Prewetts Directory 1916

Click here to view 1916 Prewetts Almanack. This presents extracts from the information given about Organisations, Clubs and Societies in Thornbury

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People are listed in street order. Use the search box to search for an individual name rather then scroll through the whole list.

NameHouse NameRoadOccupation
T. BellHollytreeBristol Road
H. MahaganLower LodgeBristol Road
Major B. MundyThe FarmBristol Road
C, de C. VaughanMarlwood GrangeBristol Road
J. WeareMarlwood LodgeBristol Road
J. G. WicksThe CedarsBristol Road
W. WillsMarlwood FarmBristol Road
H. BaylisBull’s Eye LaneCarrier
H. JefferiesBull’s Eye Lane
P. MaggsBull’s Eye Lane
J. SaveryBull’s Eye Lane
H. SherborneBull’s Eye Lane
W. ShortBull’s Eye Lane
E, SmithBull’s Eye Lane
U. StockdenBull’s Eye Lane
J. ThornThe BathsBull’s Eye Lane
G. WilliamsBull’s Eye Lane
E. WilliamsBull’s Eye Lane
L. BallCastle Street
J. BargeCastle Street
R. A. BennettThe ParkCastle Street
J. H. BondCastle StreetCycle agent
Mrs BrooksCastle Street
W. C. BryantGas HouseCastle Street
W. BrownPound CottageCastle Street
Miss CornockCastle Street
Rev A. W. CornwallThe VicarageCastle StreetCanon
A. S. CullimoreCastle Street
H. DagerCastle LodgeCastle Street
F. DyerCastle Street
W. EddingtonCastle StreetTailor
T. G. FillSchool HouseCastle Street
S. FudgeCastle StreetSurveyor to Castle Estate
H. S. GaleCastle Streetpostman
Mrs Gale Castle StreetShopkeeper
W. GaleCastle StreetPostman
Mrs GallopCastle Street
Hon. Mrs GillettThornbury HouseCastle Street
G. HallCastle StreetPlumber
C. HawkesThe HatchCastle Street
W. HensonCastle stablesCastle Street
Mrs HodgesCastle Street
A. H. S. HowardThornbury Castle Castle Street
Lady JenkinsonStokefieldCastle Street
Mrs LloydCastle Street
E. C. LloydCastle Street
F. S. MasonCastle StreetGardener
R. MillsCastle StreetHouse Decorator
A. MorleyCastle Street
Miss OgbornBank CottageCastle Street
T. PearceCastle StreetGreengrocer
W. E. PenduckCastle StreetCabinet maker
E. W. PitcherCastle StreetSolicitor’s Clerk
G. PowersCastle Street
Mrs ReevesCastle Street
Miss ReevesCastle StreetDressmaker
A. RugmanCastle Street
A. SageCastle Street
J. Sainsbury & SonCastle StreetPainters & Decorators
R. SalmonCastle Street
Mrs SmithCastle Street
T. C. Smith & SonCastle StreetTailors Etc
R. StaffordCastle Street
R. E. StaleyPark Mill FarmCastle Street
G. StoneCastle LodgeCastle Street
Mrs TaylorCastle Street
H.J. ThurstonRectory CottageCastle StreetCarpenter and Parish Clerk
W.R. WatsonCastle StreetVeterinary Surgeon
Mrs WetmoreCastle Street
J. R. WilcoxPark LodgeCastle Street
L. H. WilliamsOriel houseCastle StreetPhysician and Surgeon
Major J. H. WrennThe ChantryCastle Street
Rev C. H. T. Wright Castle Street
A. BurrowsChapel StreetShoemaker
F. CannChapel Street
D. J HowesWheatsheafChapel Street
J. PrewettChapel Street
W. SimsChapel Street
A. TillChapel Street
