Thornbury Burials 1700 -1709

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

28/4/1700Richard Gaynerof Thornbury
8/5/1700Ann Langlyof Morton
12/5/1700........ AddyA child of Henry Addys of Morton
23/5/1700Jo. ChampnisJo: sone of Richard Champnis
29/5/1700James Drewof Thornbury
4/6/1700Elizabeth Ridefordof Thornbury
19/6/1700Samuell Cookceyof Thornbury
13/6/1700Tho: Horneof Fallfield
7/7/1700Katharine Ockfordof Thornbury
7/7/1700Mary BeardDaughter of Tho: Beard of Thornbury
28/7/1700Hester Martimoreof Morton
7/8/1700Tho: Powellof Thornbury
21/8/1700John DavisSone of John Davis of Whitfield
25/8/1700Mary DavisDaughter of ye same John Davis
11/10/1700Tho: Bartonof Thornbury
20/10/1700John RymerSone of Thomas Rymer of Oldbury
3/11/1700Samuel Wickesa Bace Child of John Wickes wife of Kington
26/11/1700Richard Collingsof Crosswayes
28/11/1700Anne Signettof Thornbury
9/1/1700/01Elizabeth OckfordDaughter of John Ockford of Thornbury
2/2/1700/01Elizabeth Addisof Thornbury
29/1/1700/01Richard JonesSone of Griffith Jones of Oldbury
6/3/1700/01Thomas Edwardsof Thornbury
8/3/1700/01Mary Everettof Hill
20/3/1700/01Guy Lawrence junrof Thornbury
6/4/1701Henry DunnSone of Henry Dunn of Morton
14/4/1701Elizabeth GreeningWife of John Greening of Kinton
1/5/1701Katharine HewettWife of Hezekiah Hewett yeoman
21/5/1701Guy LawrenceVicar
5/6/1701Hanna PriceDaughter of James Price yeoman
16/6/1701William HuntSone of Mathew Hunt yeoman
20/6/1701Sarah AttwoodDaughter of William Attwood yeoman
23/6/1701Henry HarrisLabourer
22/7/1701Elizabeth ArnoldSpinster of ye psh of Frampton
15/8/1701Josiah RidefordSone of Arthur Rideford Weaver
20/8/1701Eliizabeth BendallDaughter of Maurice Bendall yeoman
7/9/1701Alice LeggWiddow
26/9/1701Thomas SignettLabourer
30/9/1701A Childeof ye same Tho: Signet
1/10/1701Elizabeth DavisDaughter of John Davis yeoman
4/10/1701Mary DavisWife of ye same John Davis
29/10/1701Ann ClarkDaughter of Francis Clark labourer
19/11/1701BendallDaughter of Moases (Moses?) Bendall labourer
23/11/1701Richard WebSone of Richard Web?
23/11/1701Mary WebDaughter of Richard Web?
24/11/1701John GealeSone of Nicholas Geale
21/12/1701Guy MartimoreSone of Guy Martimore
2/1/1701/02Richard Ferrisof Oldbury
22/1/1701/02Sarah JacksonDaughter of James Jackson of Oldbury
19/2/1701/02John Pearce
11/3/1701/02John Clarke
11/3/1701/02James PlayerBuried at Hazell
5/3/1701/02Joane Whiteof Oldbury buried at Oldbury
19/3/1701/02Elinor CaningsBuried at Hazell
24/4/1702John Davisof Whitfield
25/4/1702John Tannerof Oldbury
28/4/1702Susana AmosDaughter of Richard Amos
13/5/1702William BurrowsSone of Anthoney Burrows
28/5/1702TrayhernWife of Tho: Trayhern
4/6/1702Anne OuldsDaughter of George Oulds
4/6/1702...... AmosA Childe of Richard Amos
5/6/1702Sarah Cane
7/6/1702Tho: Leonard
7/6/1702Sarah RobertsDaughter of Wm: Roberts buried at Tortworth
9/6/1702Joane RymorWife of John Rymor of Oldbury
17/6/1702Tho. MuttbySone of James Muttby buried at Hazell
19/6/1702Hanna BullWife of Tho: Bull
24/6/1702Tho: Jenings
24/6/1702Elias Thomas
25/6/1702Moses Bendall
27/7/1702...... ProutTwo sones of William Prout
16/8/1702Robert HaleSone of Robt: Hale
3/9/1702Sarah MabbettWife of John Mabbett buried at Hazel
4/9/1702Robert Hale
9/9/1702Roger WalkerSone of John Wallker
23/9/1702John MabbettBuried at Hazel
13/10/1702Hester BurrowsWife of William Burrows
23/10/1702Sarah GilesDaughter of Richard Giles
1/12/1702Tho: Hayward
9/12/1702William RidefordSone of Arthur Rideford
11/12/1702Jane HaywardWife of Tho: Hayward
18/12/1702John Wytherof Oldbury
27/12/1702Anne Turner
27/12/1702Anne ScottWife of William Scott
24/1/1702/03Mary LeonardWife of Thomas Leonard
31/1/1702/03BartonBaice daughter of Elizabeth Barton
25/2/1702/03Elisabeth ThurstonWife of Rob: Thurston Senr. Alderman
31/3/1703Sarah Butler
4/5/1703Margaret WilsonDaughter of Thomas Wilson
25/5/1703Ann CurtisWife of John Curtis
30/5/1703Susannah Dyer
8/7/1703Richard StaffordGent.
