1803Ruth SmithDr. of Joseph & Ann SmithThy
8/5/18036/4/1803Moses WheelerSon of John & Betty WheelerThy
15/5/180318/4/1803Charles MorganSon of William & Frances MorganThy
15/5/180329/3/1803Maria MabbottDr of John & Hannah MabbottThy
15/5/180319/1/1803Robert BennettSon of Joseph & Ashfield BennettFal
15/5/1803Thomas WithersBorn 1801. One of the sons of Thomas & Mary WithersFal
15/5/180318/10/1802George WithersOne of the sons of Thomas & Mary WithersFal
19/5/180317/4/1803Henry PooleSon of James & Mary PooleThy
22/5/180320/4/1803Sarah SharpDr. of Joseph & Isabel SharpOld
22/5/180316/2/1803John JenkinsSon of William & Sarah JenkinsThy
22/5/180320/4/1803Hannah WherrittDr. of William & Virtue WherrittThy
12/6/180312/5/1803Susanna AdamsDr of Thomas & Hannah AdamsOld
12/6/180321/11/1802Hannah WebbDr. of Caleb & Sarah WebbOld
19/6/18034/3/1803Eliza WithersDr. of Richard & Mary WithersFal
19/6/180311/3/1803Hannah RiceDr. of James & Diana RiceFal
26/6/180330/3/1801John DavisOne of two base Children of Betty Davis from the workhouseThy
26/6/180326/5/1803Betty DavisOne of two base Children of Betty Davis from the workhouseThy
3/7/18034/6/1803Susanna KnappDr. of William & Flora KnappThy
3/7/180320/2/1803James Hopkins TaylorBase S. of Mary TaylorThy
10/7/180319/4/1803Mary Ann CullimoreDr of Joseph & Martha CulimoreThy
10/7/18039/5/1803Sarah Hathway OliveDr of John & Elizabeth OliveThy
10/7/18038/5/1803Hannah NewmanDr of Aaron & Maria NewmanThy
10/7/18033/11/1802Henry ClutterbuckS. of Willm & Sarah ClutterbuckThy
7/8/180330/6/1803Mary BirtDr. of John & Elizabeth BirtThy
21/8/180320/7/1803Henry MillsSon of Joseph & Hannah MillsThy
28/8/180311/7/1803Robert FordSon of Robert & Lucinda FordThy
28/8/180317/6/1803Robert LeeSon of William & Hannah LeeThy
4/9/18037/8/1803William FordSon of James & Elizabeth FordThy
4/9/180314/8/1797Martha CosshamOne of the chn. of Benjamin Cossham, deceased, & Hester his wifeThy
4/9/180313/3/1799Mary CosshamOne of the chn. of Benjamin Cossham, deceased, & Hester his wifeThy
14/9/18039/3/1803William TaylorSon of James & Hannah Taylor of OldburyThy
18/9/180329/8/1803Maria KendallDr of John & Hannah KendallFal
25/9/18031/2/1803William CoventrySon of William & Mary CoventryThy
25/9/180317/2/1803Mary DawDr of William & Martha DawThy
2/10/18035/8/1803Daniel WilsonSon of John & Sarah WilsonThy
2/10/180316/9/1803John PhillipsSon of John & Hannah PhillipsThy
23/10/180316/4/1803Thomas Wicks Machin(B.) Son of Ann MachinOld
23/10/18036/11/1802Eliza OliveDr of John & Ann OliveThy
23/10/180325/10/1802Eliza GoddardDr of Howell & Ann GoddardThy
13/11/180316/10/1803John GoughSon of Joseph & Hester GoughThy
23/11/180331/10/1803Hannah Powell(B.) Dr of Ann PowellThy
30/11/180323/10/1803George TindallS. of John & Ann TindallThy
30/11/18036/11/1803Thomas WebbS. of John & Joanne WebbThy
7/12/180320/10/1803Martha BindenDr. of Henry & Mary Binden. (lately deceased)Thy
11/12/180329/9/1803Ann TrayhurnDr. of John & Ann TrayhurnThy
14/12/18038/11/1803Mary Ann Mann(B.) Dr. of Sarah MannThy
18/1/180411/12/1803Mercy BarnettDr. of John & Sarah BarnettThy
18/1/180422/10/1803Clemet CounselS. of James & Susanna CounselThy
22/1/18045/12/1803Elizabeth ThomasDr. of John & Hannah ThomasThy
22/1/180419/12/1803Mary WalkerDr. of William & Betty WalkerThy
25/1/18041/1/1804William CowleyS. of William & Elizabeth Cowley of KingtonThy
25/1/180414/8/1803Harriet ChappelD. of Robert & Sarah ChappelThy
5/2/18048/1/1804John HudsonS. of Thomas & Celia HudsonThy
8/2/180423/1/1804William BindenS. of James & Mary BindenThy
8/2/180425/1/1804Hannah Hale(B.) Daughter of Sarah HaleThy
15/2/180419/10/1803Eliza DaviesDr of John & Betty DaviesThy
15/2/18048/2/1804John MachinS. of William & Elizabeth MachinThy
19/2/18047/12/1803Elinor ReedDr of John & Rebecca Reed of Hope FarmThy
19/2/18042/1/1804Reuben WithersS. of Thomas & Mary WithersFal
26/2/180426/1/1804Mary Ann TannerD. of Thomas & Elizabeth TannerThy
26/2/18041/1/1804Thomas OlaveS. of Thomas & Martha OlaveThy
26/2/180427/11/1803George KnottS. of George & Alice KnottThy
4/3/180426/12/1803Louisa Longman(B.) Dr. of Hannah LongmanThy
11/3/180418/2/1804Joseph WalkerS. of Joseph & Frances WalkerThy
14/3/18048/1/1801William JamesOne of the Children of Thomas & Elizabeth JamesThy
14/3/180422/2/1804George JamesOne of the twins of Thomas & Elizabeth JamesThy
14/3/180422/2/1804Henry JamesOne of the twins of Thomas & Elizabeth JamesThy
18/3/18043/3/1804Hester WilsonD. of Joseph & Sarah WilsonThy
25/3/180421/2/1804William PruettS. of Thomas & Hannah PruettOld
25/3/180416/2/1804John AblettS. of James & Ann AblettOld
25/3/180425/2/1804Samuel Isaac BakerS. of William & Susanne Baker of Milbury HeathThy
25/3/180430/1/1804Mary NelmsD. of James & Hester NelmsThy
25/3/180416/1/1804Elizabeth SpillD. of William & Ann SpillThy
30/3/180421/2/1804Eli (or Eley) BrutonS. of John & Elizabeth BrutonOld
30/3/18041/3/1804Unity PruettD. of John & Sarah PruettOld
8/4/18044/3/1804Hannah LippiattD. of John & Rosamond LippiattThy
15/4/180424/9/1798Ann WebbOne of the drs. of Caleb & Sarah WebbThy
15/4/180428/1/1801Frances WebbOne of the drs. of Caleb & Sarah WebbThy
15/4/180425/10/1802Samuel Court SmithOne of the chn: of Thomas & Sarah SmithThy
15/4/18049/2/1804Eizabeth SmithOne of the chn: of Thomas & Sarah SmithThy
18/4/180424/3/1804Thomas Child PenduckS. of Saml: & Fanny PenduckThy
22/4/180427/3/1804Mary Ann ClutterbuckD. of Willm: & Sarah ClutterbuckThy
