1909 Prewetts Directory

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Last NameFirst NamesAddressOccupationJob CategoryStreet or Area
ShepherdW. J.High StreetAccountantAccountantsHigh Street
BennettS.J.Gloucester RoadSurveyorArchitects, Surveyors & Land AgentsGloucester Road
FudgeS.Castle StreetSurveyor to Thornbury Castle EstateArchitects, Surveyors & Land AgentsCastle Street
WilliamsF.J.Chapel StreetArchitect, Surveyor & Sanitary InspectorArchitects, Surveyors & Land AgentsChapel Street
St JohnH.C. (Admiral)Stokefield, Castle StreetAdmiralArmy and NavyCastle Street
LuceP.CharnwoodAuctioneerAuctioneers and ValuersSt John Street
Luce, Young & LuceHigh StreetAuctioneers Surveyors, House, Land & Estate AgentsAuctioneers and ValuersHigh Street
BennettC.High StreetPastry Cook & ConfectionerBakersHigh Street
EnglishT.John StreetBaker & ConfectionerBakersSt John Street
PearceF & CSt Mary StreetBakers etcBakersSt Mary Street
RobertsC.H.St Mary StreetBakerBakersSt Mary Street
DollingE.R.Old Bank, The PlainManager of Old BankBanks and Building SocietiesThe Plain
AnsteyT.High StreetSpirit MerchantBeer & Spirits RetailersHigh Street
BrewerE. W.Queen's Head, High StreetPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersHigh Street
CrippsE.F.The Plough, St Mary StreetPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersSt Mary Street
HallF. J.White Lion Hotel, High StreetPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersHigh Street
HowesD.J.Wheatsheaf, Chapel StreetPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersChapel Street
HowesMrsBlack Horse, GillingstoolPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersGillingstool
PhippsS.Royal George, The PlainPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersThe Plain
SmithR. H.The Exchange Hotel, High StreetPublicanBeer & Spirits RetailersHigh Street
BargeS.St Mary StreetBillposterBill postersSt Mary Street
EddingtonC.High StreetStationerBooksellers, Stationers & NewsagentsHigh Street
AllenJ.High StreetBoot and Shoe MakerBoot & Shoe MakersHigh Street
BevanJ.The PlainBoot & Shoe MakerBoot & Shoe MakersThe Plain
BurrowsA.Chapel StreetShoemakerBoot & Shoe MakersChapel Street
Public Benefit Boot CompanyHigh StreetBoot & Shoe SellerHigh Street
SymesA.English Boot & Shoe Supply, High StreetBoot & Shoe DealerBoot & Shoe SellersHigh Street
Thomas BrosHigh StreetBoot & Shoe StoresBoot & Shoe SellersHigh Street
KingC.High StreetTinman & IronmongerBraziers & TinplatersHigh Street
Williams & SonHigh StreetBrushmakers & SeedsmenBrushmakersHigh Street
HawkinsSt Mary StreetBuilder & House DecoratorBuildersSt Mary Street
PitcherW.W.Gloucester RoadBuilder, undertaker, coachbuilder etcBuildersGloucester Road
TuckerG.Gloucester RoadTucker Bros.BuildersGloucester Road
TuckerBrosJohn StreetBuilders & ComtractorsBuildersSt John Street
TuckerF.John StreetTucker BrosBuildersSt John Street
BartlettJ.The PlainButcherButchersThe Plain
OgbornMissHigh StreetButcherButchersHigh Street
TaylorJHigh StreetButcherButchersHigh Street
TrayhurnMrs E.The PlainButcherButchersThe Plain
PenduckW.E.Castle StreetCabinet MakerCabinet MakersCastle Street
ThurstonH.J.Rectory Cottage, Castle StreetCarpenter & parish clerkCarpentersCastle Street
WilliamsM.St Mary StreetCarpenterCarpentersSt Mary Street
PalmerJ. SpencerHigh StreetChemist & dentistChemistsHigh Street
PoultonMSt Mary StreetChimney SweeperChimney SweepsSt Mary Street
YoungW.Raglan Castle RoadChimney SweepChimney SweepsRaglan Castle Road
CornwallA. W. (Rev)The Vicarage, Castle StreetVicarClergyCastle Street
CrossmanN. D. M. (Rev)High StreetClergyHigh Street
ReesRev G.John StreetBaptistClergySt John Street
WoodRev C.The PlainWesleyClergyThe Plain
YoungW.J. (Rev)GillingstoolBaptist MinisterClergyGillingstool
UnderhillE. J.High StreetClerkClerkHigh Street
CullimoreJ. C.Thornbury Coal Company, High StreetCoal MerchantCoal MerchantsHigh Street
