Thornbury Burials 1750 -1759

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From 1610 up to 1752 the Thornbury Parish records used the ‘Old Style’ calendar in which each year began on Lady Day (25th March).  We have opted to use the ‘double dating’ system to indicate any dates between 1st January and 24th March to reflect both the ‘Old Style’ calendar and the modern (New Style) calendar. Thus the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the present day system.

28/3/1750John Wilcoxof the town of Thornbury the burial service wanting died of a Pestilential distemper
1/4/1750Edward Allenthe son of Henry & Elizabeth Allen of Whitefield
1/4/1750Elizabeth Maythe Daughter of John & Elizabeth May at Oldbury. an Infant.
7/4/1750John Hopkinsof the Town of Thornbury
15/4/1750Ann Barrowof the Town of Thornbury
21/4/1750James Jonesof Moreton
25/4/1750Sarah Gazardan Infant daughter of Samuel & Sarah Gazard of Moreton.
7/5/1750Elizabeth Pearceof Moreton aged 85 yrs.
13/5/1750John CornwallGent. aged 64 years from the Castle
16/5/1750William Huddaged 61 years
27/5/1750William Saundersthe son of John & Mary Saunders an Infant from the Work House
27/5/1750Mary Riddefordof the Town of Thornbury aged 67 years
3/6/1750William Cullimorean Infant son of Timothy & Sarah of Tockington Parish aged 7 Years .
15/8/1750Hannah Hallthe Daughter of John & Elizabeth of Moreton aged 2 years
11/9/1750Mary Coxtthe Wife of Thomas Cox of Grovening aged 80 years.
29/9/1750John Jenkinsthe Son of Thomas & Sarah Jenkins of Cowel at Oldbury an infant aged 48 years
7/10/1750Christopher Raymondof the Town of Thornbury for whom no affidavit Octr 16th
5/11/1750ElizabethJanethe Wife of Edward Jane of the Town of Thornbury aged 62 years
30/11/1750John Birdof the Town of Thornbury
9/12/1750John Popean Infant son of John & Mary Pope at Oldbury
11/12/1750Hannah Childthe Wife of James Child of the Town of Thornbury. NB Mary was originally entered and then struck through
15/1/1750/51Martha Leggof Bristol aged 83 years.
17/1/1750/51Elizabeth Shepherdof Thornbury aged 62 years
23/1/1750/51Mary Lucasof Moreton aged 23 years
10/2/1750/51James Faceyan Infant Son of John & Ruth Facey of Thornbury
17/2/1750/51Martha Jonesan Infant the base Child of Hannah Jones of Oldbury
26/2/1750/51John Ricketsof Oldbury at Oldbury aged 50 years
27/2/1750/51Isaac Payneof Kington aged 36 years
4/3/1750/51Daniel Bendallof Cowell at Oldbury aged 58 years
12/3/1750/51William Marshof Thornbury aged 73 years
15/3/1750/51Joseph Jonesof Sheppardine in the Tything of Oldbury aged 22 years
24/3/1750/51Thomas Hopkinsof Cross Ways
10/4/1751Mary Anna Clementan Infant of Thornbury privately batized by Mr. Shutes Curate
11/4/1751Elizabeth Tyleran Infant, the daughter of John & Ann Tyler of Crosse-Wayes
2/5/1751Elizabeth Stephensfrom the Workhouse
1/6/1751Ann Coxfrom the Workhouse
2/6/175John Penduckan Infant son of Thomas & Eleanor Penduck of the town of Thornbury
25/7/1751Hannah Robertsthe base Child of Elizabeth Roberts of Oldbury
27/7/1751Mary Barrowthe wife of Thomas Barrow of Oldbury
12/8/1751Ann Powelof Thornbury aged 18 years
14/8/1751John Barrowof Thornbury aged 35 years
31/8/1751Sarah Clutterbuckof Moreton aged 36 years
1/9/1751Jane Clarkof Thornbury from the Workhouse aged 69 years
20/9/1751Elizabeth Faceyan Infant Daughter of Nicholas & Margaret Facey of Thornbury.
5/10/1751John Taylorof Marlewood aged 56 years
8/11/1751Joseph Copeof Alveston aged 77 years
10/11/1751John Nealeat Oldbury aged 66 years
29/11/1751Sarah Whitefieldof Oldbury aged 30 years
4/12/1751Elizabeth Marshof the town of Thornbury Aged 71 years
4/12/1751Job Hodgesthe Son of William & Sarah Hodges of Cross Ways in Moreton, an Infant.