2/5/180422/3/1804Susanna CullimoreD. of William Cullimore of the Parks Yeoman & Elizabeth his wifeThy
13/5/18041/5/1804Hannah Williams(Base) Dr. of Mary WilliamsOld
16/5/180413/4/1804Richard LimbrickS. of John & Elizabeth LimbrickThy
20/5/180417/9/1800Harriet CosshamOne of two Chd: of John Cossham (Carpenter) & Ann His wifeThy
20/5/180413/3/1804Ann CosshamOne of two Chd: of John Cossham (Carpenter) & Ann His wifeThy
20/5/1804Elizabeth SarchD. of Thomas & Sarah Sarch. About 9 Years old. publickly recdThy
20/5/18049/1/1800Joseph WalkerOne of two Chn: of Thomas & Ann Walker. publickly recdThy
20/5/180415/9/1803Ann WalkerOne of two Chn: of Thomas & Ann WalkerThy
25/5/180413/2/1804Susanna RymerD. of John & Elizabeth RymerOld
27/5/180411/3/1804George Charles KingS. of Thomas & Sarah KingThy
27/5/180418/4/1804William WathenS. of Joel & Flower WathenThy
3/6/180427/4/1804Mary LuceD. of George & Mary LuceThy
3/6/18047/5/1804George LongdenS. of John & Hannah LongdenThy
3/6/180413/4/1804Alice LambertD. of Thomas & Alice LambertThy
6/6/18041/5/1804Louisa CarterD. of Robert & Ann CarterThy
10/6/18049/5/1804Sarah LeeD. of Caleb & Jane LeeThy
13/6/180417/5/1804Richard AdamsS. of Richard & Mary Adams of OldberryThy
13/6/180414/5/1804Mary SanigerD. of William & Mary Saniger of Sundays HillThy
17/6/18044/5/1804John HopkinsS. of John & Margaret HopkinsThy
20/6/18043/3/1804Elizabeth BurnellD. of Thomas & Mary BurnellThy
24/6/180418/5/1804Mary SmithD. of James & Ann SmithThy
5/8/180428/6/1804Ann WoosleyD. of William & Sarah WoosleyThy
29/8/180414/7/1804Richard TrayhurnS. of Thomas & Susanne Trayhurn.Thy
9/9/18046/6/1804Henry WeeksOne of two Children of John & Elizabeth Weeks. Since deadOld
9/9/18049/2/1802Maria WeeksOne of two Children of John & Elizabeth Weeks. publickly recdOld
9/9/180415/8/1804Sarah WoosleyB. Daughr of Sarah Woosley. Since deadThy
16/9/180416/8/1804Elizabeth TrotmanDr of Joseph & Elizabeth TrotmanFal
19/9/180429/7/1804Ann ChildD. of Solomon & Mary ChildThy
23/9/180415/7/1804Eliza RiddifordD. of Abraham & Hester RiddifordThy
23/9/180424/8/1804George ThomasS. of George & Hester ThomasThy
23/9/180417/6/1804William WalkerS. of William & Elizabeth WalkerThy
23/9/180416/8/1804William SmithBase S. of Sarah SmithThy
3/10/180411/7/1804Hannah BartonD. of John & Susanne BartonThy
3/10/180410/8/1804Benjamin CollinsBase S. of Hannah PritchardThy
7/10/180413/9/1804Jane MorganD. of William & Mary MorganThy
28/10/18045/7/1804Elizabeth RobinsonB. D. of Elizabeth RobinsonThy
11/11/18048/2/1801Job HodgesOne of the sons of James & Hester HodgesThy
11/11/180422/12/1803George HodgesOne of the sons of James & Hester HodgesThy
18/11/180424/9/1804John BennettS. of Joseph & Ashfield BennettFal
25/11/18049/4/1804Eliza TetherD. of James & Sarah TetherThy
16/12/180425/11/1804Hannah DrayseyD. of John & Rebecca DrayseyFal
23/12/180427/11/1804Elizabeth LydiattD. of William & Hannah LydiattThy
23/12/180411/12/1803Sarah TetherD. of William Tether of the Gloustersh: Militia & Harriet his wife. Publickly recd. having been privately baptized in LondonThy
26/12/18048/9/1804James CarterS. of Thomas & Mary CarterThy
26/12/180431/10/1804Caroline MoxhamD. of Thomas & Unity MoxhamThy
26/12/180417/6/1804James GarlandS. of John & Sarah GarlandThy
30/12/180417/6/1804Emma Neal CornockD. of Nicholas & Mary CornockOld
2/1/180513/11/1804Harriet RiceD. of James & Dinah RiceThy
2/1/180521/1/1804Harriet JamesB. Daug of Elizabeth JamesThy
2/1/180530/8/1802Dinah CurthoysOne of the two Chn. of Job & Sarah CurthoysOld
2/1/180516/5/1804Rose Anna CurthoysOne of the two Chn. of Job & Sarah CurthoysOld
9/1/180514/12/1804Mary FordD. of Robert & Lucinda FordThy
13/1/18058/12/1804James BakerS. of William & Elizabeth BakerThy
16/1/180511/2/1804Thomas Limbrick FordS. of William & Ann FordThy
16/1/1805George HobbsS. of Robert & Sarah Hobbs. about 17 weeks oldThy
16/1/180510/12/1804William PriceS. of James & Hannah PriceThy
30/1/180525/12/1804Ann Bevan1st Chd & Dau. of James & Ann BevanThy
28/2/180531/1/1805Thomas DayOne of the twin Sons of Willm & Mary DayThy
28/2/180531/1/1805James DayOne of the twin Sons of Willm & Mary DayThy
3/3/18052/2/1805Joseph KingS. of John & Martha KingThy
6/3/18056/2/1805James TaylorS. of James & Hannah TaylorThy
13/3/180517/2/1805Thomas Lippiatt BarnettS. of John & Sarah BarnettThy
17/3/180515/12/1804George WithersS. of Richard & Mary WithersFal
24/3/180514/1/1805Christiana HarrisD. of Thomas and Jane HarrisThy
27/3/180527/1/1805Richard CullimoreS. of Joseph & Martha CullimoreThy
27/3/180522/10/1802Thomas LimbrickOne of the Chn. of William & Ann LimbrickThy
27/3/180529/2/1805Ann LimbrickOne of the Chn. of William & Ann LimbrickThy
12/4/180521/2/1805Elizabeth WerrettD. of William & Virtue WerrettOld
14/4/180522/12/1804William GaynerS. of William & Jane GaynerThy
14/4/180528/2/1805Henry BoultonS. of William & Mary BoultonThy
24/4/180529/3/1805George Pitcher1st Chd & S. of Obed & Hannah Pitcher. (Par: Clerk)Thy
12/5/180527/3/1805James TrayhernS. of Thomas & Hannah TrayhernOld
12/5/18052/4/1805Henry BakerS. of Henry & Sarah BakerThy
22/5/18054/3/1805Anna BirtD. of John & Elizabeth BirtThy
26/5/18051/4/1805Thomas NelmsS. of John & Hannah NelmsThy
26/5/180515/3/1805Job SmithS. of John & Mary SmithThy
26/5/18055/5/1805Elizabeth LeeD. of William & Hannah LeeThy
2/5/180520/3/1805James Pearce EnglandS. of Robert & Hannah England of ElbertonThy
