Thornbury Burials 1710 -1719

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

4/4/1710Thomas Mathews
30/4/1710Joane Poore
28/4/1710CollinsDaughter of Thomas Collins . Bishops Transcript says 'Anne'
17/5/1710Richard Gainer
31/5/1710Arthur Aylworth
15/6/1710Elisabeth Hewet
16/6/1710Joan Lawrence
25/6/1710Mary Grove
4/7/1710Elisabeth Slade
11/8/1710Richard CurtoisBishops Transcript Curthoys
8/1710Will? Pitcher Senr
24/8/1710Martha Heyward
31/8/1710Joseph GroveSon of Ralph Grove Vicr.
8/9/1710Thomas Harvist
10/9/1710Mary Hewet
13/9/1710CowleyBishops Transcript says 'Margarett Widow of Samuel Cowley'
19/9/1710Nathanael Adams
30/9/1710Mrs. Martha Bendish
9/10/1710Martha Ady
11/10/1710Sarah Barrow
13/10/1710Mary Manuel
24/10/1710Elisabeth CollinsWidow
28/10/1710Mrs. Katherine Stafford
7/11/1710Elisabeth GroveWife of Thomas Grove
16/11/1710Mary PowelDaughter of Mary Powel Wid.
19/12/1710Frances MillsDaughter of John Mills
25/2/1710/11William WhiteSon of John White
2/3/1710/11Edward BartlettSon of William Bartlett
25/3/1711Katherine MansellWife of Thomas Mansell
27/3/1711Elizabeth GloverDaughter. of Joseph Glover
15/4/1711James Aylworth
15/4/1711WytherWife of John Wyther
6/5/1711Sarah BurtonWife of Morgan Burton
10/5/1711Mary OckfordWife of Wm. Ockford
16/5/1711Roger Reeve
10/6/1711Sarah Howel
12/6/1711Betty HarvestWife of George Harvest
25/6/1711Francis AylworthWidow
28/6/1711Edward BartlettBishops Transcript says 'a Servant of Edward Bartlett' Grave confirms Edward Bartlett died
5/7/1711Arthur ReddiverBishops Transcript says 'Arthur son of Arthur Ryddiford'
15/7/1711Wm. Ockford
25/8/1711Hannah BwyDaughter. of Robt. Bwy
4/9/1711Jone BwyWife: of Robt. Bwy
27/9/1711Richard Ridley
30/9/1711Rachel SpratWife of Zach. (Zachary) Sprat
4/10/1711Richard Hone
16/10/1711Andrew Whitfield
10/10/1711John BrownSon. of Tho. Brown
2/11/1711Mrs. Catherine StaffordWidow
2/11/1711Ruth MorganWife of John Morgan
26/11/1711Thomas Fairs
26/11/1711Elizsabeth OckfordWife. of Edward Ockford
16/11/1711John Ockford
30/11/1711Sarah TaylorWife of Richard Taylor
28/12/1711Roger Howel
28/12/1711Robert Curthoys
25/1/1711/12John Westt
25/1/1711/12Hester Wyther
10/2/1711/12John Houlder
10/2/1711/12Mary Stinchcoomb
19/2/1711/12John Fowler
21/2/1711/12Ann WhetmarBishops Transcript says 'Whettmore'
23/2/1711/12Daniell Driver
15/3/1711/12Ann DriverWife of Thomas Driver
18/3/1711/12William Price
19/3/1711/12Nathaniell Stinchcoomb
30/3/1712Sarah Wood
2/4/1712John DavisSon of John Davis
18/4/1712Henry Bingham
23/4/1712Edward Coop
5/5/1712Margaret ThurstonWife of Nathaniel Thurston
5/5/1712Elizabeth DavisWife of William Davis
14/5/1712Mary GoffDaughter of William Goff
14/6/1712Zacariah Pratt
13/7/1712Hanah FloyedDaughter of Walter Floyed
15/7/1712Anne FloyedDaughter of Walter Floyed
18/7/1712Samuell SnailhamSone of William Snailham
18/7/1712Martha SnailhamDaughter of William Snailham
16/8/1712Thomas Browne
17/9/1712Margaret Smyth
21/9/1712John OcffordBishops Transcript says 'Ockford'
6/10/1712Richard Pearce
8/10/1712Edward OcffordBishops Transcript says 'Ockford'
17/10/1712Thomas RedeiffordSone oof Arthur Redeifford
21/10/1712Anthoney Search
