Thornbury Burials 1800 -1809

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The ‘At’ column shows the Church where the burial service was held, not necessarily the place where the person was buried: Thornbury(Thy) or Oldbury (Old)

Burial DateNameNotesAt
5/1/1800Jane Milesaet. 90. alii dicunt circa 97Thy
17/1/1800William Banksaet: 76. ex LittletonThy
23/1/1800William Clarkeaet. 77Thy
9/2/1800James Bendallan Infant. 3 monthsOld
9/2/1800John Pruet Riddifordan Infant. circiter 13 MonthsOld
23/2/1800Daniel Fowleraet. 84. MarriedThy
5/3/1800Sarah Pearceaet. 68. WidowThy
9/3/1800Mary Nealeaet 79 vel 80. WidowOld
16/3/1800Betty Nicholsaet. 67. ex AlmondsburyThy
16/3/1800Richard Russelaet. 63. WidowerOld
26/3/1800Betty Bedgegoodaet: 80. WidowThy
29/3/1800John Smithaet. 66.Thy
30/3/1800Elizabeth Biddleaet. 48. WidowOld
25/4/1800Catherine Leachaet. 63. WidowThy
27/4/1800Mary Walkeraet. 40. MarriedThy
2/5/1800Mary Jonesaet. 20. Dr. of Wm. Jones of Kington. SpinsterThy
11/5/1800John Salmon, Gent:aet. 86. ex Alveston. WidowerThy
14/5/1800Thomas WheelerInf: 10 Months. ex Redwick.Old
20/5/1800Joseph Tayloraet. 13 Years. On Sunday the 18th Instant, while at play with five other Boys, he was accidentally, casually and by Misfortune killed by a piece of Timber falling on his Body. Coroner's Inquest.Old
1/6/1800Jane Coxaet 64. Kington. MarriedThy
8/6/1800Ambrose Nelmsaet 18 Months.Thy
11/6/1800Daniel Spillaet. 2 years.Thy
12/6/1800John MachinInfant.Thy
14/6/1800Jane Whiteheadan InfantThy
18/6/1800Ursula Walkeran Infant. aet 6 weeks.Thy
9/7/1800Richard Witheraet. 88. MarriedThy
13/7/1800Thomas Penduckaet. 79. MarriedThy
22/7/1800Elizabeth Putleyaet. 55. SpinsterThy
5/8/1800George Thomasaet. 64. MarriedThy
26/8/1800Jane Daviesaet. 77. MarriedThy
31/8/1800Esther Fordaet. 46. MarriedThy
11/10/1800John Stoneaet. 80 BachelorThy
11/10/1800Matthew Amos Burnellan InfantThy
10/11/1800Henry Parkeran InfantThy
21/11/1800Edward Parnellaet. 24. BachelorThy
7/12/1800James Riddifordaet 6 yearsThy
14/1/1801James Vaughanaet 89Thy
18/1/1801Martha Trayhurneaet. 61Old
20/1/1801Thomas Bartonex Hill. aet. 56Thy
25/1/1801Ruth Biddleaet. 67Thy
29/1/1801Fortune Lewis85Thy
11/2/1801George Howellaet 42.Thy
12/2/1801Charity Coombsaet. 71Thy
17/2/1801A Man Unknownaet: 60. He was found dead in his lodgings at Isaac Mullingtons House in this Town about the Hour of ten in the forenoonThy
19/3/1801Ann Clarkeaet. 80Thy
4/4/1801Patrick Halean Infant 1 year old.Thy
10/4/1801Elizabeth Thurstonaet. 70Thy
19/4/1801Mary Ford32 Years. PauperThy
21/4/1801Thomas Bigleyaet. 60 Husband pauper