2/6/180517/3/1805Elizabeth DaviesD. of Thomas & Martha DaviesThy
2/6/180519/12/1804Elizabeth BoultonBase Dau. of Sarah BoultonThy
6/6/1805Eliza ComelyBorn November 1803. Base Child of Jane Webb now CowleyThy
9/6/180515/4/1805William TaylorS. of William & Dinah Taylor now of Littleton upon SevernOld
9/6/180528/4/1805Emma ShepherdBase Child of Mary Shepherd. Since dead & named on the coffin HawkerThy
9/6/18053/5/1806Hannah Parnell ClarkBase Chd of Mary ClarkThy
16/6/180528/8/1804George Hopkins TaylorBase S. of Mary Taylor. now the wife of Thomas Hopkins of Kington YeomanThy
19/6/180521/1/1805Elizabeth KnottD. of Francis & Sarah KnottThy
19/6/18056/4/1805Hannah SlainD. of Charles & Ann SlainThy
23/6/180510/5/1805Eliza GaynerD. of Charles & Ann GaynerThy
30/6/18053/5/1805Thomas JenkinsS. of William & Hannah JenkinsThy
30/6/180525/9/1803George RugmanS. of Cornelius & Rose RugmanThy
7/7/180519/8/1804James TrayhernS. of Joseph & Elizabeth TrayhernThy
10/7/180519/2/1804Sarah LongneyD. of Thomas & Sarah LongneyThy
21/7/18058/11/1804Charlotta KendellD. of John & Hannah KendallFal
28/7/180529/6/1805Jeremiah OliveS. of John & Elizabeth OliveThy
28/7/18052/6/1805William WheelerOne of the Ch: of John & Elizabeth Wheeler. publickly recdThy
28/7/180526/2/1804Betty WheelerOne of the Ch: of John & Elizabeth Wheeler. publickly recdThy
28/7/180528/5/1805Mary Ann HoptonD. of John & Sarah HoptonThy
4/8/180529/7/1805Eliza LambertBase Chd: of Martha LambertThy
14/8/18053/6/1805Harriet CodringtonD. of John & Elizabeth CodringtonThy
25/8/18055/6/1805Hannah HobbsD. of Daniel & Hannah HobbsThy
25/8/18055/8/1805Mary CoventryD. of William & Mary CoventryThy
1/9/18055/8/1805Flora KnappD. of William & Flora Knapp. Since deadThy
8/9/180511/7/1805Amelia MorganD. of Thomas & Elizabeth MorganOld
8/9/180520/8/1805Maria BennettD. of William & Sarah BennettOld
11/9/180523/6/1805Ann SanigarD. of William & Mary SanigarThy
18/9/180524/7/1805George Parslow MachinS. of John & Mary MachinThy
22/9/180521/8/1805Elizabeth MorganD. of William & Frances MorganThy
22/9/18059/7/1805Henrietta NewmanD. of Aaron & Maria NewmanThy
22/9/18059/9/1805Eliza MillsD. of Joseph & Hannah MillsThy
2/10/18056/1/1805Hannah HawkerD. of William & Hannah HawkerThy
6/10/180514/7/1805Ann BakerD. of Mathew & Sarah BakerThy
9/10/18059/9/1805Hester BindenD. of Henry Binden & Elizabeth his second wifeThy
9/10/18058/6/1805Hannah ThomasOne of the Base Children of Sarah Thomas. in the parish of ElbertonThy
9/10/180525/3/1798Francis ThomasOne of the Base Children of Sarah Thomas. in the parish of ElbertonThy
13/10/18057/7/1805Thomas HudsonS. of Thomas & Celia HudsonThy
13/10/180531/7/1805George TaylorS. of William & Sarah TaylorThy
17/11/18051/10/1805George PitcherS. of James & Hester PitcherFal
17/11/180521/10/1805Reuben Giles WilliamsS. of John & Margaret WilliamsFalfileld
5/12/180514/11/1805Hannah SheppardD. of James & Phoebe SheppardOld
16/12/1805Hannah TaylorAn Adult was baptized previous to her marriage with Hugh Clark (cordwainer)Thy
22/12/1805Daniel LydiattS. of John & Ann Lydiatt. aet: 15 weeksOld
25/12/180514/11/1805Charles JamesS. of John & Ann JamesThy
25/12/18051/3/1803James CookS. of William & Ann CookThy
25/12/18057/9/1805Robert HaskinsBase Son of Sarah HaskinsThy
5/1/180612/12/1805Susanna ScarlettD. of George & Mary ScarlettThy
5/1/180625/10/1805Eliza CowleyD. of William & Betty CowleyThy
19/1/18061/11/1805Betty SmithD. of Joseph & Ann SmithThy
19/1/18063/12/1805Amy BennettD. of James & Sarah BennettFal
2/2/1806Henry WeeksS. of John & Elizabeth Weeks of Oldby. Circ. 10 weeks oldThy
2/2/180611/1805John BakerS. of William & Susanne BakerThy
9/2/180625/12/1805Martha ReedD. of John & Rebecca ReedThy
23/2/180626/1/1806Luke AdamsS. of Richard & Mary AdamsOld
23/2/1806Hannah SharpOne of the twin Ch: of Joseph & Isabel Sharp. circ. 3 weeks oldOld
23/2/1806Joseph SharpOne of the twin Ch: of Joseph & Isabel Sharp. circ. 3 weeks oldOld
23/2/18062/1/1806James NelmsS. of James & Hester NelmsThy
23/2/180629/12/1805Ann BanksBase Dau. of Christian BanksThy
23/2/18066/12/1805Hannah ClutterbuckD. of William & Sarah ClutterbuckThy
26/2/180625/1/1806Ernest PruettS. of Thomas & Hannah PruettOld
26/2/18067/10/1805Hannah MachinBase Dau. of Mary MachinOld
9/3/8064/12/1805Susan GoughD. of Joseph & Hester GoughThy
16/3/180612/2/1806Thomas HaynesS. of William & Sarah HaynesThy
16/3/180610/1/1806Harriet RoachD. of James & Elizabeth RoachFal
6/4/180613/3/1806Thomas Luce ThomasS. of George & Hester ThomasThy
6/4/180615/2/1806Eliza Allen BallD. of William & Hannah BallThy
7/4/18062/3/1806George NelmsS. of John & Sarah NelmsThy
16/4/18065/3/1806George CarterS. of Robert & Ann CarterThy
20/4/180629/3/1806Mary Ann WebberD. of William & Elizabeth WebberThy
20/4/180614/3/1806Thomas ChamberlayneS. of Thomas & Mary ChamberlayneFal
27/4/180610/4/1806Hester BeardD. of Brice & Sarah Beard. Since deadOld
27/4/18064/1/1806Mark StaggS. of William & Hester StaggOld
27/4/180612/3/1806Ann BargeD. of Guy & Ann BargeOld
21/5/180627/4/1806Willm Smith BaileyS. of William & Celia BaileyThy
28/5/180618/10/1805John KnappS. of John & Mary KnappThy
28/5/180612/3/1806Brice TrayhurnS. of John & Ann TrayhurnThy
15/6/180623/11/1805Susanna BargeD. of Samuel & Charlotte BargeThy
22/6/1806William CaveS. of George & Sarah Cave. circ. 7 monthsOld
22/6/180613/5/1806Charles TilleyS. of George & Sarah TilleyOld
