Thornbury Burials 1770 -1779

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We are not sure if the ‘At’ column shows the place where burial service was held or where the person lived. Key: Thornbury (Thy), Burrough (Bur), Oldbury (Old), Kington (Kgt), Morton (Mtn), Sibland (Sib), Grovesend (Gro), Milbury Heath (Mil), Tytherington (Tyn), Eastwood (Esd), Workhouse (Wkh), Iron Acton, and Bristol (Brs)

Burial DateNameNotesAt
5/1/1770James WadeFarrier. aet. 55.Bur
11/1/1770Thomas Hulbertaet. 24.Bur
12/1/1770Mary Walker (Thomas)Relict of John Hawker of Oldbury buried in Thornbury Church Yard, aet. 81.Old
21/1/1770Winifrede ChampneisDr. of John French late of Thornbury, Cordwainer, and Relict of Richard Champneis late of this Parish, Clerk.) aet. 75.Thy
25/1/1770John LydiattOf Oldbury. Labourer, (Widower) aet. 64.Old
11/2/1770Anne Hawkinsinfant Dr. of William and Mary Hawkins.Thy
11/2/1770James BlanchSon of Jonathan Blanch of Urcutt. His Remains were deposited in Thornbury Church Yard. He was a Quaker, and aged about 26.Thy
21/2/1770Roger LuceInfant Son of Richard and Sarah Luce.Thy
26/2/1770Anne TaylorSecond Wife of William Taylor, aet. 60 odd yrs.Thy
5/3/1770Mathew Hunt Adamsinfant.Old
11/3/1770Sarah Spickeaged about 28.Thy
14/3/1770John Dayinfant.Old
26/3/1770Amy SaundersWife to Joseph Saunders, Publican, aged 30Thy
8/4/1770Anne NewmanWife to Charles Newman, aged 59.Sib
15/4/1770John WilsonSon of Thomas and Mary Wilson, aged 11.Mtn
29/4/1770Abraham Riddefordaet. at 48.Old
6/5/1770Un-namedA dead born child of Mr. Kingsmill and Esther Grove of Bristol, was deposited in the Chancell - - Thy
6/5/1770Mary ManuelWife of John Machin, aged 87.Mtn
8/5/1770William MillsSon of Joseph and Hannah Mills, aged 19.Thy
13/5/1770Henrietta BarnettInfant Dr. of Benjamin and Anne Barnett.Thy
3/6/1770Martha Oldinginft Dr. of James & Sarah Olding.Thy
15/6/1770Mary NicholsDr. of John and Barbara Nichols of Iron-Acton in this County aet. 5 yrs. Buried in Thonbury Church yard.Iac
25/6/1770William CollinsSon of William & Sarah Collins of Eastwood aet. 3 yrs.Esd
29/6/1770William Nelmsinfant Son of Abraham and Mary Nelms.Mtn
5/7/1770Mary Latchinfant Dr. of Joseph & Mary Latch of - - - - -Thy
22/7/1770Enoch PitcherInfant.Thy
27/7/1770John GroveButcher, aged upwards of 72.Thy
18/8/1770Mary GreenwardDr. of William Greenwood Junr. aet. 6.Thy
9/9/1770Thomas Rimoreaet. 46.Old
9/9/1770Margarett HicksInfant.Thy
16/9/1770John NicholsSon of Susannah Nichols. aet. 2.Thy
20/9/1770John PowellSon of George Powell, aet. 7.Thy
20/9/1770Thomas TurkSon of Arthur Turk, aet. 5.Mtn
22/9/1770Rachel AdamsRelict of Wm Baker wife of Mr. Thoms Adams, aet. 48.Old
27/9/1770Thomas Adams,infant Son of Mr. Samuel Adams.Old
1/10/1770Hester AllinWife of Francis Allin. aet. 38.Gro
4/10/1770Elizabeth Carterdr. of John & Sarah Carter. aet,. circa. 2.Thy
7/10/1770Unity (Aldridge)Wife of Richard Williams (Tiler) aet. 61.Thy
11/10/1770Mary (Roach)Relict of John Child; aet. 63.Mtn
14/10/1770John Mayaet. 8. S. of John & Betty May of Oldbury.Old
13/11/1770Rachel Hudsonaet. between 7 and 8 yrs.Thy
30/11/1770John Popeaet. 60.Thy
30/12/1770James NealeSon of Daniel and Sarah Neale, aet. 89yrs. 5 mths.Old
1/1/1771Elizabeth ScammelWidow, aet. 82.Thy
6/1/1771William Cossham,Son of John Goodenough Cossham and Mary his wife aet about one yr & five mths.Thy
13/1/1771Anne Watkinsrelict of George Watkins. aet. circa 62.Thy
21/1/1771John Putleyaet. 60.Thy
