Thornbury Burials 1810-1819

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3/1/1810Mrs Elizabeth Robertsaet: 89Thornbury
14/2/1810Mary EnglandInft. Brought fm Elberton.Thornbury
16/2/1810Thomas Hopkinsaged two years & 9 mo.Thornbury
18/2/1810Hester Hicksaet: 16.Thornbury
25/2/1810Hannah Fowleraet: 64.Thornbury
2/3/1810John Cullimoreof St. Arvans Monmouthshire. Yeoman. aet. 37.Thornbury
5/3/1810John Davislate of this psh. brought from Cromhall. aet. 72.Thornbury
12/3/1810Thomas Stairsaet: 20. An unfortunate stranger who died in ? poor house.Thornbury
20/3/1810Ann Leonardaet: 60. one of the Alms house Women.Thornbury
20/3/1810Elizabeth Walkerthe Wife of Willm, Walker (Labr.) aet: 38.Thornbury
20/3/1810Harriet Riceaet: 6. Chn of James Rice Cordwainer.Thornbury
20/3/1810John Riceaet: 13 ms Chn of James Rice Cordwainer.Thornbury
29/3/1810Diane Mabbottaet: 19. brought fronm Bristol with a Coroners Inquest purporting that She came to her death, accidentally, casually, & by misfortuneThornbury
30/3/1810John Robinson(Labr.) aet: 59. KThornbury
1/4/1810George TrayhurnInf. Son of Luke T. aet: 1Thornbury
8/4/1810John Thatcheraet: 10.Thornbury
14/4/1810John Comely(Yeoman) aet: 31.Oldbury
1/4/1810John Carter(Butcher) aet: 76.Thornbury
24/4/1810Eliza Comely Webbaet: 6.Thornbury
29/4/1810Mary Beardaet: cir. 8. Who was accidentally casually & by misfortune suffocated & burnt to death by her clothes taking fire. cor: Inqu:Oldbury
4/5/1810Ann ClutterbuckInf. D. of Wm. C. (Labr.) Crossways.Thornbury
7/5/1810John Berwick(Labr.) aet: 64Thornbury
20/5/1810Hannah Gibbonsaet: 60.Thornbury
28/5/1810John Thomas(Mason) aet: 30.Thornbury
7/6/1810Hester Putleyaet: 63.Thornbury
10/6/1810Charles WheelerInft.Thornbury
11/6/1810Ann BartonWidow. aet: 86.Thornbury
22/6/1810Ann Cottrellthe Wife of Henry Cottrell Gent: Aet: 28.Thornbury
13/8/1810Mary Readaet: 80. One of the Alms house Women.Thornbury
13/8/1810William Addisaet: 7 This child unfortunately drank some mercurial water & died in consequence.Thornbury
15/8/1810Cordelia Parnellaet; 9 mo. Brought from ChepstowThornbury
15/8/1810Joseph Shermanaet: 66.Thornbury
18/8/1810Bidlake Sladethe Wife of R. Slade Vicar, died Aug. 14. ChancelThornbury
21/8/1810William VirgoInft. having ben priv: baptized.Thornbury
2/9/1810Thomas Cullimore(Thatcher) aet: 92.Thornbury
3/9/1810Lydia Croomethe Wife of John Croome (Schoolmaster) aet: 55Thornbury
3/9/1810Jane Sarchthe Wife of William Sarch. aet: 56.Thornbury
10/9/1810Ann Daviesaet: 20.Thornbury
23/9/1810John Groveaet: 72. Brought from Bristol.Thornbury
30/9/1810Elizabeth Coxthe Wife of George Cox (Gent.) aet: 31.Oldbury
4/10/1810James Hooper(Mason) aet: 24.Thornbury
5/10/1810Elizabeth Howardthe Wife of Robert Howard (Labr.) aet: 60.Oldbury
28/10/1810William HobbyInf. S. of John H. (Labr.).Thornbury