21/4/1801Mary Bigleyaet. 66 Wife pauper
22/4/1801Ann Dayaet 63. SpinsterOld
6/5/1801Elizabeth Hobbs Nelmsan Infant. aet 2 years. ex Berkley.Thy
27/5/1801Ann Pritchardan Infant.Thy
7/6/1801Ann Pritchardaet. 34Thy
7/6/1801James Bindenaet. 7?Thy
21/6/1801Jubal Eddingtonat: 16 yrs.accidentally drowned in the River Savern by falling out of a fishing boat. Cor: Inquest.Thy
26/6/1801John Nicholsaet. 40.Thy
10/7/1801Sarah Nottaet. 21 yrs. ex Chew Magna, Com. Somerset.Thy
23/7/1801Alfred Parnellaet. 13 yrs. ex Chepstow.Thy
23/7/1801Timothy Roachaet. 59Thy
24/7/1801Joseph Merritaet. 37Thy
5/8/1801William Collinsaet. 65.Thy
9/8/1801Elizabeth Virgoaet. 65.Thy
23/08/1801Robert Knappaet. 49Old
26/8/1801William Thomsonaet. 57 ex Rochampton accidentally killed by a Waggon passing over his Body. Cor. Inquest.Thy
13/9/1801Robert Hewettaet. 86Old
15/9/1801Joseph Rymeraet. 20Old
23/9/1801Nathaniel Adams Bartlettaet. 66Thy
1/10/1801Thomas Nelmsaet. 14. ex BerkleyThy
7/10/1801Paul Hilllate of the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards. Pensioner aged 28 years.Thy
13/10/1801Richard Robertsonaet. 9 YearsThy
23/10/1801Daniel Williamsan Infant ex Northwicke.Old
26/10/1801William Motleyaet. 40Thy
8/11/1801Ann Gazardaet. 67Old
25/11/1801Mary Ruggmanaet. 41Old
15/12/1801Benjamin Walkeraet. 23Thy
1/1/1802Sarah Bindenaet. 2 years. burnt to death.Thy
5/1/1802Nathaniel Woodruffeaet. 77Thy
11/1/1802Sarah Feacyaet: 57Thy
20/1/1802Edward Bartlettaet. 76 ex Bristol.Thy
21/2/1802Ann Honeyburnan InfantThy
23/2/1802Samuel BendallSupposed to be about 65 yrs aetThy
2/3/1802John Pricean Infant 2 years.Thy
5/3/1802Mary Chappelaet. 8Thy
19/3/1802William Hathwayaet. 24Thy
31/3/1802Ann Stoneaet. 89Thy
25/4/1802Charlotte Beavanaet. 3 YearsThy
20/4/1802Mary Trotmanaet. 67.Old
11/5/1802Henry Reevesan Infant.Thy
20/5/1802Elizabeth Herbertaet 37Thy
23/5/1802Joseph Islesaet. 16. Killed by the wheel of a Cart running over his head. Coroner's InquestThy
27/5/1802James Webbaet. 15 MonthsThy
4/6/1802Solomon Pritchardabout 72 yearsThy
24/6/1802Mary Birtaet. 54.Thy
20/8/1802Henry Hathwayaet. 20Thy
23/8/1802Maria Morganan InfantThy
5/9/1802Daniel Hardingeaet 42Old
14/9/1802Jane Allenaet. 56Thy
14/9/1802Ann Galean Infant.Thy
15/9/1802Ursula Powellaet. 29Thy
27/9/1802Ann Ballaet. 54.Thy
20/9/1802William Lippiattan InfantThy
30/9/1802James Weeksaet. 23Thy
8/10/1802Joseph Millardaet. 70Thy
9/11/1802Elizabeth Savoryaet. 28Old
11/11/1802William Bakeraet. 63Thy
17/11/1802Rachel Wilcoxaet. 62.Old
17/11/1802Sarah Haywardaet. 62Thy
28/11/1802John Sarchaet. 54Thy
1/12/1802William Adamsan Infant.Old