SainsburyMrsHigh StreetConfectionerConfectioners & TobacconistsHigh Street
SymesC.Gloucester RoadCooper & seedsmanCoopersGloucester Road
BondJ.H.Castle StreetCycle AgentCycle Dealers & RepairersCastle Street
BaggA.St Mary StreetDairyman & ShopkeeperDairiesSt Mary Street
DaviesT.L.Castle StreetPhysician & SurgeonDoctors, Nurses and Dental WorkersCastle Street
GraceE. M.Park House, High StreetSurgeonDoctors, Nurses and Dental WorkersHigh Street
PhelpsJ. E.High StreetSurgeons AssistantDoctors, Nurses and Dental WorkersHigh Street
WilliamsL.H.Oriel House, Castle StreetM.D.Doctors, Nurses and Dental WorkersCastle Street
BryantB. W.High StreetDraper & MillinerDrapersHigh Street
GaynerF.High StreetDraper & MillinerDrapersHigh Street
UnderhillMrsHigh StreetDraper & DressmakerDrapersHigh Street
WeatherheadE. P.High StreetDraper & OutfitterDrapersHigh Street
WilkinsA. H.High StreetDraper & OutfitterDrapersHigh Street
WilliamsJ. H.High StreetDraper, Outfitter, Glass & Earthenware DealerDrapersHigh Street
AllenMrsCastle StreetDressmakerDressmakersCastle Street
DaviesMrsJohn StreetDressmakerDressmakersSt John Street
PitcherW.W. (Mrs)Gloucester RoadDressmakerDressmakersGloucester Road
PullenMissJohn StreetDressmakerDressmakersSt John Street
ReevesA. (Miss)Castle StreetDressmakerDressmakersCastle Street
SymesMiss A.The PlainDressmakerDressmakersThe Plain
WilliamsJ. H (Mrs)High StreetDressmakerDressmakersHigh Street
BendallW.Raglan Castle RoadFishmongersFishmongersRaglan Castle Road
Liddiatt & CoJohn StreetFishmongersFishmongersSt John Street
HunterA.High StreetGardenerGardenersHigh Street
LiddiattW.St Mary StreetGardenerGardenersSt Mary Street
PerkinsE. J.Kington RoadGardenerGardenersKington
PowersG.Castle StreetGardenerGardenersCastle Street
SainsburyJ (Mrs)High StreetGlass & China DealerGlass & EarthenwareHigh Street
ButtE.High StreetGrocer & Provision MerchantGrocersHigh Street
Councell & SonsHigh StreetGrocers & Provision MerchantsGrocersHigh Street
ExellT.High StreetGrocer & Corn DealerGrocersHigh Street
Honeyborne BrothersHigh StreetGrocers & Provision merchantsGrocersHigh Street
WallWJohn StreetGrocerGrocersSt John Street
WilliamsH. W.High StreetGrocer & Tea DealerGrocersHigh Street
BallsP.The PlainHairdresserHairdressersThe Plain
BlizzardW. J.High StreetHairdresser & TobacconistHairdressersHigh Street
PhelpsC.Castle StreetHairdresser & TobacconistHairdressersCastle Street
BaylissH.Bulls Eye LaneCarrierHauliers & CarriersBath Road
DixonMHorseshoe LaneHawkerHauliers & CarriersHorse Shoe Lane
MundyC.St Mary StreetHaulier for M.R.Hauliers & CarriersSt Mary Street
UnderhillW.Silver StreetCarrierHauliers & CarriersSilver Street
HughesMrsCastle Temperance Hotel, High StreetHotel keeperHotels, Appartments & Lodging HousesHigh Street
PeggW. S.Swan Hotel, High StreetHotel keeperHotels, Appartments & Lodging HousesHigh Street
SmithL.Chapel StreetLodging House KeeperHotels, Appartments & Lodging HousesChapel Street
HigginsR. H.Silver StreetAssistant Superintendent Insurance AgentInsuranceSilver Street
ShortHigh StreetAssistant Superintendent Pearl Insurance CompanyInsuranceHigh Street
WiltshireC.John StreetInsurance AgentInsuranceSt John Street
HigginsO.John StreetIronmonger, Blacksmith & Coal MerchantIronmongersSt John Street
Savery& SonThe PlainIronmongers & MachinistsIronmongersThe Plain
SymesG.The PlainIronmonger & General SmithIronmongersThe Plain
LiddiattH.High StreetWatch & Clock MakerJeweller, clock & watchmakersHigh Street
YarnoldW.High StreetWatch Maker & JewellerJeweller, clock & watchmakersHigh Street
BrownMrsCastle StreetLaundressLaundryCastle Street
HuishMrsSt Mary StreetLaundressLaundrySt Mary Street
JefferiesMrsHigh StreetLaundressLaundryHigh Street
MaishmentW.The Laundry, Kington RoadLaundryKington
LeggeG.W.GillingstoolMarket GardenerMarket GardenersGillingstool
PowellC.St Mary StreetMarket GardenerMarket GardenersSt Mary Street
HowellF.K.Gloucester RoadMonumental Mason & SignwriterMasonsGloucester Road