Mrs UnderhillChapel Street
F. J. WilliamsChapel StreetArchitect
F. H. BeaumontGillingstool
J. BurrowsGillingstool
Rev E. C, CambleGillingstool
W. CornockGillingstool
H. DavisGillingstool
M. DixonGillingstool
W. EylesGillingstool
A. GillJubilee HouseGillingstoolEngine Driver
G. GrantGillingstool
S. G. GrantBlack HorseGillingstool
W. KirbyGillingstool
G. W. LeggeGillingstool
Mrs F. LiddiattGillingstool
H. LiddiattGillingstoolWatchmaker
W. MatthewsGillingstool
E. E. MurrayGillingstool
A. ProsserGillingstool
Mrs RugmanGillingstool
H. SaveryGillingstool
E. MorganGillingstoolThornbury Brick and Tile Works
W. TilleyGillingstool
E. WheelerGillingstool
H. WoodwardGillingstool
H. AllenGloucester Road
Miss AlpassHeath ViewGloucester Road
K. BarkerGloucester RoadVeterinary Surgeon
Mrs BennettGloucester Road
S. J. BennettGloucester RoadSurveyor
F. BishopGloucester Road
H. D. BoultonGloucester RoadRegistrar of Births & Deaths
F. H. BurchellGloucester RoadSolicitor’s Clerk
F. J. CraneGloucester RoadWorkhouse Master
E. CullimoreShenGloucester RoadTimber Merchant
Mrs CullimoreGloucester Road
C. H. DavisGloucester RoadCounty Court Bailiff
W. DavisGloucester Road
S. W. Dennis Gloucester RoadSchoolmaster
Mrs DixonGloucester Road
A. GarrettGloucester Road
F. H. GraceWest ShenGloucester Road
A. HigginsWorkhouse LodgeGloucester Road
F. K. HowellGloucester RoadMonumental Sculptor
E. MonksGloucester Road
H. MorrisGloucester Road
C. PhelpsGloucester Road
W. W. Pitcher & SonsGloucester RoadBuilders Undertakers & Coachbuilders
Mrs PitcherGloucester Road
Mrs W. PitcherGloucester Road
C. H. RossGloucester Road
W. Y. SainsburyThe CoombeGloucester Road
Miss SanigarGloucester Road
W. J. ShepperdGloucester RoadAccountant
C. SymesGloucester RoadCooper & Seedsman
J. ThomasonGloucester RoadSchoolmaster
G. TuckerGloucester Road
Mrs TillThe ElmsGloucester Road
J. Williams & SonsGloucester RoadTailors
F. J. WilliamsGloucester Road
Miss AnnHigh StreetPreparatory School
T. AnsteyHigh StreetSpirit Merchant
A. BaggsHigh StreetDairyman
Mrs BallsHigh StreetHairdresser
W. J. BlizzardHigh StreetHairdresser and tobacconist
E. BrownHigh StreetSouth Gloucestershire Chronicle Office
Miss BrutonHigh Street
B. W. BryantHigh StreetDraper and Milliner
Miss BushHigh StreetSchoolmistress
E. Butt & SonHigh StreetGrocers & Provision Merchants
R. CarterHigh StreetPostman Poultry-Brook
W. LawrenceCastle Temperance HotelHigh StreetProprietor of Hotel
J. T. ChambersRosemountHigh StreetOrganist
Mrs ChampionHigh Street
Councell & SonsHigh StreetGrocers & Provision Merchants
A. CoxHigh Street
J. C. CullimoreHigh Street
F. W. DaviesHigh StreetSanitary Inspector
T. ExellHigh StreetGrocer
S. GaynerHigh Street
Gayner & SonHigh StreetGeneral Drapers
F. J. HallWhite Lion HotelHigh Street
H. HeardQueen’s HeadHigh Street
A. W. HoneyborneHigh Street
J. P. HoneyborneHigh StreetGrocer & Provision Merchant
A. C. Huins High StreetBoot Store
