Thornbury Burials 1780 -1789

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The ‘At’ column shows the Church where the burial service was held, not necessarily the place where the person was buried: Thornbury(Thy) or Oldbury (Old)

Burial DateNameNotesAt
24/1/1780Thomas Nelmesof Clapton, Berkeley. aet. 58.Thy
27/1/1780William DavisThornbury Carrier, aet. 67.Thy
30/1/1780Sarah JonesWife of Thomas Jones, aet. 45.Thy
6/2/1780Maria HiggsWife of Joseph Higgs, aet. 35.Thy
10/2/1780Mathew Meredithaet. 80.Thy
11/3/1780Anna Shillinft Dr. of John and Elisabeth Shill.Thy
11/3/1780Mark, HopkinsSon of Joseph and Elisabeth Hopkins, aet. 24.Thy
22/3/1780Unity CullimoreWife of John Taylor of Marlewood, aet. 50Thy
5/4/1780William Raymond Cullimoreinft Son of Mr. John and Hannah Cullimore.Thy
7/4/1780Esther Oliveaet. 26. Brought from Henbury Psh.Thy
10/4/1780Mary HobbyRelict of Richard Hobby; aet. 81.Thy
12/4/1780John Hendyaet. Brought from Compton Grd:Thy
23/4/1780John Jamesaet. 54.Old
23/4/1780Mehitable BartonDr. of John and Sarah Barton, aet. 9.Thy
3/6/1780Anne LewisInft. Dr. of Daniel and Anne LewisThy
7/6/1780Mary ThurstonWife of Mr. John Thurston of Kington, aet. 66.Thy
11/6/1780Hannah CoventryDr. of Thomas and Elizabeth Coventry. aet. 6.Thy
16/7/1780Elizabeth Cullimoreof the Parks, aet. 65.Thy
21/7/1780Ursula Walkerinft. Dr. of Joseph and Martha WalkerThy
30/7/1780Sarah CleverleyRelict of John Cleverley, aet. 75.Thy
14/8/1780Hannah Cullimorewife of John Cullimore, aet. 31.Thy
3/9/1780William Lippiattaet. 37.Thy
27/10/1780Harriett JonesDr. of Mr. Jones, Exciseman; inft.Thy
22/11/1780Phillip Martinaet. cir: 11.Thy
14/1/1781Dinah Clutterbuckinft Dr. of Nathanl & Sarah ClutterbuckThy
1/2/1781William Bartlettof the Lamb Inn, Lawfords Gate, Bristol: (brought from thence) aet:Thy
18/2/1781Mary SmithWife of John Smith, aet. 73.Thy
25/3/1781Robert Biddleaet. cir. 65.Thy
27/3/1781Margery ChappleWife of Thomas Chapple, aet. 70.Thy
27/3/1781John Millsinft Son of Lewis and Joyce MillsThy
30/3/1781Mary OsbornSecond Wife of William Osborn Senr. aet. 57.Thy
8/4/1781Rebecca Thurstonaet. 63.Thy
14/4/1781Samuel Lewisaet. 90.Thy
19/4/1781William Millsinft. Son of Michael and Esther MillsThy
30/3/1781Samuel Ballaet. between 70 and 80.Old
1/5/1781John TaylorLabourer, aet. 48. Note, He was near Nine months in Glocester infirmary for a Dropsy, and sent home with a Certificate as perfectly cured, and therefore publickly to return thanks for the same; which he did: but died in about a three weeks or a fortnight afterwards.Thy
23/5/1781Hannah Biddleinft Dr. of James and Mary BiddleOld
25/5/1781Sarah Bennettinft Dr. of William and Mary BennettThy
10/6/1781George Bennettinft S. of William and Mary BennettThy
20/6/1781John Haywardof Moreton, aet. 70.Thy
14/7/1781John Ashwickinft Son of John and Martha Ashwick (she is daughter of John Withers of this place, Carpenter) the child was brought from Bristol, sick, had the small pox, and died.Thy
17/7/1781....... HuntDr. of Edward and Hunt of Oldbury.Thy