ChambersJ. T.Rosemount High StreetOrganist,OtherHigh Street
DavisJ.St Mary StreetUmbrella RepairerOtherSt Mary Street
FowlerE.GillingstoolWell sinkerOtherGillingstool
HillG.John StreetHawkerOtherSt John Street
JonesF.High StreetCommercial TravellerOtherHigh Street
MorrisH.Gloucester RoadCaretakerOtherGloucester Road
SimmondsW.Kington RoadCoachmanOtherKington
SimsJ.G.Castle StreetCoachmanOtherCastle Street
BrownE.Office of South Gloucesershire ChronicleNewspaperOthersHigh Street
CooperC.Raglan Castle RoadStation MasterPassenger TransportRaglan Castle Road
GillA.Jubilee House, GillingstoolEngine driverPassenger TransportGillingstool
WithersR.High StreetCoach ProprieterPassenger TransportHigh Street
PooleF. C.High StreetPhotographerPhotographersHigh Street
HallG.H.Castle StreetPlumber & glazierPlumber, painter & glaziersCastle Street
PontingE. J.High StreetPlumberPlumber, painter & glaziersHigh Street
SainsburyJ.High StreetPainter & House DecoratorPlumber, painter & glaziersHigh Street
SalmonE.J.Castle StreetHouse decoratorPlumber, painter & glaziersCastle Street
ClarkR.John StreetEx-police SergeantPoliceSt John Street
VaughanJ.High StreetPolice SergeantPoliceHigh Street
CarterR.PoultrybrookPostmanPost OfficeHigh Street
ClutterbuckJ.Horseshoe LanePostmanPost OfficeHorse Shoe Lane
GaleH.S.Castle StreetPostmanPost OfficeCastle Street
LiddiattF.GillingstoolPostmanPost OfficeGillingstool
PitcherA. C.High StreetPostmasterPost OfficeHigh Street
PrewittA.High StreetPrinter Stationer Bookbinder etcPrintersHigh Street
BoultonH.D.Gloucester RoadDeputy Superintendent RegistrarPublic OfficialsGloucester Road
DaviesC.H.Gloucester RoadCounty Court BailiffPublic OfficialsGloucester Road
FordJ.Gloucester RoadWorkhouse MasterPublic OfficialsGloucester Road
WarrenR. R.High StreetRelieving OfficerPublic OfficialsHigh Street
WilliamsF.High StreetAssistant OverseerPublic OfficialsHigh Street
WilliamsG.M.John StreetCounty Court ClerkPublic OfficialsSt John Street
BurchellE.High StreetSaddler & Harness MakerSaddler and harness makersHigh Street
SainsburyA. E. (Mrs)High StreetSaddlerSaddler and harness makersHigh Street
SymesF.High StreetSaddler & Harness MakerSaddler and harness makersHigh Street
ClutterbuckW.H.St Mary StreetShopkeeperShopkeepersSt Mary Street
ColeT.Silver StreetDealerShopkeepersSilver Street
FeatherstoneE. F.High StreetColonial Meat StoresShopkeepersHigh Street
GaleS.Castle StreetShopkeeperShopkeepersCastle Street
GallopE. G.High StreetFruiterer EtcShopkeepersHigh Street
HicksC.G.Castle StreetShopkeeperShopkeepersCastle Street
PowellT.St Mary StreetMarine Store DealerShopkeepersSt Mary Street
SmithMrsHigh StreetShopkeeperShopkeepersHigh Street
BurchellH.F.Gloucester RoadSolicitors ClerkSolicitors and AttorneysGloucester Road
ComelyR.Castle StreetSolicitorSolicitors and AttorneysCastle Street
Crossman, Lloyd, Canning & ArkellThe PlainSolicitorsSolicitors and AttorneysThe Plain
PitcherE.W.Castle StreetSolicitors ClerkSolicitors and AttorneysCastle Street
Thurstons & JollyHigh StreetSolicitorsSolicitors and AttorneysHigh Street
EddingtonW.Castle StreetTailorTailorsCastle Street
HendersonM.C.John StreetTailor etcTailorsSt John Street
JamesE.High StreetTailorTailorsHigh Street
SmithT.C.Castle StreetTailor & Breeches makerTailorsCastle Street
SymesG. B.High StreetTailor & Breeches makerTailorsHigh Street
William & SonsGloucester RoadTailors & breeches makersTailorsGloucester Road
WilliamsA.High StreetRefreshment RoomsTea Rooms & CafesHigh Street
AnnMissSilver StreetPreparatory SchoolTeachersSilver Street
BoultonR.Gloucester RoadAssistant SchoolmasterTeachersGloucester Road
BushMissHigh StreetInfant MistressTeachersHigh Street
CresswellF. H. H.High StreetSchool MasterTeachersHigh Street
DennisS.W.G.Gloucester RoadSchoolmasterTeachersGloucester Road
FillT.G.Schoolhouse, Church RoadSchoolmasterTeachersChurch Road
KingMissHigh StreetPreparatory SchoolTeachersHigh Street
