Thornbury Burials 1790 -1799

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The ‘At’ column shows the Church where the burial service was held, not necessarily the place where the person was buried: Thornbury(Thy) or Oldbury (Old)

18/1/1790Benjamin Parslowof Moreton, aet. 40Thy
27/1/1790James Morganinft. (Xt'd the preceeding Sunday)Thy
31/1/1790Anne Prouttwife of Arthur Proutt, aet. 33. PauperThy
31/1/1790Jane SanigarWidow. aet. 72.Old
7/2/1790George Lambertof Moreton, aet. 60Thy
8/2/1790Nathaniel Webbaet. 28.Thy
2/3/1790Sarah Nott/Knott,Wife of Francis Nott / Knott, aet. 44. brought from Chew Magna, Com. Somtt. 6s 8d Thy
14/3/1790Sarah LuceWidow. aet. 49.Thy
16/3/1790Thomas HuntInft.Thy
18/3/1790Joice GroveWidow, aet. 74. PauperThy
26/3/1790Anne PopeServant at Kington; she poisoned herself by taking Arsenic. The Coroner's Inquest brought her in Insane and Distracted.Thy
31/3/1790Benjamin Pearceaet. 46.Thy
9/5/1790Hannah Gastrellaet. 3 yrs.Thy
13/5/1790Mary Withersaet. 52.Thy
18/5/1790Thomas Wilcoxof Moreton, aet. 85.Thy
20/5/1790Anne Cullimoreinft. Dr. of Mr. William and Anne Cullimore. Brought from Little Michel-Dean. 6 8d.Thy
8/6/1790Mary LatchWife of Joseph Latch, aet. 52.Thy
22/6/1790Hannah PowellWidow. aet. cir. 70. PauperThy
7/7/1790Hannah Hobbsaet. 77Thy
8/7/1790William Nealeaet. 31Old
25/7/1790Thomas Parkeraet. 2yrs. 5mths.Old
1/9/1790Anne RymerThis child privately baptised in the morning. PauperOld
12/9/1790Mary Thomasbase child.Thy
15/9/1790Infant, ColeGirlThy
15/9/1790William Pitcheraet. 30Thy
15/9/1790Edward Jamesaet. cir. 60. PauperThy
23/9/1790Hannah Boiteinft. PauperThy
1/10/1790Mary DavisWidow, from Kington, aet. circ. 84Thy
3/10/1790John Coventrybase Inft. PauperThy
17/10/1790William Trayhernaet. 31. PauperOld
27/10/1790Sarah ParslowWidow, aet. 71 Thy
28/10/1790Esther Penduckinft.Thy
3/11/1790Mr. Thomas Adamsof Old, aet. 60Old
21/11/1790Grace FordWife of Thomas Ford, aet. 55 Thy
25/11/1790Mr. John Vaughanof the Castle, aet. 72. Thy
28/11/1790Hannah SmithWife of George Smith. aet. 50. PauperThy
14/12/1790Mary MillardWorkhouse PauperThy
15/12/1790Judith HuggettWife of Huggett of aet. 43.Thy
19/12/1790Mary HumphrysOld
19/12/1790Anne Bindonaet. 24 rs. 6mthsThy
19/12/1790John Thornaet. 4yrs. 6mths. This Child died for the Hydropholy.Thy
3/1/1791Samuel Walkerinft Chd of William and Mary Walker.Thy
3/1/1791Solomon Walkerbase inft.Thy
29/1/1791Mary WooseleyPauperThy
18/2/1781Thomas Framptonaet. 10 yrs PauperThy
17/3/1791Elizabeth Stoutaet. 30 Smallpox.Thy
24/3/1791Thomas Haynesaet. 32.Old
26/3/1791Anne Blanchaet. 37. Almshouse PauperThy
