Thornbury Marriages

When we created Thornbury Roots we relied heavily on the website called ‘Scribes Alcove’ a transcription of Thornbury’s parish records which was an easy to use source of information of Thornbury’s births, marriages and burials. We never attempted to compete with this website as we assumed it would always be there. In 2019 it disappeared! Since that time we have really missed it and we’ve been contacted by various people who feel the same way.

Thornbury Roots is a collaborative work and many people have contributed information photographs and advice to help us create the website. The tables we have here are an especially good example. Many of the earliest records were transcribed by Roger Howell who is an archaeologist and local historian. Then through the kindness of Richard Barton, who has contributed information from his own family history researches, we were put in touch with Richard Byrd. Mr Byrd has put in a truly impressive amount of work transcribing so many of these records so accurately. We are extremely thankful to all of these men and are grateful to give you the chance to see what they have done.

We have had to reformat the information Roger and Richard gave us to create searchable tables similar to the other records on this website.  There are some important things to remember when using the tables.

The earliest records were often written in an old English handwriting that included letters and abbreviations no longer used. They were written in Latin and we have chosen to translate the date but generally we have left the name as it appears in its Latin form e.g. Johannes for John.

Even the later records show many different spellings of the same name (occasionally even within the same entry) which makes it difficult to search for a particular name. You may have to look through possible decades to find the information that you want.

Although the transcribers and we ourselves have tried to make the information as accurate as we can inevitably there will be some errors. It is always best to check the original source and please do let us know if you find any mistakes.

1550 to 1559 1560 to 1569 1570 to 1579
1580 to 1589 1590 to 1599 1600 to 1609
1610 to 1619 1620 to 1629 1630 to 1639
1640 to 1659 1660 to 1669 1670 to 1679
1680 to 1709 1710 to 1729 1730 to 1739
1740 to 1749 1750 to 1759 1760 to 1769
1770 to 1779 1780 to 1789 1790 to 1799
1800 to 1809 1810 to 1819 1820 to 1829
1830 to 1839    
1830 to 1839 prewetts directory 1916 test 1830-1839 Trial

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