Thornbury Burials 1690-1699

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

02/04/1690Joane Smith
09/04/1690Anthony Horsley
17/04/1690George Pitcher
21/04/1690Elizabeth Wilson
04/05/1690Joseph GlovierSon of Joseph Glovier
09/05/1690Margarett Lewes
18/05/1690John Mannell
25/05/1690Richard Hobby
27/05/1690Robert Porch
22/06/1690Joane Mattox
09/07/1690Thomas Croome
11/07/1690Mary GaynerWife of Richard Gayner
18/07/1690Mary MatthewesDaughter of Thomas Matthewes
29/07/1690Joseph Ogborne
29/07/1690William Mannell
13/08/1690Jane Pullin
19/08/1690Alice Hart
01/09/1690Margarett Short
14/09/1690Sarah JonsonWife of George Jonson
19/09/1690Alice PowellDaughter of Anthony Powell
29/09/1690Thomas May
26/11/1690Edith Wattkins
09/12/1690Joane Hobbs
22/12/1690Sarah TrayhurneDaughter of Thomas Trayhurne
24/12/1690Abraham Clifford
31/12/1690Henry Clifford
02/01/1690/91William Smith
25/01/1690/91James Higgs
26/01/1690/91Robert Bennett
06/02/1690/91Roger Walker
15/02/1690/91Elizabeth SladeDaughter of Israll slade
19/02/1690/91Elizabeth Whitfeild
21/03/1690/91Sarah Harvest
05/04/1691John Thomas
06/04/1691Elizabeth FaceyDaughter of William Facey
21/04/1691Hanah Thomas
22/04/1691Mary Thomas
01/05/1691Mary Barton
04/05/1691George RaymondSon of George Raymond
14/05/1691Mary Shaw
29/05/1691John Panes
02/06/1691Elizabeth Woodrooffe
04/06/1691Edith Alpass
11/06/1691Ellinor PowellDaughter of Thomas Powell
29/06/1691Richard HobbySon of Richard Hobby
26/07/1691Cicely Addams
27/07/1691Elizabeth Walker
31/07/1691Richard Bevan
12/08/1691Joane WaltersWife of Richard Walters
20/08/1691Richard Legg
28/08/1691Elizabeth TrayherneDaughter of Thomas Trayherne
03/09/1691William Cole
16/09/1691Richard Baynham
18/09/1691William Raymond
22/09/1691John NealSon of Arthur Neal
08/11/1691William ChampneyesSon of William Champneyes
10/11/1691Sarah LawrenceDaughter of Thomas Lawrence
06/12/1691Thomas Wilcox
10/12/1691Gyles Smith
20/12/1691Anne DyerWife of John Dyer
26/12/1691Elizabeth Dark
21/01/1691/92Anne StoneWife of John Stone
28/01/1691/92Anne LewisDaughter of Thomas Lewis
05/02/1691/92John ThurstonSon of Robert Thurston the elder
14/02/1691/92Anne ShipwayWife of Nathaniell Shipway
30/03/1692John Games
20/04/1692Mary BarlyWife of John Barly
23/04/1692Thomas Collens
25/04/1692Richard Linke
26/04/1692Sarah DerrettWife of James Derrett
27/04/1692Joane White
22/05/1692John CrosseSon of William Crosse
05/06/1692Margarett Wyther
01/07/1692Joseph PurnellSon of Christopher Purnell
20/07/1692John HillSon of John Hill
05/10/1692Damaris Pearce
13/10/1692Thomas Fowler
13/10/1692Sarah PickWife of Thomas Pick
18/10/1692Sarah Fortune
21/10/1692Deborah SearchWife of Anthony Search
25/10/1692Edward Wysse
2/11/1692Persis Pearce
18/12/1692Christopher PowellSon of John Powell
28/12/1692Elizabeth Parker
28/12/1692John HobbySon of William Hobby
13/01/1692/93Thomas Skay
17/01/1692/93Anne Parker
18/01/1692/93John Cooke