29/3/1791Thomas Tayloraet. cir. 84. Almshouse PauperThy
29/3/1791John Haywardaet. 59.Thy
William JonesApril 1791 a base child of Anne JonesThy
12/5/1791Hannah Nealeaet. 73.Old
2/6/1791Elizabeth WooseleyWidow. PauperThy
3/6/1791Anne Trinderinft.Thy
16/6/1791John ElliottSmallpox.Thy
17/6/1791Betty KingWife of John King. Smallpx PauperThy
20/6/1791Sarah (Oliffe)Wife of Martin Tanner. aet. 34. Brought from Henbury. s6. 8d.Thy
1/7/1791Joseph Groveaet. 51. Brought from Bristol. s6. 8d. ChancellThy
9/7/1791Richard Trayhernaet. 24.Old
7/8/1791Elizabeth Groveaet. 48.Thy
19/8/1791Hannah Tetheraet. 21. Smallpox. PauperThy
21/9/1791Thomas Hurleyaet. 63. PauperThy
5/10/1791Henry Millsaet. circa 45. who died, according to the coroners inquest, by the visitiation of God.Thy
28/10/1791Thomas Hopkinsof Kington, aet. 68Thy
2/11/1791Rachel BartlettWife of Edward Bartlett, aet. 76. She was brought from Aust. s6. 8d Thy
27/11/1791Thomas Pritchardaet. 22.Thy
20/12/1791Hannah BakerWife of Baker, aet. 76. et supra Thy
15/1/1792Joseph Latch,aet. 21Thy
19/1/1792Jane AtkinsonWife of John Atkinson, aet. 29 Thy
20/1/1792William Withers,aet. 87.Thy
3/2/1792Mehitable LippiattWife of Thomas Lippiatt, aet. 62. Thy
25/2/1792Samuel Lucasaet. circ. 46. PauperThy
5/3/1792Sarah Luce.PauperThy
18/3/1792Esther Nottrelict of John Nott, aet. 88. Brought from Tockington 6s. 8d. Thy
26/3/1792Elizabeth Taylorinft. Dr. of William and Hannah Taylor.Thy
29/3/1792Jane Bradleyaet. 74Thy
8/4/1792John Walkerinft Son of Thomas and Nancy Walker of Kington.Thy
14/4/1792Anne GoughWidow. aet. 40. cir. PauperThy
22/4/1792Rose SimsWife of Brought from Wotton-Under Edge. 6s. 8dOld
24/4/1792Robert Whitefieldaet. 52.Thy
2/5/1792John Cullimore,Inft. Son of Mr. William Cullimore and Anne his wife. Brt from Mitchell-Dean. s6. 8d.Thy
29/4/1792Joseph Rimoreaet. 40Old
23/5/1792Daniel Lovelaceaet.Old
24/5/1792Benjamin Faceyaet. 40.Thy
30/5/1792Philip Tucker,aet. 55. [drowned in the Severn].Old
30/5/1792Sarah Howardinft.Old
5/6/1792Richard Jonesof Moreton. aet. 55.Old
5/7/1792Jane Howardinft.Old
6/7/1792William Greenwoodaet. 79.Thy
27/6/1792William Northinft.Thy
16/7/1792John Adeyaet. 54Old
18/7/1792Hannah BennettWife of Joseph Bennett. aet. 37. She lost her life by falling into a Well; and was bruised. PauperOld
24/7/1792Rebecca Faceyaet. 50. PauperThy
31/7/1792John Leeaet. 14. yrs. 10 mths.Thy
7/8/1792Anne Shermanaet. 14Thy
13/8/1792Jane Lovelaceaet.Old
27/8/1792Mr. Benjamin AddisAlderman. aet. 93.Thy
30/8/1792John Wadeaet. 48.Thy
2/9/1792Mr. RolphAttorney at Law, died aet and was buried at Almondsbury, Sunday, Septr. 2d.