22/1/1771John Lewisformerly a mariner aged 75Thy
25/1/1771Benjamin Stevensaet. circa 8 yrs.Old
10/2/1771Cornelius Ailworthaet 89.Thy
17/3/1771George Hawkeraet. circa 34Old
20/3/1771Mary HobbsInft. dr. of James Hobbs.Thy
25/3/1771William Latchinft Son of Joseph Latch.Thy
5/4/1771Nancy MachinInft. Dr. of Wm and Mary Machin.Old
6/4/1771George Phillipsof Redwick, Com: Monmouth, aet. 40.Thy
9/4/1771William Salmoninft. S. of Brice-Webb and Hannah Salmon.Thy
16/4/1771Sarah Camplinof Crossways, widow; aet. between 70 & 80.Mtn
16/4/1771Elizabeth KnappWife of James Knapp, aet. Smallpox.Thy
20/4/1771Betty Davisdr. of William and Jane Davis, aet. 22 Suppd. SmallpoxThy
25/4/1771Maria Hopkinsdr. of Thomas & Mary Hopkins, aet. circ. 8.Kgn
29/4/1771Susanna SheermanSpinster; aet. 72.Thy
1/5/1771Margarett OsbornWife of William Osborn Senr. aet. 53. SmallpoxKgn
15/5/1771Thomas AdamsInfant Son of William & Sarah Adams.Old
16/5/1771Sarah SmithDr. of Thos Smith & wife to Thos Sparkes. aet. 66.Thy
26/5/1771Sarah Cleverlyinft Dr. of Hugh & Anna Cleverly.Thy
26/5/1771John Pearcebase Chd. of Mary Pearce, inft.Mtn
26/5/1771Anna (Thurston)Relict of John Harvest (Deceased) aet. 80.Thy
5/6/1771William BartlettYeoman, aet. 66.Kgn
12/6/1771Susannah Withersinft. Dr. of John & Anna Withers.Thy
19/6/1771Joseph WilliamsLabourer, aet. 47.Thy
7/7/1771Hannah JonesDr. of William Jones, wife of Thomas Taylor, aet. 58 buried in Thornbury Church yard.Old
24/7/1771Betty Trayherninft Dr. of William & Esther TrayhernThy
26/7/1771George Thurstonaet. 83.Thy
11/8/1771Betty CarterWife of Saml. Carter, aet. 77.Thy
28/8/1771Anne IslesWife of Joseph Isles, aet. 47.Thy
1/9/1771Anne Greenaet. 53.Thy
2/9/1771Mrs. Anne ParnellEldest daughter of Mr. Hugh and Sarah Parnell of Kingswood in the County of Wilts, died Augst. ye 31st 1771 at ye House of her nephew Mr. Hugh Parnell in Kgn in this Parish. aet. 60. and was in the Church Yard of the Parish of Charfield.buried September 2d 1771.Kgn
5/9/1771Joseph Goughaet. circa 60. His Death was occasioned by a fall from a Waggon.Mil
13/9/1771Margarett Fothergillonly Dr. of Samuel Fothergill of Bristol and Ursula Grove, Dr. of William Grove of Thornbury Apothy. his Wife. aet 4 months. Buried from Bristol.Brs
15/9/1771A Dead Born Childof Mr. Kingsmill Grove and Esther his wife was deposited in the Chancell of this Church.Brs
20/9/1771Anne CurnockWife of John Curnock, Labourer, aet. 42.Old
29/9/1771Elizabeth Reecebase infant of Sarah Reece.Old
18/10/1771Thomas TaylorSon of Joseph and Hannah Taylor, aet: 5.Thy
6/12/1771Jeremiah WalkerCordwainer, aet. 79.Old
14/12/1771Thomas Leachinfant Son of Thos Leach, a player.Thy
12/1/1772Mary VinesWidow. aet. above 60.Mtn
24/1/1772Jane PearceRelict of Philip Pearce, Blacksmith, aet.Thy
27/1/1772Elizabeth Leonard(Dr. of Thomas Barrow) Relict of William Leonard. A. 51.Old
5/2/1772Alicia ThurstonDr. of late Mr. Hugh Thurston, & Alice his Wife. aet. 23.Thy
5/2/1772John MartinLabourer, aet. 47.Thy
6/2/1772William Carterinft. Son of John and Sarah Carter.Thy
11/2/1772John LippiattSon of Thos. & Mahitabel Lippiatt, aet. 12.Mtn
16/2/1772Jane ThomasInfant Dr. of George Thomas.Mtn
23/2/1772Richard Dyeraet. 55.Old
3/3/1772James Goffeinft Son of John & Anne Goffe.Mil
8/3/1772Sarah Leachinft Dr. of Benjn. & Kathne. Leach.Thy
22/3/1772John Everett,Inft Son of William & Elizabeth Everett.Old
19/4/1772Mary Poperelick of .... Horne(?) late of Bridgewater, Mariner, She was bought from Bristol where she died. aet. about 60.
