Prewetts Directory 1926

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NameStreetAddress or Occupation
Miss AlsopBath Road
Mrs M. BurrowsBath Road
G. ColeBath Road
W. FordBath Road
Mrs E. GoughBath Road
W. HarrisBath Road
G. HorsmanBath Road
Mrs G. MaishmentBath Road
W. RugmanBath Road
T. TaylorBath Road
H. WebBath Road
J. BargeCastle Street
A. BennettCastle StreetThe Chantry
J. H. BondCastle StreetCycle Agent
Mrs J. BrooksCastle Street
Mrs ColemanCastle Street
Miss CornockCastle Street
Rev. C.R.CotterCastle StreetThe Vicarage
W. EddingtonCastle Street
A. G. ExcellCastle StreetBootmaker etc, 'Leicester House'
Mrs S. FudgeCastle Street
H. GaleCastle Street
Mrs S. GaleCastle StreetGrocer
Hon. Mrs GillettCastle Street'Thornbury House'
A. GladwellCastle Street'School House'
C. HawkesCastle Street'The Hatch'
J. HawkerCastle Street
J. HodgesCastle StreetCarpenter etc
Major A.H.S. Howard, J.P.Castle StreetThe Castle
H.C. Hume-SpryCastle Street'The Priory'
J.C. JamesCastle Street'Lion House'
Lady JenkinsonCastle Street'Clouds'
H. KnightCastle StreetOrgan builder
H. LiddiattCastle Street
Mrs H. LloydCastle Street'Hume House'
P.E. LydfordCastle StreetUpholsterer
Mrs MackieCastle Street'The Cottage'
S. MasonCastle Street'The Hatch'
Miss MeechCastle Street'Bank Cottage'
H. MillinCastle Street
Mills & PhillipsCastle StreetHouse Decorator etc
R. MillsCastle Street
Miss OngleyCastle Street
C. ParkerCastle Street'West Lodge'
E. PitcherCastle Street'Globe House'
W. PooleCastle Street'Watch Oak'
G. PowerCastle Street
W. RugmanCastle Street
J. SainsburyCastle StreetHouse decorator etc
S. ScreenCastle Street
C.L. SimmondsCastle Street'Wigmore House'
A. SmithCastle Street
T.C. SmithCastle StreetTailor etc, 'Porch House'
A. SouthcottCastle StreetHairdresser & tobacconist
G. StoneCastle Street
M. SymesCastle Street
G. TaylorCastle Street
H.T. ThurstonCastle StreetParish Clerk 'Rectory Cottage'
A. WilliamsCastle Street
Dr L.WilliamsCastle StreetPhysician etc 'Oriel House'
Dr WhitbyCastle StreetPhysician etc 'Oriel Cottage'
A. BurrowsChapel StreetBootmaker
T. H. CaiseChapel Street
F. CannChapel Street
G. CollinsChapel Street
Mrs S. FassnidgeChapel Street
D.J. HowesChapel Street'Wheatsheaf Inn'
A. NiblettChapel Street
W. SimsChapel Street
Mrs G. SmartChapel Street
L. SmithChapel StreetBoarding House Keeper
Mrs L.UnderhillChapel Street
A.H. WebbChapel Street
Mrs BrownseyChurch Road
Miss DanceyChurch Road
A. HensonChurch Road'Pound Cottage'
S. PhippsChurch RoadCarrier
N. TuckerChurch Road
A. WhitingChurch Road'The Coombe'
A. AllenHigh Street
Mrs A. AnnHigh Street
F.H. ArmstrongHigh Street
Mrs F. BallsHigh Street
Mrs G. BaylisHigh Street
D. BeszantHigh Street
W. BlizzardHigh Street
Misses BrownHigh Street
R.H.W. CarterHigh Street
A.M. ChambersHigh Street
Mrs I. ClareHigh Street
C.A. CookHigh Street
C. CooperHigh Street
H.M. CouncellHigh Street
W.I. CouncellHigh Street
Councell & SonsHigh Street
C. CullimoreHigh Street
F.W. DaviesHigh Street
W. DentHigh Street
W.J. EdmondsHigh Street
A.G. ExcellHigh Street
T. ExellHigh Street
T. GaleHigh Street
Mrs F. GaynerHigh Street
Gayner & SonsHigh Street
Dr E.M. GraceHigh Street
Miss GreenfieldHigh Street
E. HarmanHigh Street
H. HeardHigh Street
A.W. HoneyborneHigh Street
HoranHigh Street
A. HorderHigh Street
International Tea Co. StoresHigh Street
E. JamesHigh Street
Miss E. JonesHigh Street
E.J. LawrenceHigh Street
Mrs A. LawrenceHigh Street
W.A. LiddiattHigh Street
Mrs LongHigh Street
Mens ClubHigh Street
Mrs J. MichaelHigh Street
F.H. MoodyHigh Street
W. MortonHigh Street
J. S. PalmerHigh Street
Mrs PalmerHigh Street
C. ParsonsHigh Street
H. ParsonsHigh Street
J. PaveyHigh Street
J.E. Phelps High Street
G. PhillipsHigh Street
W.H. Phillips High Street
Picture HouseHigh Street
A.C. Pitcher High Street
A.E. PitcherHigh Street
H. PlantHigh Street
Police StationHigh Street
E.J. PontingHigh Street
F. PooleHigh Street
Post OfficeHigh Street
A. PrewettHigh Street
Prewett & SonHigh Street
L. SmithHigh Street
Smith, Luce, Davies, Stanton & CoHigh Street
A.H. SymesHigh Street
F. Symes High Street