4/9/1792May WalkerWidow, aet. 71 Thy
14/9/1792Jane Pritchardaet: 22Old
14/9/1792Thomas Day ChildBase inft.Thy
5/10/1792Richard Nealeof Moreton. aet. 63. PauperThy
8/11/1792Hannah Goughdied within Eleven days of aet. 89Thy
11/11/1792Martha BirtleWidow, aet. 32. PauperThy
27/11/1792Anthony Thatcheraet. 54. PauperThy
27/11/1792Elizabeth Pincottinft. 9. mths. PauperThy
5/12/1792William FordPensioner, aet. 77. PauperThy
29/12/1792Mr. John Cullimoreof the Parks, aet. 61.Thy
31/12/1792Anne Collins(Wife of C.) aet.Thy
1/1/1793Mr. William Coxof Kington, aet. 33 Thy
1/1/1793Mrs. Elizabeth Davis. aet. 33 Brought from Monmouth. Rd. s6. 8d.Thy
17/1/1793Charles TyndaleInft. Son of John and Tyndale.Thy
30/1/1793George Cosshamaet. 80Thy
3/2/1793Betty FowlerWife of Daniel Fowler, aet. 77. Thy
13/2/1793Anne CullimoreWife of Mr. William Cullimore, aet. 36. Rd 6. 8. Brought from Little Dean. Thy
20/2/1793Edward Wysseaet. 42. PauperThy
24/3/1793Sarah BakerWife of Baker, aet. 36. Rd 6s. 8d. Brought from Old
3/4/1793Edward Millsaet. 26. Driven (with others) in a violent stormy night, in an open boat across the Severn, and perished, thro' the inclemency of the weather, under an Haz moon. Old
10/4/1793Margaret Osbornaet. 22Thy
10/4/1793Elizabeth Lewisbase inftThy
11/4/1793Thomas Jefferiesinft.Thy
25/4/1793Mary Anne Coxbase inft. of Elizabeth Cox.Thy
30/4/1793David Brownaet. 45.Thy
19/5/1793Mary NealeWife of Arthur Neale, aet. 78 Thy
22/5/1793Susannah Brownrelict of David Brown, aet 70 Thy
28/5/1793Samuel Gibbsaet. 43. PauperThy
3/6/1793James Sheetsaet. 50. PauperThy
13/6/1793James Bedggood.aet. 75. PauperThy
13/6/1793John Barton Hardingbase inft. of Sarah HardingOld
14/6/1793Ralph GroveSurgeon and Apothecary.Thy
25/6/1793John Hancock junr.aet. 19. he was drowned in the Saverne. Coroners certify.Old
30/6/1793John Fordaet. 75. PauperThy
23/7/1793Martha GoughWife of William Gough, aet. 55. PThy
18/8/1793Daniel Trayherneinft. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Trayherne.Thy
8/10/1793James Hopkinsof Kington, aet. 18. Smallpox.Thy
10/11/1793Lucy Maria MeredithWidow, aet. 71. Thy
13/11/1793Sarah Nicholsinft. Daughr of John Nichols of Acton, brought from thence. s6. 8d. Thy
28/11/1793Elizabeth WilcoxWife of Wilcox. aet 75. Brought from Lateridge. s6. 8dThy
28/11/1793Thomas Morganaet. 63Old
10/12/1793John Salmonaet.Thy
18/12/1793Sarah Bartonof Brinkmarsh, aet. 13Thy
15/12/1793Hannah Childaet. 15.Thy
22/12/1793Mary WhitchurchyoungOld
11/1/1794Margarett VaughanWidow. aet. 64. PauperThy
12/1/1794Stephen Cosshambase inft. PauperThy
15/1/1794Mary Fordaet. 7.Thy
19/1/1794Mary Wysseaet. 3. PauperThy
20/1/1794John Gainer Walkerinft.Thy
9/2/1794Joseph Latchaet. 64.Thy
16/2/1794Anne Bartonaet. 5. from Brinkmarsh in this parish.Thy
28/2/1794Esther KnappDr. of William and Flora Knapp aet. 34 yrs.Thy
4/3/1794Sarah Machin Goughbase child of Betty Gough.Old
21/3/1794Joseph Goughaet. 90.Thy
23/3/1794Robert Herbertaet. 81. PauperThy
25/3/1794Sarah BrownInft. child of William and Sarah Brown.Thy
8/4/1794Anne Childrelict of Timothy Child, aet. 64. Thy
8/4/1794John Minettinft. S. of George and MinettThy
