Thornbury Burials 1740 -1749

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

6/5/1740Hannah OrchardWife of John Orchard
12/5/1740William Coventry
15/5/1740Elisabeth BedgoodDaughter of Mr. Nicholas & Ann Bedgood
15/5/1740Sarah AylworthWife of Cornelius Aylworth
30/5/740Jane NicollsWife of John Nicolls
3/6/1740John Smith the elder
4/6/1740Thomas NicollsSon of Thos. Nicolls
6/6/1740Rebecca ThurstonSpinster
12/6/1740Mary CliffordWife of Henry Clifford
26/6/1740Samuel TysonGentleman
10/7/1740Mary TaylerSpinster
12/7/1740John Powell senior
18/7/1740Elisabeth WebbWidow
14/8/1740Mary Hobby
15/9/1740Thomas Stokes Salmon
9/10/1740Joan Carter the elderWidow
30/11/1740Benjamin Viner Hathaway
16/12/1740Elisabeth JayneWidow
17/12/1740Mary CarpenterWidow
18/12/1740Tacey MorganWife of John Morgan
19/12/1740Thomas Coxof Thornbury
26/2/1740/41Thomas Nicolls
28/2/1740/41Mary AdamsSpinster
2/1/1740/41Joan ScottWife of William Scott
1/4/1741Robert Whitfeildof Thornbury
16/5/1741Martha KnotWidow
19/5/1741Rebecca ThurstonSpinster
23/6/1741Richard Powel
1/7/1741Hesther WithersSpinster
2/7/1741William ThomasA Stranger
24/7/1741John ThornSon of John Thorn
28/7/1741Elisabeth SmithWife of William Smith
28/7/1741Nathaniel MorganSon of Elis. Morgan. Widow.
28/7/1741Mary HitchinsWife of John Hitchins
2/8/1741John HobbySon of Richard and Elisabeth Hobby
18/8/1741Joan WhiteWife of William White
4/9/1741Mary Barnesan infant Stranger
13/9/1741Peter BedgoodSon of Nicholas and Ann Bedgood
28/9/1741Sarah ChampneysDaughter of Richard & Winifred Champneys
2/10/1741Mary HicksWidow
6/10/1741Sarah OsborneWidow
6/10/1741John Matthews
8/10/1741Sarah HuddDaughter of William Hudd
8/10/1741William Smith
27/10/1741Mary HuddWife of William Hudd
18/11/1741Rachel FaceyWife of John Facey
20/11/1741Joseph HobbySon of Richard Hobby
28/11/1741William Collins
30/11/1741Mary HulberdWife of Thos. Hulberd Senr.
2/12/1741Mary WilliamsDaughter of Thos. Williams
6/12/1741John Smith
7/12/1741John Burroughs
13/12/1741Arthur Ridiford
26/12/1741Tobias Gundymore
30/12/1741Katerine HathawayDaughter of William Hathaway
1/1/1741/42Mary DunnWidow
3/1/1741/42William Scott senior
7/2/1741/42Elisabeth LippiatDaughter of Thomas Lippiat
22/2/1741/42Jane FowlerWidow
2/3/1741/42Richard Green
3/3/1741/42Mabell RaymondDaughter of William Raymond. Esqr.
13/3/1741/42Daniel Williams
30/5/1742Thomas Walker
9/6/1742William Croome
10/6/1742Mary HubburdInfant
10/6/1742Thomas Hope
20/6/1742Jane WilliamsInfant
22/6/1742Mary Child
25/6/1742Sarah CorshamWidow
28/6/1742Maria BakerWidow
3/7/1742John Wilcox
4/7/1742David Duke
8/7/1742Thomas Hulburd
9/7/1742Charles Corsham
15/7/1742William Harris
16/7/1742Charles Corsham senr.