22/4/1772Elizabeth (Horwood)Wife of John May, fisherman, aet. 44.Old
6/5/1772Thomas Coventryinft. Son of Thomas and Betty Coventry.Thy
6/5/1772Sarah ShipwayDr. of Robin Shipway andThy
7/6/1772John Grove of Alveston butcher, aet. 28.
14/6/1772Robert Pountneyaet. 51.Thy
21/6/1772Charles Kingstonaet cir. 62.Thy
21/6/1772John BattisonOfficer of Excise, aet. 50. (of York). buried at OldburyOld
24/6/1772John TrayhernFisherman, aet. 30.Old
25/6/1772Thomas Powellaet. 45.Thy
27/6/1772Lewis Watkinsaet circa 15.Wkh
7/7/1772Daniel NicholsSon of John and Barbara Nichols, aet. 5. wks. from Iron Acton Burd. in ye Ch. Yard; Thy.Iac
8/7/1772Sarah Ricketsaet. 37.Thy
26/7/1772Thomas WalkerThatcher. aet. 74.Thy
26/7/1772William Cullimoreinft Son, of John & Hannah Cullimore.Thy
13/8/1772Mary WilliamsDr. of Rinah & Betty Williams, aet. 9.Mtn
31/8/1772Mary OsborneRelict of Daniel Osborne, aet.Thy
4/9/1772Thomas Smartbase chd. of Anne Smart, burd. in Thorny. Ch Yd.Old
9/9/1772Anne OvensDr. of John Ovens late of the City of Bristol, second wife of Benjamin Parnell of Titherington; she died at Titherington August 30th. aet. 52. and was buried near her Sister Mary Ovens, in Thornbury Church Yard.Tyn
22/9/1772Hannah LucasWife of Samuel Lucas, aet. 22.Thy
1/10/1772Mary LucasInft Dr. of the above Hannah Lucas.Thy
9/10/1772John FaceyBreeches Maker, aet. 76.Thy
1/11/1772James Longdeninft Son of LongdenThy
4/11/1772Mary SharpWife of John Sharp, aged 47.Thy
6/11/1772Henry Bathof Brinkworth, Com: Wilts. Agd. 74.Kgn
8/11/1772Sarah Cowleyinft Dr. of Wm Cowley. privately baptisedThy
15/11/1772John BarnettInft Son of Benjn. Barnett. privately baptisedThy
29/11/1772Sarah CullimoreInft Dr. of Tim Cullimore. privately baptisedThy
3/12/1772Thomas Tileyaged 46.Thy
10/12/1772Rachael LongdenWidow, aged between 70 & 80.Wkh
15/12/1772Margaret GillamWife (first to Richd Gillam, pigkiller, secondly to Timothy Cullimore, Labourer)Thy
19/12/1772William Scottaet. 59, buried from Cromhall
20/12/1772Mary WilsonDr. of Thomas & Mary Wilson, aet. 8.Mtn
27/12/1772James Drinkwateraet. 62.Thy
4/1/1773Anne WatkinsDr. of Thomas (deceased) and Sarah Watkins, aet. 14.Thy
14/1/1773Johanna StoneSpinster. aet. cir. 61.Thy
12/2/1773Thomas WilliamsSon of Thomas (deceased) and Jane Williams, aet. 8.Wkh
8/3/1773William Dangerfieldaet. Small poxThy
28/3/1773William Jonesof Oldbury, buried in Thornbury Church yard. on his coffin was put at his desire, Aged 101. but it is said he was about 87.Old
7/4/1773Esther (Cox)relict of William Olive, aet. 53Bkm
9/4/1773Anne Walkerinft. Dr. of William and Mary Walker (burd. at Thornbury)Cowell
9/4/1773Jonathan BartonButcher, aet. 67.Thy
9/4/1773Thomas ThomasSon of Sarah Thomas, aet. 11.Thy
11/4/1773James Longdenaet. 27.Mil
14/4/1773Margarett Mullingtonaet. 42.Thy
16/4/1773Anne WooseleyDr. of the late John, and Elizabeth Wooseley aet. cir. 16 or 17.Wkh
18/4/1773Eli MaySon of John May. aet. cir. 3.Old
18/4/1773Thomas Webbaet. 74.Thy
3/5/1773Mary JonesRelict of Thomas Jones, aet. 61.Old
23/5/1773William MaySon of John May and his wife. aet. 6.Old
25/5/1773Susannah HuddWife of Joseph Hudd, Cordwainer, aet. cir. 44.Thy
9/6/1773Henry Wear Esqr.ob. June 5, 1773. at Bristol, aet. 63. Buried in Thornbury Church.Brs
2/7/1773Luke AdamsBatchelor, aet. 30.Old
4/7/1773Mary MorganSecond wife of Richd Morgan, Tiler; aet. 43.Thy
10/7/1773John Trotmanaet. 26. (see Mary Trotman)Thy
10/7/1773Mary TrotmanDr. of the said John Trotman and Esther his Wife, aet. 2yrs 6 months both buried at ye same time and in the same grave.
