Thornbury Burials 1730 -1739

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

31/3/1730Walter Floyd of Thornbury
19/4/1730Thomas Tayerof Kinton Gent
28/4/1730John Hillof Brinkmarsh Gent
3/5/1730Thomas Shepardof Morton
10/5/1730Judith CullimoreWife of Timothy Cullimoore
13/5/1730Thomas WillisSon of ye Revnd. Mr. Willis vicar
30/5/1730Sarah TaylerWidow of Mooreton
21/6/1730Mary RobertsWife of Thos. Roberts of Thorbury
16/9/1730Christopher PowellSon of Thos. Powell of Thornbury
12/10/1730TomlinsonA stranger
16/10/1730Elisabeth RyddifurDaughter of Arthur Ryddifur alderman & Mary his Wife. Thornbury
16/10/1730Philip AdamsA stranger
23/10/1730Ann AttwoodWidow. Thornbury
25/10/1730Eleanor RichardsDaughter of Thos. & Mary Richards. Kinton
27/10/1730Thos. WhetmoreAlderman of this Burrough
15/11/1730Matthew Hewettof Thornbury
24/11/1730William Fowlerof Thornbury
29/11/1730Thomas Robertsof Thornbury
5/12/1730Patience HeavenWife of William Heaven. Thornbury
9/12/1730John WestSon of William & Hannah West. Grovesend.
10/12/1730Mary TannerWidow. Thornbury
15/12/1730James ElySon of James & Elisabeth Ely. Thornbury
16/12/1730Sarah BellWidow. Thornbury
24/12/1730Thos. Tayler sen.Sibland
25/12/1730Billah JohnstonDr. of Thos. & Mary Johnston: a stranger
3/1/1730/31Timothy RoachMoreton
6/1/1730/31Susannah BartonDaughter of Sarah Barton. Widow. Th?
26/1/1730/31Sarah QuintinDr. of Thos. & Elisabeth Quintin
28/1/1730/31Richard WhiteSon of Richd. White. Thornbury
28/1/1730/31Hannah BlanchWife of Willm. Blanch. Kinton
3/2/1730/31Elisabeth FowlerWife of John Fowler of Eastwood
7/2/1730/31Ann SmithDaughter of John Smith jun. & Ann his Wife. Thornbury.
11/2/1730/31Edward WilliamsMoreton
14/2/1730/31John Fowlerof Eastwood
16/2/1730/31Elisabeth BurgessWidow. Thornbury
23/2/1730/31John Withersof Falfeild
25/2/1730/31John CookSon of Jn & Ann Cook. Strangers
26/2/1730/31Elsabeth HillWife of Thomas Hill of Thornbury
16/3/1730/31Martha HuseDaughter of John Huse. Thornbury
1/4/1731Sarah WalkerWidow. Thornbury
18/4/1731Mary MorganDr. of Jn. Morgan. Moreton
18/4/1731John Pearceof Falfeild
20/4/1731John Painof Thornbury
28/4/1731Edward Bartlettof Moreton
30/4/1731John Morganof Moreton
14/5/1731Thomas CoxSn. of John & Mary Cox. Thornbury
16/5/1731Elisabeth NelmesDr. of Thos. & Mary Nelmes. Mooreton
29/6/1731Mary CullimoreDaftur of Mary Cullimore
1/8/1731Ms Mary Cookof Thornbury
15/8/1731Joseph Vinerof Thornbury
13/9/1731Edward Hamptonof Thornbury
28/10/1731John HopkinsKinton
21/11/1731Hannah BurroughsWife of William Burroughs. Thornbury
26/11/1731Ann Morganan infant. a stranger
27/12/1731Nathaniel Morgan alias WilliamsThornbury
31/12/1731Joan RiddifordWife of Arthur Ryddifur alderman of Thornbury
30/1/1731/32Mary WilliamsWife of Jn. Williams alias Morgan
6/2/1731/32Mary Cliffordfrom Tockington
23/2/1731/32Robert Webbfrom Hazel
9/3/1731/32Elisabeth WilcoxThornbury
30/3/1732Thomas BrockGent. Thornbury