9/11/1810Hannah PhilipsWidow aet: incogThornbury
11/11/1810Dent Roachaet: 22. Brought frm Almondsbury.Thornbury
29/11/1810Richard Birtaet: 18.Thornbury
2/12/1810William Hoptonaet: 17Thornbury
3/12/1810Samuel Grove(Cooper) aet: 30.Thornbury
26/12/1810Thomas Facey(Breeches maker) aet: 47
11/1/1811Elizabeth Thatcherfrom the poor house. aet. sup. 20.Thornbury
3/2/1811Sarah SmithWidow. aet: 64.Thornbury
19/2/1811Thomas SaveryInft. S. of John Savery. Brought fm Elberton.Oldbury
21/2/1811Ann Fordthe Wife of James Ford (Carpenter) aet: 31.Thornbury
24/21811Nancy Saverythe wife of John Savery fm Elberton. aet: 43Oldbury
24/2/1811Elizabeth WalkerInf. D. of Thomas Walker Junr. (Butcher). Having been privately Baptized.Thornbury
3/3/1811Daniel Biddle(Yeoman) aet: 91. (K)Thornbury
7/4/1811Mary AllenWidow. Aet: 80.Oldbury
18/4/1811Daniel Prewettlate of this psh. aet: 33. Brought from Newport Com. Monmouth where He was found drowned. Cor. Vert. 'accidental Death.'Oldbury
1/5/1811William Bakerfrm Clapton par. Berkeley (Yeoman) aet: 66.Oldbury
5/5/1811Thomas MoxhamInft. Having been priv: baptd.Thornbury
8/5/1811Elizabeth GroveRelict of Mr. Ralph Grove. aet: 82. ChancelThornbury
8/5/1811Robert CookLabtr. aet: 64.Thornbury
11/6/1811John Bartlett Sanigarlate of Kington. aet: 20.Oldbury
12/6/1811Ann NicholsInf. having been priv. BaptdThornbury
19/6/1811Hester VirgoSpinster. aet: 36.Thornbury
26/6/1811Jacob Banksof Cowhill (Labr.) aet: 51Thornbury
9/6/1811William Baker LongInft. fm Clapton par. Berkeley.Oldbury
16/6/1811William Bakerfrom the poor house. aet: circ. 26.Thornbury
20/6/1811William White(Fisherman) aet: 55.Oldbury
2/8/1811Brice Beard(Tailor) aet: 24 Brot. fm Olveston.Thornbury
6/8/1811William Wither(Cordwainer) aet: 75.Thornbury
14/8/1811Elizabeth BennettInf. Dr. of Susanna Bennett.having been privately baptized.Oldbury
3/10/1811Amelia BendallSpinster - aet: 28. Brot from Luckington.Oldbury
4/10/1811Hester Smartof Cowhill. aet: 7. Died of the Croup.Oldbury
5/10/1811George Smith(Labr.) aet: 59.Thornbury
22/10/1811Eleanor Allenaet: 19.Thornbury
5/11/1811Sarah Shaddockaet: circa 70.Thornbury
12/11/1811Frances Cullimorefm St. Arvans Monmouths. aet: 3.Thornbury
17/11/1811Mary Weeksthe Wife of Edward Weeks Jun. (Yeoman) aet. 74.Thornbury
11/12/1811Celia Hudsonthe Wife of Thomas Hudson (Labr.) aet: 39. (M)Thornbury
15/12/1811Thomas King(Postilion) aet: 27. Brought fm Bristol.Oldbury
31/01/1812John Grove(Yeoman) aet: 41. (K)Thornbury
7/2/1812Joseph Walker Senr.(Butcher) aet: 58.Thornbury
10/2/1812Calib Lee(Butcher) aet: 43. This man, in a state of intoxication, fell into a pool at Cowhill from whence he was with difficulty extricated, & sustained such injury that he died within two days after. (K)Thornbury