18/01/1692/93Richard Tanner
24/01/1692/93Thomas Payne
29/01/1692/93Thomas ScamellSon of Christopher Scamell
30/01/1692/93Mary PearceWife of Thomas Pearce
07/02/1692/93Henry Brewton
15/03/1692/93George Cole
21/03/1692/93Thomas Collens
28/03/1693William Clifford
31/3/1693Edward Adams
18/05/1693Anne Ocford
19/05/1693Henry Baynham
23/7/1693Katherine Cox
01/08/1693John Jayne junior
06/08/1693Sarah Thomas
01/09/1693Sarah Glover
11/10/1693Elizabeth Rendall
13/10/1693Flower Russell
14/11/1693Martha Blanch
21/11/1693John WytherSon of John Wyther
01/12/1693Thomas Hendy
02/12/1693Joane Cullimoore
08/12/1693Joane Pryer
10/12/1693William Baker
23/12/1693Mary Hacker
07/01/1693/94William SheppardSon of John Sheppard
08/01/1693/94Robert Niblett
12/01/1693/94Hester Rowles
21/01/1693/94Anne LeaddiattBishops Transcript Lidyate
28/01/1693/94Phillip Pearce
01/02/1693/94John Wyther the younger
11/02/1693/94Anne Cole
15/02/1693/94Simon Cox
27/01/1693/94Anne Warde
10/03/1693/94Thomas Linke
11/03/1693/94Mary Prichard
13/03/1693/94George Brookes
16/03/1693/94Mary Weare
18/03/1693/94Joshua May
27/03/1694Christopher Purnell the younger
10/04/1694William Bayley the younger
19/04/1694Elizabeth BrowningDaughter of Richard Browning
23/04/1694Arthur Taylor
28/04/1694John Smith
24/05/1694Thomas Brewton
27/05/1694Elizabeth TannerWife of John Tanner
04/06/1694Mary Pagler
01/08/1694The stranger that died at Anthony Powells
14/08/1694William Higgs
14/08/1694Elizabeth TaylorDaughter of John Taylor
12/08/1694Henry ThomasSon of Henry Thomas
16/08/1694Thomas ReeveSon of Roger Reeve
02/09/1694Thomas Taylor
28/09/1694Anne Hibbert
29/09/1694Joane Hopkins
12/10/1694John Fowler
26/10/1694Katherine Baker
16/11/1694Mary Williams
02/12/1694Edward LennettThe base son of Mary Lennett
14/12/1694Sarah Barton
27/12/1694Mary Linhurne?
04/01/1694/95William WalkerSon of Thomas Walker
07/01/1694/95Elizabeth Jenings
01/02/1694/95Alice Legg
07/02/1694/95Sarah Horsley
11/02/1694/95John Grove
27/03/1695Christopher Purnell
11/05/1695Sarah Smythof Siblon
12/05/1695Dorathy LinkeOf Thornbury
12/05/1695Thomas SmythAlderman of ye Borough
23/05/1695Mary BurgesOf Kington
30/05/1695É..LawrenceA child of Thomas Lawrence of the Hacket. Not baptised
16/06/1695Mary ThurstonWife of Richard Thurston of Oldbury
08/08/1695Sarah TaylerDaughter of John Tayler of Milbury Heath
08/08/1695Alis FaceyWife of William Facey
11/08/1695.....TaylerA child of John Tayler of Milbury Heath not baptised
11/09/1695Rosamond TaylerWife of John Tayler of Milbury Heath
23/09/1695John WhittchurchEydeth Whittchurch of the Borough
10/10/1695John BrookesSon of Thomas Brookes of Thornbury
02/10/1695James WitherSon of John Wither of Falfield
08/10/1695William HitchingsSon of John Hitchings of Morton
15/10/1695Mary DunnDaughter of Henry Dunn of Morton
16/10/1695Elizabeth ParmiterDaughter of Gilbert Parmiter of Thornbury buried at Hazel
23/10/1695Anthony KingscotOf Morton