22/7/1781William Bartlettaet. 30.Thy
23/7/1781Mrs. Susannah [Wear]Second wife of Mr Edward Mathew; aet. 63. buried in North Isle near the N. door.Thy
23/7/1781Elizabeth BirtWife of William Birt, aet. 54.Thy
31/7/1781William Bennettaet. 60.Old
1/8/1781William HopinsS. of John Hopkins. aet. 3.Thy
8/8/1781Mathew Huntaet. 68.Old
9/9/1781Julian Tayloraet. 69.Thy
11/9/1781Thomas Webbaet. 79.Thy
14/9/1781Charles Newmanaet. 70.Thy
20/9/1781John Shillinft Son of John and Betty Shill brought from Olveston; baptised there by Mr Lloyd.Thy
21/9/1781James Taylorinft Son of James and Hannah TaylorThy
30/9/1781John Longinft Son of Joseph and Catharine LongThy
10/10/1781John Withersaet. 68.Thy
30/10/1781Mrs. Mary ClarkWidow, aet. 61. She died quite suddenly, about the middle of the day, on the Saturday preceding, immediately upon entering her house returning from Market.Thy
7/11/1781John OsborneSon of John and Sarah Osborne, aet. 4.Old
9/11/1781Sarah WatkingsWidow, aet. 59.Thy
13/11/1781Levi Goughinft.Thy
18/11/1781Samuel Longinft Son of Daniel and Anne Long Died at, and brought from Frocester.Old
18/11/1781......... Reevesaet. cir. 6.Thy
18/11/1781Elizabeth MathewOn Monday the 19th inst. died here aet. 68. Mrs. Elisabeth Mathew, Relict of Mr. William Mathew, of Wraxall Com: Somt. Gent. She was buried with her Husband in Wraxall Church the Sunday following.
30/11/1781Denny Mulldowna native of Ireland, aet. 76 et supra. He was many years a journey m. Shoemaker with John Savory of Cowhill. He dropt down dead in Mr. Comeley's house on the noon of the Wednesday precedingOld
30/11/1781Anne PritchardWife of Lewis Pritchard, aet. 47.Thy
6/12/1781Samuel Goughaet. inter 14. et 15. Smallpox, which he caught unfortunately by a fright.Thy
6/12/1781Mrs. Mary TyndaleRelict of the Revd. Wm. Tyndale, late Rector of Charfield, died in Thornbury Decr. 24, 1781. aet. 49. and was buried (I performed the last office) in the same week, at Charfield. She was Dr. of Mr. Nicholas Lodge of Bristol by Jay his Wife.
30/12/1781Susannah Barrowaet. circ. 70.Old
9/1/1782Luke Biddleaet. 24.Thy
22/1/1782Thomas Smithaet. 73. Brought from Tockington Park.Thy
17/2/1782William Taylorof the Swan, aet. 68.Thy
21/2/1782Sarah Nealerelict of Mr. Daniel Neale, age. 52. ob. Feby 16th. 1782Old
24/2/1782Sarah Machinbase inft Child of Sarah Machin.Thy
7/3/1782Sarah ColeWidow, aet. near 80.Thy
17/3/1782William Blanchof Kington, aet. 49.Thy
17/2/1782Anne HurleyWife of Thomas Hurley, aet. 50.Thy
4/4/1782William Hicksaet. 42. WorkhouseThy
8/4/1782Richard Vaughanof the Heath. aet. 68.Thy
11/4/1782Sage Ailworthrelict of Cornelius Ailworth, aet. cir. 77. WorkhouseThy
26/4/1782Esther (Osborne)Wife of Benjamin Addis, aet. 50.Thy
15/5/1782Jonathan Parslowaet. 76. Brought from Alveston. ChancellThy
26/5/1782Thomas Lippiattaet. 51.Thy
29/6/1782Mary BiddleWife of James Biddle, aet. 25.Old