22/7/1773Peter MorganLabourer, aet. cir. 36.Thy
24/7/1773Solomon Childof Moreton, Butcher. aet. 30. SmallpoxThy
27/7/1773James RicketsSon of Thomas Rickets, aet. 7. Smallpox.
11/8/1773Edward Wisseof Moreton, aet. 69.Thy
15/8/1773Mary Pruettaet. between 2 and 3, Smallpox. She was some time ago brought here from Somersettshire and put to nurse with John Nott.,Thy
22/8/1773Kingsmill FothergillS. of Samuel & Ursula Fothergill, aet. betw. 2, & 3.Brought from Bristol.Thy
2/9/1773John Phillip Humphreysaet. 3 years 6 months at Oldbury
15/9/1773Mary (Reeve)relict of John Humphreys aet. 68, 11 months brought from Aust at Oldbury
24/9/1773Mary WebbDr of John Webb of Wickwar wife of William Hathway. aet. cir. 44. burd. at - -Old
30/9/1773John Millsaet. 95.Thy
24/10/1773Jane WhitefieldWife of William Williams. aet. Buried at OldburyOld
3/11/1773Elisabeth KnappDr. of James Knapp, Farrier, aet. 22. buried at Thornbury.Thy
24/11/1773William Bigleyaet. 70. buried atOld
18/12/1773Mr. William Cullimoreaet 39. SmallpoxThy
2/1/1774Joseph Gazardof Oldbury. Labr. aet. 71, buried at - -Old
2/1/1774William GroveSon of John and Grove, aet. 8 months.Thy
4/1/1774Paul Dayaet. 37.Old
20/1/1774Susannah WearWife of Henry Wear Esqr, aet. 45. died at Bristol, burd. in ye Church atThy
30/1/1774John Machinof Moreton, Farmer, aet. 76.Thy
3/2/1774Sarah CarterWife of John Carter, Butcher, aet. 40.Thy
3/2/1774Thomas WalkerButcher, aet. 55.Thy
6/2/1774Hannah Richardsinft. Dr. of Thomas & Mary Richards.Thy
7/3/1774Mary GroveDr. of the late Revd. Mr Grove, brought from Wotton, buried in the Chancel; aet. 65, upon the coffin. By the Register in her Fathers hand hand writing, She was baptised May 8, 1707.Thy
13/3/1774Solomon FaceySon of John & Ruth Facey. aet. circ. 23 or. 24.Thy
22/3/1774Sarah ThurstonWife of Anselm Thurston, aet. 67, buried in the Church at Old
28/3/1774Bettya poor travelling woman, unknown, supposed to be between (50 and 60) Her husband went off as soon as she died They had been in the town about four days.Thy
6/4/1774Anselm Thurstonaet. 65. buried in the Church at OldburyOld
21/4/1774William Powellaet. 39.Thy
27/4/1774Phoebe Wooseleybase child of Betty Wooseley.Thy
28/4/1774Elizabeth RickettsRelict of James Ricketts, aet. 75.Thy
4/5/1774Jonathan Bartoninfant Son of John and Sarah Barton.Thy
22/5/1774Lydia FaceyWife of Griffin (or Griffith) Facey, aet. betw. 70 & 80.Thy
22/5/1774John Childinfant Son of Thomas, and Anne Child.Thy
28/5/1774Mary DunnDr. of Joseph and Anne Dunn, of Whitfield, aet. 26. Smallpox.Thy
2/6/1774Winifred (Niblett)relict of James Lacey, late of Wotton, shoemaker; aet. 46.Thy
8/6/1774John Bell Oliveinft. Bastard Child of Lucy Olive.Thy
29/6/1774John WilcoxS. of John & Mary Wilcox, aet. 26. (Brought from Lateridge) Smallpox.Thy
12/7/1774Thomas Bartonof Kgn, aet. 59.Thy
26/7/1774Joseph Pitcherinft. Son of William & Jane Pitcher.Thy
27/7/1774Kingsmill Groveinft. Son & only Child of Mr. Kingsmill Grove of Bristol, and Esther his Wife, Buried in the Chancel at He died at Henbury. Several that is four dead-born Children of the above person are interred in the said Chancell.Thy
3/8/1774Esther (Pountney)Wife of the aforesaid Kingsmill Grove, She died of a consumption at Henbury, aet 28. in ye Chancell atThy
5/8/1774John Gazardinfant Son of Thomas Gazard (Clerk of Oldbury) and Anne his Wife.Old
15/8/1774Mary HicksSingle Woman, aet. 55.Thy
18/8/1774Martha RimoreWidow, aet. 63.Old
22/8/1774Hannah SalmonWife of Brice Salmon, tanner. aet. 24.Thy
28/8/1774William SmithLate of Moreton in this Parish, labourer, brought from the Parish of Almondsbury, aet. 67.Thy
19/9/1774Thomas WilcoxSon of Thomas and Sarah Wilcox of Moreton, aet. 2.Thy
25/9/1774Luke Riddefordthe inft. Son of Abraham & Diana Riddeford.Old
25/9/1774Mary FordWife of Thomas Ford, aet. 47.Thy
14/10/1774Catharine DavisDr. of Richard Davis of Clyrough Com: Radnor Gent: relict of James Vaughan of Hinton Court Com: Hereford Esqr. Ob: 11 Octr. 1774. aet: (Upon the Cofin) 92. She was buried in the Church Yard near the Stone Stile, next to Castle GateThy
21/11/1774Mary BallWife of Samuel Ball of Oldbury fisherman, aet. 79.Old
4/12/1774William Tayloraet. 75.Thy
5/12/1774Betty NourseRelict of the late Elias Nourse, aet. sup. 60, but uncertain N.B. She had been long confined, being out of her mind.Thy
8/12/1774Simeon Tompkinsof Thornbury, gardiner, was buried at Rangeworthy.