1/12/1802Sarah Woodruffeaet. 14 yearsThy
1/12/1802Hannah Sarchaet. 50 YearsThy
12/12/1802Thomas Burleyaet. 36Thy
23/12/1802Hester Groveaet. 28Thy
4/1/1803Sarah Clarkeaet. 39 She fell down a flight of Stairs in her house and received a Bruise or fracture of the head, which caused instant Death. Cor: Inquest.Thy
19/1/1803Elinor Beardaet. 67Thy
23/1/1803Elizabeth Clutterbuckaet. 23.Thy
23/1/1803George Islesaet 3 Yrs.Thy
27/1/1803Thomas Limerickaet. 47Old
3/2/1803Ann Thomasan Infant. Ex DursleyOld
4/2/1803Elinor Penduckaet. 73Thy
13/2/1803Sarah Wheeleraet: 28. ex ChepstowOld
15/2/1803Hugh Parnellaet: 10 Months. ex ChepstowThy
17/2/1803Ann Bartonaet. 2 Years. ex HillThy
25/2/1803Ann Trotmanaet. 68Old
28/2/1803Thomas Clarkeaet. 72 He was found dead in his Bed Chamber. Verdict. Natural Death.Thy
3/3/1803Jonah Pagleraet. 6.Thy
7/3/1803Henry Croomeaet. 32. He fell out of a Cart in his return from Bristol, by which fall he received a violent Hurt which caused his Death. Coron Inquest & verdict.Thy
13/3/1803Hannah Newmanan InfantThy
14/3/1803Mary Weeksaet. 65Thy
20/3/1803James Allenaet. 33Thy
20/3/1803Jane Walkeran InfantThy
23/3/1803Isaac Riddleaet. 16Thy
24/3/1803Mary Wiltshireaet. 85Thy
24/3/1803Thomas Nealeaet. 67Thy
31/3/1803Elizabeth Bartonaet. 21 She poisoned herself by taking and swallowing a quantity of yellow arsenic mixt in Beer Jury's Verd: LunacyThy
3/4/1803Hannah Coxaet. 15 Yrs.Thy
5/4/1803John Snaillumaet: 77Thy
9/4/1803Mary Trayhurnaet: 69Old
11/4/1803Thomas Williamsaet: 72Old
11/4/1803William Wathenaet: 3Thy
12/4/1803William Jonesaet: 66Thy
15/4/1803Betty Bensonaet: 3Thy
15/4/1803William Cullimoreaet. 5Thy
20/4/1803Betty Webbaet: circ: 73Thy
22/4/1803Thomas Lippiattaet. 81Thy
1/5/1803Sarah Galeaet: 39Thy
3/5/1803Ursula Thomasaet. 2 yrs & six monthsThy
4/5/1803John Hudsonan Infant.Thy
12/5/1803Samuel Gazardaet: cir: 60, of Almondsbury. He died & was buried at - - - Old
13/5/1803Ann Sarjeantaet: 83Thy
24/5/1803Decimus Nelmesaet: 1 year 7 10 months.Thy
9/6/1803John Williamsaet: 26Thy
26/6/1803Elizabeth Spillaet: 20 monthsThy
16/7/1803Benjamin Cosshamaet: 53Thy
8/8/1803Betty Hopkinsaet: 22. ex Rockhampton. She was found suffocated & drowned in a pool at Shipperdine. Coroners Inq: - Verd: LunacyOld
4/9/1803Ann Martinaet: 74Thy
4/9/1803Sarah Nelmsaet: 87Thy
7/9/1803Robert Daviesaet: 27. a Sargeant in the Marines. ex PatchwayThy
30/10/1803Mary Bindenaet: 40 She died a few days after deliveryThy
31/10/1803James Roachaet: 55. ex PatchwayThy
Mr. James Cullimore of MortonDied & was buried in October 1803 at Oldbury upon the Hills.
