Thornbury Burials 1720 -1729

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

25/3/1720Elizabeth Hughes
29/3/1720Edith Fowler
8/5/1720Richard Amos
10/5/1720John Hope
11/5/1720William Wilkins
16/5/1720Thomas Bwy
30/5/1720Widow Collins
2/6/1720John Daies
2/6/1720Edith Prout
3/6/1720Anthony Burroughs
19/6/1720Sarah Parker
22/6/1720Giles Symonds
24/6/1720Rachel TysonD. of Mr. Samuel Tyson
3/7/1720Mary WiltshireWife of Robt. Wiltshire
11/9/1720Anna ThurstonWidow
5/10/1720Mary PowellWife of Tho. Powell
6/10/1720Sarah BedggoodWidow
31/10/1720Mary Ockford
13/11/1720St.Thomas HudSon of Charles Hud
17/11/1720Elizabeth Parker
29/11/1720Thomas LewisSon of Thos. Lewis
2/12/1720John TysonSon of Mr. Sam. Tyson
4/12/1720Joan ThomasDaughter of Tho. Thomas
6/12/1720Anthony Powel
27/12/1720Mary WebWidow
28/12/1720Sarah Johnson
15/2/1720/21Ann SwanleyWife of Tho. Swanley
19/2/1720/21Edward FowlerSon of John Fowler
21/2/1720/21Robert WilcoxSon of Tho. Wilcox
26/2/1720/21Sarah AmosWidow
2/3/1720/21Joseph HewetSon of Joseph Hewet
26/3/1721Daniel ThurstanSon of John Thurstan
4/4/1721Thomas BrownSon of Thomas Brown
12/4/1721Ann GilesDaughter of Richard Giles
12/4/1721Ann ButtelsDaughter of Richard Buttels
25/4/1721Sarah HobbyWidow of Wm. Hobby
7/5/1721William Grove
28/5/1721Elizabeth Driver
31/5/1721Thomas Hawkins
25/6/1721Rose Catchmay
9/7/1721Richard Sanders
16/7/1721Brighett WhitfieldWidow of Robert Whitfield
23/7/1721Betty FalkneyDaughter of Elizabeth Falkney
13/11/1721John Olive
26/11/1721Charles Cossam
26/11/1721Mary FarewellDaughter of Richard Farewell
12/12/1721Sarah Walker
16/1/1721/22Nathanael Roach
7/3/1721/22Mary WalkerWife of Tho. Walker
5/4/1722Ann HawkerDaughter of John Hawker
29/4/1722James GreenSon of William Green
2/5/1722Richard White
18/5/1722Elizabeth BartletWidow
24/6/1722Mary CookWidow
23/8/1722Christian HewetDaughter of Matthew Hewet
13/9/1722Joan ShepheardWidow of Thomas Shepheard
16/9/1722Arthur Neal
19/9/1722Joseph Mansell
19/9/1722Hannah Saunders
23/9/1722Charles HudSon of Charles Hud
24/9/1722John Hewet
4/10/1722Susannah WilcoxD. of Joseph Wilcox . Entry struck through see Jan 18th below
14/10/1722Alice ThomasWidow of Thomas Thomas
26/11/1722Thomas WhitfieldSon of Andrew Whitfield
9/1/1722/23Susannah WilcoxWidow of Joseph Wilcox
18/1/1722/23Susannah WilcoxDaughter of Joseph Wilcox
20/1/1722/23Alice WhitfieldWidow
20/1/1722/23Sarah BrooksWidow
23/1/1722/23Sarah Hobbs
1/2/1722/23Nathanael Thurston
4/2/1722/23John Trahern
10/2/1722/23Edward CoxSon of Tho. Cox
26/2/1722/23William HallSon of Benjamin Hall