22/10/1712Elizabeth CroomeWife of William Croome
29/10/1712Thomas Driver
16/11/1712Thomas Curthoyes
21/12/1712Robert Cookcy
4/1/1712/13Frances Pitchett
22/1/1712/13Martha Cross
20/3/1712/13Gerlting ThomasBishops Transcript: says 'Widow of Abergavenny'
25/3/1713Thomas HewettSone of John Hewett
7/5/1713Mary Prosar
2/6/1713Isack Jones
11/6/1713Sarah Osburn
12/6/1713? Tombes
1/8/1713Katherin Milles
17/8/1713Mary Hickes
7/9/1713Hanah BarrowDaughter of Richard Barrow
22/9/1713Thomas Aylworth
29/10/1713Elizabeth Davisdaughter of John Davis
10/11/1713Mary Pearceburied from Alveston
24/11/1713John WalkerSon of Clement Walker
22/1/1713/14William TwifordSon of John Twiford
31/1/1713/14Joane HewettlWife of Joseph Hewettl
28/2/1713/14Eliz: MayDaughter of John May of Oldbury
1/3/1713/14Charles HuddSon of Charles Hudd Junr
14/3/1713/14Sarah RidleyDaughter of Richard Ridley
5/4/1714William Pitcher Junr
8/4/1714Thomas HarvestSon of George Harvest
17/4/1714Elizabeth AddamesWife of Thomas Addames
23/4/1714Anne Hope
1/5/1714John Bedggood
31/5/1714Martha KnottWife of Frances Knott
13/6/1714Mary FowlarWiffe of William Fowlar
22/6/1714George NowisBishops Transcript says 'George Novis'
28/6/1714Elizabeth MansellWife of Phillip Mansell
4/7/1714Joseph Cullimore
6/7/1714William Davis
13/7/1714Elizabeth PearceDaughter of Joseph Pearce
15/8/1714Edmond Hughes
3/8/1714Anne HewettDaughter of John Hewett Junr
5/9/1714Mary WytherDaughter of John Wyther Junr
5/9/1714Mary ThurstonDaughter of John Thurston of Oldbury
12/9/1714Alice PowellWife of Anthony Powell
30/9/1714Elizabeth HillDaughter of Mr. John Hill of Brintmarsh was buried from Bristoll
29/10/1714Robert Thurston
12/11/1714William Bartlett
12/11/1714Richard TaylarSone of Richard Taylar
13/11/1714Judeth DrivarDaughter of William Drivar
18/11/1714Mary Powell
22/11/1714William Atwood
24/11/1714Francess CuthoyesWife of John Cuthoyes. Bishops Transcript says 'Frances wife of John Curtheys'
4/12/1714Anne DrivarDaughter of William Drivar
5/12/1714John Willing
21/12/1714PearceWife of Phillip Pearce
29/12/1714Richard Giles Senr.
7/1/1714/15Israell Slade
16/1/1714/15Richard Smyth
18/1/1714/15John White
29/1/1714/15John Whitfield
29/1/1714/15John Willcox
29/1/1714/15Hanah WhiteDaughter of John White
11/2/1714/15Margrett Hobbs
16/2/1714/15Henry Linke
17/2/1714/15John WalkerSone of John Walker
5/3/1714/15Joan Fowlar
6/3/1714/15Anne Child
9/3/1714/15Anne FowlarDaughter of Thomas Fowlar
13/3/1714/15CliffordDaughter of John Clifford
27/3/1715William Hicks
20/4/1715Elisabeth BrooksWife of Thomas. Brooks
23/4/1715Mr. Hugh Parnel
11/5/1715George BrooksSon of George Brooks
9/6/1715Margaret Reeve
10/6/1715William Croom
12/6/1715Winifred FrenchWidow. of Jn. French
18/7/1715Mrs. Mary Raymond
20/9/1715Elisabeth CopeWife of Jos. Cope
24/9/1715Thomas Smith
25/9/1715Deborah Green
25/9/1715John Davis
29/9/1715Elisabeth Web
5/10/1715Guy Mortimer
10/10/1715? Russel
21/10/1715????? Richard Webb
25/10/1715Edward Fowler
8/11/1715Elisabeth Chamnis
20/11/1715James Williams
2/12/1715Ann Cook
10/12/1715John Lennard
15/12/1715John Rendal
16/12/1715Barbara Cole
16/12/1715Ann Wear
21/12/1715Nicholas Legg