14/12/1774Anne Fordof Moreton, aet. 44.Thy
31/12/1774Sarah Wilkinsrelict of Richard Wilkins, aet. 51.Thy
10/1/1775Mary SanigarWife of Thomas Sanigar aet.Old
13/1/1775Betty WilliamsWife of Rhinah Williams of the Parish of Llanmartin, Com: Monmouth. aet. circ. 35.Thy
16/1/1775William Nealaet. 75.Thy
22/1/1775James Rimoreaet. 9 weeks.Old
20/1/1775Elizsabeth CullimoreWife of Mr. James Cullimore, ob. Jany. 17. aet. 58.Thy
2/3/1775Elizabeth als Betty Cadhayaet. 29.Thy
14/3/1775Elisabeth DayDr. of James and Anne Day, aet. 7 et circ. 3/4. burd. at Old
27/3/1775Mary (Trayherne) CullimoreWife of John Cullimore aet. buried atOld
2/4/1775Thomas WelfordSon of Solomon and Jenny Smith, aet.Thy
4/4/1775James Davisof Moreton, aet. 34.Thy
6/4/1775William Thomasinft. Son of George & Jone Thomas.Thy
18/4/1775John Hawkerof Oldbury, aet. 54. burd. AtThy
20/4/1775Edward Reedof Moreton. aet. 72.Thy
23/4/1775Thomas Trayherneinft. SmallpoxOld
24/4/1775Mary WoodruffeWidow; aet, cir. 60.Thy
26/4/1775Mary Wysseof Crossways, widow, aet. 64.Thy
28/4/1775Martha Plantinft. dr. of John and Luretta Plant.Old
7/5/1775Sarah Suggsthe Wife of George Suggs, aet. 30.Thy
5/6/1775William SaundersS. of Joseph and Anne Saunders. Smallpox.Thy
20/6/1775Sarah RiddleWife of Riddle died at Moreton, burd. at Old
23/6/1775Joseph Saundersof the Bell, aet. SmallpoxThy
2/7/1775Joseph Saundersinft. Smallpox.Thy
2/7/1775Elizabeth Bennettrelict of Joseph Bennett, aet. 62.Thy
9/7/1775Richard Hainesaet. 36.Thy
7/8/1775John Hathewayinfant Son of Daniel and Elizabeth Hatheway.Thy
9/8/1775Henry CroomeLabourer, aet.Thy
Elizabeth MarshWife of Mr. John Marsh died at Thornbury 1775 and was buried at Almondsbury. aet.