2/4/1732William Hobby seniorThornbury
2/5/1732Ann Davisof Hill
28/5/1732Betty WebbDaughter of Robt. Webb of Hazell
8/6/1732Robert WebbSon of Robt. Webb of Hazell
23/6/1732Richard RidleyMoorton
2/7/1732Charles RaymondGent. Moorton
2/7/1732Joan DyerMoorton
14/7/1732Elisabeth BlissWife of John Bliss of Berkly
18/7/1732Margaret SmithFalfeild
23/7/1732Hannah Burges alias CoventryThornbury
15/8/1732William Pitcherof Moorton
9/9/1732Ann NestWidow of Thornbury
17/9/1732Stephen Woodof Moreton
3/10/1732Frances ReynoldsWife of Robt. Reynolds of Morten
6/10/1732Caleb HodgesSon of John & Mary Hodges. Heath
16/10/1732Mary HodgesWife of Jn. Hodges. Heath
3/11/1732Sarah Hooperdaughter of Eleanor Hooper. Thornbury
6/11/1732Samuel BennetSon of John & Mary Bennet. Thornbury
14/12/1732Patience ScammelWidow Thornbury
1/1/1732/33Ann Moxham
3/1/1732/33Jane BrownDaughter of Robt. & Sarah Brown. Thornbury
23/1/1732/33Thomas Seafordfrom Westerley
25/1/1732/33Christopher ScammelKinton
28/1/1732/33Elisabeth BartlettDaughter of John & Joan Bartlett.
14/2/1732/33William JayneThornbury
17/2/1732/33John ParnellKinton
15/3/1732/33Philip WatkinsCrosseways
15/4/1733John HewetThornbury
26/4/1733William RaymondGent. Thornbury
4/5/1733John BartonThornbury
6/5/1733Ann GroveDaughter of John & Ann Grove. Thornbury
15/5/1733Edward Adamsfrom Alveston
17/5/1733Joseph HopkinsSon of Mary Hopkins. Widow. Kinton
3/6/17333Mary BedgoodWidow
2/7/1733Joan FowlerWidow
31/7/1733Elisabeth MarshDaughter of Robert Marsh
24/8/1733William Wysseof the Heath
27/8/1733Joseph WebbSon of Robt. Webb of Alveston
28/8/1733Joseph BedgoodSon of Samuel Bedgood. Thornbury
29/8/1733James BillSon of James Bill. Thornbury
14/10/1733Stephen Hopkins seniorThornbury
16/11/1733Richard AylworthThornbury
19/11/1733Nicholas WebbMoorton
3/12/1733Ann TaylerWife of Thomas Tayler. Sibland
8/1/1733/34Richard BarrowThornbury
9/1/1733/34Mary BartonThornbury
13/1/1733/34Simon CoxThornbury
16/1/1733/34Thomas Clark senr.Thornbury
23/1/1733/34William WalkerThornbury
27/1/1733/34Mary CurthoysDaughter of John Curthoys. Thornbury
19/3/1733/34Elisabeth HobbyWife of William Hobby. Thornbury
26/3/1734Mary JamesWife of Samuell James. Falfeild
11/4/1734Elisabeth FrenchWife of John French Junr. Thornbury
19/5/1734Charles WilliamsSon of John & Sarah Williams. Thornbury
27/5/1734James RickettsSon of James & Sarah Ricketts. Thornbury
14/6/1734Thomas CollinsKinton
25/6/1734Thomas SmithGent. Moreton
26/6/1734Joseph FaceyThornbury
15/7/1734John ClarkThornbury
15/9/1734Alice PriceWife of John Price. Gloucester
2/10/1734Betty WebbDaughter of Robert & Betty Webb
6/10/1734Jonathan GuillaumeSon of Richard & Hannah Guillaume
6/12/1734Ann MabbetWife of Joseph Mabbet from Berkley
2/3/1734/35Frances Timsfrom the Heath
2/3/1734/35Mary OsborneDaughter of Danl. & Mary Osborne
9/3/1734/35Mrs. Ann RangeWidow
23/3/1734/35Elisabeth BedgoodDaughter of Mr. Nicholas & Ann Bedgood
23/3/1734/35William Withers senr.