G.B. SymesHigh Street
W.J. Symes High Street
A.E. ThompsonHigh Street
Thornbury Coal Co.High Street
Thurstons Jolly & BurbridgeHigh Street
E.J. UnderhillHigh Street
R.R. WarrenHigh Street
W.R. Watson High Street
E.P. WeatherheadHigh Street
Westminster BankHigh Street
A.H. WilkinsHigh Street
F. WilliamsHigh Street
J.H. WilliamsHigh Street
S. WilliamsHigh Street
Williams & sonHigh Street
A. WorkmanHigh Street
W. YarnoldHigh Street
W. BennettHorseshoe Lane
J. ClutterbuckHorseshoe Lane
F. HarrisHorseshoe Lane
H. HarveyHorseshoe Lane
N.S. HigginsHorseshoe Lane
F. LanfearHorseshoe Lane
A.E. RiddifordHorseshoe Lane
W. RugmanHorseshoe Lane
A. ThornHorseshoe Lane
H. WebbHorseshoe Lane
Mrs WhiteHorseshoe Lane
Mrs BaylisLower Bath Road
R. BaylisLower Bath Road
G. GardnerLower Bath Road
G. O'ReillyLower Bath Road
J. SaveryLower Bath Road
H. SherborneLower Bath Road
Mrs W. StockdenLower Bath Road
E. TidmanLower Bath Road
Mrs F. WilliamsLower Bath Road
G. WilliamsLower Bath Road
Capt R.A. Bennett J.P.Lower Church Road
C. BuckinghamLower Church Road
H. DaggerLower Church Road
J. WilcoxLower Church Road
J. CartledgeRock Street
M. DixonRock Street
Mrs H. HughesRock Street
Miss H. NealeRock Street
J. TuckRock Street
E. WilliamsRock Street
E.W. BallSt John Street
S. BurgessSt John Street
Mrs S. Carver (sic)St John Street
W. ChampionSt John Street
R. ClarkSt John Street
G. CookSt John Street
Miss C. DavisSt John Street
Mrs B. EnglishSt John Street
T.E. EnglishSt John Street
O. HigginsSt John Street
Higgins & SonsSt John Street
J. HodgesSt John Street
F.J. HollySt John Street
G. HurkettSt John Street
Mrs LiddiattSt John Street
Liddiatt, & SonsSt John Street
W.T. LiddiattSt John Street
R. LongSt John Street
J. OatesSt John Street
J.T. OatesSt John Street
Mrs S. PhillipsSt John Street
H. PullenSt John Street
L.F. RylandSt John Street
F. SainsburySt John Street
W. SaverySt John Street
A. SealySt John Street
W. ShiptonSt John Street
S. SpillSt John Street
W. StinchcombeSt John Street
Mrs G. TaylorSt John Street
S. TaylorSt John Street
A.E. TrayhurnSt John Street
Tucker BrosSt John Street
F. TuckerSt John Street
J. Vaughan,St John Street
H. VizzardSt John Street
W. WallSt John Street
H. WhiteSt John Street
T. WhiteSt John Street
Mrs S. WilliamsSt John Street
Mrs S. WilmotSt John Street
Mrs H. WiltshireSt John Street
G.S. YoungSt John Street
Mrs J.M. YoungSt John Street
Mrs S. BallSt Mary Street
S. BargeSt Mary Street
Mrs M. ClarkSt Mary Street
Mrs M. ClutterbuckSt Mary Street
Mrs J. ColesSt Mary Street
A. CollinsSt Mary Street
W. CookSt Mary Street
Mrs M. CrippsSt Mary Street
W. EylesSt Mary Street
G. HarrisSt Mary Street
J.E. HarrisSt Mary Street
P.G. HawkinsSt Mary Street
G. HillSt Mary Street
C. HurnSt Mary Street
Mis F. JeremySt Mary Street
Mrs W. LambertSt Mary Street
W. LiddiattSt Mary Street
Mrs J. PearceSt Mary Street
M.J. PoultonSt Mary Street
T. PowellSt Mary Street
J. RadfordSt Mary Street
G.H. RobertsSt Mary Street
W.H. SalisburySt Mary Street
Mrs J. ScreenSt Mary Street
Mrs J. ShepherdSt Mary Street
H. SkuseSt Mary Street
G. SmithSt Mary Street
Mrs H. SmithSt Mary Street
H.C. TrayhurnSt Mary Street
Mrs J. TrayhurnSt Mary Street
J. TremlynSt Mary Street
J. WeareSt Mary Street
C. WhiteSt Mary Street
C. WilliamsSt Mary Street
T. BallSilver Street
R.A.H. ChampionSilver Street
G. FordSilver Street
J.S. PritchardSilver Street
J. BartlettThe Plain
Bevan & SonThe Plain
F. ChurchThe Plain
H. ClarkThe Plain
Crossman & CoThe Plain
S. DearingThe Plain
S. GaynerThe Plain
Mrs KnightThe Plain
Dr MacWattersThe Plain
National Provincial Bank LtdThe Plain
E.W. SaveryThe Plain
Mrs G. SymesThe Plain
Trayhurn BrosThe Plain
Mrs TrayhurnThe Plain
F.S. TurnerThe Plain
H. BendallUpper Bath Road
W. BendallUpper Bath Road
Mrs T. CollinsUpper Bath Road
W. CornockUpper Bath Road
W. GregoryUpper Bath Road
J. HillUpper Bath Road
J. HopkinsUpper Bath Road
T. PearceUpper Bath Road
W.A. PhillipsUpper Bath Road
A. ScreenUpper Bath Road
Miss ShearmanUpper Bath Road
E. SmithUpper Bath Road
R. StaffordUpper Bath Road
Mrs C. WebbUpper Bath Road