17/4/1794William Groveaet. 61. Brought from Awre s6. 8d.Thy
26/4/1794Anne ThatcherWidow. PauperThy
28/4/1794Hannah Tetherbase inft.Thy
30/4/1794Edward Dyeraet. 43.Old
29/5/1794John Nelmesof Moreton, aet. 57 Thy
29/5/1794James Beardaet. 25. PauperThy
23/6/1794William Pritchardaet: 55.Thy
18/7/1794Mary Thatcheraet. 21. PauperThy
27/7/1794Thomas Penduckaet. 34 yrs.Thy
27/8/1794James Ballaet. 48.Old
2/9/1794Sarah Phillimoreaet. 63. NB. She had been blind 20 yrs. and cut her throat. Corns. Inquest, Lunacy. Old
18/9/1794Jonathan Bartonaet. 42.Thy
3/10/1794Francis Pearceaet. 33.Thy
7/10/1794John Shepherdaet. 34. Died suddenly in a fitThy
29/10/1794Anne Powellaet. circa 70.Thy
16/11/1794Elizabeth CullimoreWife of James Cullimore of Whitefield, aet. 53.Thy
29/11/1794Joseph Parslowaet. 47. Smallpox. PauperThy
30/11/1794Sarah Wadeaet. 3. Smallpox. PauperThy
30/11/1794Benjamin Leachaet.Thy
1/12/1794James Nealeof the Park Mill, aet. Smallpox PauperThy
4/12/1794Hannah Morganinft.Thy
21/12/1794Esther AllenDr. of James and Mary Allen, aet. 9 yrs 10 mths.Thy
28/12/1794James Dayaet. 1 year. Son of John Day. Smallpox PauperThy
4/1/1795Anne WilliamsWidow. aet. 66.Thy
18/1/1795Ashfield Webbaet. 11Thy
18/1/1795James Day Thomasaet. 6 mths.Thy
19/2/1795William Machinaet. 59Old
22/2/1795Sarah Davisaet.Thy
23/2/1795Anne HollowayWidow. aet. cir. 60.Thy
7/3/1795Miriam Hopkinsaet: 47.Old
8/3/1795Edward Thomasof Llannahangel, Caermanre. aet. 26th.Thy
12/3/1795Hugh Thurston Martinaet. 27Thy
13/3/1795George Lewisaet. 26th.Thy
23/3/1795Anne Shepherdaet. 62.Thy
26/3/1795Two Persons unknowndrowned in the Severne and thrown on shore at Old.Old
3/4/1795Elizabeth Rymerinft.Old
5/4/1795Sarah IslesWid. aet. 75.Thy
5/4/1795Mary Bathrelict of Henry Bath, aet. 83. Brt from Brintmarsh 6s. 8d.Thy
29/4/1795John Tayloraet. 73. Brought from Rochhampton. 6s. 8d.Thy
30/4/1795William Pearceaet. 45.Thy
13/5/1795Mary Jonesaet. 7 yrs & half.Old
13/5/1795Ambrose Nelmsaet. 12.Thy
5/6/1795William Bartlettaet. 25. Brt. from Bristol. 6s. 8d.Thy
14/6/1795Charles Cosshamaet. 46.Thy
23/6/1795Thomas Smith Webbaet. 6.Thy
5/7/1795Thomas Diamonda Stranger, supposed to belong to Bridport, Dorset. aet. cir. 27.Thy
14/7/1795James Cullimoreaet. 53Thy
3/9/1795Elizabeth RussellWife of Richard Russell,Old
5/9/1795Elizabeth EdmundsWife of William Edmunds, aet. 69Thy
6/9/1795Esther WhitefieldWife of Thomas Whitefield. aet. 88Thy
9/9/1795William Nottaet. 21. brought from Sutton, Somre. s6. 8dThy
1/10/1795Sarah MotleyWidow. aet. 60Thy
1/10/1795John Beardaet. 3 yrs. 4 m.Old
13/10/1795John Bartlett TrayhernInft.Thy
19/10/1795William Edmundsaet. cir. 3.Thy
22/10/1795James Cullimoreaet. 25. He came by his death by a wagon going over his body in the out parish of St. James's Bristol, on Thursday 15th. Inst. brought from Elberton to - - - Thy
6/12/1795Mary RiddleWife of Riddle of Bristol, aet. 28. her maiden name Bartlett. brt fr. Bristol. s6. 8dThy
Edward RugmanJanuary 1796 6 days old. privately baptd. just before.Old
18/1/1796Esther FaceyWife of Robert Facey. aet. 59.Thy
23/1/1796Thomas Searchaet. 25.Thy
31/1/1796Elizabeth ThornWife of Ralph Thorn, aet. 37.Thy