15/12/1751Anne Martinan Infant, the Daughter of John & Ann Martin of the Town of Thornbury aged 2 years
29/12/1751Ann Raymonddaughter of William Raymond of Sibland aged 16 years
20/1/1751Thomas Floyda Stranger aged 52 years
20/1/1752Mary Summersof Thornbury
29/1/1752Jeremiah Waltersof Moreton aged 67 yrs.
6/2/1752Elizabeth Hicksthe wife of John Hicks of the town of Thornbury
13/2/1752William Witherthe son of John & Sarah Wither of the town of Thornbury aged 3 yrs & 10 M
14/2/1752Elizabeth Edmondsthe Wife of John Edmonds of Moreton aged 44 yrs.
20/2/1752William Limbrickat Oldbury
23/2/1752Theophilus Tannerof the town of Thornbury aged 52 yrs.
14/3/1752James Trayhernat Oldbury aged 70 yrs.
26/3/1752Katherine Triggof Henbury in the County of Glostr. aged 65 years
29/3/1752Thomas Linke junr.of Oldbury aged 26 yrs.
2/4/1752Thomas Morganan Infant at Oldbury
6/4/1752John Hopkinsof Kington aged 45 yrs.
7/4/1752Thomas Lucasof the town of Thornbury aged 20 yrs.
9/4/1752Sarah Carterthe Wife of William Carter of the town aged 35 yrs.
15/4/1752Edward Davisan infant at Oldbury
19/4/1752John Wicksof the Town of Thornbury aged 6 yrs.
23/4/1752Sarah Phillimoreat Oldbury aged 65 yrs.
7/5/1752William Curnockof Whitefield aged 13 yrs.
21/5/1752Elizabeth Burchall.the Daughter of John & Elizabeth Burchall an Infant & Stranger
24/7/1752Elizabeth Hollandof the Town of Thornbury aged 19 years
27/7/1752John Morganof the Town of Thornbury aged 80 years
14/8/1752John Curnockof the Town of Thornbury aged 39 years
29/9/1752Elizabeth Jonesof Moreton aged 12 years
30/9/1752William Hobbyof the Town of Thornbury aged 62 years
8/10/1752Hannah Cullimoreof Moreton aged 62 years
15/10/1752Elizabeth Maseyof Moreton aged 66 years
22/10/1752John Mayof Oldbury aged 57 years
23/10/1752Eleanor Jonesa Stranger
12/11/1752William Gillamof Kington aged 18 years
15/11/1752Elizabeth Champneysof X ways Spinster aged 68 years
19/11/1752Susannah Whitefieldof Moreton aged 72 years
7/1/1753Mary Linfieldof Oldbury at Oldbury
17/11753George Coxan Infant of Moreton.
31/11/1753Susannah Morganof Thornbury aged 33 years
1/2/1753Thomas Williamsof Thornbury aged 17 years
11/2/1753Hannah GillamWidow of Kington aged 38 years
11/3/1753William Trayhernof Oldbury aged 56 years
20/4/1753Ann Taylorat Oldbury aged 57 years
5/5/1753Sarah Warrenfrom the Workhouse
23/5/1753George Buddingof the Town of Thornbury aged 47 years
24/5/1753Mary Longof the Town of Thornbury aged 19 years
24/5/1753Paul Bishopof the Town of Thornbury
4/6/1753John Collinsof Eastwood aged 69 years
29/4/1753Moses Morganat Oldbury aged 23 years
29/4/1753Thomas Infant.
6/7/1753Elizabeth Bwytat Oldbury aged 35 years
6/7/1753Sarah Norrisfrom the Workhouse aged 19 years
8/7/1753William Whiteof Thornbury
13/7/1753John Popeat Oldbury aged 2 years
22/7/1753Hannah Dyerat Oldbury aged 2 years
2/8/1753James Trayhernat Oldbury aged 6 years
3/8/1753Thomas Floydof the Town of Thornbury
12/8/1753Mary Cullimoreof the Town of Thornbury aged 74 years
15/8/1753Thomas Watkinsfrom the Workhouse aged 73 years
15/8/1753Edward Webbof Alveston aged 29 years
2/9/1753James Hopkinsof Kington an Infant.
11/9/1753Hannah Horwooda Stranger from Beachley at Oldbury aged 72 years
25/9/1753Mary Haleof Grovening
11/10/1753Mary Williamsof Cowell aged 12 years
7/10/1753Walter Spannof the Town of Thornbury aged 84 years
25/10/1753Mary Mayof Oldbury
2/11/1753John Underwoodof the Town of Thornbury aged 50 years
18/11/1753Sarah Wardof the town of Thornbury aged 2 years
1/12/1753Joseph Nealat Oldbury
9/12/1753Dorothy Withersof the Town of Thornbury aged 65 years
11/12/1753Thomas Taylorof the town of Thornbury aged 72 years
12/12/1753John Bennetat Oldbury an Infant.