21/7/1782John WhitefieldPigkiller, aet: 38. NB. on the preceding Tuesday, coming from Bristol, with his Cart loaded, just without Stokes Croft Turnpike, unfortunately riding upon the shaftes, he was thrown off, the Wheels went over his body, and he died the next Morning, Eleven o Clock.Thy
10/8/1782Betty HarrisWife of Jacob Harris aet. 58.Thy
13/8/1782Mr. William Davie Foulkesaet. 23. Brought from Bristol. ChancellThy
16/8/1782Thomas Parksaet. cir. 61.Thy
11/9/1782Amelia Cottenaet.Thy
15/9/1782Elisabeth AtwellsWid. aet.Old
11/10/1782Jonas HuddSon of Joseph and Hudd. aet. 17. Note, he was killed by the oversetting of a Meat Cart, belong. to Thos Hendy, Butcher, going to Bristol Market, early on Wednesday Morning, at the further end of Woodhouse Down.Thy
24/10/1782Esther Coxaet. 93.Thy
10/11/1782William Tayloronly Son of late William and Hannah Taylor, of the Swan. aet. 21.Thy
11/11/1782Esther OsborneSecond wife of William Osborne (junr) aet. 34.Thy
15/11/1782Mrs. Sarah Hillaet. 8 5/6. ChancellThy
2/1/1783John Parslowof Moreton; aet. 79.Thy
5/1/1783Hannah Boytbase child, aet. 2.Thy
12/1/1783Hannah TaylorWidow, aet. 57.Thy
21/1/1783Esther Riddefordinft Dr. of William and Elizabeth Riddeford Brought from Stone.Thy
28/1/1783Sarah Tomkinsrelict of Simeon Tomkins, aet. 80.Thy
28/1/1783Ursula Walkerinft Dr. of Joseph and Martha Walker.Thy
30/1/1783Sarah Bartonwife of John Barton, aet. 45.Thy
23/2/1783Samuel Dayaet. 56.Old
27/2/1783Peter Parkaet. 70.Thy
23/3/1783William Hancockaet. died at Almondsbury. buried at - - -Old
2/4/1783Edward Trayhernaet. 49.Old
4/4/1783Joseph Parminteraet. 82.Thy
22/4/1783Hannah Leerelict of Caleb Lee, aet. 83.Thy
24/5/1783Mr. William Adamsaet. 46.Old
8/6/1783Joseph Islesaet. 55.Thy
8/6/1783Frances Crumprelict of Robert Crump, aet.Old
26/6/1783Hannah Wiltshirebase child of Mary Wiltshire.Thy
3/10/1783Samuel Boultoninft. 3dThy
5/10/1783Griffith Faceyaet. 91. PauperThy
14/10/1783Sarah WilliamsWife of Thos Williams, aet. 59. 3dOld
15/10/1783Hester Collinsof Sunday Hill, Widow, aet. 61. 3dThy
19/10/1783Anne Powell,aet. 84. PauperThy
21/10/1783Unity Stephensaet. 54. PauperThy
26/10/1783George Shepherdaet. 65. PauperThy
7/11/1783William Bennettaet. 60 et sup. sed incert. PauperThy
9/11/1783Eleanor DrinkwaterRelict of James Drinkwater, aet. 69. Note Their nickname was Goslin, and their Sons at Berkeley are called Ghostly. 3dThy
19/11/1783A poor unknown TravellerPauperThy
19/11/1783William Reevesaet. 50. PauperThy
28/11/1783Mary Hancockrelict of John Hancock, aet. 67. 3dOld
9/12/1783William Knapp junr.aet. 15. 3dOld
14/12/1783Luke Cullimoreinft Son of Timothy and Cullimore. 3dThy
30/12/1783William Hallinft. Pauper.Thy
6/1/1784George Powellaet. 52. 3dThy
1/2/1784Mary TaylorWife of James Taylor of Oldbury, aet. 45. 3dThy
2/2/1784William FaceySmallpox. PauperThy
18/2/1784Robert Groveof Bristol Sailmaker, aet. 28. He died here on Sunday Morning, now last past. 3dThy
22/3/1784John Smithaet. 80 et supra PauperThy
24/3/1784Elisabeth Williamsbase Child PauperThy
8/4/1784Anne Thomaswidow, aet. 88. 3dThy
14/4/1784Anne Cadhayaet. 72. 3dThy