24/11/1803Hannah Leeaet. 14 died of the SmallpoxThy
4/12/1803Susanna Brownan Infant from SodburyThy
8/12/1803George Thomasaet: 11 months. of BuckoverThy
14/12/1803John NichollsYeoman of Iron Acton. aet: 76Thy
5/1/1804Hugh Parnellaet: 4 months from ChepstowThy
18/1/1804Hester Reevesof Morton. aet. 55Thy
20/1/1804William Allenof this Borough, Carpenter. aet: 45. He was found dead in a gutter owing to suffocation. Coroners Inquest Verd: accidental deathThy
31/1/1804John AllenFisherman. aet: 62Old
1/2/1804John Frenchaet: 73Thy
12/2/1804John Sheppardaet: 11 MnthsOld
27/2/1804Betty Oldlandaet: 47Thy
29/2/1804Job Hopkinsof Shipperdine. aet. 60Old
1/3/1804John Saundersaet: 31Thy
1/3/1804Charles MorganSon of Willm & Frances Morgan. aet: 10 mnthsThy
4/3/1804Henry Cowleyfrom Bristol. aet: 2Thy
10/4/1804Mary Birtaet: 9 monthsThy
17/4/1804John Morganaet: 63Old
22/4/1804Hannah Walkeraet. 57Thy
10/5/1804Mr John BonnettDied suddenly at the Swan in this Town Mr. John Bonnett of Falfield. aet: 55 & was buried at Tortworth
4/5/1804James BlakeChimney Sweeper. aet: 48. He belonged to the parish of Stonehouse in this countyThy
13/5/1804A Man unknownin appearance about 50 who was found drowned in a pool near little Oldbury field on 10th May. Cor: Inq: Verd: accidental deathOld
20/5/1804Mary Musgroveaet: 80Thy
6/6/1804Samuel Thurstonaet: 79Thy
22/6/1804John Hudsonaet. 6 monthsThy
27/6/1804Susanna Dayaet: 59Thy
25/7/1804Thomas Huntaet: 18Thy
15/8/1804Elizabeth Tuckeraet: 59Old
9/9/1804Mary Roweaet: 72. Brought from BristolOld
28/10/1804Hannah Beckertonaet; 46Old
28/10/1804Elizabeth Allenaet: 83Thy
15/11/1804Lucy Gibbsaet: 24Thy
28/11/1804Amelia Smartaet: 22Thy
5/12/1804Elizabeth Thomasaet: 72Thy
12/12/1804Henry Weeksaet: 7 monthsThy
12/12/1804Thomas Lydiattaet: 77Thy
25/12/1804A Man unknownfound dead in the highway. Cor: Inqu: died through the inclemency of the WeatherThy
1/1/1805Sarah Woosleyan InftThy
2/1/1805John Whiteaet: 20Old
13/1/1805Jane Brittaet: 89Thy
4/2/1805Stephen Beardaet: 39Old
13/2/1805William Bindenaet. 1 yrThy
13/2/1805John Searchaet: 90Thy
28/2/1805Thomas Lucasaet: 1Thy
15/3/1805William HardingYeoman. aet: 78Old
24/3/1805Mary Hendyaet: 59Thy
24/3/1805Hannah Williamsaet: 10 mnthsThy
31/3/1805Samuel Nelmsaet: 80Thy
31/3/1805Mary Hoptonaet: 3Thy
18/4/1805Thomas DayInfant Son of James & Mary Day. KingtonThy
21/4/1805James TaylorInfant Son of James & Hannah TaylorOld
24/4/1805William Beckertonaet: 27. He fell from a fishing Boat into the Severn in Beachley Bay & was drowned. His body was (not until several weeks after the accident) washed on shore near Kingroad. Cor: Inqu: accidental DeathOld
9/5/1805Hannah Meadaet: 17Thy
16/5/1805Thomas Webbaet: 1 yr & halfThy
24/5/1805Eliza Bindenaet: two and a halfThy
29/6/1805John Dayof Cowhill. aet: 55Old
4/7/1805Ann WhitfieldWife of Jonah Whitfield. aet: 19Thy
13/7/1805John BakerWarrener, Milbury Heath. aet: 71Thy
19/7/1805William Jonesof Kington, Drover, aet; 30Thy