14/12/1753John Taylorof Marlewood an Infant.
1/1/1754John Aldrichof the town of Thornbury aged 79 years
12/1/1754Mary HarrisWidow of Cowel aged 40 years
13/1/1754John Cookof the town of Thornbury aged 61 years
23/1/1754Elizabeth StokesWidow of the town of Thornbury aged 64 years
27/1/1754William Biggfrom the Workhouse aged 7 years
6/2/1754Charles Salmonof the Town of Thornbury aged 3 years
7/2/1754Susanna Onionat Oldbury
17/2/1754Elizabeth Carterof the town of Thornbury
18/2/1754James Rickettsof the town of Thornbury Aged 24 years
20/2/1754Mary Clarkof the town of Thornbury
24/2/1754John Biggsof the town of Thornbury
28/2/1754Hanna Steadof the town of Thornbury an Infant base born
24/2/1754Thomas Limbrickat Oldbury
28/2/1754Ann Fordof the town of Thornbury
1/3/1754Ann Bwyttat Oldbury
6/3/1754William Carterof the town of Thornbury
28/3/1754Ann Holderof Moreton aged 70 years
17/4/1754William Bakerof Oldbury aged 50 years
25/4/1754James Eleyof the Town of Thornbury aged 66 years
3/5/1754Samuel Longof the Town of Thornbury aged 24 years
13/5/1754Elizabeth Hopkinsof Kington aged 45 years
13/5/1754Mary Hewetof & at Oldbury aged 42 years
23/5/1754Philip Millerfrom the Work-house aged 5 years
23/5/1754John Sheppardof Thornbury an Infant aged 1 Month?
29/5/1754Robert Underwoodfrom the Workhouse aged 1 year
9/6/1754Ann Robinsonof Kington at Oldbury
11/6/1754Mary BoytAged 2 years
28/6/1754Betty Whiteof the town of Thornbury aged 44 years
5/7/1754John Thurstonof Kington an Infant.
10/7/1754Philip Pearcefrom the Workhouse
18/7/1754Elizabeth Blanchan Infant of Kington
21/7/1754Margarett Beddgoodfrom the Workhouse Aged 87 years
14/8/1754Joseph Bartonof Kington an Infant.(see below)
30/8/1754Benjamin Bartonof Kington an Infant.. Twinns
4/9/1754John MooreAged 5 years of the Town of Thornbury privately baptized 2 days before
5/9/1754John Penduckof the Town of Thornbury aged 2 years
10/9/1754John Shepherdof Eastwood aged 57 years
17/9/1754Mary Robinsonof Kington aged 1 yr 6 mths
4/10/1754Penelope Morganfrom the Workhouse aged 6 years
21/10/1754John Isgarat Oldbury aged 54 years
24/10/1754Mrs. Ann Skeyof Falfield aged 77 years
24/10/1754Arthur Aylworthof the Town of Thornbury aged 70 years
28/10/1754Mrs Joan Skeyfrom Bristol
28/10/1754Mr. John Champneysof the Town of Thornbury aged 28 years
14/11/1754Rachel Addisof the Town of Thornbury aged 60 years
20/12/1754Thomas Royalof Thornbury an Infant.
24/12/1754Rebecca Williamsof Falfield aged 36 years
5/1/1755Thomas Hendyof Thornbury aged 70 years
16/1/1755Ann Doreof Thornbury aged 72 years
19/1/1755Elisabeth Aylerof Thornbury aged 65 years
4/3/1755Mrs Ann WillisWidow of the Revd. Mr.Thomas Willis late Vicar Aged 52 years. Buried in Linnen
16/4/1755Edmund Hughesfrom the Workhouse aged 70 years
22/4/1755Mary Shipwayof Thornbury aged 44 years
27/4/1755Hannah SmithWife of Thomas Smith of Thornbury aged 60 years
8/5/1755Lawford Tysonof Hope aged 42 years
8/5/1755Hester Harrisfrom the Work House aged 5 years
21/5/1755Ann Smith(a Stranger) at Oldbury aged 49 years
20/5/1755William Swanleyof Thornbury aged 75 years
15/6/1755John Wetmoreof Thornbury aged 41 years
1/7/1755Hannah Coventryof Thornbury aged 59 years
5/7/1755Sarah Underwoodof Thornbury
13/7/1755Elizabeth Bwytat Oldbury aged 12 years
13/7/1755John Parceof Milbury Heath aged 56 years
31/7/1755Hannah Daythe base Daughter of Betty Day of Cowel aged 4 weeks
2/8/1755Elizabeth Beardof Thornbury
12/8/1755John Herbertof Thornbury an Infant.