26/3/1723George Wear
13/5/1723Elizabeth LinckWidow of Mr Tho: Linck
14/7/1723Mary Tanner
13/9/1723Edith PowelDaughter of Joseph Powel
27/9/1723Ann TrahernDaughter of Ann Trahern
4/10/1723Mary CopeDaughter of Joseph Cope
6/10/1723Benjamin Walker
22/10/1723John Price
27/11/1723Alice PowelDaughter of Nich: Powel
2/12/1723Mary Davis
8/12/1723Anthony Harvest
13/12/1723Joseph Powel
20/12/1723William ManselSon. of John Mansel
22/12/1723Mary Ockford
22/12/1723Elizabeth ClarkWidow of Tho: Clark
22/12/1723John RymerSon of Thomas Rymer
25/12/1723Hester PenduckWidow of Jonathan Penduck
29/12/1723William Hobbs
29/12/1723Elizabeth Ely
31/12/1723Elizabeth Richards
1/1/1723/24Edward WebSon of Robt. Web
2/1/1723/24Thomas Harvest
5/1/1723/24Dorothy DymeryDaughter of John Dymery
6/1/1723/24Richard Buttle
10/1/1723/24Thomas DriverSon of Wm. Driver
12/1/1723/24Susannah Higgs
19/1/1723/24Thomas WetmoreSon of Thomas Wetmore
19/1/1723/24Edward AllenSon of Thomas Allen
21/1/1723/24Mr Richard Giles
24/1/1723/24Sarah May
24/1/1723/24Hester HulbertDaughter of Thomas Hulbert
26/1/1723/24Daughter of Thomas Nelms
26/1/1723/24Jane BrownDaughter of Thomas Brown
9/2/1723/24Samuel Tanner
5/2/1723/24Katherine AdamsWidow of Philip Adams
12/2/1723/24Bartholomew Johnson
13/2/1723/24Christopher Powel
16/2/1723/24William Burroughs
19/2/1723/24Elizabeth WebDaughter of John Web
28/2/1723/24Ann WilsonWidow of William Wilson
4/3/1723/24Rachel Neal
8/3/1723/24Richard Collins
8/3/1723/24Ann WilsonDaughter of William Wilson
8/3/1723/24Elizabeth WhitfieldDaughter of Thomas Whitfield
11/3/1723/24Joan Whitfield
11/3/1723/24Martha WhiteDaughter of William White
13/3/1723/24Edith Powel
15/3/1723/24John Ockford
15/3/1723/24Rebecca Hopkins
15/3/1723/24William Bell
19/3/1723/24John Cook
20/4/1724Elizabeth Rimer
26/4/1724Nicholas Bedgood
3/5/1724William Ellis
14/5/1724William Hewet
17/5/1724Jeremiah Walters
17/5/1724John Clifford
24/5/1724Elizabeth Walters
19/6/1724John SendrySon of John Sendry
30/6/1724Philip AdamsSon of Philip Adams
10/7/1724Joseph Barrow
22/7/1724Mary WhitfieldWidow of Andrew Whitfield
31/7/1724Mary Clifford
1/8/1724Mary TaylorWidow of Robt. Taylor
11/8/1724Elizabeth Marshdaughter of Robert Marsh
26/8/1724Maurice WathinsSon of Thomas Wathins
27/9/1724Thomas Child
2/10/1724George Raymond
4/10/1724James Coventry
13/10/1724William PritchardSon of Solomon Pritchard
15/10/1724Prudence Wilkins
29/10/1724Joseph Pearce
3/11/1724Joseph Cossam
8/11/1724Elizabeth Howel
28/11/1724Margaret Curthois
13/12/1724Francis Pearce
13/12/1724Joan Adams