20/4/1784Margarett WoodruffeWife of Nathaniel Woodruffe, aet. 55. 3dThy
24/4/1784Hannah TysonWife of Mr. William Morrice, aet. 43. Brought from Cromhall. 3dThy
2/5/1784William CowleyCarpenter, aet. 45. 3dThy
2/5/1784William. Machinbase child PauperThy
3/5/1784Daniel Croomeaet. 59. (died here but belonged to Rockhampton) PauperThy
16/5/1784Hannah Jonesbase child. PauperThy
17/5/1784Edward Gastril,inft. 3dThy
18/5/1784Lucy (Thorn) ArcleWife of ....Arcle PauperThy
30/5/1784Elizabeth Bartlettrelict of William Bartlett, aet. 87. 3dThy
6/6/1784William Osborn Senr.aet. 67. 3dThy
1/7/1784Daniel Hobbsaet. 41. 3dThy
5/7/1784Hannah BrownWife of James Brown, aet. 26. 3dThy
5/7/1784Hannah Clayterinft. PauperThy
20/7/1784Joanna Brookaet. 70 et supra. PauperThy
2/9/1784Robert Machinaet. 50. 3dOld
12/9/1784John Luceaet. 22, this day. 3dThy
16/10/1784Solomon Smithaet. 66. 3dThy
16/10/1784Esther Windbase inft. 3dThy
26/10/1784Mary Barnettinft. Dr. of Benjamin & Anne Barnett, 3dThy
24/10/1784Elisabeth Thurneraet. 38 brought from Tockington. 3dOld
28/10/1784Martha PearceRelict of John Pearce of Moreton, aet. 66. 3dThy
4/11/1784Jane Webbof Kinfton, Widow, aet. 86. She died at her Son's, Nathaniel Webb, at Hill. 3dThy
7/11/1784George Banksof Littelton on Sev: aet. 34. He died at Littelton. 3dThy
12/11/1784Thomas Pruettaet. 44 3dOld
14/11/1784....... Millsinft Son of Michael and Esther Mills. 3dThy
16/11/1784John Cullimoreaet. 66. from the Workhouse. PauperThy
21/11/1784John Bartlettaet. 60. 3dThy
21/11/1784Mary Wisheaet. 54.Thy
21/12/1784John Dayaet. 3dOld
25/12/1784Mary HendyWife of John Hendy, aet. 77. 3dThy
15/2/1785John Bendallaet. cir. 13. N. B. This child was suffocated, by pitching over the side of a boat, and his head sticking in the mud. Recd the Coroners Certificate. 3dOld
7/3/1785Samuel MusgraveWriting Master and Accompt. aet. 51 [upon the Coffin, but it is reasonably supposed by some, that he was, at least, 56] 3dThy
11/3/1785Anne ThomasWife of William Thomas, Wheelwright; aet. 67. 3dThy
10/3/1785James Mills junr.aet. 34. 3dThy
18/3/1785William Groveof Buckover, aet. 78. 3dThy
19/3/1785William Cullimoreaet. 8. Workhouse PauperThy
27/3/1785Susan Scarlettaet. 72. PauperThy
5/4/1785James Wadeaet. 32. 3dThy
17/4/1785Thomas BassettExciseman, aet. 30. 3dThy
20/4/1785James BirtInft. Son of John and ... Birt 3dThy
24/4/1785Esther HigginsWidow, aet. 80. Workhouse PauperThy
26/4/1785Lucy Oliffeaet. 25. 3dThy
14/5/1785Mrs. Mary Vaughanof the Castle, aet. 75 (Last August) 3dThy
18/5/1785James Knappof the Bourough, aet. 65. 3dThy
22/5/1785Daniel Latchaet. 18. 3dThy
29/3/1785Hannah RobinsonDr. of John & Mary Robinson, aet. 6. 3dThy
16/6/1785Thomas Chapleof the Heath, aet. 81. 3dThy
19/6/1785Daniel Goffeaet. 10. PauperThy
21/6/1785Joseph Limbrickinft. 3dThy
7/8/1785Anne DyerWife of Edward Dyer. 3dOld
9/8/1785John Jenkinsaet. 65.Thy
21/8/1785William Newmaninft. 3dThy
26/8/1785Timothy Cullimoreaet. 3dThy
18/9/1785Rhoda EdwardsWife of Mr. John Edwards, aet. 33. 3dThy