PriceMissHigh StreetSchool mistressTeachersHigh Street
RossC.H.Grammar School, Gloucester RoadMaster of Grammar SchoolTeachersGloucester Road
CullimoreE.Shen, Gloucester RoadTimber MerchantTimber MerchantsGloucester Road
BarkerK.Gloucester RoadVeterinary SurgeonVeterinary SurgeonsGloucester Road
JamesJ.C.Castle StreetVeterinary SurgeonVeterinary SurgeonsCastle Street
SeatonJ.High StreetAssistant Veterinary SurgeonVeterinary SurgeonsHigh Street
AllenH.Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
AlpassMrsHeathview, Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
BakerMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
BaylissG.H.Outer Back StreetRock Street
BellMissHollytree, Bristol RoadBristol Road
BendallH.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
BennettMrsGloucester RoadGloucester Road
BennettW.John StreetSt John Street
BoultonT.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
BrooksJ.Castle StreetCastle Street
BrownW.Pound Cottage, Castle StreetCastle Street
BrutonMissHigh StreetHigh Street
BryantW.C.Gas HousePark Road
BurchellW.John StreetSt John Street
CaiseT.Horseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
CannF.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
CanningW.D.The Villa, Bristol RoadBristol Road
ChampionMrsHigh StreetHigh Street
Champion MrsJohn StreetSt John Street
ColeMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
CollinsP.John StreetSt John Street
Cook G.John StreetSt John Street
Cook W. junrRaglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
Cook W.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
CornockMissCastle StreetCastle Street
CrossR. R.Thornbury Cottage, Kington RoadKington
CullimoreA.S.Castle StreetCastle Street
CullimoreW.Mutton LanePullens Green
CurtoysChapel StreetChapel Street
DicksonMrsOuter Back StreetRock Street
DixonL.Outer Back StreetRock Street
EnglishJamesJohn StreetSt John Street
EnglishJohnJohn StreetSt John Street
FisherC.Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
FordJ.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
FowlerG. Jun.Castle StreetCastle Street
FryG.Silver StreetSilver Street
GazzardE.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
GoughMrsSilver StreetSilver Street
GoughMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
GraceF.H.West Shen, Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
GregoryW.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
HadleyG. (Miss)High StreetHigh Street
HarrisG.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
HarrisW.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
HarveyH.Horseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
HawkesC.The Hatch, Castle StreetCastle Street
HodgesMrsCastle StreetCastle Street
HodgesJ.A.John StreetSt John Street
HollisterW.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
HollyF.Mutton LanePullens Green
HooperW.Workhouse Lodge, Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
HopkinsG.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
HorsemanG.Outer Back StreetRock Street
HowardA.H.S.Thornbury Castle, Castle StreetCastle Street
HowardE.S.Thornbury Castle, Castle StreetC.B.Castle Street
HurnT.Outer Back StreetRock Street
HurnC.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
JamesG.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
JefferiesH.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
KayeMissesThe Chantry, Castle StreetCastle Street
KirbyW.Castle StreetCastle Street
KnightH.The PlainThe Plain
LawsonNurseInglenook, Bristol RoadBristol Road
LiddiattM.B. (Mrs)Killiney Cottage, GillingstoolGillingstool
LloydMrsCastle StreetCastle Street
LloydE. C.Castle StreetCastle Street
LoganJ.High StreetHigh Street
LongMrsHigh StreetHigh Street
LongR.John StreetSt John Street
LuceJ.Church Institute, St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
LukerW.John StreetSt John Street
MaggsP.Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