11/2/1812Robert Comelyof Cowhill (Yeoman) aet: 28. Found dead on Friday Morn. the 7th last in the Highway between Thornbury & Kington, having fallen from his horse.Oldbury
12/2/1812Jane AllenWidow. aet: 62.Thornbury
18/2/1812Jane Williamsfrom the poor house. aet: 90.Thornbury
19/2/1812William ThomasInf. S. of Francis T. (Carpenter).Oldbury
26/2/1812John Rymer(Publican) aet: 38.Oldbury
3/3/1812Mark Taylor(Fisherman) aet: 52.Oldbury
3/3/1812William AblettInf. of two years old.Oldbury
8/3/1812Robert MachinInft. S. of William & Elizth. Machin.Oldbury
15/3/1812Joseph Hopkins(Labr.) aet: 60. (K)Thornbury
15/3/1812Edward Lippiatt(Yeoman) aet: 60. (M)Thornbury
15/4/1812Ann HolwayInf. D. of William H. (Labr.) (K)Thornbury
19/4/1812Hannah TaylorWidow. aet: 67.Thornbury
19/4/1812Thomas SmithInf. S. of John S. (Labr.)Thornbury
23/4/1812Martha Ballthe Wife of Daniel Ball (Labr.) aet: 63. (M)Thornbury
20/05/1812Elizabeth ThompsonWidow aged 81Thornbury
29/05/1812Thomas BallAge 65.Oldbury
12/07/1812Susannah BuoySpinster aged 19Thornbury
20/07/1812Mrs Margaret Cokeof St Elizabeth in the island of Jamaica widow aged 43. Brought from Alveston.Thornbury
23/08/1812Joseph LongmanAged 17Thornbury
10/09/1812William GaynerInfantThornbury
17/09/1812Mary SanigarAged 8Oldbury
21/09/1812Thomas LambertInfantThornbury
06/10/1812Edward Weeks SeniorAged 78Thornbury
21/10/1812William TrayhurnAged 11Thornbury
29/10/1812Thomas LippiattAged 18Thornbury
19/11/1812Thomas DayAged 45Thornbury
06/12/1812Mary GaynerAged 48Thornbury
26/12/1812Wiliam ChittsAged 79Thornbury
03/01/1813William SmithAged 1 year 8 monthsThornbury
12/01/1813William WheelerAged 5 yearsThornbury
31/01/1813James WetmoreAged 50Thornbury
04/02/1813Phoebe WathemInfantThornbury
10/02/1813Hester ThornAged 61Thornbury
11/02/1813Robert PeglarInfantOldbury
14/02/1813John GoughAged 9Thornbury
22/03/1813Sarah JonesAged 61Thornbury
11/04/1813Jane GarlandInfantThornbury
14/04/1813William GoughAged 73Thornbury
15/04/1813Mary ClutterbuckAged 36Thornbury
28/04/1813Ann CaveAged 61Thornbury
30/04/1813Martha DaviesAged 40St James Bristol
07/05/1813Richard CullimoreAged 8Thornbury
13/05/1813Hester LidyattAged 68Thornbury
16/05/1813Francis TunerrAged 70Thornbury
22/05/1813Hester CosshamAged 63Thornbury
28/05/1813William GriffithsAged 45. A drover from Wales
30/05/1813Ann LongmanAged under 2 yearsThornbury
31/05/1813Clara MorganInfantThornbury
02/06/1813Dinah MorganInfantThornbury
09/06/1813Jane BevanInfant. Aged one and a halfThornbury
12/06/1813Ann AllenInfantThornbury
02/08/1813John CarterAged 34Thornbury
09/09/1813Elizabeth WoodwardAged 36 Wife of William Woodward of Eastwoodburied Tetbury
10/10/1813George KnightInfantThornbury
14/10/1813Henry ClarkAged 53Thornbury
10/11/1813Sarah CullimoreAged 58Thornbury
29/11/1813Charlotte NelmsAged 11Thornbury
13/12/1813Hester RiddifordAged 48Thornbury
30/01/1814Ann HillAged 63Thornbury