20/12/1724Robt. Bedggood
21/12/1724Eleanor Adams
27/12/1724Sarah LaneDaughter of George Lane
28/12/1724Sarah PlayerWife of James Player
29/12/1724Ann Collins
30/12/1724Elizabeth HolderWife of John Holder
2/1/1724/25Edward Tayer
18/1/1724/25John Ailworth
19/1/1724/25Magalene WoodWife of Stephen Wood
20/1/1724/25Robert Taylor
3/2/1724/25William FacySon of Nicholas Facy
7/2/1724/25John WebSon of Tho. Web
18/2/1724/25Mr. John Stephens
19/2/1724/25William Smith
21/2/1724/25Stephen Fairs
28/3/1725Peter DoreCert. 23/10/1766. William Williams & Thomas Bond of Shipp Indian of Bristol make oath that they well knew Peter Dore late of Thornbury Surgeon of the Shipp in her last Voiage to Guinea died on the Coast of Barbadoes on or about 28th March last past (1725)
25/4/1726John Pearce
26/4/1726John NibletSon of John Niblet
27/4/1726George PowelSon of Nick: Powel
27/4/1726Edward Fowler
30/4/1726Mary HalbertWidow of Tho. Halbert
13/5/1726William White
6/1726John HudSon of Wm Hud
14/6/1726Jane AtwellsWife of Rich. Atwells Esqr
27/6/1726John Jenkins
7/7/1726William Wilkins
15/7/1726John MorganSon of John Morgan
16/7/1726Mathew HewetSon of Mathew Hewet
31/7/1726Mrs. Sarah TayerWidow
3/8/1726Mary HulbertDaughter. of Tho. Hulbert
6/8/1726Tho. Hulbert
7/8/1726Susannah Cooksy
17/8/1726Thomas HendySon of Tho. Hendy
24/8/1726Son of Tho. Walker
24/8/1726Son of Jn Smith
6/9/1726John HicksSon of Tho. Hicks
9/9/1726Mary Barton?Widow of Jonathan Barton?
9/9/1726Thomas White
14/9/1726Sarah HollisterDaughter of Tho. Hollister
14/9/1726Elizabeth White
28/9/1726Mrs. Sarah Baker
28/9/1726Jonathan Barton
28/9/1726Henry HughesSon of Jn. Hughes
30/9/1726Thomas Wilcox
30/9/1726Ann ButtleDaughter of Mary Buttle
3/10/1726Thomas Taylor
3/10/1726John BedggoodSon of Sam: Bedggood
10/10/1726Joseph BedggoodSon of Sam. Bedggood
15/10/1726Robert WilcoxSon of Tho Wilcox
15/10/1726Thomas HicksSon of Will? Hicks
22/10/1726Mary GroveWidow
22/10/1726---Son of Jn. Smith
29/10/1726Elizabeth DymeryWidow of Jn. Dymery
30/10/1726Thomas Fowler
31/10/1726Daniel PaynerSon of Daniel Payner
11/1726John Hewet
17/11/1726William Huliar?Son of Th. Huliar?
27/11/1726John Beal
27/11/1726George Johnson
29/11/1726Deborah Buck
5/12/1726Hannah LippiardDaughter of Tho. Lippiard
27/12/1726Rich. Tanner
6/1/1726/27Sarah ManingDaughter of Tho. Maning?
6/1/1726/27Martha Harris
13/1/1726/27Abraham Baily
24/1/1726/27Arthur Taylor
7/2/1726/27Joseph Williams
8/2/1726/27Jane Longden
10/2/1726/27Jane Hopkins
15/2/1726/27William SwanlySon of Tho. Swanly
21/2/1726/27Mrs. Constance Crosby?