23/10/1785Anne LippiattWidow, aet. 70. 3dThy
23/10/1785Mary CosshamWife of James Cossham, aet. 73. PauperThy
24/10/1785Hannah Mabbottinft. PauperThy
25/10/1785Samuel Gazardaet. 70. 3dThy
19/11/1785John Hoptonof the Heath, aet. 53. 3dThy
25/11/1785Anne ParnellDr. of Mr. Hugh and Anne Parnell, aet. 12. 3dThy
30/11/1785John Mayaet. 61. 3dOld
4/12/1785Celia Williamsaet. 21. PauperThy
22/1/1786Richard [Morgan] Williamsaet. 68. 3dThy
26/1/1786Mr. Thomas Skeyof Sunday Hill, aet. 75. 3dThy
29/1/1786Hannah CornockWife of Mr. Thomas Cornock, aet. She died the 26th , a few days after delivery. 3dOld
8/2/1786Sarah ProsserWidow, aet. 66. Brought from Bristol.Thy
17/2/1786Sarah WetmoreWidow, aet. 70. 3dThy
8/3/1786James Boytebase inft PauperThy
12/3/1786Esther Croomeaet. 74. PauperThy
19/3/1786........ Oliverelict of ....Olive, aet. Brought from Tortworth 3dThy
29/3/1786John Thorninft. Son of Alexander and Mary Thorn. 3dThy
6/4/1786Hannah Lambertbase inft of Mary Lambert PauperThy
22/4/1786Nanny MarmondWidow, aet. 66. 3dOld
21/5/1786Mr James CullimoreChurch .Warden. of Moreton, aet. 61. 3dThy
3/6/1786William MillsMason. aet. 3dThy
4/6/1786Sarah Longdenaet. 21. PauperThy
6/6/1786Jeremiah Barnesa base inft. 3dThy
10/6/1786Hannah (Hunt) LasburyWidow, aet. 56. Brt from Bedminster. 3dOld
15/6/1786Sarah PardoeWife of William Pardoe, aet. cir. 69. Brought from Olveston. 3dOld
17/6/1786George Hopkinsaet. 35. Brought from Ham Tything in Berkeley Psh.Thy
5/9/1786Mary RimoreInft. 3dOld
9/9/1786Elizabeth HobbyWidow, aet. 86. 3dThy
12/9/1786Mary RoachWife of Timothy Roach, aet. 72. 3dThy
24/09/1786Mary SnailumWife of John Snailum, aet. 65. 3dThy
30/9/1786William Bullockaet. 61. 3dThy
13/10/1786William Parkerinfant. 3dOld
29/10/1786Sarah HawkerBase Child. 3dThy
30/10/1786Samuel BanksBase Child. PauperThy
4/11/1786Elizabeth DayWidow, aet. 80. 3dOld
19/11/1786Sarah Gillamaet. 16. PauperThy
20/11/1786Mary Limerick or Limbrickaet. 84. PauperOld
23/11/1786Ursula FothergillWife of aet. 54. Brought from Bristol 6. 8. ChancellThy
6/12/1786Anne KingstonWidow. 3dThy
15/12/1786Anthony Wisseaet. 75. 3dThy
23/12/1786Sarah GiffordWife of James Gifford, aet. 52. She was brought from Christ Church Newport, Monmouthre. 6. 8 3dThy
27/12/1786Richard Luceaet. 47. 3dThy
31/12/1786Anne ParminterWidow, aet. 84. 3dThy
7/1/1787William Islesinfant Child. died the moment after private Baptism. 3dThy
14/1/1787Anne TaylorWife of John Taylor, aet. 72. 3dThy
20/1/1787Mrs. Martha OsborneWidow, aet. 80. 3dThy
20/1/1787Joseph Islesinft Child (Twin with William) 3dThy
31/1/1787William Oliffeaet. 37. Brought from Almondsbury Parish. 1 6. 8d. 3dThy
1/2/1787Hannah Thurstonaet. 63. PauperThy
25/2/1787Anne Browningaet. 70. PauperThy
27/3/1787Alexander ThornWheelwright, aet. 48. 3dThy
18/4/1787John Cookof Sibland, aet. 40. 3dThy
18/4/1787Hannah CrumpWife of Thomas Crump of Brought from Acton. 6. 8. 3dOld
20/4/1787Anne BattisonWidow, aet. 45. Brought from the Fish-Pond. 6. 8. 3dOld