04/02/1814Joseph HobbsInfant 1 year 2 monthsThornbury
06/02/1814Ann WalkerInfantThornbury
13/02/1814Hannah ReevesAged 73Thornbury
15/02/1814Kingsmill GroveGent Aged 70Thornbury
20/02/1814Mary MerrickAged 74Thornbury
20/02/1814John TaylorAged 39Moreton
20/02/1814Rachael JonesAged 5Thornbury
03/03/1814Hannah GroveAged 69Moreton
08/03/1814William WilliamsInfantThornbury
24/03/1814John DaviesInfant 1 year 9 monthsCromhall
07/04/1814John NelmsAged 22Clapton, Berkeley
15/04/1814William EdmondsAged 77Thornbury
01/05/1814William BennettInfantOldbury
22/05/1814Richard WalkerAged 26Thornbury
26/05/1814Thomas MoxhamInfantThornbury
05/06/1814John BowyerAged 23Thornbury
11/06/1814John ThomasAged 78Sibland
21/06/1814Hannah PitcherAged 28Thornbury
17/07/1814Hester LippiattAged 32Thornbury
24/07/1814Hester CosshamInfantThornbury
26/07/1814Joseph LongmanInfantThornbury
05/08/1814John NelmesAged 62Moreton
20/08/1814Thomas HopkinsAged 49Kington
29/08/1814Diana WoodhamAged unknownThornbury
06/09/1814George TaylorAged 37Sibland
07/09/1814Sarah TaylorAged 73Moreton
20/09/1814William MorganAged 52Thornbury
24/09/1814Ann CoxAged 63Kington
09/10/1814William BirtAged 82Moreton
31/10/1814Hester TrayhurnInfantThornbury
01/12/1814Josiah ThurstonAged 63Thornbury
11/12/1814Elizabeth TrayhurnAged 50Thornbury
25/12/1814John DavisAged 33Crossways
26/12/1814John NottAged 72Thornbury
02/01/1815Ann TrayhurnAged 40Thornbury
08/01/1815Ann LongmanAged 27Thornbury
11/01/1815Elizabeth WalkerAged 79Thornbury
29/01/1815Clara LawrenceAged 2Thornbury
26/02/1815George TrayhurnInfantThornbury
26/02/1815George PeglarInfantThornbury
05/03/1815Ann AddisAged 44Thornbury
19/03/1815Sophia LongdenAged 80Thornbury
10/04/1815Thomas JamesAged 43Whitfield
13/04/1815James TaylorAged 56Moreton
25/04/1815Ursula PowellInfantThornbury
30/04/1815Ann SmithAged 13 monthsMilbury Heath
18/05/1815Elizabeth BargeAged 62Thornbury
21/05/1815Sarah WetmoreAged 67Thornbury
11/06/1815Eliza TetherAged 10Thornbury
21/06/1815Mary JonesAged 40Grovesend
06/07/1815Lawrence SearchAged 30Thornbury
31/07/1815Sarah LuceAged 14Thornbury
27/08/1815William JonesInfantGrovesend
31/08/1815James NicholsAged 47Olveston
01/10/1815Thomas EdmundsAged 37Thornbury
25/10/1815John ParslowAged 82Thornbury
30/10/1815Nicholas FaceyAged 70Thornbury
07/11/1815Mary HillAged 79Thornbury
08/11/1815Mary DaviesAged 78Cromhall
17/11/1815Valentine HopkinsAged 22Moreton
26/11/1815Betty SmithAged 10Milbury Heath
28/11/1815Thomas TillAged 28Crossways
17/12/1815Jane WilkesInfantThornbury
17/12/1815Alfred DaviesAged 2 years 9 monthsThornbury
18/12/1815Thomas HathwayAged 37Clapton, Berkeley
21/12/1815Betty PowellAged 63Thornbury
03/01/1816Mathew WooseleyAged 7Thornbury
07/01/1816Joseph VaughanAged 2Thornbury
11/01/1816Francis GroveAged 6Kington
24/01/1816Mary EvansAged 59Thornbury
