1797 Thornbury Land Tax

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An assessment made on the Houses & Lands in the Borough of Thornbury and Coat**  in the County of Gloucester for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a land tax to be raised in Great Britain for the year 1797 after the rate of 4 shillings in the pound.

Assessors – James Eley &  John Croome

Collectors – Thomas Child ? & John Edmonds    Total Collected £54 0s 0d

Owners NamesOccupiers£sd
Arthur TaylorHenry Baker198
Thos CoxIsaac Burge54
Betty WebbIn Hand26
Jesse CosshamIn Hand40
Jesse CosshamWilliam Motley28
Jesse CosshamRobert Young30
Jesse Cossham formerlyHenry Burnell26
James CosshamJohn Niblett20
Saml PenduckIn Hand20
Mr RaymondMrs Salmon20
Josh HuddIn Hand8
Wm Hamblin*John Browne28
William LatchIn Hand20
Anne DavisMrs Cowper28
Anne DavisFor shop28
Richard WithersIn Hand20
Betty LippiattThomas Ford40
Samuel LewisIn Hand68
Samuel LewisJohn Greenwood40
Thomas HendyIn Hand40
Thomas HendyLate Sparks40
Thomas HendyLate Iles26
John SheppardThomas Morgan20
Mrs WattsRichard Gwynn60
William PitcherIn Hand26
Anne RolphWilliam Withers8
Nath & John CrowtherRobert Young140
Daniel ThurstonWilliam Walker50
Kingsmill GroveIn Hand80
Kingsmill GroveFor the Free School46
Mr BellMr Lackington254
John StoneIn Hand90
Anne ReedIn Hand20
Mr Tayler AlmondsburyGeo Longdon50
James AllenBenjamin Barnett40
James MillsIn Hand20
Hest & Eliz PutleyIn Hand16
John FewsterIn Hand110
William Osborne? Mrs Mathews48
William OsborneWm Tether16
William OsborneFor Orchard30
Edward ThurstonJohn Oldland20
Mary BinghamJohn Croome60
Mary BinghamFor the Spur26
William ScottIn Hand36
William ScottFor late Millhouse40
Luke HollesterIn Hand86
James JoyceHenry Binden40
Wm Clarke SenIn Hand34
Wm Clarke SenHenry Burnell20
John NealeIn Hand26
James EleyIn Hand26
James EleyDaniel Pitcher Junr26
John EdmondsIn Hand40
Susannah RolphMiss Rolph40
Susannah RolphMrs Peters40
Susannah RolphJosh. Longman20
Mary GreenwoodIn Hand40
Mary GreenwoodThomas Savery30
Josh ChampniesIn Hand16
Heny Howard EsqJames Vaughan100
Heny Howard EsqJohn Smith for Tolls100
William WilliamsIn Hand (21 High Street )40
William MillettIn Hand40
Mr (?Mrs) KingBetty Lippiatt (25 High Street )40
Richard MartinIn Hand60
Abraham RiddifordIn Hand46
John SalmonIn Hand50
John SalmonMary Hill20
John SalmonJames Ford20
John SalmonJohn Box16
Thomas GroveIn Hand20
Thomas GroveFor Barn16
Mary ThorneIn Hand40
Thomas NealeJohn Pitcher40
Geo RolphIn Hand80
Geo RolphMrs Williams54
Geo RolphWidw Wishe30
Geo RolphLate Motleys28
Eliz GroveIn Hand50
John EelesSolomon Roach40
Thos BartonIsaac Mullington50
William TaylerJacob Young60
Mr MarshThomas Rolph54
Thos RolphIn Hand50
Thos RolphJohn Beaven28
Thos RolphMrs Horton28
Thos RolphIsaac Pullen34
Thos RolphLate Hodges10
Thos RolphLate Smiths10
Thos RolphFor the Millhouse20
Grace WadeIn Hand20
Wm Clarke JunrIn Hand20
Mrs DayWilliam Delaroche20
Mrs GroveIn Hand70
Mrs GroveFor the Cocke26
Thos WetmoreIn Hand60
James KnappIn Hand18
(Blank) BedgegoodGeo Suggs10
Richd CosshamIn Hand16
Richd CosshamThomas Walker18
Thos PenduckIn Hand20
Josh IlesIn Hand10
Mary WilliamsIn Hand36
Mary WilliamsFor late Hunts20
Mary WilliamsFor Longdens20
Mary WilliamsThomas Young50
Kathe LeechIn Hand19
James RoachJosh. Walker10
Anne TaylerIn Hand14
Robt CaddyIn Hand60
Robt CaddyMicheal Mills & others48
James HodgesIn Hand6
Thos ChildIn Hand20
Richd CollingsIn Hand20
Wm ReedIn Hand20
Wm ReedJames Hicks20
James AllenSusanah Facy50
Wm Tayler Coat (?Cote Olveston**)Josh. Shurman40
Edwd S Sitewell EsqWilliam Tayler Coat (?Cote Olveston**)17180
John MerefieldExcise Officer900
Willoughby EsqJohn Grove Junr34
Saunders & BeaufoyJohn Grovr Junr34

*Is Hamblin another version of Emblin?

**Probably Cote (Farm), Olveston.  Edward S Sitwell of Derbyshire was the nephew of Rev Staunton Degge (his mother Dorothy Wilmot was Staunton Degge’s sister & heir; he adopted the surname Sitwell to inherit other property) & inherited land in Tockington, Olveston, Aust, inc connections with Over Court