21/4/1787William Osbornaet. Sm. Pox. Natl. 3dThy
13/5/1787Elizabeth Williamsaet. 14. from Workhouse PauperThy
20/5/1787Elizabeth PayneWidow, aet,. 67 3d.Thy
20/5/1787William Vaughanof Kington, aet. 34. 3dThy
3/6/1787Martha Greenwoodaet. 6. 3dThy
7/6/1787Richard Greenwoodaet. 13. 3dThy
9/6/1787James Giffordaet. 53. Brought from Xt. Ch. Monmre. 6.8. 3dThy
8/7/1787John Biddleaet. 31. 3dThy
14/7/1787Thomas Uptonaet. 73. 3dThy
14/7/1787Cassia, Pauzerbase inft Dr. of Anne Pauzer. PauperThy
22/7/1787Benjamin Pitcheraet. 45. 3dThy
29/7/1787Peter Lanea Stranger, and Labourer. Smallpox. Pauper. Thy
13/8/1787Sarah Hopkinsaet. 3. Dr. of Joseph and Elisabeth Hopkins. 3dThy
16/8/1787Elisabeth LippiattDr. of Edward and Sarah Lippiatt, aet. 4. 3dThy
18/8/1787Isaac Trayherneaet. 88. PauperThy
16/9/1787Thomas CarterSon of John & Mary Carter, aet. 9 mths. 3dThy
27/9/1787Nathaniel Webbaet. 56. brought fromn Rockhampton. 6.8. 3dThy
3/10/1787Samuel WalkerSon of William and Mary Walker, aet. 3. 3dThy
10/10/1787Timothy Roachaet. 75. 3dThy
28/10/1787Philip Boitbase inft child of Betty Boit PauperOld
31/10/1787John BallSon of James and Anne Ball 3dOld
24/11/1787Mary JonesPauperThy
4/12/1787James Gastrellaet. 35. 3dThy
4/12/1787William LeaSon of George and Sarah Lea, aet. 3. 3dThy
4/12/1787Elizabeth Howardinft. 3dOld
8/12/1787Hannah HopkinsWid. aet. 76. (supposed older). 1 6. 8d brought from Hill. 3dThy
14/12/1787Sarah HaywardWid. aet. 3d In ye Church.Thy
14/12/1787Thomas Smithaet. 3dThy
18/12/1787John Closeaet. 3dOld
23/12/1787Sarah WithersWidow, aet. 72. 3dThy
3/1/1788James Beardaet. 80. PauperThy
15/1/1788Elizabeth BlanchWidow, aet. 69. She died Suddenly. 3dThy
16/1/1788Thomas GroveButcher, aet. 3dThy
6/2/1788John Goffeaet. 59. PauperThy
14/2/1788Hannah Kingaet. 23. PauperThy
13/3/1788Estherthe poor child dropt here, (see Baptm 4th July 1787) PauperThy
23/3/1788William Crumpaet. 21 Months. Brought from Iron Acton. s6. 8d 3dOld
28/3/1788Mr. Henry Marshaet. 62. Brought from Grovenen 3dThy
13/4/1788Esther BeardWife of Brice Beard, aet. 27. 3dOld
4/5/1788Mary Grove1st Wife to William Cowley, 2d to Robert Ford. aet. 49. 3dThy
21/5/1788Thomas Sharpaet. 66. PauperThy
22/5/1788Anne Boultoninft. 3dThy
9/6/1788Joan Gibbonsaet. 90. PauperThy
29/7/1788Sarah Barton of Kington Widow, aet. 74. 3d ChancelThy
30/7/1788Robert Hayward.brought from Olveston 1 6s. 8d 3dThy
27/8/1788Thomas FordS. of Joseph (and Anne his 1st Wife). aet. 8 yrs. and some Months. 3dThy
31/8/1788Thomas Rimoreaet. Fall from a tree, broke both his legs, & much inwardly bruised.Old
2/9/1788Mary RudgeRelict of John Rudge, aet. 85. 3dThy
2/9/1788George Reed,Shoemaker, aet. 58. 3dThy
5/9/1788Isaac Kinginfant Son of John and Mary King. 3dThy
7/9/1788Elizabeth Bendallinft. 3dOld
13/10/1788John Hopkinsaet. 82. 3dThy
17/10/1788John Bendallaet. 43. 3dOld
23/10/1788Hannah Goffewid. aet. 49. PauperThy
5/11/1788George Eliotaet. 33. PauperThy
17/11/1788Elisabeth Smitha poor Stranger. PauperThy
23/11/1788John Shepherdof East-Wood, aet. 58.Thy