24/3/1734/35Thomas Smith Senior
30/3/1735Betty Pearcefrom Alveston
31/3/1735Priseilla TaylerWidow.
15/4/1735Daughter of Willm & Hannah West
28/4/1735Elisabeth SkeyDaughter of Thomas Skey of Oldbury
6/5/1735William HicksSon of William Hicks. Thornbury
25/6/1735Edmond Lucasof Moreton
5/8/1735Ann BedgoodDaughter of Mr. Nicholas & Ann Bedgood
16/8/1735Samuel Bedgood
17/8/1735Hannah AllenDaughter of Robert Allen. Whitfeild
23/9/1735Mary GroveWife of the Reverend Mr. Ralph Grove
6/10/1735Philip Gayner
17/10/1735Betty FrenchDaughter of John French
28/10/1735Elisabeth HowelWidow
31/10/1735Ann RidleyWidow
8/11/1735William Pearce
17/11/1735Richard GilesSon of Richard & Ann Giles
17/11/1735James CollinsSon of Collins. Widow
10/12/1735Hesther TaylerWidow
21/12/1735Thomas TaylerSon of William & Tayler
28/12/1735Sarah PountneyDaughter of William & Hesther Pountney
5/1/1735/36Ann AylworthWife of Arthur Aylworth
23/1/1735/36John HicksSurgeon?
25/1/1735/36Thomas WillisSon of Thomas Willis Vicar & Ann his Wife
2/2/1735/36Elisabeth ClarkSpinster.
12/2/1735/36Peter PowellSon of David Powell of Tethrinton
18/2/1735/36Martha KnottDaughter of John & Hesther Knott
29/2/1735/36Margaret OliveSpinster.
23/3/1735/36Diana AdamsSpinster.
23/4/1736John CliffordSon of Henry and Mary Clifford
2/5/1736Martha Hewett the ElderWidow.
3/5/1736Hannah MooreWife of John Moore
5/5/1736Philip JonesSon of John and Elisabeth Jones
12/5/1736Margaret HopeWidow.
30/5/1736Elisabeth HoaneWidow
6/6/1736Thomas Stephens LucasSon of Thomas & Mary Lucas
12/6/1736Isaac Pearce
20/6/1736Mary PitcherDaughter of William & Mary Pitcher
23/6/1736Mary PickWife of Thomas Pick
23/6/1736Jane ReedDaughter of Edward & Susannah Reed
29/6/1736William HuddSon of William Hudd
8/8/1736Mary SwanleyWife of William Swanley
17/8/1736Ann WysseWidow
19/8/1736Susannah PitcherSpinster.
20/8/1736Arthur Ridiford junior.
20/8/1736John MooreSon of John Moore
3/10/1736Sybilla LongdenWife of Arthur Longden
10/10/1736Joseph Tayler
22/10/1736Edward Webb
29/10/1736John Holder
29/10/1736Ann WilsunWife of Thomas Wilsun
25/3/1737Mary FaceyDaughter of Nicholas and Susannah Facey
28/3/1737Ann RouseWife of Samuel Rouse
29/3/1737Thomas BakerSon of Zachary and Ann Baker
6/4/1737Mary GroveDaughter of William Grove. Gent.
19/4/1737Sarah HaywardDaughter of John and Sarah Hayward
5/6/1737Mary White
12/6/1737Elizabeth Bell the Elder.