A. HunterHigh StreetGardener
E. JamesHigh StreetTailor
Rev W. JohnstoneHigh Street
Miss JonesHigh Street
Mrs LongHigh Street
Luce, Young & AlpassHigh StreetAuctioneers, Surveyors, Land & Estate Agents
J. M. MichaelHigh Street
Mrs. O’ReilyHigh StreetNewsagent etc
Parsons BrosHigh StreetButchers
J. Spencer PalmerHigh StreetChemist & Dentist
J. PaveyHigh StreetSaddler etc
W. S. PeggSwan HotelHigh Street
J. E. PhelpsHigh StreetSurgeon’s Assistant
G. PhillipsHigh Street
A. C. PitcherHigh StreetPostmaster
A. E. PitcherHigh Street
L. PitcherHigh Street
E. J. PontingHigh StreetPlumber
F. C. Poole High StreetPhotographer
A. PrewettHigh StreetPrinter Stationer Bookbinder &etc
T. RhindHigh StreetMedical Officer of Health
Mrs SainsburyHigh StreetConfectioner
A. StedmanHigh StreetWatchmaker
R. H. SmithExchange HotelHigh Street
F. SymesHigh StreetSaddler
G. B. SymesHigh StreetTailor & Breeches Maker
Talbot & CoHigh StreetDrapers Milliners & Dressmakers
J. TaylorHigh Streetbutcher
A. E. ThompsonHigh StreetPastry-cook & Confectioner
Thornbury Coal CoHigh Street
H. P. ThurstonPark HouseHigh Street
L. T. ThurstonPark HouseHigh Street
Thurston & JollyHigh StreetSolicitors
R. TrayhurnHigh StreetBaker & Confectioner
E. J. UnderhillHigh StreetClerk
Mrs UnderhillHigh StreetDraper & Dressmaker
J. VaughanHigh StreetPolice Sergeant
R. R. WarrenHigh StreetRelieving Officer
E. P. WeatherheadHigh StreetDraper & Outfitter
A. H. WilkinsHigh StreetDraper Milliner Glass & China Stores
A. WilliamsHigh StreetRefreshment Rooms
F. WilliamsHigh StreetAssistant Overseer
F. Williams & SonHigh StreetBrushmakers & Seedsmen
W. J. WilliamsHigh Street
R. WithersHigh StreetCoach Proprietor
W. YarnoldHigh StreetWatchmaker & Jeweller
W. BennettHorse Shoe Lane
W. H. BurnsHorse Shoe Lane
J. ClutterbuckHorse Shoe LanePostman
G. CornockHorse Shoe Lane
Cornock & RugmanHorse Shoe LaneChimney Sweepers
H. HarveyHorse Shoe Lane
Mrs OngleyHorse Shoe Lane
E. PurnellHorse Shoe Lane
A. RiddifordHorse Shoe LaneInsurance Agent
W. SalisburyHorse Shoe Lane
Mrs WalkerHorse Shoe Lane
W. V. WatkinsHorse Shoe LaneNurseryman
T. BellSt John Street
Rev J. B. AlgerClovellySt John Street
Mrs CarwardineMutton Lane
W. ChampionSt John Street
R. ClarkSt John StreetEx-Police Sergeant
G. CookSt John Street
Mrs DavisSt John StreetDressmaker
F. DriscolSt John Street
Mrs DriscolSt John Street
Mrs EnglishSt John StreetDressmaker
T. EnglishSt John StreetBaker & Confectioner
A. Gill (junior)St John Street
E. M. GraceSt John StreetPhysician & Surgeon
E. HarmerSt John Street
O. HigginsSt John StreetIronmonger Blacksmith & Coalmerchant
W. HigginsSt John StreetGardener
J. A. HodgesSt John Street
F. HollyMutton Lane
Mrs HuishSt John Street
A. LewisSt John StreetInsurance Agent
Liddiatt & CoSt John StreetFishmonger
W. T. LiddiattSt John Street
Mrs MillsSt John Street
C. MogfordSt John StreetOilman
J. T. OatesSt John Street
Mrs PhillipsSt John Street
Mrs PullenSt John Street