11/8/1805Elizabeth Riddifordof the psh of Hill. aet: 44Thy
11/8/1805Susanna Nelmesof Morton widow. aet: 67Thy
22/9/1805William Gayneraet: 8 monthsThy
10/10/1805William Wilcoxaet: 71Old
31/10/1805Elizabeth Newmanaet: 65Thy
17/11/1805Flora KnappInft Daur. of William & Flora KnappThy
22/11/1805Susanna TrayhurnWife of Thomas Trayhurn. aet: 38Thy
24/11/1805Sarah Cullimoreaet: 30Thy
25/11/1805Mary Ann Jonesaet. 4 yrs & 8 monthsThy
1/12/1805Elizabeth Mullingtonaet: 22Thy
15/12/1805John Witheraet: 60Thy
29/12/1805Thomas Coventryaet: 4 & 11 monthsThy
30/1/1806Elizabeth KnappWife of James Knapp (Blacksmith) aet: 49. She died suddenlyThy
7/2/1806Zimri Moxham(Clock & Watch maker) aet: 67. He dropped down dead in the street. Cor: Inqu: Visitation of GodThy
12/2/1806Eliza GaynerInft.Thy
19/2/1806Mrs Amelia Salmonaet; 65Thy
20/2/1806James Cullimoreof Whitfield Yeoman. aet: 27Thy
9/3/1806Ann GibbsWidow. aet: 29Thy
18/3/1806William GaynerBaker. aet: 44Thy
25/3/1806Joseph TaylorFisherman. aet: 47Old
2/4/1806Sarah RymerWidow. aet: 55Old
7/4/1806Maria Hall Westonof the parish of Olveston. aet: circ. 22. She had been for some time wandering about in a state of vagrancy, & died in the workhouse here, in her way back to her parishThy
9/4/1806John Limbrickof the parish of Wickwar. aet: 26Thy
12/4/1806William HullCoal Merchant. aet: 51. He died in consequence of a fall from his horse. Cor: Inqu: accidental deathOld
16/4/1806Edward Vaughanaet: 89Thy
25/4/1806Mr Edward Thurstonaet: 78Thy
27/4/1806Ann Oliveaet: 47Thy
30/4/1806Edward Sanigarof Chepstow Monmouthshire aet: 58Old
30/4/1806Benjamin Bargeaet: 19Thy
10/5/1806Hannah Allenof the psh of Wotton under Edge. aet: 48Thy
14/5/1806Maria Walkeraet: 19.Thy
15/6/1806Harriet Bevanaet: 9Thy
19/6/1806John Davisaet: 89Old
8/9/1806John Dayof the psh of Rockhampton Yeoman. aet: 44Old
2/9/1806Hester BeardInft. aet: 5 monthsOld
4/10/1806Webb Jefferiesaet: 46Thy
8/10/1806Emma Hawkeraet: 18 Ms. This child's real name was Sheppard being the natural daughr. of Mary Sheppard previous to her MarriageThy
17/10/1806William Wisseaet: 68Thy
17/10/1806William Crumpaet: 51Old
21/10/1806Sarah Bennettaet: 66Thy
2/11/1806Mary Biggsaet: incog By her own account she was 107 years oldThy
3/11/1806James TrayhurnInft. aet. 1 yr 7 ms.Old
2/12/1806James Millsaet. 18. died of the Small pox caught in the natural way.Thy
30/12/1806Anna Cullimorethe Wife of Mr. Jno Cullimore of Moreton (Atty.) aet: 56Thy
30/12/1806Maria WalkerAn inquest was held on the body of Maria Walker, as it was supposed She had died in consequence of ill usage from her Mother in law Mary Walker, but though cruel treatment was clearly proved, it was not considered as the cause of her death.
2/8/1806Mrs Mary Comelyof Cowhill Widow. aet: 58. & was bruied at Weston Birt in this Co.
Mrs Flora LangleyDied at her house on Milbury Heath Widow, & was buried in the family Vault at Hill in August 1806. aet: 61.