13/8/1775Anne Smithof Moreton, spinster, aet: 32.Thy
3/9/1775Margarett Bath infant child of Mr. Nevile Bath of Bristol, and Lydia his Wife.Thy
13/9/1775Mr. Henry Cottonlate of Bristol, aet. 26. buried in the Church.Thy
13/9/1775Francis HiggsTaylor, aet: 56.Thy
4/10/1775John Cullimoreof Moreton, Gent. ob. Octr. 1st. aet. 65. buried in ye Church.Thy
9/10/1775Sarah BlanchWife of William Blanch of Kgn, aet. 54.Thy
15/10/1775John Leggof Winterborne, supposed to be about 50 N.B. he was crushed to death, working in the Stone Quarry in Upper Kgn, by the falling in of the Earth, &c.Thy
18/10/1775Sarah Bartoninft Dr. of John & Sarah Barton.Thy
22/10/1775Sarah Reecesupposed about 30.Thy
23/10/1775James Longdenof Crossways aet.Thy
2/11/1775Richard Hobbyaet.Thy
9/12/1775Elisabeth (Pullen)Wife of Anthony Wisse, aet. 57.Thy
28/12/1775Anne GoughhRelict of Joseph Goughh, aet. 65.Thy
31/12/1775Maria MartinBase Child of Betty Martin. Inft.Thy
Patience MillsNovember 1775. Relict of John Mills aet. 79.Thy
2/1/1776Elizabeth SavoryWife of John Savory of Cowhill, aet.Old
7/1/1776Betty Savoryinft. Dr. of John and Elizabeth Savory.Old
20/1/1776Thomas Bartoninft. Son of William & Sarah Hatheway.Thy
22/1/1776Sarah CloseRelict of William Close, aet. 71.Old
22/1/1776Edward Hicksaet. 34.Thy
2/2/1776Anne Coxrelick of John Cox, aet. 52. Brought from the Ship at Alveston, and buried in the Church Yard.Thy
8/2/1776William Hawkinsaet. Smallpox.Thy
24/2/1776Mary Hawkinsrelick of the above William Hawkins, aet.SmallpoxThy
25/2/1776John Goodenough Cosshamaet.Thy
17/3/1776Mary NicholsWidow, aet.Thy
17/3/1776Elizabeth Parkergrandchild of Mary Nichols aet. Brought from Doddington.Thy
31/3/1776Anne TysonInft. Dr. of Edward & Anne Tyson of Bistol. Brought from Bristol, and buried in the Church Yard.Thy
5/5/1776Thomas Machinaet. 84.Old
12/5/1776Thomas Ricketsaet. SmallpoxThy
26/5/1776Dr. of Thomas Rickets. Smallpox.Thy
18/6/1776John Reedaet. 30.Thy
19/6/1776John Allenaet. 21.Thy
23/6/1776Ann DayWife of Samuel Day, aet. 32.Old
6/8/1776Hannah MartinDr. of John and Anne Martin, aet. 4.Wkh
11/8/1776Hannah Thorn2d Wife of John Thorn of Crossways, aet: 53.Thy
18/8/1776Mary WicksDr. of Edward and Mary Wicks, aet. 17.Thy
18/8/1776Thomas Walkerbase child of Judith Walker WorkhouseThy
29/8/1776Carolina Gasgoineaet. 36.Old
29/9/1776Mary HainesWidow.Thy
6/10/1776Anne RichardsWife of Thomas Richards, aet. circ. 70.Thy
16/10/1776Hannah SmithWife of Solomon Smith, Senr. aet. 71.Thy
22/10/1776........ Nott,inft. Son ofThy
27/10/1776John Gazard(late baptisÕd at Oldbury) infant Son of Thomas Gazard, Clerk of Oldbury.Old
28/10/1776Robert Crumpaet. SmallpoxOld
17/11/1776Hannah Rimoreaet. brought from Bristol Infirmary. SmallpoxOld
24/11/1776Mary LucasRelict of Thomas Lucas, Supposed to be 74.Thy
4/12/1776Rachel NealeDr. of Arthur and Neale, aet. 15 Natural SmallpoxThy
8/12/1776Robert Symmondsaet. Natural Smallpox.Old
24/12/1776Elizabeth SearchWife of John Search, aet. 50. Natural SmallpoxThy
24/12/1776Betty Nealebase child of Hester Neale, aet: 12 Natural Smallpox.Thy
24/12/1776..... GastrellGastrell, Spinster, sister to Gastrell of the Bourough, Cooper, died of the Smallpox, and was buried at in Wiltshire.
28/12/1776Mary Martinaet. Natural SmallpoxThy
12/1/1777...... ParkerWife of Isaac Parker of Tythern. aet. 63. Natural Smallpox Brought from Tytherington.Old
15/1/1777Christophe Thorneinft. Son of Alexander & Mary Thorne Natural Smallpox.Thy
23/1/1777Esther ReedDr. of Edward & Maria Reed, of Hill, aet. 12. Brought from Hill. Natural Smallpox.Thy
24/1/1777Jane Pitcherinft. Dr. of William and Jane Pitcher. Natural Smallpox.Thy
24/1/1777Thomas Hathewayinft. S. of William & Sarah Hatheway.Thy
27/1/1777Jane LewisRelict of John Lewis, aet. 66.Thy
27/1/1777Anne CullimoreWife of Thomas Cullimore, aet. 60. Natural Smallpox.Thy
3/2/1777Anne JamesWife of John James, aet. circ. 40 Smallpox.Old