1/1/1715/16Joseph Glover
1/1/1715/16Edward FilmerSon of Philip Filmer
5/1/1715/16John Hitchins
28/1/1715/16Guy Wyther
12/2/1715/16Proceedy White
20/2/1715/16William Stinchcomb
2/3/1715/16Ann RaymondDaughter of Mr. Wm. Raymond
18/3/1715/16Elisabeth Evans
13/4/1715/16Ann WalkerDaughter of Jn Walker
19/5/1716Deborah Matthews
1/7/1716John Gayner
5/7/1716Mary StephensDaughter of John Stephens
22/7/1716Hannah Wyther
27/7/1716Thomas DavisSon of Jn Davis
14/8/1716Charles Howel
17/8/1716Elisabeth Raymond
10/12/1716Moses Adams
30/12/1716William Cole
13/1/1716/17Elisabeth ButtWife of Daniel Butt
5/2/1716/17Giles Lennard
24/2/1716/17John Davis
27/3/1717Sarah Walters
30/3/1717John Catchmay
28/4/1717Mary Hughes
17/5/1717Caleb Whitfield
11/6/1717Wm Streets
16/8/1717Thomas HarvistSon of John Harvist
27/10/1717Tho. Lawrence
23/1/1717/18Sarah WhitfieldDaughter of John Whitfield
26/1/1717/18Nicholas Meridith
31/1/1717/18Sarah Driver
10/2/1717/18Frances Hippet
24/2/1717/18William May
11/3/1717/18John Fowler
11/4/1718Sarah Search
12/4/1718? Parker
15/4/1718William GunterSon of Tho. Gunter
26/4/1718Samuel AlfordSon of Wm Alford of St.James Bristol
29/4/1718HoneSon of ? Hone
2/6/1718Thomas ClerkSon of Thos. Clerk
14/6/1718Sarah Masters
22/6/1718Elisabeth Taylor
23/6/1718Henry SkaySon of Mr. Wm. Skay
28/6/1718Charles Morgan
6/7/1718Elisabeth Morgan
6/7/1718Mary Aldrich
18/7/1718Ann Hicks
23/7/1718Ann Thomas
25/7/1718Elisabeth Addis
27/7/1718Mrs. Joan Raymond
29/7/1718Thomas Grove
5/8/1718Sarah WetmoreDaughter of Tho.Wetmore
5/8/1718Hester StokesDaughter of Tho. Stokes
7/8/1718Sarah RaymondDaughter of Mr. Wm. Raymond
8/8/1718Elisabeth WalkerWife of Tho. Walker
20/8/1718Joseph HoneSon of Sam. Hone
23/8/1718Samuel SkaySon of Mr. Wm. Skay
25/8/1718? HicksSon of ? Hicks
31/8/1718Mary WoodDaughter of Stephen Wood
8/9/1718Mrs. Alice Pierce
10/9/1718Francis Shipley al. Arthurs
13/10/1718Mrs. Mary HarvistWife of George Harvist
24/10/1718John BellSon of James Bell
24/11/1718John SkaySon of Mr. Wm. Skay
14/12/1718John WestSon of Wm. West
1/1718/19? HudSon of Charles Hud
27/1/1718/19Mary Evans
28/1/1718/19? BarrowWife of Joseph Barrow
4/2/1718/19Tho. Butler
5/2/1718/19Edward WebbSon of Edwd. Webb
5/2/1718/19Robert MansilSon of Philip Mansil
7/2/1718/19Mary ThurstonDaughter of Mrs. Thurston
11/2/1718/19Ann Pontin
8/3/1718/19? Morgan
12/3/1718/19? Holder
1/6/1719John Webof Alveston
12/6/1719John CurtoisSon of Jn Curtois
15/6/1719John Twyford
18/10/1719Mary Aylworth
19/10/1719William CoxSon of Jno. Cox
4/11/1719Ann WiltshireDaughter of Robt Wiltshire
4/11/1719Thomas Longden
6/11/1719Mrs. Mary Atwells?
15/11/1719James Ely
22/11/1719Elisabeth Wyther
10/12/1719Sarah OliveDaughter of Jn. Olive
11/12/1719Mary HarvistWife of Tho. Harvist
17/1/1719/20Francis Wyss
19/1/1719/20John Bartlett
24/1/1719/20Ann GroveDaughter of Rolph Grove Vicar
24/1/1719/20Robert Aylworth
25/1/179/20William WytherSon of Wm. Wyther
28/1/1719/20John Jayn
3/2/1719/20Elisabeth Smith?
18/2/1719/20Mary Beard
2/3/1719/20Mr. John Baker
14/3/1719/20Hannah ManselDaughter of Philip Mansel
15/3/1719/20Elisabeth Hobby
20/3/1719/20John StokesS of Jno. Stokes