25/02/1816Mary ParmiterAged 80Maryport St Bristol
27/02/1816Harriet AddisInfant 14 monthsThornbury
06/03/1816Mary BartlettAged 74St James Bristol
15/03/1816Betty JamesAged 64Thornbury
22/03/1816John NiblettAged 54Thornbury
09/04/1816Phillmore SalmonInfant 11 monthsThornbury
14/04/1816John AllenAged 27Moreton
14/04/1816John PennyAged 24Littleton on Severn
15/04/1816Mary WalkerAged 5Thornbury
01/05/1816Sarah EverettAged 18Thornbury
22/05/1816Joseph WardAged 64Thornbury
16/06/1816James SampsonAged 81Thornbury
14/07/1816Robert KnightInfantThornbury
07/08/1816Elizabeth YoungAged 37Southmead
19/08/1816Thomas BartonAged 38Brintmarsh in Moreton
10/09/1816Dinah RiddifordAged 68Thornbury
11/09/1816John JenkinsAged 69Sibland
15/09/1816Susanna FaceyAged 71Thornbury
25/09/1816William AddisAged 40Falfield
13/10/1816Ann BakerAged 67Thornbury
09/11/1816Ann GwynnAged 61Thornbury
17/11/1816Sarah GazardAged 97Vilner in Kington
05/01/1817Hannah FordAged 23Thornbury
11/01/1817Thomas ManningAged 77Moreton
02/02/1817Moses MillsAged 15 months. Sojourning in KingtonKington
02/02/1817Sarah CroomeAged 13Thornbury
13/02/1817Thomas BirchellAged 3 years 9 monthsThe Poorhouse
09/03/1817James AllenAged 76Moreton
18/03/1817Frederick RobertsAged 13Thornbury
28/03/1817James LongdonAged 7.5 yearsThornbury
05/04/1817Hamilton Green ParslowAged 34Thornbury
15/04/1817Eliza HollandAged 6 monthsThornbury
22/04/1817Elizabeth BirtAged 44Milbury Heath
22/04/1817Ann TrayhurnAged 48Thornbury
29/04/1817Richard MartinAged 71Thornbury
16/05/1817Emma BarnettAged 8Thornbury
18/05/1817Sarah BallAged 33Whitfield
25/05/1817Robert LawsonAged 1 yearThornbury
15/06/1817Elizabeth UnderhillAged 39Thornbury
20/06/1817James TetherAged 50Thornbury
22/06/1817Mary BirtAged 10The Heath
25/06/1817William RoachAged 68Thornbury
29/06/1817Catherine HollandAged 84Thornbury
07/07/1817Emma CosshamAged 14 monthsThornbury
17/08/1817Sarah ThomasAged 62Kington
31/08/1817Sarah CookAged 77Moreton
15/10/1817James WilliamsAged 15Thornbury
28/11/1817Hannah NiblettAged 58Thornbury
28/11/1817Hannah GaleAged 49 Wife of Richard GaleThornbury
07/12/1817William FowlerAged 4Kington
21/12/1817Elizabeth WatersAged 79Alveston
05/01/1818Emma LongdenAged 11Thornbury
06/01/1818Lewis PritchardAged 43Moreton
07/01/1818Mary ChildAged 35Moreton
31/01/1818Christian ClarkAged 84Thornbury
01/02/1818Sarah CroomeAged 50Thornbury
13/02/1818John ChappellAged 34Kington
08/04/1818Arthur CullimoreAged 66Thornbury
28/04/1818Mary ParslowAged 74Thornbury
03/05/1818William HainesAge 3Crossways
14/05/1818William ClutterbuckAged 76Thornbury
20/05/1818Sarah GaleAged 88Kington
24/05/1818James BindenInfantThornbury
09/06/1818John LeeAged 7Kington
21/06/1818Mary GastrellAged 34Thornbury
01/07/1818Mary MartinAged 75Earthcott
15/08/1818Mark BakerInfantWhitfield
20/08/1818Mark MabbotInfantThornbury