30/3/1727Robert BellSon of Eliz: Bell
6/4/1727Hester WitherWife of Thom Wither
9/8/1727Elizabeth Ellis
26/8/1727Nicholas BedgoodGent
27/8/1727Thomas Thomas
28/8/1727John Barton
30/8/1727William Lewis
1/9/1727Elizabeth AddamsWidow
2/9/1727Mr. William Skey
7/9/1727Samuel Viner
8/9/1727Deborah ShipleyWidow
10/9/1727Andrew Whitfield
12/9/1727Jane AddamsWife of Thoms. Addams
19/9/1727Sarah SmythWife of Thom: Smyth
19/9/1727Joan ScotWidow
24/9/1727Henry Marsh
27/9/1727James Bell
23/2/1727/28the Wife of John Smyth Junr
24/2/172728John HixSon of Wm Hix
24/2/1727/28Ann Swanley
25/2/1727/28Ann MillardWife of Thom: Millard
30/2/1727/28Nicholas Fare
1/3/1727/28John GroveJohn son of John Grove
1/3/1727/28William MaySon of John May
13/3/1727/28Frances StokesWidow
22/3/1727/28Elizabeth Tanner
23/3/1727/28William Bryan
31/9/1728Mr GroveBishop transcript says this was the vicar Ralph Grove
23/9/1728Sarah FowlerWife of John Fowler (Bishops transcript not register)
4/10/1728An Mills
7/10/1728Mr Bouyof Buckover, Bishops Transcript says Robert Bwy
8/10/1728CurnuckThomas Curnuck's Wife
10/10/1728John Web
16/10/1728John Dimery
21/10/1728Mr BakarBishops Transcript John Baker
7/11/1728Mrs. Wittfilld
10/11/1728Mary HarvisBishops Transcript: Harvest
15/11/1728Thomas Buttlarof Milbery Heth (Heath)
17/11/1728Houpar (Hooper?Child of Jane Houpar (Hooper?)
20/11/1728William Clarkof Thornbury
22/11/1728Nicklas Biggoodye Sun of Niklas Biggood. Bishops Transcript Nicholas Bedggod
24/11/1728Susan Baraof Oulbery (Oldbury?) Bishops Transcript Susanah Barrow
26/11/1728Mary VoularNB this is likely to be Fowler
3/12/1728Mary Parmitar
4/12/1728William Barton
12/12/1728Thomas WillsumBishops Trancript: Thomas Wilson
10/1/1728/1729Ms. Hillof Brink mash (Brinkmarsh) wif of John Hill. Bishops Transcript Elisabeth Hill
12/1/1728/29Bety PillsBerid at Charfild
19/1/1728/29Richard FlatcharBishops Transcript Richard Flatcher
19/1/1728/29An CosumBishops Transcript Ann Corsham
24/1/1728/29Richard WatarsBishops Transcript Waters
30/1/1728/29HeuettChild of John Heuett a glaser
2/2/1728/29SmithJohn Smiths's Child
2/2/1728/29John Curthoisa Child
2/2/1728/29Mary Bert
4/2/1728/29John Huettye Glaser ye sun of Gy Huett
5/2/1728/29HuettJohn Huett ye Glaser Child
7/2/1728/29Mary Barrow
7/2/1728/29An Nixolusof Crus ways (Crossways) Bishops Transcript Ann Nicholls
9/2/1728/29HuettJosef Huett had a Chilld Burid ye 9 day of Feburay
9/2/1728/29NikallsThomas Nicholls (?) of Cras wais (Crossways) had a Child burid
10/2/1728/29Thomas Burorasof Cras Wais (Crossways) Bishops Transcript Burrows
13/2/1728/29Artar ButtlarBishops Transcript: Arthur Buttler
16/2/1728/29An Witteye daftar of William Witte and Mary. Bishops Transcript: Ann White
18/2/1728/29Richard Champneysof Thornbury
19/2/1728/29Mumfurdye daftar of Mary Mumfurd. Bishops Transcript: Mary Mumford (daughter's name?)
25/2/1728/29An Witt(White?) of Thornbury
25/2/1728/29John Curthoisye Sun of John Curthois. Bishops Transcript: John Curthoys
27/2/1728/29Jams Hullbardye Sun of Thomas Hullbard. Bishops Tr: James Hulbertt.
27/2/1728/29Marget Hoby
27/2/1728/29An CobentryBishops Transcript: Ann Coventry
2/3/1728/29Willam Coleof Brokar Marsh (Brinkmarsh?)
2/3/1728/29Thomas Hiksof Cras Ways (Crossways) . Bishops Transcript: Thos. Hicks
6/3/1728/29Sara(h) Priceof Thornbury
9/3/1728/29Gy Huetof Thornbury. Bishops Transcript: Guy Heuett
9/3/1728/29An Nelmsdaftar of Thomas Nelms
9/3/1728/29Thomas Huet Sun of Mathu Huet, Bishops Transcript: Thomas Hewett
14/3/1728/29Jonathan Kraftof Kinton. Bishops Tr: Croft
3/1728/29William Linkye Sun of Ms Thomas Link of Oulbury (Oldbury?)
