Thornbury Burials 1684-1689

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

06/04/1684John Lewis
13/04/1684John Fowler
16/04/1684Mrs Elizabeth Raymond
05/05/1684William Tayler
06/05/1684Alice Tayler
09/05/1684John Townsed
24/05/1684John Pearce
05/06/1684William Cole
07/06/1684Elizabeth Huett
23/06/1684Cicely Horsly
10/06/1684Dorethy Willis
23/06/1684Josia Reeve
24/06/1684Daniel Driver
04/07/1684William Stafford Esq
06/07/1684William Wilcock
28/07/1684Agnis Holder
02/08/1684Joseph Burges
08/08/1684Sir Richard Ashfield
17/08/1684Sarah Collins
31/08/1684Elizabeth Husbands
12/09/1684A son of William Swanley
10/10/1684Susanna Barton
21/10/1684A son of Henry Wyther
17/11/1684Two children of William Beames
25/12/1684A daughter of John Sansbury
27/12/1684Robert Wilcocks
31/12/1684Thomas Bwy
07/01/1684/85John Coop
18/01/1684/85Peter Jenings
23/01/1684/85Sarah Bevan
29/01/164/85Margarett Bird
03/02/1684/85John Williams
04/02/1684/85Agnis Hobbs
08/02/1684/85Mary Pearce
10/02/1684/85Magdalen Sheppard
01/03/1684/85John Mannell
03/03/1684/85Vowles? Knowles
27/03/1685William Hicks
30/03/1685Mary Drew
01/04/1685Thomas Longden
02/04/1685Mary Roberts
05/04/1685Anne Lennard
10/04/1685Charles Lewis
24/04/1685John Sansbury
14/05/1685James Linke
24/05/1685Rosamond Masters
08/06/1685Elizabeth Hewett
08/06/1685Martha Harris
10/07/1685Elizabeth Browning
13/07/1685Thomas Kaise
14/07/1685William Grove Snr.
15/07/1685Thomas Fowlercutter
21/07/1685John Gilbert
26/07/1685Elizabeth Cole
24/08/1685Hezekiah Hewett
04/09/1685Mary Hitchman
08/09/1685John Cole
16/09/1685Dorothy Mills
21/09/1685John Swanley
13/10/1685Alice Search
12/11/1685Elizabeth Gilbert
02/11/1685Margarett Gayner
04/12/1685Ursula Stafford
06/12/185Elizabeth WalkerWife of Thomas Walker
18/01/1685/86Samuell Dimery
29/01/1685/86Richard Husbands
22/01/1685/86Anne Still
12/02/1685/86John ThurstonSon of John Thurston of Oldbury
02/03/1685/86Margarett Smith
02/03/1685/86Child of Thomas Driver
04/03/1685/86Nicholas Bidggood
12/03/1685/86William Bird
21/03/1685/86Jonathan Barton
12/04/1686Agnis Fowler
12/04/1686Joseph Whitfield
12/04/1686Joseph Webb
08/05/1686Tymothy White
14/05/1686Agnes Symes
26/05/1686Margarett Cole
30/05/1686Sarah Ocford
02/07/1686Isabell Clarke
19/07/1686Mary Brinkworth
01/08/1686Anne Wilcocks
15/08/1686John Cole
22/08/1686John Grove
22/09/1686Isaac Webb
23/09/1686Henry Wyther
21/10/1686Anne WebbDaughter of John Webb
09/11/1686Richard Gayner
09/11/1686Henry Lidiate
10/11/1686Anne DavisDaughter of John Davis
02/12/1686Sarah Somers
19/12/1686Elizabeth Somers
03/12/1686Sarah Scott
05/12/1686Henry Hughes
09/12/1686Martha (no surname)
31/12/1686Samuel Somers
31/12/1686William Higgs
31/12/1686Richard (no surname)
11/01/1686/87Jane Adams
19/01/1686/87Mary Ely
20/01/1686/87Elizabeth Tayler
23/01/1686/87William Hitchings