3/2/1796Maria RiddefordInft. (privately Baptd)Thy
24/2/1796George Leaof Kington, aet. 59.Thy
28/2/1796Elizabeth Gibbsaet. 12.Thy
2/3/1796Robert FaceyThy
15/3/1796Anne Groverelict of Thomas Grove. aet. 51.Thy
19/3/1796William Bellof the Chauntry, Gent. aet. 60.Thy
22/3/1796William Williamsaet. 16. 6. 8dOld
19/4/1796Unity Weekswife of Thomas Weeks, aet. 25.Thy
22/4/1796Thomas Fordaet. 60.Thy
25/4/1796Thomas Bennett.aet. 20. Drowned in the Severn. Coroner's Certif.Thy
3/6/1796Paul HillInft. (privately baptised just before)Thy
10/6/1796Margarett Butleraet. 50. Brought from Bristol. s6. 8dThy
15/6/1796Samuel PenduckInftThy
11/8/1796John Coleaet. 43.Thy
24/8/1796Thomas Wiltshireaet. 32. On the 15th. inst. he fell, or was thrown from his horse at Falfield, and died the 22 of a violent Concussion of the brain. Coron. Inquest:Thy
26/8/1796Richard Savoryaet. Brought from Bristol Infirmary.Old
27/8/1796Jonathan Parslowaet. 45.Thy
30/8/1796Thomas Whitfieldaet. 82.Thy
29/8/1796John Hopkinsaet. 55.Old
4/9/1796Ann (Marsh)Wife of Nathaniel Crowther, aet. 64. Brought from Gravesend, Alveston. s6. 8d. Ð 10s . 6Thy
4/9/1796John Dayaet. 6. yrs. 5. ms. brought from Rockhampton.Old
14/9/1796Anne Coleinft. Dr. of William and Anne Cole.Thy
21/10/1796Mary Trotmanaet: 70.Thy
8/11/1796Ursula Knappaet. 15 mths.Thy
18/11/1796Jane Watkinsaet. 67. Brought from Elberton. s6. 8d.Thy
11/12/1796John Rymoreaet. 65.Old
26/12/1796Sarah HathewayWidow. aet. 89.Thy
9/1/1797Nathaniel Crowtheraet. 64 Brt. from Grovening. s6. 8d. 10s. 6dThy
10/1/1797Mary Phillipsaet. 80.Thy
16/1/1797Nathaniel Crowther Gwynnaet. 5.Thy
18/1/1797Martha Latimeraet cir. 75. from the Alms house.Thy
21/1/1797Thomas Clarkan orphan lad, supposed from London aet. cir. 13.Thy
22/1/1797Robert Hopkinsaet. 73. brought from Over. 6s. 8d.Thy
10/2/1797Anne DavisWidow. aet. 53.Thy
15/2/1797Esther Knappinft.Thy
18/2/1797John Hitchinsaet. 86.Thy
22/2/1797Joseph Amosaet. 60.Thy
21/2/1797Mary Leonardaet. 80.Old
1/3/1797Anne Bindeninft.Thy
9/3/1797Mary-Anne Jefferiesinft.Thy
15/3/1797Hannah HillDr. of John and Lucy Hill, aet. 4 yrs. 8 months. She was burnt to death by her cloaths accidentally catching fire. Coroners inquest.Thy
22/3/1797James Taylorof Old, aet. 86.Thy
26/3/1797James Wiltshireinft.Thy
26/3/1797Anne Luceinfant. base child.Thy
3/4/1797Charlotte Riddefordinft.Thy
9/4/1797William Mullingtonaet. cir. 3. was only privately baptd.Thy
9/4/1797Richard Collinsaet.Thy
16/4/1797Esther GibbsWife of William Gibbs, aet. 67.Thy
23/4/1797Mary RymerWidow.Old
23/4/1797George Allendied in, brought from Aust.Old
26/4/1797Mark Watkinsaet. 43.Thy
30/4/1797Anne Dawinft Dr. of William and Martha Daw.Thy
30/4/1797Lousisa Reeceinft.Thy
5/5/1797Elizabeth Cullimoreaet. 45.Thy
5/5/1797Esther Edingtonaet. 45.Thy
23/5/1797Thomas Jefferiesaet. 32.Thy
31/5/1797Absolom Nicollsinft. from Acton s6. 8d.Thy
31/5/1797Mary Weeksaet. 4.Thy
4/6/1797Maria ThurstoneDr. of Obed and Martha Thurstone, aet.Thy
5/6/1797Susanna Younglate of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, a free Woman, of Color. aet. 55. Died at, and brought fromn Alveston. s6 8dThy
18/6/1797Francis Allenaet. 11.Oldy.