21/3/1728/29Danuell Thurstonof Oulbery (Oldbury?). Bishops Transcript: Daniell
23/3/1728/29Andrew Couperof Thornbury. Bishops Transcript: Cooper
23/3/1728/29Willam Cokye Sun of John Cok (Cook?) of Thornbury
26/3/1729Vsely Thurstonye Wif of Mr John Thurston of Kinton. Bishops Transcript: Ursly
26/3/1729An Lipietye Daftur of Thomas Lipiet. Bishops Transcript: Ann Lippett
26/3/1729John Shepardye Sune of John Shepard of Siblun. Bishops Transcript Sheppard
30/3/1729Boty Clutur bookBishops Transcript: Betty ClutterBook
2/4/1729Josef HeuettBishops Transcript Joseph Hewett
2/4/1729Mary Huetye daftur of Josef Huet. Bishops Transcript Mary Hewett
6/4/1729John WalkurBishops Transcript: John Walker
6/4/1729Josof Walkur"and is Sun". (son of above). Bishops Tr: Joseph Walker
6/4/1729John Curnuckye Sun of Thomas Curnuck
8/4/1729An ProsarBishops Transcript: Ann Proser
10/4/1729Ara TaylarBishops Transcript: Aara Tayler
11/4/1729Hana Williams
14/4/1729Sara Coventryof Thornbury Burid
15/4/1729Ms Scayof Oulbery. Bishops Transcript: Ann Skay
15/4/1729Lordy LonginBishops Transcript: (E?)ydith Longden
15/4/1729John Orchardye Sun of John Orchard
18/4/1729Thomas Taylarye Sun of William Taylar
29/4/1729John Aplyof Morton. Bishops Transcript Apily
3/5/1729Thomas ScamellBishops Transcript: Scamill
4/5/1729Gorge Pearsof Elburtun. Bishops Transcript Peerce
4/5/1729AlurJams Alur of Thornbury had a Child buried. Bishops Transcript James Ailworth
5/5/1729Ms An Tayurof Thornbury. Bishops Transcript: Mrs. Ann Tayer
9/5/1729John Mansellof Thornbury
10/5/1729Willam Drifurof Nuton (Newnton?). Bishops Transcript William Driver
5/1729Edward Adamsof Thornbury
12/5/1729Josef Laneof Thornbury
15/5/1729Thomas Taylurof Mortun (Morton). Bishops Transcript Tayler
3/6/1729Elisobeth BurgisBishops Transcript Elisabeth Burgas
14/7/1729Sarah Simmunsof Alviston. Bishops Tr: Symmons
28/7/1729Thomas Peirsof Thornbyry. Bishops Transcript Pierce
30/7/1729Mr Willam RaimandBishops Transcript Raymond
26/8/1729Elosubeth HudBishops Transcript Elisabeth
30/8/1729Taylardaftar of John Taylar of Siblon (Sibland?)
4/9/1729Eideth AllworthBishops Transcript Jdith Ailworth
14/9/1729Sarah Allen
5/10/1729Linkdaftur of Mr Thomas Link of Oulbery (Oldbury?). Bishops Transcript Thomas Link Junr?
11/10/1729Thomas Parkurfrom Bristoll, Bishops Transcript Parker
17/10/1729Margt. LydiattWidow of Falfeild. Bishops Transcript Margaret Lydiat
18/10/1729Hanah BaynhamWidow of Thornbury
29/10/1729Joseph Bakerof Thornbury
30/1/1729/30Robert Wiltshireof Moorton
9/2/1729/30Ann CollinsWife of Thos. Collins of Kington
24/2/1729/30Joseph Hopkinsof Kington
21/2/1729/30John Attwellsof Thornbury. Gent
24/3/1729/30Margaret PritchardWife of Solomon Pritchard. Kinton