23/11/1788Edward Heathaet. PauperThy
2/12/1788John Hendyaet. 85. 3dThy
4/12/1788Sarah StaggWife of William Stagg, aet. 24. 3dOld
7/12/1788Susan ReedWidow, aet. 85. PThy
8/12/1788Mr. Edward MathewAet. 71.Thy
8/12/1788Anne NelmesDr. of John and Anne Nelmes, aet. 5. 3dThy
16/12/1788Mary ThorneWife of John Thorne, aet. 84. PThy
21/12/1788James BoultonSon of Thomas and Unity Boulton, aet. 3 yrs. 3dThy
23/12/1788Mr. John Thurstonaet. 76. 3dThy
25/12/1788Martha Stagginft. 3dOld
31/12/1788James Cosshamaet. 73. brought from Bristol. 6s. 8d 3dThy
2/1/1789Mrs. CottonWidow. aet. 3dThy
11/1/1789David Morgan(a Stranger from near Golden Grove Herefordshire) aet. 32. 3dThy
14/1/1789Henry Fowleraet. 81. 3dThy
15/1/1789Anne TombesWidow, aet. 65. 3dThy
16/1/1789William Ingramlate of Bristol, aet. 42. 3dThy
20/1/1789John Chapleaet. 55.Thy
23/1/1789Thomas Childaet. 56. 3dThy
24/1/1789........ Salmon(Wife of Mr. John) Salmon, aet. 70. 3dThy
30/1/1789Mr. John Osborneaet. 28.Thy
6/2/1789John LippiattPublican. aet. 39. 3dThy
13/2/1789Joseph Tayloraet. 56. 3dThy
17/2/1789Thomas Nealeaet. 79. 3dThy
1/3/1789Joseph Cowleyaet. 10. 3dThy
5/3/1789Susannah Leeaet. 19. 3dThy
6/3/1789William Parslowaet. 53. 3dThy
22/3/1789William Elliotinft. PauperThy
25/3/1789Sarah Wetmoreaet. 36. 3dThy
11/3/1789Hannah Cosshamaet. 68. 3dThy
13/4/1789Elisabeth MayWidow. aet. 6.? 3dOld
14/4/1789...... FordInft. PauperThy
15/4/1789.......... Staginft. PauperOld
29/4/1789Thomas ColePauperThy
30/4/1789Thomas Clutterbuckaet. 18. 3dThy
6/5/1789George Cossamaet. 3dThy
16/5/1789William Williamsaet. 68. 3dOld
19/5/1789James Knappinft. 3dThy
22/5/1789Elizabeth Cookaet. 16th. 3dThy
25/5/1789Betty TysonWidow, aet. 69. 3dThy
31/5/1789William Smith(of Pillnin) aet. 45. 3dThy
11/6/1789Mrs. Sarah TownsendWidow. aet. 86. 3dThy
17/6/1789Mrs. Florence Raymondaet: 48.Thy
18/6/1789Thomas-Child Penductinft. 3dThy
12/7/1789Elizabeth Shepherdaet 63 3dThy
12/7/1789Anne BrittInft. 3dThy
13/7/1789Mr. Thomas Knappaet. 3dOld
14/7/1789Rhoda Cullimoreinft. 3dThy
21/7/1789Robert Riddefordaet. 17. 3dOld
27/7/1789Grace Boultoninft. 3dThy
5/8/1789Mary Russell,inft. 3dOld
6/9/1789John Walkeraet. 38. 3dThy
17/9/1789William Tayloraet. 3dThy
20/9/1789John Nelmesaet. 70 PauperThy
26/9/1789Margaret JonesWife of Jones, aet. 55. 3dThy
........ NicholsOctober 1789 Infant Twins of Nichols of Iron Acton brought from thence 6s. 8d 6dThy
8/10/1789Mary TrotmanPauperThy
16/10/1789Thomas Ballaet. 50. PauperOld
18/10/1789John Bouroughaet. 60. brought from Hill. 3dThy
4/11/1789James Bouroughsaet. 25th. of Bristol, died at Alveston, and brought from thence 6s .8d. 3dThy
23/11/1789Hannah LambertWife of George Lambert, aet. 61. 3dThy
23/11/1789William Fordinft Son of William Ford privately baptised a few day before. 3dThy
5/12/1789John Clutterbuckof Moreton, aet. 16. 3dThy
8/12/1789John Tayloraet. 62. 3dThy
20/12/1789William Faceyinft, base Son of Alice Facey. PauperThy
27/12/1789Joseph Faceyinft. PauperThy
27/12/1789Mary Walkerinft. 3dThy