22/6/18062/1/1806Mary Ann GarlandD. of John & Sarah GarlandThy
6/7/180617/4/1806Sarah OliveD. of Thomas & Martha OliveThy
6/7/18062/3/1806John ThomasS. of John & Hannah Thomas.Thy
6/7/180624/4/1806Charlotta CosshamD. of John & Ann Cossham.Thy
6/7/18061/6/1806Sarah SmithD. of James & Ann Smith.Thy
6/7/180615/2/1806James WalkerS. of Joseph & Frances Walker.Thy
9/7/180626/5/1806Elizabeth FewsterD. of Mr. Thos Fewster Surgeon and Elizabeth his wifeThy
13/7/18067/3/1806Richard Knapp1st Chd. & S. of Richard Knapp of Shipperdine Yeoman & Ann his wifeOld
13/7/180610/1/1806Eliza WalkerD. of William & Elizabeth WalkerThy
27/7/180629/6/1806John LuceS. of George & Mary LuceThy
27/7/180615/12/1803Hannah MartinD. of George & Mary MartinThy
13/8/18064/7/1806Elizabeth BevanD. of James & Ann BevanThy
20/8/180612/7/1806George GroveS. of Thomas & Mary GroveThy
24/7/180612/4/1806Elizabeth VaughanD. of William & Elizabeth VaughanThy
3/9/18065/8/1806John MorganS. of William & Sarah MorganThy
3/9/18065/5/1801James BevanS. of John & Hester BevanThy
3/9/18062/10/1803James VirgoOne of the children of John & Sarah VirgoThy
3/9/180618/5/1806Sarah VirgoOne of the children of John & Sarah VirgoThy
7/9/18069/8/1806Mary HopkinsD. of John & Margaret HopkinsThy
10/9/180615/8/1806John PutleyS. of Richard & Elizabeth PutleyThy
14/9/18067/7/1806William GaynerS. of Willm Gayner (decd) & Jane his wifeThy
14/9/180615/8/1806Elizabeth HudsonD. of Thomas & Celia HudsonThy
14/9/180611/7/1806Ann FordD. of William & Sarah FordThy
24/9/180629/8/1806John LimbrickS. of John & Elizabeth LimbrickThy
28/9/180623/8/1805Mary ArthurD. of James & Elizabeth ArthurThy
28/9/1806Samuel ChappellS. of Robert & Sarah ChappellThy
5/10/180627/8/1806James CounsillS. of James & Susanna CounsillThy
12/10/180630/7/1806George MintyS. of John & Elizabeth MintyThy
12/10/18065/9/1806Henry BallS. of Thomas & Sarah BallThy
17/10/18064/9/1806Hugh PruwettS. of John & Sarah PruwettOld
26/10/180625/9/1806Henry WellsBase S. of Sarah WellsOld
26/10/180622/9/1806Mary BirtD. of William & Elizabeth BirtThy
26/10/180614/9/1806Thomas BakerS. of William & Elizabeth BakerThy
29/10/18061/10/1806Sarah SmithD. of Thomas & Sarah SmithThy
5/11/180612/8/1806William GreenwoodS. of William & Ann GreenwoodThy
30/11/180615/3/1804Ann RymerBase D. of Sarah RymerThy
30/11/18069/2/1806Harriet SmithD. of John & Sarah Smith (Late Rymer)Thy
10/12/180612/11/1806Jane BarnettD. of John Barnett (Glover) and Sarah his wifeThy
14/12/180623/7/1806George BrutonS. of John Bruton (Carpenter) and Elizabeth his wifeOld
14/12/180617/11/1806Mary Ann HawkerD of William & Hannah HawkerThy
21/12/180616/11/1806Rebecca KindallD. of John Kindall (Labourer) and Hannah his wifeFal
25/12/18065/10/1806Robert Thomas KingS. of Thomas King of Moreton (Yeoman) & Sarah his wifeThy
25/12/18062/11/1806James PoveyS. of William Povey (Labourer) & Hannah his wifeThy
25/12/180626/4/1805Job HudsonS. of William Hudson (Labourer) & Flower his wifeThy
25/12/180615/11/1806John BendallBase Son of Amelia BendallOld
28/12/180628/6/1806Robert WalkerS. of Thomas Walker (Thatcher) & Nancy his wifeThy
7/1/180717/8/1806Thomas DayS. of William Day of Kington (Yeoman) & Mary his wifeThy
14/1/180716/10/1806George Barton8th Chd of John Barton of Kington (Yeoman) & Susanna his wifeThy
14/1/180711/10/1806William FordS. of Robert Ford (Brazier) & Lucinda his wifeThy
14/1/180716/9/1806George MoxhamS. of Thomas Moxham (Thatcher) & Unity his wifeThy
14/1/180714/2/1806Frederick JamesS. of Thomas James (Labourer) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
14/1/18076/11/1806Celia TaylorBase Daur. of Elizabeth TaylorThy
14/1/1807William WhiteBase Son of Hannah White. 3 days old privately baptized for want of sponsors. Since deadThy
18/1/180719/12/1806James Rice11th Chd. of James Rice (Cordwainer) & Diana his wifeThy
18/1/18077/8/1805Anne HarveyD. of George Harvey (Labourer) & Catherine his wifeThy
21/1/180728/12/1806John HawkerS. of John Hawker (Labourer) Of Oldbury & Mary his wifeThy
28/1/180730/12/1806Ellen ClutterbuckD. of William Clutterbuck (Shoemaker) & Mary his wifeThy
28/1/180720/12/1806Emma LongdenD. of John Longden (Mason) & Hannah his wifeThy
1/2/180724/12/1806Elijah Edmonds1st Chd of John Edmonds (Labourer) & Sarah his wifeThy
11/2/18071/12/1806Anne CosshamD. of James Cossham (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
22/2/18076/11/1806Susanna TaylorD. of Thomas Taylor (Mason) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
25/2/18076/1/1807Henry Wither1st Chd of Wlliam Wither (Pig Jobber) & Anne his wifeThy
25/2/180713/1/1807Mary Osborne1st Chd of Henry Osborne (Hallier) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
1/3/180731/1/1807John Hathway Longman1st Chd. of William Longman (Labr) & Anne his wifeThy
1/3/180729/12/1806Amelia MorganD. of James Morgan of Oldbury (Labr) & Hester his wifeThy
11/3/180711/2/1807Ursula PitcherD. of Obed Pitcher (Par. Clerk) & Hannah his wifeThy
15/3/180710/11/1806Anne WithersTwelfth Chd. of Richard Withers (Higler) & Mary his wifeFal
18/3/180716/2/1807John ChildS. of Solomon Child (Yeoman) & Mary his wifeThy
22/3/180725/1/1804Anne MinettOne of the Chn of George Minett (Sawyer) & Henrietta his wife. pub: recdThy
22/3/18075/10/1806John MinettOne of the Chn of George Minett (Sawyer) & Henrietta his wifeThy
22/3/18077/2/1807Richard RugmanS. of Cornelius Rugman (Labr) & Rose his WifeThy