4/1/1807Thomas Newmanaet: 74Thy
4/1/1807Emma WalkerDau. of Thos. Walker Junr. (Butcher) & Celia his Wife. aet: 18 ms having been privately baptized.Thy
8/1/1807Daniel Pitcher(Sadler & late parish Clerk) aet: 72Thy
18/1/1807Anne Bunkeraet: 22.Thy
28/1/1807James KnappBlacksmith. aet; 49.Thy
5/2/1807Mary Walkerthe Wife of Willm Walker (Thatcher) aet: 70Thy
6/2/1807Sarah Grunmanthe Wife of Richd Grunman (Labr.) aet: 44Thy
10/2/1807Thomas Morganaet: 16Old
15/2/1807Sarah Wilcoxthe Wife of Thos. Wilcox (Thatcher) Moreton. aet: 71Thy
19/3/1807James WalkerInft.Thy
22/3/1807William WhiteInfantThy
22/3/1807Elijah EdmondsInfantThy
25/3/1807Flora Knappthe Wife of Wm Knapp (blacksmith) aet: 45Thy
25/3/1807William ClutterbuckInft.Thy
29/3/1807Christian Chittsthe Wife of Wm Chitts (of Kington Yeoman) aet: 65Thy
1/4/1807Eliza VaughanInft.Thy
9/4/1807William HollandGardener) aet: 55Thy
12/4/1807Mary TrayhurnWidow. aet: 89Old
15/4/1807Charles LippiattInft.Thy
19/4/1807Charles Blewsteraet: 36. (Butcher) He was a private in the Corps of Tockington Volunteers & buried with military honoursThy
23/4/1807Hannah Lippiatt3 years oldThy
26/4/1807Anne FordInft.Thy
29/4/1807Mary SmithInft. 3 years oldThy
5/5/1807Abraham Riddell(Labr.) aet: 84Thy
5/5/1807William Screenaged 6 yrs & 11 Mo.Thy
11/5/1807Robert Fordaged 4 yrs & 10 Mo.Thy
18/5/1807William Hobby Gent.aet: 73Thy
20/5/1807Celia TaylorInft.Thy
24/5/1807William Allen(Labr.) aet: 61Old
14/6/1807Mary MorganWidow. aet: 76Old
23/6/1807George ThomasInft. aet: 2 & 10 mo. This child was scalded to death by accidentally falling into a tub of boiling wort. Cor: Ingu: Verd. Accidental Death.Thy
29/6/1807Martha Lawrenceof the parish of Winterbourn. aet: 43.Thy
1/7/1807Henrietta Newmaninft. aet: circ. 2Thy
8/7/1807William Jones(Labr.) aet: 44Thy
12/8/1807William Walker(Butcher) aet: 46.Thy
12/8/1807Ann BarnettWidow. aet: 60Thy
28/8/1807Joseph Facey(Labr.) aet: circ. 60.Thy
30/8/1807Ann CosshamInft. This Child was put to bed by her parents in perfect health, & on their retiring to rest some time afterwards they found her dead.Thy
10/9/1807Mrs Martha CullimoreWidow. aet: 67Thy
16/9/1807Joseph Champneys(Tiler) aet: 70.Thy
17/9/1807Jane Witheraet: 71Thy
27/9/1807Christian Banksaet: 30Thy
27/9/1807William Osborne(of Kington) aet: 75 whose remains were deposited in the Quakers burial ground at Hazel in the psh of Olveston. Octr. 2.