3/7/1737Jane Amos
10/7/1737Margaret BartlettWidow.
16/7/1737Thomas Wilsun
8/8/1737John Cullimore the Elder.
10/8/1737Margaret MorganSpinster.
11/8/1737Willaim NicollsSon of William and Mary Nicolls
13/8/1737Elisabeth GroveDaughter of John and Ann Grove
25/8/1737Robert ShepherdSon of John and Mary Shepherd
2/10/1737Elisabeth BellDaughter of Bell
1/11/1737Charles Coxfrom Alveston
6/11/1737Miriam CoxSpinster.
10/11/1737Thomas HobbsGent.
16/11/1737Charity OslandWife of George Osland
19/11/1737Mary BakerWife of William Baker
24/11/1737Philip Rice
12/12/1737Elisabeth BlanchWife of William Blanch
12/12/1737Thomas HobbsSon of Thos. and Hobbs
27/12/1737Sarah ManningWidow.
3/1/1737/38Elisabeth WhiteWidow.
13/1/1737/38Elisabeth WiltshireSpinster
14/1/1737/38Mrs. Dorothy ThomsenWidow.
31/1/1737/38Andrew Buck
3/2/1737/38Mrs. Mary ChamneysWidow.
7/2/1737/38Mary PitcherWidow.
26/2/1737/38Joan HopkinsWidow.
3/3/1737/38Elisabeth RusselWidow.
5/4/1738William WhiteSon of Hesther White
22/4/1738Ann PritchardWife of Solomon Pritchard
4/6/1738Treasure HendyWife of Thomas Hendy
8/6/1738Edward WysseBatchelor.
3/7/1738Thomas Lewis
20/8/1738Joshua Shipway
7/9/1738Sarah AylworthWife of Cornelius Aylworth
16/9/1738Ann LennardWidow.
29/9/1738Ursula ThurstonDaughter of John and Mary Thurston
8/10/1738Ann JonesDaugher of William Jones of Oldbury
16/10/1738Margaret AllenSpinster.
24/10/1738Aaron Bendall
8/11/1738William Whiteof Moreton
28/12/1738Alice ClarkeWidow.
26/1/1738/39Robert Buy senior
27/2/1738/39William HulbertSon of Thomas Hulbert
2/3/1738/39Rebecca CoventryDaughter of William & Hannah Coventry
17/3/1738/39Hannah CroomWife of Richard Croom
6/4/1739William NicollsSon of William Nicolls
20/4/1739Paris HopeSon of Thos. and Margaret Hope
9/5/1739Ann ParkerWidow.
24/5/1739Edward AllenSon of Thomas Allen
21/5/1739William Powell
17/6/1739Judith ParnellWife of Edward Parnell
11/7/1739Elisabeth LongdenWife of Thomas Longden
23/7/1739Robert Allen the Elder
23/7/1739Thomas Powell the Elder
25/7/1739William Hobby the younger
6/9/1739Martha HewettSpinster.
20/9/1739Mary BrockWidow.
30/9/1739Mary Powell
22/10/1739Ann Ricketts
9/11/1739Mary CoxWife of Thomas Cox of the Burrough
20/11/1739Joseph CroomeSon of Richard Croome
29/11/1739Thomas Nelmes the Elder
3/12/1739Robert Viner
10/12/1739Mary Hopkins
2/1/1739/40Ann ThornWife of John Thorn
4/1/1739/40Thomas Lennard
10/1/1739/40Joan Houlder
11/1/1739/40Katharine Wither
12/1/1739/40John French the Elder
29/1/1739/40Mary Keyte
31/1/1739/40Mr. John Thurston the Elder
31/1/1739/40Thomas Skeyof Oldbury
21/2/1739/40Mary AldrichSpinster.
2/3/1739/40William Lennardof Moreton
14/3/1739/40Mary Scott.Spinster
16/3/1739/40John Willson