25/08/1818Eiza CarwardineInfantThornbury
30/08/1818William PoveyAged 61The Heath
06/09/1818Thomas WatkinsAged 70Kington
08/09/1818Edward WyattAged 67Thornbury
09/09/1818Francis CormaInfant. Travelling through Thornbury
13/09/1817Thomas LeeAged 17Kington
16/09/1818Elizabeth JenkinsAged 16Crossways
27/09/1818Betty HopkinsAged 78Kington
27/09/1818Jane SampsonAged 72Thornbury
15/10/1818ElizabethCookAged 35Thornbury
16/10/1818Jane Le MessurierAged 28Sibland
21/10/1818Harriet AllenAged 24Thornbury
28/10/1818Alfred RiddifordAged 20Thornbury
29/10/1818William OliveAged 12Thornbury
29/10/1818William WalkerAged 81Thornbury
21/11/1818James LongdenAged 1 Year 4 monthsThornbury
22/11/1818Betty SmithAged 62Kington
24/11/1818Peter MorganAged 20Thornbury
01/12/1818Susanna WardAged 85Thornbury
03/12/1818Mary MorganAged 76Thornbury
04/12/1818John PitcherAged 51Thornbury
06/12/1818William JenkinsAged 21Crossways
11/12/1818John NelmesAged 47Thornbury
13/12/1818Elizabeth OliveAged 43Thornbury
25/12/1818Celia OrchardAged 19Thornbury
07/01/1819Sarah JenkinsAged 29Rockhampton
13/01/1819Mary ThornAged 42Silver St, Borough
27/01/1819Elizabeth LackingtonAged 79Borough
11/02/1819Ann HarrisAged 16Kington
14/02/1819Sarah JonesAged 51Kington
17/02/1819Rev William LlewellynAged 60Borough
22/02/1819Elizabeth HopkinsAged 9Borough
03/03/1819Elizabeth Louisa LaverAged 4Borough
03/03/1819Susannah BevanAged 3Borough
12/03/1819Ann VaileAged 57Kington
14/03/1819Henry KiteInfantWhitfield
28/03/1819Alfred ThornAged 14Borough
28/03/1819Eli ThornAged 11 monthsBorough
03/04/1819Elizabeth HaywardAged 75Moreton
09/04/1819John PowellAged 80Borough
11/04/1819John GarlandAged 7 monthsKington
15/04/1819John BargeAged 37Borough
18/04/1819Alexander ThornAged 45Borough
08/05/1819William BallAged 5Crossways
14/05/1819Sarah CaveAged 52Kington
16/05/1819Elizabeth NelmesAged 65Moreton
18/05/1819Martha Elizabeth SalmonInfantBorough
05/06/1819Margaret WilsonAged 75Borough
09/06/1819Thomas ScreenAged 10 monthsKington
12/06/1819Mary SnookAged 58Borough
12/06/1819Nathaniel ThornAged 70Whitfield
20/06/1819Willliam CollinsAged 1 year 5 monthsBorough
20/06/1819Mathew HoneybournAged 10 monthsMoreton
14/07/1819Susanna BlakeAged 69Rectory Cottage
14/07/1819Hannah MachinAged 5The Heath
21/07/1819Sarah HuntAged 80Poorhouse
21/07/1819John BirtAged 27Borough
25/07/1819Martha McCarthyAged 49Kington
22/08/1819John RiceAged 2 yearsBorough
25/08/1819Ferdina Jane ThomasInfantBorough
10/09/1819Sarah BevanAged 7 monthsBorough
14/09/1819James BindenAged 9 monthsBorough
15/09/1819Stephen HopkinsAged 69Moreton
12/10/1819John WiltshireAged 72Poorhouse
31/10/1819Henry HoneybournAged 71Moreton
03/11/1819Lewis MillsAged 66Oldbury
04/11/1819Harriet TetherAged 36Bagpath
25/11/1819Mary SmithAged 73Moreton
29/11/1819John WebbAged 61Crossways