20/8/1755Jane Fowlesof Thornbury aged 34 years
21/10/1755Charles Bridgesof Thornbury aged 50 years
22/10/1755Thomas Lippiattof Thornbury an Infant.
29/10/1755Mary Hopkinsof Almondesbury Parish aged 52 years
17/11/1755Elizabeth Edmondsof Moreton aged 52 years
27/11/1755Hester Hodgesat Oldbury aged 66 years
30/11/1755Hannah Withersof Falfield aged 2 years
30/11/1755Martha Liddiatebase Child of Margaret Liddiate from the Workhouse aged 1 month
11/2/1756Anne Williamsof Falfield aged 30 years
21/2/1756Sarah Hicksbase Child of Mary Hicks aged 2 weeks
28/2/1756Edward Jayneof Thornbury aged 70 years
4/4/1756Jacob Greenof Thornbury
18/4/1756William Raymondof Sibland
14/5/1756Mary Williamsat Oldbury aged 19 years
10/5/1756Mary Withersof Thornbury aged 3 years
6/6/1756Martha Whitefieldof Thornbury aged 15 years
9/6/1756Ann Salmonof Thornbury aged 6 Months
1/7/1756Hester Whiteof Moreton aged 77 years
8/8/1756William Horwoodof Beachley at Oldbury aged 49 years
19/8/1756Joseph Hopkinsof Kington aged 42 years
22/9/1756Mary Hardingof Falfield aged 70 years
23/9/1756Edward Parnellof Kington aged 76 years
14/10/1756Sarah Clarkof Thornbury aged 1 yr. & 10 Months
24/10/1756William Whiteof Cowel aged 51 years
31/10/1756William Pearceof Morton aged 12 years
31/10/1756Elizabeth Groveof Thornbury aged 16 years
9/11/1756Judith Thurstonof Thornbury
14/11/1756Bridget Wilcoxof Thornbury aged 60 years
21/12/1756Thomas Osborneof Thornbury aged 18 years
26/12/1756Edward Thurstonof Kington aged 12 years
9/1/1757James Allenof the Hackett an Infant.
9/1/1757William Hainesof Oldbury an Infant.
13/1/1757Richard Pickof Thornbury an Infant.
16/1/1757Henry Taylorof Thornbury
23/1/1757Mary Smithof Thornbury
28/1/1757Elizabeth Bennettof Buckover aged 36 years
12/2/1757Mary Judgesof Thornbury aged 18 years
13/2/1757Ann Huntat Oldbury
13/2/1757William Huntat Oldbury aged 36 years
6/3/1757Thomas Curnockof Milbury Heath aged 68 years
20/3/1757Sarah Bennettof Buckover aged 80 years
7/4/1757Sarah Latchof Thornbury an Infant.
1/5/1757Mary Mayof Oldbury aged 56 years
5/5/1757John Thurstonat Oldbury aged 36 years
15/5/1757Sarah Coleof Buckover aged 76 years
1/6/1757Ann Vinerof Moreton aged 69 years
6/6/1757Mary Hollandof Thornbury aged 40 years
9/6/1757John Fordof Thornbury aged 20 years
4/9/1757Mary Gordonof Alveston aged 83 years
7/9/1757Francis Rogersof Thornbury aged 65 years
18/9/1757Gwynn Priceof Thornbury aged 62 years
22/9/1757James Mooreof Thornbury aged 35 years
26/9/1757Daniel Osborneof Thornbury aged 62 years
27/9/1757Elizabeth Pritchardof Moreton aged 15 years
6/10/1757Betty Millsof Thornbury aged 6 years
16/10/1757Hannah Lepper
23/10/1757Sarah Hopkinsof Kington aged 42 years
30/10/1757Betty Hale
3/11/1757Betty Curtheysfrom the Work house aged 64 years
20/11/1757Elizabeth Lawrencefrom Bristol aged 26 years
16/12/1757Joseph Taylorof oldbury
1/1/1758Stephen Hopkinsof Thornbury aged 57 years
9/1/1758Nathaniel Salmonof Thornbury aged 10 Months
23/1/1758John Latchof Thornbury an Infant.
31/1/1758Hester Nealeof Thornbury aged 76 years
23/2/1758William Withersof Moreton
25/2/1758Mary Cullimoreof Whitefield aged 49 years
26/2/1758Richard Tombsof Oldbury
26/2/1758Dinah Mayof Oldbury aged 14 months
26/3/1758Ann Barrowof Sibland aged 83 years
17/4/1758Mary Popeof Oldbury aged 40 years
19/4/1758Thomas Williamsfrom the Workhouse aged 4 years
15/5/1758Elizabeth Osborneof Kington an Infant.