03/02/1686/87William (no surname)
13/02/1686/87John Lawrence
14/02/1686/87Ruth Bidggood
19/02/1686/87Joseph Purnell
22/02/1686/87Richard Cole
27/02/1686/87Mary Brewton
06/03/1686/87Orion White
09/03/1686/87Susanna Wysse
14/03/1686/87Mabel Purnell
24/03/1686/87James HorsleySon of Anthony Horsley
27/03/1687Joseph Atwood
08/04/1687Thomas Curnock
12/04/1687Margarett Cooksey
April 1687John Barton
22/04/1687John Stone
27/04/1687Elizabeth DimeryDaughter of John Dimery
14/04/1688William Cooke senior
20/04/1688Sarah TrayherneDaughter of Thomas Trayherne
22/04/1688Sarah BedggoodDaughter of Peter Bedggood
06/05/1688James Ely senior
22/05/1688The daughter of Thomas Trayherne
23/05/1688Mary AttwellsDaughter of Richard Attwells
10/06/1688Elianor Powell
12/06/1688Margarett TaylorWife of Thomas Taylor
12/06/1688A child of John Hallings
24/06/1688Henry Adames
04/07/1688Dorothy Adames
15/07/1688Sarah StonesThe wife of Robert Stones
15/07/1688Anne GroveWife of John Grove
20/07/1688Andrew Skamell
10/10/1688Susanna LinkeDaughter of Thomas Linke
02/11/1688Anne BartonThe Daughter of Jonathan Barton
04/11/1688Mary Alwinkle
05/11/1688Anne BartonWife of Jonathan Barton
23/11/1688Son of Elias Thomas
27/11/1688Elizabeth JonesOf the county of Monmouth
02/12/1688William Price
18/12/1688Elizabeth HickesWife of James Hickes
20/12/1688Bridgett BakerWife of John Baker
23/12/1688A poor man who died at Kington
26/12/1688Mary AdeyDaughter of Thomas Adey deceased
07/01/1688/89Edmond Hughes junior
17/01/1688/89Anne Bennywidow
17/01/1688/89John HorsleySon of Anthony Horsley
11/01/1688/89Anne Knight
13/01/1688/89Anthony KingscottSon of Anthony Kingscott
20/01/1688/89Mary Martimore
03/02/1688/89Sarah CollimoreDaughter of Joseph Collimore
06/02/1688/89Margarett Hopkins
21/03/1688/89Sarah ThurstonWife of Robert Thurston junior
08/05/1689John Boxe
18/08/1689William Martimoore
21/08/1689Mary Baker
23/09/1689Joane Lennett
12/09/1689Margarett Husbands
04/10/1689Arthur Butler
07/10/1689Katherine Wish
14/10/1689Arthur TaylerSon of Will. Tayler
24/10/1689Mary Crowdder
27/10/1689Richard Fowler
17/11/1689Nicholas Baker
17/11/1689Robert TaylerSon of Thomas Tayler
24/11/1689Henry Brewton
01/12/1689Jane Jonson
08/12/1689Phillip Jones
08/12/1689Anne Harvest
10/12/1689Mary PearceWife of John Pearce
11/12/1689Anne Langley
15/12/1689Mary HitchinsWife of John Hitchins
22/12/1689Hanah MayDaughter of William May
29/12/1689Elizabeth Gilbert
01/01/1689/90William Cooke
02/01/1689/90Joseph Smith
13/01/1689/90William Skay
08/01/1689/90William Powell
19/01/1689/90Sarah Lowle
07/02/1689/90John Hopkins
07/02/1689/90Mary Dunne
02/03/1689/90Hanah Beames
03/03/1689/90Mary Attwood
07/03/1689/90Mary Smith
09/03/1689/90Hanah Emley
15/03/1689/90Anne Aylworth
16/03/1689/90Sarah Wood
17/03/1689/90William Emley
17/03/1689/90Mary Pitcher