F. SainsburySt John Street
W. ShiptonSt John Street
Mrs SmithSt John Street
S. SpillSt John StreetPostman
W. StinchcombeSt John Street
A. StoneSt John Street
G. ThornSt John Street
J. Thorne (junior)St John Street
A. E. TrayhurnSt John Street
Tucker BrosSt John StreetBuilders Contractors & Undertakers
F. TuckerSt John Street
Mrs Underhill
W. WallSt John StreetGrocer
G. M. WilliamsSt John StreetCounty Court Clerk
Mrs WiltshireSt John Street
H. BendallRaglan Castle Road
W. BendallRaglan Castle Road
W. Cook (junior)Raglan Castle Road
Mrs CollinsRaglan Castle Road
C. CooperRaglan Castle RoadStation Master
W. GregoryRaglan Castle Road
G. HopkinsRaglan Castle RoadJunior Postman
J. HughesRaglan Castle Road
W. A. PhillipsStreamleaze
R. SainsburyRaglan Castle Road
Mrs ScreenRaglan Castle Road
Miss VizardRaglan Castle Road
W. WebbRaglan Castle Road
Miss BendallRock Street
G. ColeRock Street
L. DixonRock Street
M. DixonRock Street
Mrs GoughRock Street
W. HarrisRock Street
G. HorsmanRock Street
C. JefferiesRock Street
Mrs JefferiesRock Street
Mrs LongRock Street
Mrs SmartRock Street
L. SmithRock StreetLodging House Keeper
T. TaylorRock Street
J. TuckRock Street
F. WalkerRock Street
H. WebbRock Street
E. WilliamsRock StreetCarpenter
W. WillcoxRock Street
J. FordPorter StoresSilver StreetCarrier
Mrs FrySilver Street
A. C. HillierSilver StreetSuperintendent Prudential Insurance Co
M. WilliamsSilver StreetCarpenter
S. BargeSt Mary StreetBillposter
F. BrownSt Mary Street
W. H. ClutterbuckSt Mary StreetShopkeeper
Mrs J. ColeSt Mary Street
W. CookSt Mary Street
E. F. CrippsThe PloughSt Mary Street
J. DavisSt Mary StreetUmbrella Repairer
E. GazzardSt Mary Street
F. GoughSt Mary Street
W. C. HadleySt Mary StreetGrocer
G. HarrisSt Mary Street
P. G. HawkinsSt Mary StreetBuilder & House Decorator
G. HillSt Mary StreetGlass & China Dealer
C. HurnSt Mary Street
Mrs LambertSt Mary Street
W. LiddiattSt Mary StreetGardener
Mrs LuceChurch InstituteSt Mary Street
W. MaishmentSt Mary Street
Mrs PearceSt Mary Street
M. PoultonSt Mary StreetChimney Sweeper
C. PowellSt Mary Street
T. PowellSt Mary StreetMarine Store Dealer
J. RadfordSt Mary Street
C. H. RobertsSt Mary StreetBaker
J. ScreenSt Mary Street
Mrs ShepherdSt Mary Street
G. SmithSt Mary Street
Mrs SmithSt Mary Street
C. StinchcombeSt Mary Street
H. TrayhurnSt Mary Street
Mrs TrayhurnSt Mary Street
C. WhiteSt Mary Street
C. H. WilliamsSt Mary Street
G. WilliamsSt Mary Street
W. J. AllenThe PlainBoot & Shoe Maker
J. BartlettThe PlainButcher
Mrs BevanThe PlainBoot & Shoe Maker
Crossman & CoThe PlainSolicitors
T. L. DaviesThe PlainPhysician & Surgeon
E. R. DollingThe PlainManager Old Bank
F. HekThe Plain
Mrs KnightThe Plain
S. PhippsRoyal GeorgeThe Plain
Savery & SonThe PlainIronmongers & Machinists
J. SouthcottThe PlainHairdresser & Tobacconist
G. SymesThe PlainIronmonger & General Smith
Messrs TrayhurnThe PlainButchers
J. H. WilliamsThe PlainOutfitter