15/5/1758William Woosleyfrom ye Workhouse aged 2 years
6/6/1758Jane Brookeof Thornbury aged 94 years
1/7/1758Mary Huntof Oldbury aged 24 years
9/7/1758Sarah Cullimoreof Falfield aged 73 years
11/7/1758Thomas Groveof Thornbury aged 14 years
12/7/1758Anna Nealeof Thornbury aged 62 years
19/7/1758Thomas Ellbredof Thornbury aged 44 years
22/7/1758base Child of Joanna Phillips not Baptized
23/7/1758Ann Wadeof Thornbury aged 40 years
28/7/1758Sarah Morganof Thornbury
28/7/1758John Cullimoreof Thornbury
30/8/1758Elizabeth Taylorof Thornbury aged 39 years
31/8/1758John Saundersof Thornbury aged 1 year
7/9/1758Joanna Phillipsof Thornbury
26/9/1758Fowler Royalof Thornbury aged 6 years
23/10/1758Betty Brainof Kington aged 23 years
25/10/1758Mary Aylworthof Thornbury aged 85 years
2/11/1758Mary Saundersthe Workhouse aged 42 years
19/11/1758John Lawrenceof Moreton aged 2 years
20/11/1758Ann Cullimoreof Whitefield aged 10 years
31/11/1758John Fordof Thornbury aged 7 years
1/1/1759Martha Beardof Oldbury aged 45 years
2/1/1759Ann Rudgeof Thornbury aged 30 years
5/1/1759Joseph Thurstonof Thornbury aged 6 years
9/1/1759Richard Jonesof Oldbury aged 55 years
14/1/1759Thomas Lippiattof Thornbury aged 72 years
15/1/1759Thomas Linkeof Oldbury aged 69 years
11/2/1759Ann Jenkinsof Cowel aged 2 years
20/2/1759James Moorefrom the Workhouse aged 2 years
21/2/1759Mary Arnoldof Moreton aged 4 years
14/3/1759James Cullimoreof Moreton aged 72 years
31/3/1759Betty Rimerof Oldbury an Infant.
31/3/1759James Daviesof Chepstow drownd in Severn
20/4/1759John Walkerof Thornbury aged 75 years
29/4/1759Elizabeth Jamesof Thornbury aged 52 years
29/4/1759Thomas Gazardof Moreton aged 3 years
15/5/1759Betty Harperof Thornbury aged 33 years
15/5/1759Mary Williamsof Thornbury aged 40 years
25/51759Thomas Knappat Oldbury aged 8 years
27/5/1759Daniel Morganof Thornbury
29/5/1759Betty Bartlett Harperof Thornbury aged 1 Mth
10/6/1759Henry Clarkof Thornbury aged 3 Mths
11/6/1759Hetty Bartonof Kington an Infant.
8/7/1759Ruth Dyerat Oldbury aged 40 years
8/7/1759William Walkerof Thornbury aged 1 year
9/7/1759William Pruettat Oldbury aged 59 years
11/7/1759Rose Birchfrom the Workhouse
25/7/1759Thomas Smithof Thornbury aged 59 years
1/8/1759John Taylorof Thornbury aged 3 years
1/8/1759Daniel Taylorof Thornbury aged 2 years
13/8/1759Ann Davisof Moreton aged 6 Mths
5/9/1759William Groveof Thornbury aged 2 years
5/9/1759Rachel Nealeof Thornbury aged 4 years
7/9/1759Margaret Symondsat Oldbury aged 30 years
13/9/1759Mary Robertsfrom the Workhouse Aged 2 years
13/9/1759Sarah Whitefieldof Thornbury aged 13 years
14/9/1759Martha Groveof Thornbury
2/10/1759Andrew Whitefieldof Thornbury
2/10/1759John Hicksof Thornbury an Infant
2/10/1759Betty Saveryof Cowel an Infant.
12/10/1759George Corshamof Thornbury aged 1 year
22/10/1759Thomas Lucasof Thornbury Aged 55 years
30/10/1759Thomas Pickof Thornbury aged 3 Mths
11/11/1759John Mayat Oldbury aged 12 years
23/11/1759Sarah Latchof Thornbury aged 9 Mths
11/12/1759Charles Newmanof Sibland aged 14 years
25/12/1759Elizabeth Hicksfrom the Workhouse
31/12/1759John Rimerof Oldbury aged 12 years