29/3/180721/2/1807Sarah JonesD. of James Jones (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
1/4/180718/8/1806Anne BurnellD. of Thomas Burnell (Yeoman) & Mary his wife pub. RecdThy
5/4/18077/3/1807James GibbsS. of Robert Gibbs (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
5/4/180718/2/1807Jabez WathenSixth Chd of Joel Wathen (Labr) & Flower his wifeThy
8/4/18079/1/1807Henry GoddardS. of Howell Goddard (Labr) & Anne his wifeThy
12/4/18075/12/1804Amey WebbOne of the Children of Caleb Webb (Butcher) & Sarah his wifeOld
12/4/180716/2/1807Seth WebbOne of the Children of Caleb Webb (Butcher) & Sarah his wifeOld
12/4/18071/3/1807John HobbsS. of Robert Hobbs (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
15/4/180719/3/1807Jane TannerD. of Thomas Tanner (Yeoman) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
19/4/180727/1/1807Daniel ClutterbuckS. of John Clutterbuck (Labr) & Anne his wifeFal
22/4/180716/3/1807Charles CullimoreS. of Mr Willm Cullimore of Moreton & Elizabeth his wife - 7th Child.Thy
26/4/1807George Jones13 weeks old S. of George Jones & Hester his wife Natives of Bridgnorth Co. Salop. Travelling through this place.Thy
10/5/180719/4/1807Mark TaylorS. of Mark Taylor (Fisherman) & Mary his Wife - 1st ChdOld
10/5/18076/3/1807Henry GaynerS. of Charles Gayner (Baker) & Ann his wifeThy
17/5/18074/4/1807Anne DrayseyD. of John Draysey (Labr) & Rebecca his wifeFal
24/5/18076/1/1807Sarah ChappellD. of Robert Chappell (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
24/5/180716/3/1807William WerrettS. of William Werrett (Labr) & Virtue his wifeThy
10/6/180714/5/1807George HobbyS. of John Hobby (Higler) & Susanna his wife 1st ChildThy
14/6/180713/5/1807Thomas MorganS. of Samuel Morgan (Labr) & Grace his wifeOld
14/6/180715/5/1807Hannah PriceD. of James Price (Labr) & Hannah his wifeOld
14/6/180721/5/1807John MorganS. of William Morgan (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
17/6/1807William SanigarBorn December 1806. S. of Willm Sanigar of Sundays Hill (Yeoman) & Mary his wifeThy
21/6/180722/5/1807Charlotta CullimoreD. of Joseph Cullimore of Hope (Yeoman) & Martha his wifeThy
21/6/180718/5/1807Robert CookS. of William Cook (Labr) & Ann his wifeThy
21/6/1807Thomas KnightBorn June 1807. S. of Giles Knight (Labr) of the Psh of Standish Cou. Gloucester & Hester his wife. Sojourners in this pshThy
24/6/180729/1/1807Thomas Wright LawfordS. of Mr Thomas Wright Lawford & Ann his wife 1st childThy
1/7/18074/6/1807James FordS. of James Ford (Blacksmith) lately deceased & Elizabeth his wifeThy
12/7/180717/12/1806William PhillipsS. of John Phillips (Labr) & Hannah his wifeOld
19/7/180727/5/1807Ambrose Thomas AllenS. of William Allen (Carpenter) & Ann his wife - 9th ChdThy
26/7/18076/6/1807Eliza BindenD. of Henry Binden (Bacon factor) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
26/7/180729/4/1807Alfred JenkinsS. of John Jenkins (Labr) & Betty his wifeThy
26/7/18071/7/1807Mary ScarlettD. of George Scarlett (Labr) & Mary his wife - 10th ChdThy
26/7/180727/1/1807William DawS. of William Daw (Labr) & Martha his wifeThy
9/8/180718/5/1807Giles TrayhurnBase Son of Hannah Trayhurn.Old
9/8/180716/6/1807Hannah IslesD. of George Isles (Butcher) & Ann his wifeThy
9/8/18078/4/1807Hannah TetherD. of James Tether (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
9/8/180711/12/1807Mathew ThornS. of Ralph Thorn (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
19/8/180716/7/1807George TaylorS. of George Taylor of Sibland (Yeomen) & Ann his Wife - 1st ChdThy
19/8/180724/6/1807Hester ClarkD. of Hugh Clark (Cordwainer) & Hannah his Wife - 1st ChdThy
23/8/180720/7/1807Thomas LydiattS. of William Lydiatt (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
6/9/180731/7/1807Hannah SmithD. of John Smith (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
6/9/18077/7/1807Elizabeth BakerD. of Henry Baker (Hallier) & Sarah his wifeThy
6/9/18077/8/1807John SmithS. of James Smith of Milb: Heath (Shop keeper) & Ann his wifeThy
6/9/18076/8/1807Amelia SpillD. of William Spill (Turner) & Ann his wifeThy
27/9/180718/8/1807Elizabeth SmartD. of Richard Smart (Draper) & Sarah his wifeThy
4/10/180720/8/1807William WooselyS. of William Woosely (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
14/10/180715/9/1807Flora PenduckD. of Samuel Penduck (Carpenter) & Fanny his Wife - 10th ChdThy
28/10/180725/9/1807Elizabeth BakerD. of Mathew Baker Warrener Milb: Heath & Sarah his wifeThy
8/11/18072/8/1807Eliza VaughanD. of William Vaughan (Cooper) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
15/11/180722/2/1806Elizabeth TetherD. of Willm Tether of the South Batt. of Gloustersh: Mil: & Harriet his wifeThy
18/11/180726/6/1807Hester LawsonD. of Isaac Lawson of the Hacket (Tanner) & Ann his Wife - 1st ChdThy
22/11/180712/10/1807Priscilla KingD. of Richard King - Shipperdine (Labr) & Elizabeth his wifeOld
22/11/18074/8/1807William KingS. of John King (Nailer Lately decd) & Martha his wifeThy
6/12/18076/11/1807Mary PhelpsD. of John Phelps (Labr) & Sarah his Wife - 1st ChdThy
20/12/180719/11/1807Luke TrotmanS. of Joseph Trotman (Labr. & Chap. Clerk) & Elizabeth his Wife - 7th ChdFal
27/12/18074/9/1807Ellen CornockD. of Nicolas Cornock Gent. & Mary his wifeOld
27/12/180728/10/1807Caroline CornockD. of Thomas Cornock Junr. Gent. & Sarah his Wife - 1st Ch.Old
27/12/18074/9/1807William ScreenS. of Thomas Screen (Labr) & Elizabeth his Wife - 1st Ch.Thy