MahaganH.Lower Lodge, Bristol RoadBristol Road
McGradyMrsHorseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
MichaelJ. M.High StreetHigh Street
MundyB.(Major)The Farm, Bristol RoadJ.P.Bristol Road
MundyPierrepont (Mrs)Thornbury House, Castle StreetCastle Street
OrchardJ.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
OvensD.C.Epworth House, Castle StreetCastle Street
ParsonsC.H.Castle StreetCastle Street
PhillipsI.J.John StreetSt John Street
PhillipsW.AStreamleaze, Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
PhippsMissWesley House, The PlainThe Plain
PitcherA.E.Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
PitcherL.High StreetHigh Street
PooleW.The Castle Stables, Castle StreetCastle Street
PorterMrsBank Cottage, Castle StreetCastle Street
Porter StoresSilver StreetSilver Street
PrewettJ.Chapel StreetChapel Street
RadfordJ.High StreetHigh Street
ReedMrsJohn StreetSt John Street
ReevesC.Castle StreetCastle Street
ReevesC.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
RobertsT.Chapel StreetChapel Street
RodneyR. (Hon)The ParkPark Road
RugmanW.Kington RoadKington
RugmanW.M.Marlwood FarmMarlwood
RugmanA.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
SainsburyW.Y.The Coombe, Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
SaiseMissHigh StreetHigh Street
SalmonR.John StreetSt John Street
SanigarMissHigh StreetHigh Street
SaveryJ.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
SaveryMrsGloucester RoadGloucester Road
ScreenA.Raglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
Screen S.John StreetSt John Street
SealeyWHigh StreetHigh Street
ShepherdMrsSilver StreetSilver Street
SherborneH.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
ShiptonW,John StreetSt John Street
ShortW.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
SimsW.Outer Back StreetRock Street
SmartMrsOuter Back StreetRock Street
SmithMrsCastle StreetCastle Street
SmithG.Horseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
SmithMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
StaffordR.Castle StreetCastle Street
StaleyR. E.Park Mill FarmKington
StaleyH. H.Lower Marlwood Farm, Kington RoadKington
StaleyJ.Wellfield, Kington RoadKington
StephensC.Chapel StreetChapel Street
StinchcombeW.Castle Lodge, Castle StreetCastle Street
StinchcombeJ.High StreetHigh Street
StinchcombeC.Mutton LanePullens Green
StockdenU.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
StoneG.Castle Lodge, Castle StreetCastle Street
SymesW.G.The Baths, Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
SymesMrsHigh StreetHigh Street
TaylorMrsJohn StreetSt John Street
ThompsonMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
ThornG.John StreetSt John Street
ThornW.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
ThurstonH. P.High StreetHigh Street
ThurstonL. T.High StreetHigh Street
ThurstonMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
TillMrsThe Elms, Gloucester RoadGloucester Road
TrayhurnW.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
TruemanMrsSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
UnderhillW. C.Horseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
UnderhillJ.John StreetSt John Street
UnderhillT.John StreetSt John Street
VaughanC. de C.Marlwood, GrangeMarlwood
VizardMrsRaglan Castle RoadRaglan Castle Road
WalkerF.Outer Back StreetRock Street
WareJ.Marlwood LodgeMarlwood
WebbH.Outer Back StreetRock Street
WetmoreMrsCastle StreetCastle Street
WherrettMissSt Mary StreetSt Mary Street
WhiteC.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
WilcoxJ.R.Park Lodge, Castle StreetPark Road
WilliamsG.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
WilliamsM.Bulls Eye LaneBath Road
WilsonMissesThe Priory, Castle StreetCastle Street
WinstoneMrsHorseshoe LaneHorse Shoe Lane
WintleE.Castle StreetCastle Street
YeomanW.H.E.St Mary StreetSt Mary Street
YoungMrsCastle StreetCastle Street