23/10/1695John CoventreySon of James Coventrey
03/11/1695Elizabeth ClarkeOf Morton
9/11/1695Mary BrinkworthDaughter of James Brinkworth of Siblon
09/11/1695Magdelene WickhamOf Thornbury
10/11/1695William WebbOf Thornbury
18/11/1695Jane WhitfieldDaughter of John Whitfield
19/11/1695Florance SmythOf Thornbury
28/11/1695Mary PowellWife of Christopher Powell of Thornbury
1/12/1695Elizabeth BartonOf Kington
1/12/1695William MittinsSon of William Mittins of Parish of St Phillips Bristol
26/12/1695John CoventreyDied at Morton
26/12/1695John BuckSon of Andrew Buck of Thornbury
03/01/1695/96Anne SmythOf Thornbury
12/01/1695/96Thomas PowellOf Thornbury
14/01/1695/96Anne GunierOf Morton
22/01/1695/96Katherine WillsonDaughter of Thomas Willson of Thornbury
27/01/1695/96Mary WebbDaughter of Richard Webb of Morton
09/02/1695/96Christian SharpWife of John Sharp of Whitfield
16/02/1695/96Elizabeth BeevenOf Thornbury
21/02/1695/96William PearceSon of Thomas Pearce of Thornbury
05/03/1695/96Mary StephensOf Thornbury
19/03/1695/96Mary ClarkeWife of William Clarke of Thornbury
27/03/1696Christopher DovleOf Morton
29/03/1696Jane HobbyOf Thornbury
29/03/1696Thomas AylworthSon of Thomas Aylworth of Thornbury
31/03/1696Richard ClarkeOf Morton
31/03/1696John GriffithOf the Hearth
01/04/1696Thomas FowlerSon of Edward Fowler of Crossways
12/04/1696Elizabeth ChampnisWife of William Champnis of Crossways
19/04/1696Elizabeth GreenWife of John Green of Thornbury
07/05/1696John HowellOf Morton being drowned
17/05/1696James BeevenSon of James Beeven
26/05/1696Soloman HopeSon of Thomas Hope of Morton
28/05/1696Eliza. ThomasOf Thornbury
28/05/1696Israell BarlyOf Thornbury
18/06/1696Nicholas BedggoodAn alderman of the town
19/06/1696Edeth BirdOf Thornbury
28/06/1696Abraham ClarkeSon of William Clarke of Grovning
04/08/1696Susanah HitchingsWife of John Hitchings of Crossways
25/08/1696Mary WatersDaughter of Jeremiah Waters of Whitfield
30/8/1696Elizabeth HowellOf Morton
02/09/1696William BrookesSon of Thomas Brookes of Thornbury
03/09/1696Sarah CookeWife of John Cooke
08/09/1696Mary PritchettOf Falfield
18/09/1696Ann HewettDaughter of John Hewett of Thornbury
02/10/1696Mary HarvestDaughter of Thomas Harvest of Thornbury
03/10/1696Mr Thomas StaffordOf Thornbury
11/10/1696Richard HobbySon of William Hobby of Siblon
18/10/1696Mary WalltersWife of Jeremiah Wallters of Whitfield
18/11/1696Elizabeth WebbDaughter of John Webb of Marlwood
21/11/1696Ann BailyDaughter of William Baily of Thornbury
22/11/1696Simon and John WillsonSons of Thomas Willson
02/12/1696Abigall BailyWife of William Baily of Thornbury
27/12/1696Katharine MasonOf Morton
17/01/1696/97Henry HarrisSon of Henry Harris of Thornbury
20/01/1696/97Christopher Scamell
01/02/1696/97Frances Sansbury
03/02/1696Mary BedggoodDaughter of Robert Bedggood of Thornbury
19/02/1696Alice LinkOf Thornbury
26/02/1696Sarah CroomeOf Thornbury
19/03/1696/97Joane MilardOf Thornbury