6/1/180816/9/1807Robert Pearce EnglandS. of Robert England of the psh of Elberton & Hannah his wifeThy
10/1/180814/10/1807John MorganS. of Thomas Morgan (Yeoman) & Elizabeth his wifeOld
10/1/180812/12/1807Hester BeardD. of Brice Beard (Labr) & Sarah his wifeOld
10/1/18086/8/1807Elizabeth HancockOne of the Children of James Hancock (Blacksmith) & Jane his wifeOld
10/1/1808James HancockOne of the Children of James Hancock (Blacksmith) & Jane his wife. Two years & half old. Pub: recdOld
10/1/18082/12/1807Edwin CowlyS. of William Cowly of Kington (Yeoman) & Betty his wifeThy
10/1/18088/12/1807George LimbrickS. of William Limbrick (Labr) & Ann his Wife - 7th Ch.Thy
13/1/18084/12/1807Jane BevanD. of James Bevan Junr (Dealer) & Ann his Wife - 3d Ch.Thy
13/1/180817/6/1807George GarlandS. of John Garland (Cordwainer) & Sarah his wifeThy
20/1/180824/12/1807Eliza LippiattD. of William Lippiatt (Tiler) & Hester his Wife - 1st Ch.Thy
24/1/18083/1/1808Sarah WebberD. of William Webber (Dorking Tanner) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
27/1/180814/8/1807Eliza FordD. of William Ford (Sadler) & Ann his wifeThy
31/1/180830/11/1807Samuel SelmanBase S. of Elizabeth Selman.Thy
31/1/180831/12/1807Shadrach HarveyS. of George Harvey (Labr.) & Catherine his wifeThy
3/2/18087/1/1808Susannah HowellD. of Henry Howell (Labr) & Celia his Wife - 1st Chd. These People were illegally married at St Augustines Bristol in Septr. 1806Thy
10/2/180816/6/1805Edward GroveOne of the Children of John Grove Junr (Yeoman) and Elizabeth his wifeThy
10/2/180818/7/1807George GroveOne of the Children of John Grove Junr (Yeoman) and Elizabeth his wifeThy
21/2/180812/1/1808Ann WilsonD. of Joseph Wilson (Husbandman) and Sarah his wifeThy
21/2/180812/1/1808Mary Ann WilsonBase D. of Hannah Wilson Dau. of the above persons & delivered nearly at the same hour with her Mother.Thy
28/2/18082/2/1808Maria BeechD. of William Beech (Labr) & Elizabeth his wife. Parishioners of St Arvans MonmouthOld
28/2/180816/1/1808Robert WheelerS. of John Wheeler (Labr) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
2/3/18081/2/1808Frances PrewettD. of Thomas Prewett of Oldbury (Mariner) & Hannah his wifeThy
9/3/18088/2/1808James TaylorOne of twin Children of James Taylor of Oldbury (Yeoman) & Hannah his wifeThy
9/3/18088/2/1808Hannah TaylorOne of twin Children of James Taylor of Oldbury (Yeoman) & Hannah his wifeThy
9/3/180818/1/1808John Hodges SalmonS. of Mr Edward Salmon (Surgeon & Apoth:) and Mary Ann his Wife . 1st Chd.Thy
13/3/180821/12/1807Sarah ClutterbuckD. of William Clutterbuck (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
13/3/18085/1/1808James NelmesS. of James Nelmes (of the South Glouster Mil:) & Hester his wifeThy
27/3/180825/2/1808Hannah AllenD. of George Allen (Labr) & Hannah his Wife - 1st Chd.Old
10/4/180813/3/1808Harriet LaverD. of Joseph Laver (Linen Draper) & Louisa his wifeThy
10/4/180810/3/1808William OliveS. of John Olive (Victualler) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
10/4/18088/3/1808William DaviesS. of John Davies (Labr) & Hester his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
24/4/18087/4/1808James KnappS. of John Knapp (Baker) & Mary his wife. Late inhabitants of the city of BristolThy
8/5/180830/6/1808Charles NewmanS. of Aaron Newman (Labr) & Maria his wife Pub: recdThy
15/5/18082/2/1808Charles MorganS. of James Morgan (Inn Keeper) & Ann his Wife -1st Chd.Thy
12/6/180828/3/1808Mildred HoptonD. of John Hopton (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
29/6/180827/2/1803Clarissa ClarkOne of the children of John Clark (of the Hacket Farmer) & Hester his wifeThy
29/6/180825/7/1805Charlotte ClarkOne of the children of John Clark (of the Hacket Farmer) & Hester his wifeThy
29/6/180819/5/1808Lucy ClarkOne of the children of John Clark (of the Hacket Farmer) & Hester his wifeThy
29/6/180831/5/1808Sarah Knapp WhitfieldD. of Jonah Whitfield (Miller) & Elizabeth his second Wife - 1st Child.Thy
10/7/180828/5/1808William LongmanS. of William Longman (Labr) & Ann his wifeThy
17/7/180828/3/1808Thomas KendallS. of John Kendall (Labr) & Hannah his wifeFal
19/6/18085/5/1808Hannah GibbonsD. of John Gibbons (Labr) & Nancy his wife pub recd. June 19 by Rev. T. ThomasFal
31/7/180825/6/1808Enoch BakerS. of William Baker (Labr) & Susanna his wifeThy
10/8/180816/8/1805Charles Elliott HarrisonS. of John Elliott Harrison M. D. and Mary his wife. Pub: RecdThy
14/8/180810/7/1808Sarah StaggD. of William Stagg (Labr) & Hester his wifeOld
4/9/180817/6/1808Samuel Belcher NottS. of Francis Nott (Mason) & Sarah his wifeThy
4/9/180821/11/1806Hannah NottD. of George Nott (of Wilts Militia) & Alice his wifeThy
4/9/18086/5/1808Thomas TaylorS. of Thomas Taylor (Mason) Elizabeth his wifeThy
11/9/18086/7/1808Mary Ann Latch VaughanD. of John Vaughan (Taylor) & Hester his wife - 1st Chd.Thy
18/9/18085/6/1808Charles Hendy WeeksS. of John Weeks of Oldbury (Yeoman) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
25/9/180817/6/1808William ComelyS. of Robert Comely (of Cowhill Gent.) & Hannah his Wife -1st Chd.Old
25/9/180827/8/1808George DayS. of Joseph Day (Yeoman) & Ann his wife - 1st Chd.Old
25/9/180827/8/1808Eliza BirtD. of Joseph Birt (labr) & Mary (late Littleton or Littlejohn) his wife. The above persons, though actual parishioners here, were married at Bedminister Octr. 12, 1807, as appeared by a certificate produced to me at the time of churching the women RSThy