5/7/1797M. LucyWidow. aet. 41.Thy
12/7/1797Elizabeth Roachaet. 21.Thy
23/7/1797Mary Barton Trayharneinft.Thy
8/8/1797Anne, HawkinsDr. of Thomas Hawkins, aet. 4. Brt from Bristol. 6s. 8dThy
31/8/1797Hugh Parnellof Kington, Atty at Law. aet. 56Thy
17/9/1797Mary Cookaet. 25.Thy
4/10/1797John BartonButcher, aet.Thy
13/10/1797James FordBarber, age unknown, supposed abt. 70.Thy
18/10/1797Edward Dowardaet. 43. Brt. from Alveston (Ship) s6. 8dThy
20/10/1797John Hopkinsinft.Old
1/11/1797Amelia Whitefieldbase inft. of Martha Whitefield.Thy
6/11/1797Mary HerbertWidow. aet. 67.Thy
19/11/1797Martha Parmiteraet. Brought from Bristol. 6s. 8dThy
13/12/1797John Goughaet.Thy
18/12/1797William Beckertonaet. He dropt down dead. Corons. Inq. Visitation of God.Old
10/1/1798William WilliamsSon of Thomas and Sarah Williams. aet. ten months. Brought from NorthwickeOld
18/1/1798Anne Godwyninft.Thy
5/2/1798Samuel PenduckSon of Samuel and Frances Penduck. aet. 7 Months.Thy
17/2/1798Revd William HolwellB. D. Vicar of this Parish Years. aet. 72 YearsThy
17/2/1798Hannah Sheperdaet. 4 YearsOld
21/2/1798John Thornof Morton in this Parish. aet. 96 Years.Thy
26/2/1798Elizabeth TylerAet. 71 Brought from Bristol.Thy
11/3/1798Elizabeth Groveaet. 93Thy
11/3/1798Martha Whitfieldalias North aet. 41.Thy
22/3/1798Samuel BrownInfant. aet. 5 MonthsThy
9/4/1798Mahetabel Dugganaet. 45. of the Lippiat Family at Moreton.Thy
11/4/1798Obed Thurstonof Kington. aet. 48 years.Thy
16/5/1798Esther ReevesWidow. aet. 26 years.Thy
23/5/1798John Bennetaet. 15.Old
3/6/1798William Sanigeraet. 43. He dropt down died. Coroner's Inq: Visitation of God.Old
25/6/1798William Hatheyaet. 62 yrs.Thy
20/6/1798William Bennetaet.Old
7/7/1798Richard Trayhurneaet. circiter 7 YearsOld
7/7/1798James Trayhurneaet circiter 6 YearsOld
10/7/1798Jonathan WalkerInfant. aet 3 yearsThy
12/7/1798Mary Mabbottan Infant.Thy
3/8/1798Joseph DunnWhitfield. aet.: 87.Thy
9/8/1798John Kingan Infant. aet: 12 months.Thy
15/8/1798Edward Martinaet: 5 years.Thy
22/8/1798Mary Knappaet. 9 yearsThy
26/8/1798Thomas Goff or Goughaet. 68 yearsThy
4/9/1798James Withersaet. 54 years.Thy
16/9/1798Isaac Millsaet: 10 Months.Thy
20/9/1798John Fordaet. 4 yearsThy
21/9/1798William Roachaet. 10 years.Thy
28/9/1798Sarah Smithaet. 5 years.Thy