26/8/1703Elisabeth SkayWidw. of Olbury
26/8/1703Christoph: PowellSon of John Powell
13/9/1703Thomas JenningsSon of ye widow Jennings (relict of Thomas Jennings?)
3/10/1703Robert Stones
28/10/1703Mr John TayerGent:
7/11/1703Elisabeth DunWife of Henry Dun of Alveston
13/11/1703Sarah ScreenWidow. (of Falfield)
26/11/1703Mr. John Stafford junr.Gent:
28/11/1703Thomas Barton
19/12/1703John NelmsSon of Thomas Nelms
22/12/1703Elisabeth MansellDaughter of Joseph Mansell
1/1/1703/04Thomas GreeningSon of John Greening
23/1/1703/04Joseph MansellSon of Joseph Mansell
25/2/1703/04John Baker
26/3/1704Richard Bayneham
31/3/1704Robert Thurston Senr.
6/4/1704Thomas Fayers
11/4/1704John HuntA stranger
14/4/1704Henry Bendall
20/4/1704Mary BrowningDaughter of Rich. Browning (Oldbury)
27/5/1704Mary BedggoodWife of Robert Bedggood
30/5/1704Richard Brewton
11/6/1704John LloydSon of Walter Lloyd
7/7/1704Hezekiah Hewett junr.
13/7/1704Godwyn WygateSon of John Wygate
8/8/1704Joseph BakerSon of Joseph Baker
16/8/1704Thomas Wyss
11/9/1704Mary Chamneis
20/10/1704John HewetSon of John Hewet a travellar
21/10/1704John LydiattSon of Thomas Lydiatt
10/12/1704........ GaynerDaughter of Richard Gayner
28/12/1704...... ClarkSon of Thomas Clark
9/1/1704/05John Stafford. Esqr.
14/1/1704/05John Hitchins
17/1/1704/05Mary Hollister
18/1/1704/05William RyddifordSon of Arthur Ryddiford
28/1/1704/05Richard BartlettSon of William Bartlett
15/2/1704/05Jone FowlerWidow
24/2/1704/05Elisabeth SkayDaughter of Tho. Skay of Oldbury decd.
25/3/1705John Curthoys
25/3/1705Margaret BedggodWife of James Bedggood.
1/4/1705.......... KingBase child of Mary King
2/4/1705Sarah WhiteDaughter of John White
10/4/1705John Green
13/4/1705John Davis
6/5/1705Mary Thomas
9/5/1705Thomas Taylor
28/5/1705Hezekiah Hewett
3/6/1705Tho. Greening
27/6/1705Henry CheesemanSon of John Cheeseman of London
27/6/1705Ann DavisDaughter of Ara Davis widow
1/7/1705Joseph Mansell
22/7/1705Joseph WalkerSon of Joseph Walker
29/7/1705.......... CurthoysChild of John Curthoys
3/8/1705John Whitfield
4/8/1705Dorothy DimeryDaughter of John Dimery
17/8/1705Elisabeth WhitfieldDaughter of Andrew Whitfield
21/8/1705John Leonardof Cowhill
22/8/1705John Mousell
3/9/1705Samuel Sprat
9/9/1705Daniel FowlerSon of Daniel Fowler
17/9/1705Mary CoxWife of Tho. Cox
25/9/1705William White
29/9/1705Elisabeth Pitcher
11/10/1705Mary ReeveWife of William Reeve
11/10/1705William ScottSon of William Scott of Oldbury
25/11/1705Elisabeth Barton
28/11/1705John HillSon of John Hill
29/11/1705Elisabeth NelmsDaughter of Thomas Nelms
11/1/1705/06Mary Brown
10/2/1705/06Joseph Aldrich
12/2/1705/06......... WilcoxChild of Thomas Wilcox
19/2/1705/06Katherine Cooke
20/2/1705/06Ann BedggoodWife of Peter Bedggood
20/2/1705/06John Jones
5/4/1706William Prout
7/4/1706William Swanley
7/4/1706John BedggoodSon of John Bedggood
11/4/1706Sarah TombsWife of John Tombs
17/4/1706Jane GibbinsWife of Wm Gibbins of Oldbury
21/4/1706William Thomasof Oldbury
3/5/1706Elisabeth NootDaughter of Mary Noot:
3/5/1706Widow Webbof Moreton
9/7/1706Elisabeth MansellWife of Philip Mansel junr.