2/10/180819/8/1808Thomas MorganS. of William Morgan (Chimney Sweeper) & Frances his wifeThy
9/10/18089/9/1808Hannah ThomasD. of George Thomas (of Buckover Yeoman) & Hester his wife. pub: recd.Thy
9/10/180817/8/1808Charlotte HudsonD. of Thomas Hudson (Labr) & Celia his wifeThy
9/10/180826/8/1808Ormond HudsonS. of William Hudson (Labr) & Flower his wifeThy
9/10/18085/9/1808Richard BakerS. of William Baker (Cordwainer) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
12/10/180813/9/1808Mathew ChappellS. of John Chappell (Labr.) & Mary (late Morris) his wife. These People also went out of the psh to be married as they say to St James Bristol, having lost the certificate.Thy
16/10/180827/5/1808Thomas HawkerS. of John Hawker (of Oldbury Labr.) & Mary his wifeThy
16/10/180815/7/1808George JenkinsS. of William Jenkins (of Moreton Jobber) & Hannah his wifeThy
19/10/18081/8/1808Jemima BiddleBase D. of Elizabeth Biddle.Thy
23/10/180827/9/1808Charles WerrettS. of William Werrett (Labr) & Virtue his wifeOld
23/10/180821/9/1808Hannah BeckertonD. of Joseph Beckerton (Labr) & Martha his wifeOld
23/10/180825/9/1808Susan BallD. of William Ball (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
26/10/180830/9/1808Celia SmithD. of Thomas Smith (Taylor) & Sarah his wifeThy
2/11/180814/6/1808Joseph CarterS. of Robert Carter (Yeoman) & Ann his wifeThy
9/11/180810/10/1808Richard PutleyS. of Richard Putley (Cordwainer) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
13/11/180820/10/1808William ClarkS. of Hugh Clark (Cordwainer) & Hannah his wifeThy
27/11/180829/9/1808Eliza TrayhernD. of John Trayhern (Taylor) & Ann his wifeThy
27/11/180828/10/1808Hester DriverD. of William Driver (Labr) & Joice his wifeThy
27/11/180823/10/1808Hester CosshamD. of James Cossham (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
27/11/18086/5/1808James SmartBase S. of Elizabeth Smart pub: recd.Thy
30/11/18086/11/1808Daniel NealeS. of Joseph Neale (of the Park Mill Yeoman) & Mary his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
30/11/18083/11/1808Elizth. Barron GroveD. of Thomas Grove (of Eastwood Yeoman) & Mary his wifeThy
18/12/18083/11/1808Oliver FordS. of Thomas Ford (Carpenter) & Henrietta his Wife - 1st Chd.Fal
18/12/18084/11/1808Hannah RoachD. of Dent Roach (Miller) & Hannah his wifeFal
21/11/180817/11/1808Ann LawsonD. of Isaac Lawson (Tanner) & Ann his Wife - 2d Chd.Thy
25/12/180826/9/1808Eliza MorganD. of James Morgan (Labr.) & Hester his wifeOld
4/1/180924/2/1808Hannah ThomasD. of John Thomas (Mason) & Hannah his Wife - 3d Chd.Thy
11/1/18098/11/1808Eliza AdamsD. of Richard Adams (of Oldbury Yeoman) & Mary his wifeThy
15/1/180930/11/1808Mary PriceD. of James Price (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
15/1/180911/11/1808George SanigerS. of William Saniger (of Sundays Hill Yeoman) & Mary his wifeFal
29/1/180918/12/1808William Robinson LambertS. of Martha Lambert - a Bastard.Thy
1/2/180931/8/1808Mathew HoneybournS. of Elizabeth Honeybourn - a Bastard.Thy
5/2/180918/12/1808Edward TrayhurnS. of Thomas Trayhurn (Taylor) & Ann his second Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
8/2/180929/9/1808John TrotmanS. of John Trotman (Fisherman) and Aurelia his Wife, Relict of Jos. Taylor. Mem. These People were married at Bristol & the mans real name is Rimore being that of his mother who was never married.Old
15/2/180925/1/1809Emma BarnettD. of John Barnett (Breeches Maker) & Sarah his wifeThy
15/2/180910/2/1788Ann Kellythe Wife of James Kelly Seaman of H. M. S. Royal George. Her maiden name was Chappell, & she was born & priv. baptd in this parish in her infancy. Pub. RecdThy
19/2/180919/1/1809Priscilla ThornD. of Ralph Thorn (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
26/2/18098/12/1808Thomas PrewettS. of John Prewett (Mariner) & Sarah his wifeOld
26/2/180923/12/1808Prudence WathenD. of Joel Wathen (Labr.) & Flower his wifeThy
26/2/180915/1/1809Rachael JonesD. of William Jones (of the South Glocr. Mil:) & Sarah his wifeThy
5/3/18093/2/1809John RiceS. of James Rice (Cordwainer) & Dinah or Diana his wife - 12th Chd.Thy
8/3/180931/1/1809Harriet BevanD. of James Bevan Junr (Cattle Dealer) & Ann his Wife - 4th Chd.Thy
12/3/180928/10/1783Hugh WhitchurchOne of the sons of Thomas Whitchurch (Labr) & Lucretia his wife. Pub. Recd privt. Bapt. in infancyOld
12/3/180928/12/1785William WhitchurchOne of the sons of Thomas Whitchurch (Labr) & Lucretia his wife. Pub. Recd privt. Bapt. in infancyOld
19/3/180910/10/1808Louisa PoveyD. of William Povey (Labr) & Hannah his wifeThy
19/3/180911/5/1808Henry PitcherS. of James Pitcher (Taylor) & Hester his wife Pub. recd.Fal
21/3/18098/2/1809Mary Ann OatwayD. of Frederic Oatway (Pig Butcher) deceased, & Ann his wifeThy
26/3/180924/2/1809Ann Day TaylorD. of Mark Taylor (Fisherman) & Mary his wifeOld
30/3/18091/1/1809Harriet BakerD. of Henry Baker (Hallier & Tanner) & Sarah his wifeThy
2/4/180920/2/180George BartonS. of John Barton (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
9/4/180914/3/1809Hannah RugmanD. of Cornelius Rugman (Labr) & Rose his wifeThy
9/4/18091/3/1807Frederic PritchardS. of Sarah Pritchard - a Bastard. Pub. Recd.Thy
23/4/18021/3/1809William GaynerS. of Charles Gayner (Baker) & Anne his wifeThy