12/2/1777Roger LuceS. of Richard Luce, barber, and Sarah his wife, aet. 34 yrs 1/2.Thy
13/2/1777Mary BirtD. of William and Elizabeth Birt, aet. 13.Thy
16/2/1777......... Curnockinft. Son of Thomas & Hannah Curnock.Old
18/2/1777Hezekiah Tuggwell(supposed to be abt 23 yrs of age) Natural Smallpox.Old
27/2/1777John Rudgeaet. 70.Thy
28/2/1777Elizabeth CrowtherRelict of Crowther aet. 85. In the ChurchThy
1/3/1777John HuntSon ofThy
1/3/1777Samuel Stevensaet. cir. 19.Old
12/3/1777Anne BiddleWife of Robert Biddle, aet. 56.Thy
12/3/1777Thomas Wilsoninft. Son of Thos. & Esther Wilson. Natural Smallpox.Thy
17/3/1777John TrotmanSon of John & Esther Trotman (now Wilson) aet. 4. Natural Smallpox.Thy
30/3/1777Anne Trayherne(Third) Wife of Isaac Trayherne of Oldbury, aet. 57.Old
9/4/1777Samuel Carteraet. 80.Thy
17/4/1777Elizabeth (Cope)Wife of Jonathan Parslow, aet. 60. Brought from Alveston. In ChancellThy
7/5/1777John HancockFisherman, aet. 52. Drowned in the River Severne by the oversetting of his boat, while he was fishing.Old
31/5/1777Mary ........relict of ..... aet. cir. 55. aet. cir. 55. Natural Smallpox.Thy
13/6/1777James HellierSon of the late John and Margarett Hellier; aet. 28. Brought from the Infirmary, Bristol.Old
20/6/1777Andrew WhitefieldClerk of this Parish, aet: 62.Thy
13/7/1777Richard Croomof Crossways, aet. 79.Thy
19/7/1777Jane PitcherWife of William Pitcher, aet. 40.Thy
23/7/1777Sarah WalkerDr. of the late Thomas and Mary, Walker. aet. 14. Natural SmallpoxThy
5/8/1777Benjamin Payneaet. 54.Thy
10/8/1777Solomon Davisof Moreton, aet. 67.Thy
22/8/1777Mary Bennettrelict of John Bennett, aet. 81.Thy
27/8/1777Sarah MeredithSpinster, aet. 25.Thy
5/9/1777George Thomasof Sibland, aet. 85.Thy
5/9/1777Robert Allinof Falfield, aet. 81.Thy
15/9/1777John Lippiattof the Bourough, aet. 56.Thy
29/9/1777Elizabeth Payssera young woman who hanged herself on Friday the 26th of this month. N.B. The Coroners Inquest brought in that she was Lunatic and Distracted.Old
12/10/1777William KnightSon of Aaron and Elizabeth Knight, aet. 4 yrs & 1/2.Thy
26/10/1777George WhitefieldClerk of this Parish, Son of the late Clerk; aet. 29. N.B. He was subject to epileptic fits. Being at work in his business as a Glazier, on Thurday the 23d inst. at Moreton in this parish, into a pool, near the window, was suffocated.Thy
16/11/1777Barbara NicholsThe wife of John Nichols of Iron-Acton; aet. 34. brought from thence, and buried here.Thy
19/11/1777John CullimoreSon of John & Elizabeth Cullimore. aet. 3.Thy
22/11/1777Robert NicholsInfant son of John Nichols and Barbara his late wife. brought from Iron Acton.Thy
26/11/1777William EverettOld
27/11/1777Solomon Smiththe Younger, aet. 30.Thy
14/12/1777John PritchardButcher. aet. 44. N.B. He was thrown from his horse near Sugar Pool, returning from Bristol on Wednesday the 10th of Decr. int. and killed in the spill. The Coroners Inquest brought in Accidental Death.Thy
29/1/1778Anne Wiltshirebase child of Mary Wiltshire.Thy
4/2/1778Ruth FaceyRelict of John Facey, aet. 66.Thy
24/2/1778Sarah HiggsRelict of Francis Higgs, aet: 59.Thy
27/2/1778Abraham Nelmsof Moreton, aet. 30.Thy
1/3/1778Esther WilsonWife of Thomas Wilson Junr. aet. 28.Thy
10/3/1778Sarah Wilcoxinft. dr. of Thomas and Anne Wilcox of Moreton.Thy
12/3/1778John Longdingaet. 78.Thy
14/3/1778Mary Simmondsaet. 19.Thy
21/3/1778Hannah FowlerWife of Henry Fowler of Kgn, aet. 52.Thy
22/3/1778Thomas Gazardof Moreton, aet. 18.Thy
26/3/1778William JenkinsSon of late Thomas and Sarah Jenkins, aet. 17. He was born in Oldbury, but brought from Northwick.Old
22/4/1778Isaac BlanchSon of William Blanch Junr. and Anne his wife.Thy
26/4/1778Thomas Richardsaet. 84.Thy
29/4/1778James Greenwoodinft. Son of William & Mary Greenwood.Thy
3/5/1778John Niblett,Glazier, aet. 47.Thy
4/5/1778Esther SmithDr. of George and Sarah Smith; infant. Brought from Alveston Parish.Thy