9/7/1706Margaret WitherWidow
9/7/1706Margaret MarshWidow
26/7/1706Mary LawrenceWidow
29/7/1706Henry Clifford
4/8/1706Sarah Morgan
17/8/1706Sarah ChamniseDaughter of John Chamnise
18/8/1706Richard Webb
17/9/1706Jone HopkinsDaughter of John Hopkins
8/10/1706Elisabeth CollinsDaughter of ye Widow Collins
12/10/1706Elisabeth JohnsonDaughter of William Johnson
23/10/1706John HulbertSon of John Hulbert
24/10/1706Robert Bedggood
30/10/1706William RaymondSon of Mr. Raymond
2/11/1706Mabel SkayDaughter of Mr. Wm. Skay
6/11/1706Henry Gifford
4/12/1706Mary MansellDaughter of Mary Mansell widow
22/12/1706Mary RiddifordMary daughter of Arthur Riddiford
23/12/1706Ann Parker
2/3/1706/07Elisabeth WebbDaughter of the widow Webb
13/3/1706/07......... AmosSon of Richard Amos of Oldbury
6/4/1707Katherine HewettDaughter of John Hewett
22/4/1707William Russel Senr.
27/4/1707John Mayof Oldbury
29/4/1707Hester Mayof Oldbury his Widow
5/5/1707Edward PearceSon of Joseph Pearce
19/5/1707John Shepheard
1/6/1707........ BedggoodSon of James Bedggood
6/7/1707William Allen
6/7/1707Susannah ThurstanDaughter of Edith Thurstan
7/7/1707Mary Cook
8/7/1707Elisabeth TilladamW. of Thomas Tilladam
8/7/1707Nathaniel Collins
29/7/1707Mary Hyett
20/8/1707Ellenor ScottWife of William Scott. Oldbury
19/11/1707Mary OliverWife of William Oliver
4/12/1707Ruth Chamniesye Wife of Richard Chamnies
12/12/1707Elisabeth WebbWife of Thomas Webb
31/12/1707William Grove senrAlderman
23/1/1707/08Richard Tanner
14/3/1707/08Ann Hulbertye Wife of Thom: Hulbert
28/3/1708Giles Rendal
9/4/1708Ann LeggWife of John Legg
25/4/1708Mary GroveDaughter of Ralph Grove vicar
25/4/1708Unity JenkinsDaughter of Tho. Jenkins
9/5/1708Giles Leonard
16/5/1708Elisabeth RaymondDaughter of George Raymond.
13/6/1708John BedggoodSon of James Bedggood
26/6/1708Hugh Parnel junr.
19/6/1708Hester BuckDaughter of Andrew Buck
29/7/1708Thomas TilladamAged 85
30/7/1708Sarah WalkerDaughter of John Walker
13/8/1708Sarah ThurstonWife of John Thurston junr.
15/8/1708Thomas Lennardof Oldbury
21/8/1708Elisabeth FairsWife of John Fairs
7/9/1708Benjamin Parker
13/9/1708Mary LongdenWife of Thomas Longden
5/11/1708William HopeSon of John Hope
12/11/1708William Low
16/11/1708Mary BedggoodWife of James Bedggood
22/11/1708Mary NealDaughter of Joseph Neal Oldbury
9/1/1708/09Robert Walker
23/1/1708/09Thomas Smith
25/1/1708/09Sarah GroveDaughter of Thomas Grove
1/2/1708/09Mrs Mary Higgins
17/2/1708/09Susannah WhiteDaughter. of Mary White
18/2/1708/09Sarah Wilcox
12/3/1708/09Mrs. Margaret Wyss
15/3/1708/09James Hicks
30/3/1709Thomas Hope
1/4/1709Mary JenningsWidow
21/4/1709Thomas HulbertSon of Thomas Hulbert
26/4/1709John Benny
4/5/1709John WytherSon of Guy Wyther
8/5/1709James Whitchurch
10/5/1709Joane Pearch
14/5/1709Mary TaylerDaughter of Thomas Tayler
31/5/1709William Linck
6/7/1709John BedggoodSon of James Bedggood
7/7/1709Margaret GilbertWidow of Rockhampton
13/7/1709John West
18/7/1709William White
31/7/1709Joane Williams alias Morganye Wife of Richard Williams alias Morgan
7/8/1709Mary WalkerWidow
29/8/1709Mrs Elisabeth Lawrenceof Olveston widow
11/9/1709Mary Randallfrom Cowell
24/9/1709Thomas Stone
2/10/1709William Harris
2/10/1709...... LloydSon of Walter Lloyd
20/11/1709Richard Morgan alias WilliamsSon of Richard Morgan al. Williams
27/11/1709........ TaylorDaughter of Sam Taylor
1/12/1709William Baily
15/12/1709Margaret BartletWidow
9/1/1709/10Elisabeth JohnsonWidow
15/1/1709/10John Barley
19/1/1709/10John GroveS. of Thomas Grove
5/2/1709/10Francis Gervase
16/2/1709/10Robert Mason