18/7/1742Charles Mills
20/7/1742Mary Swanly
28/7/1742John Richards
6/8/1742Arthur Link
30/8/1742Henry Clifford
7/9/1742Mary Shepherd
30/9/1742Henry Clifford
5/10/1742Mary Smith
26/10/1742Ann LewisWidow
27/10/1742Edward Baker
11/11/1742Mary Baker
20/11/1742Sarah Longden
16/12/1742William Dean
21/1/1742/43Mary PlayerWidow
30/1/1742/43Elizabeth Lawrence
3/2/1742/43Hannah Rimer
5/2/1742/43William Gwilliam
6/2/1742/43John Orchard
6/2/1742/43Mary Millard
10/2/1742/43Katharine Cook
14/2/1742/43George Brooks
14/2/1742/43Sarah Walker
20/2/1742/43Jane Gundimore
20/2/1742/43Elizabeth Lockstone
22/2/1742/43Mary Nicholls
24/2/1742/43Ann Nicholls
25/2/1742/43Mary Lydiate
26/2/1742/43Sarah Nicholls
9/3/1742/43Hannah West
16/3/1742/43Margaret Grove
22/3/1742/43Mary Barns
7/4/1743Sarah Aldridge the Younger
23/4/1743William TaylorInfant
25/4/1743William Adams
30/4/1743John Butler
1/5/1743Thomas Stokes
6/5/1743Anna Thurston
8/5/1743Mrs. Frances DeeringWidow
8/5/1743John Neale
17/5/1743Sarah Burrows
4/6/1743Robert Child
5/6/1743Thomas Withers
2/7/1743John Greenwood
4/8/1743Sarah Aldridge senr.
21/8/1743Sarah Childe
28/9/1743William Gibbons
2/11/1743Rebecca Powell
2/11/1743Hester Coventry
8/11/1743William Osborne
14/1/1743/44Joannes Thurston
15/1/1743/44Susanna Hopkins
15/2/1743/44Peter Barrow
30/2/1743/44Thomas Withersburial date as per register
2/3/1743/44Margaret Norrice
7/3/1743/44Susanna Search
15/3/1743/44Margaret Gibbonds
18/3/1743/44Mary Newman
27/3/1744John French
28/3/1744Rachell Waters
7/4/1744Hester Burrows
8/4/1744Anthony Biggley
9/4/1744John White
16/4/1744Nicholas Bedggood
28/4/1744Anthony Wysse
7/5/1744Mary BuckWidow
18/5/1744Joan Carter
19/5/1744Mary Pearce
24/5/1744Richard CrowtherGent.
29/5/1744Ann Hewett
29/5/1744Thomas Winstone Barton
30/5/1744Solomon Roach
1/6/1744Ann White
12/6/1744John CrowtherGent.
22/6/1744The Lady Arundell
25/6/1744Arthur Roach
27/6/1744Bety Corsham
1/7/1744Hester GroveWidow
4/7/1744Ann Hitchings
21/7/1744John Orchard junr.
22/7/1744Bethia Budding
22/7/1744Katharine Tanner
4/8/1744William Halla Stranger
9/8/1744Isabell Clark
14/8/1744John Moore
5/9/1744Benjamin Viner HathwayInfant
9/9/1744Thomas Smith
11/9/1744Ann Roach
2/10/1744Mary Williams
12/11/1744Thomas Pritchard
3/12/1744Ann Curnock
21/12/1744Charles CorshamInfant
30/12/1744Maurice Pricea Stranger
1/1/1744/45William Watkins
6/1/1744/45Hester Roach
6/1/1744/45Hannah Hitchings
19/1/1744/45Sarah CoxDaughter of Thos. Cox of Falfield
24/1/1744/45Ann Buttler
22/3/1744/45Mary EdmondsDaughter of John Edmonds
8/4/1745John Williams
8/5/1745Mrs Sarah Barton
12/5/1745Mary Parslow
29/5/1745Hester Taylor
10/6/1745Joseph Barrow
7/9/1745John Child
29/9/1745William Cullimore
8/10/1745Elisabeth Woodroof
10/10/1745Ann Greenwood
27/10/1745Mr Robert Reynolds
17/12/1745Sarah Pearce
20/12/1745Sarah Collins
3/2/1745/46Francis Bennet
28/3/1746Hannah More
9/4/1746Mrs. Hannah Adams
1/5/1746Thos. Nichols
17/5/1746Edward Webb
28/5/1746John Hix
29/5/1746Eliz. Hudd
2/6/1746Mrs. Eliz. Taylor
9/6/1746Joseph Simonds
16/6/1746Hannah Davis
10/7/1746Peter Roach
24/7/1746Mary Saunders
28/8/1746Thos. Hollister
25/9/1746Eliz. Walker
10/10/1746Ann Leonard
11/10/1746Samuel Lawrence
16/10/1746Mary Hudd
23/10/1746Rose Burch
4/11/1746Wm. Champneys
3/12/1746Joseph Corsham
8/12/1746Zachariah Baker
1/3/1746/47Sarah James