26/4/180918/3/1809Edward SalmonS. of Mr Edwd Salmon (Surgeon & Apoth) & Mary Anne his Wife - 2d Chd.Thy
3/5/18098/3/1809William TaylorS. of George Taylor (of Sibland Yeoman) & Anne his wifeThy
3/5/180929/3/1809George TrayhurnS. of Luke Trayhurn (Tailor) & Anne his wifeThy
7/5/180930/3/1809Eliza PhelpsD. of John Phelps (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
14/5/180929/4/1807Thomas HopkinsOne of the children of Thomas Hopkins (of Kington Farmer) and Mary his wifeThy
14/5/180914/4/1809Elizabeth HopkinsOne of the children of Thomas Hopkins (of Kington Farmer) and Mary his wifeThy
14/5/180915/4/1809Eliza SmartD. of Richard Smart (Draper) & Sarah his wifeThy
14/5/18098/4/1809Reuben TaylorS. of John Taylor (Carpenter) & Joanna his wifeThy
21/5/18092/4/1809Harriet GoughD. of Joseph Gough (Labr) & Hester his wifeThy
21/5/18092/4/1809Mary Ann TannerD. of David Tanner (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
21/5/180915/11/1808George WilliamsS. of Mark Williams (Blacksmith) & Mehitabel his wife - 1st Chd.Thy
21/5/18096/4/1809Daniel WithersS. of Richard Withers (Higler) & Mary his wife - 13th Chd.Fal
26/5/180928/2/1809William HobbyS. of John Hobby (Labr.) & Susanna his wifeThy
4/6/18094/5/1809Charles FordS. of James Ford (Carpenter) & Ann his wifeThy
4/6/180921/4/1809George AllenS. of John Allen (Labr) & Emma his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
4/6/18094/9/1807Hannah BargeD. of Samuel Barge (Labr) & Charlotte his wifeThy
7/6/180914/3/1809Eliza BartonD. of John Barton of Kington (Yeoman) & Susanna his wifeThy
11/6/180913/5/1809George HaynesS. of William Haynes (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
25/6/180917/2/1807William LeeS. of Caleb Lee (Butcher) & Jane his wifeThy
28/6/18094/6/1809Amelia AllenD. of John Allen of Moreton (Yeoman) & Ann his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
28/6/180918/8/1808James Robert PullenS. of John Pullen of Cowhill (Yeoman) & Rebecca his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
9/7/180922/5/1809William HillS. of James Hill (Cordwainer) & Sarah his wifeThy
9/7/18092/5/1809Charles WheelerS. of John Wheeler (Labr) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
16/7/180910/2/1809Edwin CarterS. of Elizabeth Carter - a Bastard.Thy
16/7/180926/6/1809Eliza BaileyD. of William Bailey (Labr - deceased) & Celia his wifeThy
23/7/180921/5/1809George CoxS. of George Cox Gent. & Elizabeth his Wife - 1st Chd.Thy
23/7/180926/3/1809William PrewettS. of Ann Prewett - a Bastard.Old
23/7/180921/3/1809William CroomS. of Ann Croom - a Bastard.Thy
23/7/180927/8/1808George WithersS. of John Withers (Labr) & Mary his wifeThy
30/7/18099/1/1809Richd. Jordan JohnsonS. of William Johnson (Sawyer) & Sarah (late Smith) his wifeThy
11/8/18096/5/1805Augusta RobinsonD. of Col. Frederic Philips Robinson and Grace his Wife (deceased). Pub: Recd. This Child was born in Pimlico Par. of St George's Hanover Sq: London & there privately baptizedThy
23/8/18098/6/1809George TannerS. of Thomas Tanner (Hallier) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
27/8/180925/7/1809Hannah PearceD. of John Pearce Junr. (Labr) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
27/8/180928/7/1809Mary SmithD. of James Smith of Milbury Heath (Labr) & Ann his wifeThy
3/9/180921/3/1809George IlesS. of George Iles (Butcher) & Ann his wifeThy
3/9/18096/8/1809Edward LippiattS. of William Lippiatt (Tiler) & Hester his wifeThy
3/9/18091/4/1809George TetherS. of James Tether (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
10/9/180913/8/1809Hannah GreenmanD. of Richard Greenman (Labr) & Sarah his second wifeThy
17/9/180928/6/1809John StevensSon of Sarah Stevens - a Bastard.Thy
20/9/180919/7/1809Charlotte LackingtonD. of Mr George Lackington, Finsbury Place Par St Lukes London, & Eliza his wife. Pub. Recd.Thy
20/9/18093/9/1809George NicholsS. of Daniel Nichols of Alvestone psh (Farmer) & Elizabeth his wife, Dau? of Math. Mills of this Town.Thy
24/9/180912/8/1809James BendallS. of Morris Bendall (Farmer) & Celia his wife MortonOld
1/10/180911/8/1809Charles MorganS. of Samuel Morgan (Labr) & Grace his wifeOld
1/10/180928/8/1809James LongdenS. of John Longden (Mason) & Hannah his wifeThy
8/10/18094/9/1809Jane WebberD. of William Webber (Working Tanner) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
15/10/180914/9/1809James WintellS. of James Wintell (Labr) & Elizabeth his wifeThy
15/10/1809Sarah HowellD. of Henry Howell (Labr) & Celia his wife MortonThy
19/11/180910/10/1809William HooperS. of James Hooper (Mason) & Ann his wifeThy
19/11/18094/10/1809William DrayseyS. of John Draysey (Labr) & Rebecca his wifeFal
26/11/180919/11/1807John SmithS. of John Smith (Labr) & Sarah his wifeThy
3/12/18099/10/1809Thomas BishopS. of Elizabeth Bishop, a Bastard.Thy
17/12/180924/11/1809Mary GibbonsD. of John Gibbons (Labr) & Nancy his wifeFal
20/12/180921/11/1809Sophia LaverD. of Joseph Laver (Linen Draper) & Louisa his wifeThy
24/12/18095/11/1809Hannah TaylorD. of John Taylor Junr (Farmer) & Hannah his wife MortonThy
24/12/180922/6/1809Elizabeth PrewettD. of James Prewett (Shop keeper) & Hester his wife publicly recd.Thy
24/12/18095/11/1809Harriet JonesD. of James Jones (Labr) & Mary his wife MortonThy
24/12/18097/9/1809William WithersS. of William Withers (Pig driver) & Ann his wife KingtonThy
28/12/18099/3/1809Ambrose William HurleyS. of Abraham Hurley (Exciseman) & Mary his wife pub recd.Thy