7/10/1807Elizabeth Daviesfrom Almondsbury aged 6 yrsThy
9/10/1807Hester Arthuraged 8 years.Thy
16/10/1807Elizabeth PitcherWidow. aet; 71Thy
23/10/1807John King(Nail maker) aet: 67Thy
27/10/1807Ursula Pitcherinft. Dau. of Obed & Hannah Pitcher.Thy
1/11/1807Susanna TaylorInft. Dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor.Thy
12/11/1807John LuceInft. S. of George & Mary Luce.Thy
15/11/1807Hester BindenInft. D. of Henry & Elizabeth Binden. aet: 2Thy
18/11/1807Ann Daythe Wife of James Day (Yeoman) aet: 67Old
20/11/1807Sarah LeeWidow. aet: 66.Thy
22/11/1807Charlotte ThomasInft. aged 3 yrs & 10 Mo.Old
6/12/1807William Elliottaet: 16. From the poor house.Thy
6/12/1807Sarah SmithInft. Dau. of Thos. Smith (Taylor).Thy
17/12/1807John Olive(Labr.) aet: 60.Thy
24/12/1807Henry Clarkaet: 9.Thy
17/1/1808Ann Birtthe Wife of Willm Birt (Cordwainer) aet: 63.Thy
24/1/1808Joseph TaylorInft. Having been privately baptized.Thy
26/1/1808William Trayhurn(Taylor) aet: 46.Thy
31/1/1808James RiceInft. Brought from Winterbourn.Thy
17/2/1808James SaveryS. of Daniel Savery. aet: 6.Old
17/2/1808Hannah SharpD. of Joseph & Isabel Sharp. aet: 2Old
21/2/1808John Edmunds(Cooper) aet; 42.Thy
26/2/1808Eliza Ann ParnellD. of Mr Hugh Parnell of Chepstow. aet: 3.Thy
6/3/1808Elizabeth BakerInf. D. of Henry & Sarah Baker.Thy
6/3/1808William Thomas(Carpenter) aet: 77.Thy
27/3/1808Ann WooseleyD. of William & Sarah Wooseley. aet: 3 /9 mo.Thy
28/3/1808Ann Slainthe Wife of Charles Slain. aet: 35.Thy
29/3/1808Mary MachinWidow. aet: 68.Old
5/4/1808Hester WitherSpinster. aet: 33.Thy
5/4/1808Rose ShepherdWidow. aet: 76.Old
8/4/1808Rebecca Trayhurnthe Wife of Thomas Trayhurn. aet: 69.Old
12/4/1808Samuel SelmanInf. S. of Elizabeth SelmanThy
22/4/1808James Lambertaet: 13. Who was accidentally killed by the Wheel of a cart passing over him. Cor. Inqu:Thy
23/4/1808Mary MitchellInft. from Bristol.Thy
27/4/1808Edward Trayhurnaet: 74. from Thornby. poor house.Old
29/4/1808Ann Thomasthe Wife of John Thomas of Sibland Yeoman. aet: 77.Thy
1/6/1808A Man Unknownfound drowned in the Pill at - - -Old
5/6/1808John Dyerof the Plymouth division of Marines, aet: 20.Old
3/7/1808Thomas Wilcoxof Moreton (Thatcher) aet: 62. this death was so very sudden as to require an Inquest whose Verd. was found dead in his house.Thy
3/7/1808Samuel Trayhurn(Yeoman) aet: 45Old
6/7/1808John Clutterbuck(labr.) aet: 72.Thy
15/7/1808Elizabeth ClutterbuckWidow. aet: 88.Thy
5/8/1808Mary Millettthe Wife of Willm Millett, (Yeoman) aet: 58.Thy
10/8/1808Mary Crowtherthe Wife of Mr John, Crowther. aet; 53.Thy
28/8/1808John Bendallthe Infant Son of Amelia, Bendall.Old
30/8/1808John Hopton(Labourer) aet: 48.Thy
30/8/1808Charles Walkerthe Inft. S. of Hester, Walker having been privately Baptized.Thy
8/9/1808Lucinda Fordthe Wife of Robert, Ford. aet: 28.Thy
20/9/1808Eliza Bendallthe Inft. D. of Maurice & Celia, Bendall.Old
9/10/1808Eliza FordInft. D. of Willim F. (Sadler).Thy
10/10/1808Charles LippiattInft. S. of Thos. L. (Labr. Shoreton).Thy
12/10/1808Susan AllenInft. D. of William A. (Wheelwright). The above two children were only a few days old & privly: baptd.Thy
25/10/1808Thomas Coxof Kington Gent. aet: 76.Thy
28/10/1808Thomas Chitts(Yeoman) aet: 24.Thy
1/11/1808Ann Mabbott,Inft. Born & privy: baptd, at Bristol.Thy
30/11/1808Isabella Sharpthe Wife of Joseph, Sharp. aet: 43:Old
11/12/1808William BrutonInft. S. of John Bruton having been priv. baptd.Old
13/12/1808William Knappof Shipperdine (Yeoman) aet: 63.Old
26/12/1808Mrs Hester Bagnell Spinster in her 92d year & was buried at Tortworth Jany. 2, 1809
4/1/1809John Grove(Yeoman) aet: 72Thy
21/1/1809Betty NiblettWidow. aet: 85.Thy
1/2/1809Thomas Wetmore Gent.aet: 62. died very suddenly Jan. 27Thy
1/2/1809Betty GoughWidow. aet: 73. from Alms HouseThy
5/2/1809Mary Walkeraet: 44. from the poor houseThy
8/2/1809Thomas TrayhurnInft. S. of Jos. T. (Carpenter) Priv. BaptdThy
15/2/1809Elizabeth Chappellaet: incert:Thy
1/3/1809Thomas Collinsof Eastwood (Yeoman) aet: 65Thy
2/3/1809William Trayhurn(Taylor) aet: 71.Thy
6/3/1809William Cullimoreof Middle Mill psh of Stone (Yeoman) aet: 26Thy
21/3/1809Frederic Oatway(Pig Butcher) aet: 23.Thy
21/3/1809A travelling Womansupposed to be between 40 & 50 years of age, who died at the house of ....Sheerman in this town.