3/3/1746/47Daniel James
4/3/1746/47Ann Liddiate
12/4/1747Thomas Lidiat
26/6/1747William Wilshur
11/7/1747William Jelfs of Falfield
16/8/1747Mary Nitt
20/8/1747Susannah Wilshur
30/8/1747Eliz. Cultterbuck
20/9/1747Thos. Russel
25/11/1747John Tompkins
16/12/1747Eliz Eley
28/12/1747Eliz. Rudge
29/12/1747Ann Smith
6/1/1747/48Arthur Lynk
8/1/1747/48Sarah Knap
27/1/1747/48John Steel
31/1/1747/48Thos. Osburn
6/2/1747/48William Milles
10/2/1747/48Charles Hudd
16/3/1747/48Sarah Whetmore
16/3/1747/48Eliz. Liddiatt
20/3/1747/48Joseph Howborough
20/3/1747/48Thos Gazard
24/3/1747/48Sarah Smith of Alveston
27/3/1748John Williams
27/4/1748John Hawken
1/5/1748Richd. Gillam
1/5/1748Sarah Shepherd
4/5/1748Eliz Thurston
15/5/1748Edward Newland
28/6/1748The Revd. Mr Thos. Willis
29/6/1748Ann Thurston
15/7/1748Wm. Lyddiat
16/7/1748Sarah Flide
8/8/1748Richd. Hobby
11/9/1748Mary English
25/9/1748Wm. Gazard
6/10/1748John Niblet
8/11/1748Mary Hollister
20/11/1748John Halbert
16/1/1748/49Hannah West
23/1/1748/49James Bedggood senr.
28/1/1748/49Morris? Harden
28/1/1748/49Thos. Hill
6/4/1749John Hodges of KingtonAged 70 years
11/4/1749Joseph Bingham of B???Aged 37 years
13/4/1749John NealeAn infant son of Joseph & Mary Neale of Kington
14/4/1749Hannah Pearcefrom the Workhouse aged 12 years
27/4/1749Joseph EdmondsSon of John & Elizabeth Edmonds of Moreton aged 1 year
29/4/1749Elisabeth RichardsWife of Thomas Richards of the Burrough aged 52
3/5/1749Thomas Hodgesof the Tything of Moreton aged 26
9/6/1749Mr. Henry (Hugh) ThurstonAg. 30 Yrs.
16/7/1749John Leonard of MoretonAg. 63
4/8/1749Elizabeth TaylorDaughter of Willm Taylor
6/8/1749Elizabeth HudDaughter of Willm & Hud ag. 6
11/8/1749James Palmer of BrinkmarshAg. 49
13/8/1749Willm LippiatAg. 25
18/8/1749Elizh. JonesAg. 25
3/9/1749Elizabeth ThurstonDaughter of Henry (Hugh) & Alice Thurston 7 y
5/9/1749Mary Raymond.Aged 72
20/9/1749Ann FloydDaughter of Thomas & Sarah Floyd of the Burrough aged 7 years
15/10/1749Abigail TomlinAged 82 years
16/10/1749Ann SwanleyAged 68 years
18/10/1749William ArnoldSon of Thomas & Elizabeth Arnold of Oldbury an Infant.
9/11/1749Ann EvansAged 66 years
16/11/1749Hester & Betty CoxDaughters of John & Ann Cox were privately baptd the 11th
29/11/1749David JamesAged 21 years
8/12/1749Ruth FaceyDaughter of John & Ruth Facey an Infant
9/12/1749Sarah ClarkeWife of Thomas Clarke of the Borough aged 53 years
15/12/1749Ann Hone of the BoroughAged 34 years
25/12/1749Mary ClarkWife of Charles Clark aged 52 years
6/1/1749/50Elisabeth ShepherdA base Child from the Work house aged 4 years
7/1/1749/50William GroveSurgeon & Apothecary of the Town of Thornbury Aged 43 years
13/2/1749/50Elizabeth MarshWife of Robt. Marsh of the Town of Thornbury Aged 54 years. Buried in the Church Fee ten shillings
13/2/1749/50Elizabeth WilcoxDaughter of John & Bridget Wilcox of the Town of Thornbury aged 13 years
20/2/1749/50John MohunOf the Town of Thornbury aged 22 years
25/2/1749/50Griffin BarnesSon of Griffin & Sarah Barnes of Oldbury. An Infant.
2/3/1749/50Sarah Osborn of KingtonAged 72 years
7/3/1749/50Daniel VinesSon of Daniel & Mary Vines of Morton at Oldbury. an Infant.
12/3/1749/50James OsbornSon of William & Mary Osborn of Moreton. an Infant.
23/3/1749/50Mary HallWife of Benjamin Hall from Bristol aged. 52 years.