21/5/1778Elizabeth HancockInft. Dr. of Joseph & Elizth. Hancock.Old
27/5/1778Mr. George Cottonin the Church, aet. 17. He died at Whitebrooke.Thy
29/5/1778Sarah GazardWife of Samuel Gazard. aet. 63.Thy
1/6/1778John Oliveaet. 63. He died at Tortworth.Thy
21/6/1778Timothy ChildSchoolmaster, aet. 41.Thy
22/6/1778Samuel CullimoreSon of Mr. John and Hannah Cullimore, Inft. died at Olveston.Thy
22/6/1778Mary Reedinft. Dr. of George & Mary ReedThy
24/6/1778James Smithof Cross-ways, aet. 71.Thy
26/6/1778Anne CullimoreDr. of Mr. John and Hannah Cullimore. aet. 2. died at Olveston.Thy
11/7/1778William Woodruffeaet. 19. He fell upon one of the prongs of a Pick, which pierced the brain.Thy
12/7/1778Sarah Hicksinft. D. of William and Dorothy Hicks.Thy
16/8/1778Thomas Sparkesaet. 70. (upon the coffin, but he is supposed to have been near 80).Thy
20/8/1778Thomas Hodgesinft. Son of Mr. John and Martha Hodges. Brought from Bristol.Thy
24/8/1778Mary MillsWife of Henry Mills, mason, aet. 45.Thy
3/10/1778Ann Spannrelict of Mr Walker Spann, aet. 73.Thy
14/10/1778Thomas ShillInfant Son of Isaac and Shill.Thy
5/11/1778Elizabeth HopkinsWidow, aet. 84. She was brought from Over.Thy
15/11/1778Esther BiggsBase infant child of Mary Biggs.Thy
18/11/1778Anne DunnWife of Joseph Dunn of Falfield, aet. 66.Thy
22/11/1778Sarah LippiattBase inft. chd. of Mary Smith.Thy
14/1/1779Daniel Nealeaet. 59.Old
18/1/1779John BiddleInft. Son of James and Mary Biddle.Old
7/2/1779Sarah Turkrelick of Thomas Turk, aet. 85. Brought from Henbury.Thy
7/2/1779John Whiteaet. 54. Brought from HillThy
19/2/1779John Lydiattinft. Son of John and Lydiatt.Old
22/2/1779Thomas Hillbase Son of Mary Hill.Thy
5/3/1779Thomas Taylorinft. Son of William and Esther Taylor.Thy
8/3/1779Joseph Walkerinft. Son of Joseph and Martha Walker.Thy
16/3/1779John Wilcoxinft son of William and Rachell Wilcox.Old
16/3/1779William Luceinft. son of Richard and Sarah Luce.Thy
24/3/1779Anne Riddefordaet. 18.Old
30/3/1779Anne LydiattWife of John Lydiatt, aet. 36. from Oldbury.Thy
1/4/1779Thomas Cullimoreinft. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cullimore.Thy
7/4/1779Mary Thomasinft. Dr. of George and Joan Thomas.Thy
11/4/1779John Huettaet. 66.Thy
16/4/1779Anne HaywardWife of Richard Hayward, Tanner, aet. 34.Thy
1/5/1779William Nealeaet. 64.Old
9/5/1779Thomas FordSon of Joseph and Anne Ford, inft.Thy
12/5/1779Joseph Floudaet. 51.Thy
26/5/1779Mary TaylorWidow (brought from Bristol) aet. 67.Thy
22/6/1779Thomas Wilsonaet. 50. His death was occasioned by being run down on Old Down at a Horse race, on Wednesday the 16th June; he died ye Saturday night following. The Corners certificate for burial sent.Thy
25/6/1779Mary Groveaet. 32.Thy
30/6/1779Thomas Groveof Buckover. aet. 45.Thy
8/7/1779Thomas Guillamaet. 45. Natural SmallpoxThy
11/7/1779Hannah MillsDr. of John & Sarah Mills, aet. cir. 7.Thy
11/7/1779Anne Watkinsbase child of Sarah Watkins; aet. cir. 4.Thy
29/7/1779John WhitefieldInft. Son of John and Martha Whitefield.Thy
6/8/1779Mr. William GwinnettMaster of the Free Grammer School, aet. 60.Thy
10/8/1779Robert ShipwayLate of this parish aet. 65. He was brought from Frampton Cotterel.Thy
12/8/1779Francis Allenaet. 56. He dislocated his neck by falling over a wall.Thy
28/8/1779Ann Withersinft. Dr. of Richard and Sarah Withers.Thy
11/9/1779Nicholas Faceyaet. 70.Thy
15/9/1779Elisabeth CollinsWife of Thomas Collins of Eastwood, aet. 39.Thy
7/11/1779Thomas BartonSon of John Barton, Butcher, and Sarah his wife. aet. 3.Thy
9/12/1779Sarah KnottDr. of Francis and Mary Knott, aet. 3. Brought from Charleton.Thy
13/12/1779William Blanch Junr.of Kgn, aet. 23.Thy
14/12/1779Rebecca BeckertonRelict of John Beckerton, aet. 78. {upon the Coffin, but qd. whether so old).Thy
15/12/1779Mrs. Sarah Tyleraet. 57. She died at Worcester (unmarried) and was brought here, and buried in the Church near to the family of Raymond.Thy