29/9/1798William Evans Esqr.late Captain of the 28 Regiment of Foot. aet: 55 years.Thy
7/10/1798William Heavenaet. 1 yr and 10 Months.Thy
18/10/1798Betty Cullimoreaet. 77.Thy
21/10/1798William Webban Infant. aet. 12 Months.Thy
31/10/1798Robert Wiltshireaet. 41 years. On Sunday the 24 Inst, he was accidentally, Casually, & by Misfortune, about the Hour of 3 O Clock P.M, in the parish of Iron Acton, suffocated and drowned. Vide, Thomas Wiltshire, a Brother. page 157. (Cor Inquest.)Thy
6/11/1798Henry Bakeraet. 2 years, & six Months.Thy
14/11/1798Rachel Longdenaet: 65. Wife of Wm LongdenThy
25/11/1798Esher Osbourneaet. 16 years.Thy
20/12/1798Anne Bickaet. 41 years.Thy
1/1/1799Arthur Nealeaet. 89. WidowerThy
1/1/1799Winifred Champneysaet. 80. SpinsterThy
18/1/1799Ann ChildsWidow. aet 65.Thy
20/1/1799Margaret Wadeaet. 27.Thy
30/1/1799Betty Coventryaet 64.Thy
4/2/1799Joseph Goughbase Child of Mary Gough. circiter 5 Days.Thy
10/2/1799Sarah ClutterbuckAet: 60.Thy
12/2/1799Mary Freestoneaet. 39. Wife of Thomas Freestone. Sergeant in the 61st Regiment of Foot.Thy
14/2/1799Edward VaughanInfant. aet. 2 years.Thy
19/2/1799Hugh Parnellan Infant. circiter 4 Months Son of Hugh & Alice Parnell of Bristol.Thy
3/3/1799Mary HopkinsAet. 63. Widow.Thy
8/3/1799Dorothy Champneysaet. 60Thy
13/3/1799Bethiah LimerickInfant. aet. 3 Months.Old
14/3/1799James Pitcheraet. 29.Thy
27/3/1799John Hudsonaet. 4 years. Accidentally burnt to Death as appeared by Coroner's Inquest.Thy
31/3/1799Thomas Allenaet. 80.Thy
14/4/1799John Hicksaet. 84.Thy
21/4/1799Henry Bakeran Infant. aet. circiter 2 Months.Thy
24/4/1799James Millsaet. 81Thy
28/4/1799Elizabeth Beardaet. 88.Old
15/5/1799Alice Vaughanaet. 79. MarriedThy
21/5/1799John Tyndaleaet 6 Months.Thy
21/5/1799Betty Townsendaet. 67 Yrs.Thy
22/5/1799William HeavenInfant.Thy
30/5/1799Elizabeth Groveaet. 29 SpinsterThy
10/7/1799Anne Wrightaet. 10.Thy
29/7/1799Lucy Hillaet. 30. MarriedThy
30/7/1799John Isgaraet. 71. MarriedOld
1/9/1799Hannah Cullimoreaet. 70. SpinsterThy
1/9/1799George Webbaet. 43. MarriedThy
3/10/1799Mary Woodman80 YearsThy
3/11/1799Luke Biddle12 years.Old
19/11/1799William Tayloraet. 66. MarriedThy
8/12/1799Hannah Thurstonaet 11. Dr. of Josiah ThurstonThy
24/12/1799Benjamin Barnettaet. 53 Years. MarriedThy
26/12/1799Sarah Tayloraet. 47. MarriedThy
26/12/1799Henry Fowleraet. 44. MarriedThy