28/03/1697Elizabeth MayOf Oldbury
31/03/1697Elizabeth HopkinsOf Thornbury
25/04/1697Richard WaltersOf Thornbury
02/05/1697John TaylerOf Heath
20/05/1697William WinterOf Thornbury
29/05/1697Ann ReeveOf Thornbury
06/06/1697Ursla RogersOf Parish of Wesbury
07/06/1697Elizabeth TaylerDaughter of Samuell Tayler of Thornbury
12/06/1697William Signett
13/06/1697Elizabeth BeavenOf Thornbury
16/06/1697Mary BarlyOf Thornbury
27/06/1697Susanah GroveDaughter of William Grove of Thornbury
16/07/1697Thomas GunterOf Morton
18/07/1697William CoaleOf Buckover
21/08/1697Elizabeth SerchOf Thornbury
28/08/1697James WytherOf Thornbury
11/09/1697Susanah SanigarWife of John Sanigar of Barkly and Mother of the above James Wyther
19/09/1697Jane AylworthOf Thornbury
21/09/1697Thomas HewettSon of John Hewett of Thornbury
22/09/1697Thomas HethfieldSon of Henry Hethfield of Bainton Bishops transcript Hearthfield
13/10/1697Ann ClifordOf Grovning
18/11/1697John MillsOf Thornbury
10/12/1697Widow HorwoodOf the parish of Hawckbury
16/12/1697Mary AdeyBishops Transcript only
03/01/1697/98Mistress Mary TayerOf Kington
09/02/1697/98John CrossOf Thornbury
20/03/1697/98John SignettOf Thornbury
20/03/1697/98William ClarkOf Thornbury
03/04/1698Richard BarnsBase Son of Dorothy Barns
08/04/1698Elizabeth MansellWife of Joseph Mansell
08/04/1698Urian DowlOf Newton
09/04/1698Nicholas? WhiteSon of John White of Thornbury
15/05/1698Mary RendallDaughter of John Rendall
22/05/1698Mary LawrenceOf Morton
03/06/1698Dorothy Mills??Of Thornbury
24/07/1698Mary PowellOf Sibland
09/08/1698Jane WhiteOf Thornbury
20/8/1698... CurthaisA child of John Curthais
04/09/1698Eliz. CarthisBishopsTranscript only
02/10/1698Elizabeth Hicks
28/10/1698Joane Willcox
25/06/1698Alice Gayner
21/11/1698Alice Gifford
05/11/1698Susanah Weight
24/11/1698Susanah Cooksey
25/01/1698/99Ann Edmunds
29/01/1698/99Mary Brewton
05/02/1698/99Sarah Dyer
24/02/1698/99Alice Webb
24/02/1698/99Elizabeth Cooksey
26/02/1698/99Mary Lenett
12/03/1698/99William Thurston
12/03/1698/99Robert Bedggood
17/03/1698/99Sarah Shipway
30/03/1699...PontinA child of Mathew Pontin
05/04/1699Elinor Gough
09/04/1699Elizabeth Bedggood
11/04/1699John Lawrence
12/04/1699Jane Tayler
April 1699A sarvt of William Colings
12/06/1699Elizabeth Jenkins
June 1699Hester JenkinsDaughter of Thomas Jenkins baptised 28th May
24/06/1699James Coventry
22/06/1699...CurtisSon of John Curtis
12/06/1699Ann Jones
29/06/1699Mary Hicks
18/07/1699Mary Gifford
29/07/1699William Facy
15/08/1699...ThomasWife of Elias Thomas
29/08/1699.....ApalyA child of Daniell Apaly Bishops Transcript Apperly
05/10/1699Elizabeth Beavin
20/11/1699Nathaniell Thurston
28/11/1699Nathaniell Gwyn
28/11/1699John Morton
22/12/1699Joseph Moore
12/01/1699/00Joane Marsh
14/03/1699/00Martha TombsAt Oldbury
06/03/1699/00Elizabeth Webb
08/03/1699/00Edward BedggoodA base son of Elizabeth Bedggood
11/03/1699/00William Cross
22/03/1699/00Sarah Burrows