22/3/1809Hannah Curthoysaet: 30. Found drowned in a Run at Moreton. Cor Inq:Thy
28/3/1809Thomas Pauzeraet; circ. 21. belonging to the psh of Cam.Thy
10/4/1809Sarah Nelmesof Moreton Widow. aet: 76.Thy
16/4/1809Ann Day TaylorInft. D. of Mark T.Old
26/4/1809John Gale(Servant) aet: 24.Who was found dead on the High Road in the Tything of Falfield 22d inst. Cor. Inq:Thy
28/4/1809John Crowther Gent.aet: 75Thy
30/4/1809Jane FaceyWidow. aet: 42. from the poor houseThy
30/4/1809Obed PitcherInft. Son of O. P. (Clerk). priv. baptdThy
4/5/1809Frances Nicholsaet: 18. Brought from Iron Action.Thy
4/5/1809Daniel Hathaway(Wheelwright) aet: 63Thy
11/5/1809Maria Saveryaet: 13. Brought from ElbertonOld
26/5/1809Hester TrayhurnWidow. aet: 72Thy
13/6/1809Charlotte HudsonInft.Thy
14/6/1809John Dowardof Alveston (Yeoman) aet: 23Thy
15/6/1809William Warrenaet: 73. From NewtonOld
20/6/1809Joseph Jamesaet: 40. Who was accidentally drowned out of a small Boat near the Gusky Rocks in the Severn Brought from Wollaston. Cor. Inq. & VerdOld
20/6/1809Elizabeth Biddleaet; 27. From AlvestonThy
24/6/1809Joseph EdmondsInft. a few days old, priv: baptd.Thy
7/6/1809Elizabeth Blagdenthe Wife of Thomas Blagden Esqr of this town, & was buried at St Mary Redcliffe Bristol June 12th. aet. 52.
5/7/1809William Bailey(Labr.) aet: 30 marriedThy
16/7/1809William LimbrickYeoman. aet: 70. From Wickwar.Thy
19/7/1809John Jamesaet: 34. Brought from Tiddenham.Old
2/8/1809Ann Simmonsan Inft.Thy
4/8/1809Robert Burtonlate of Bisley (Labr.) aet: 79Thy
24/8/1809William Jamesaet: 31 Brought from Bistol.Thy
27/8/1809William AdamsGent. aet: 43.Old
10/9/1809Rose Longdenthe Wife of George Longden. aet: 70Thy
15/10/1809Robert Ford(Brazier & Tinman) aet: 32Thy
24/10/1809William WonneAn Inft. Brought here from Bath to nurseThy
24/11/1809Joseph Rugman(Labr.) of Shipperdine. aet: 44Old
27/11/1809Hannah Jonesof Moreton. aet: 80.Old
7/12/1809Thomas Hopkinsaet: 66 Brought from UleyThy
7/12/1809John BirtLabr. aet: 66.Thy