Thornbury Marriages 1740-1749

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The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March. Under the old Julian calendar the new year started on 25th March. Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31/1/1701/02′ would be 31st January in 1701 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1702 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

6/4/1740Timothy Cullimore and Sarah Butler.
10/4/1740William Davis and Mary Painter
10/4/1740Charles Lynn and Ann Bedgood widow.
25/4/1740William Tayler and Sarah Aylworth
1/5/1740William Osborne, and Mary Hart.
9/5/1740John King of Clapham and Ann Hobby
11/5/1740George Hulbert and Jane Holland
19/5/1740John Hulbert and Hannah Gethin
9/6/1740Richard Gazsart of Stone and Hannah Cullimore
18/8/1740Solomon Roach and Ann Penduck
18/8/1740Edward Baker and Mary Lawrence.
19/8/1740William Edwards and Ann Peer
5/10/1740John Cullimore and Mary Raymond Gent.
2/11/1740Henry Harris and Mary Hedges
5/11/1740John Butler and Mary Everatt
10/11/1740John Mills and Jane Harvey
1/12/1740William Baker and Rachel Hill of Woodford.
23/12/1740John Cox of Rockhampton and Ann Skey of Oldbury
26/1/1740/41Hugh Thurston Gent. and Alice Webb
26/1/1740/41Daniel Fowler and Elizabeth Hewett
8/2/1740/41Thomas Barton and Sarah Fosket. widow
10/2/1740/41John Beckerton of Wickwar, and Elisthabeth Cox.
29/3/1741John Baker of Gloucester and Martha Webb.
29/3/1741Thomas Morrice and Ann Scott
18/4/1741George Osland and Mary Anderson
31/5/1741George Harrington and Elisabeth Bush
8/6/1741Thomas Tombes and Ann Crowther
24/6/1741James Wade and Ann Smith.
2/7/1741William Giles and Ursula Thurston
5/7/1741Richard Green and Mary Lippiat
25/10/1741Thomas Bennet and Frances Boy
29/12/1741William Pickman and and Joan Eyles
1/1/1741/42William Smith of Wootton under Edge Clothier and Elisabeth Webb spinster
1/1/1741/42William Thomas and Mary George
21/2/1741/42William Scott and Elisabeth Farmer
22/2/1741/42Ephraim Hale and Elisabeth Fisher
23/2/1741/42Thomas Grove and Elisabeth Mayberry
5/4/1742Abraham Fry and Christain Edmonds
21/4/1742John Underwood and Sarah Wilcox
21/4/1742John Jones and Sarah Jones
23/9/1742John Williams and Mary Sprague, Both from Bristol
23/11/1742Evan Evans and Margaret Cole
28/11/1742Arthur Neale and Mary Cullimore
25/12/1742John Williams and Ann Simonds
11/1/1742/43John Lippiate and Ann Boyers
27/2/1742/43Jonathan Hopkins and Susanna Hopkins
6/4/1743John Collins and Hesther Burroughs
7/4/1743Timothy Roach and Mary Wonman
7/4/1743George Adams and Mary Williams
8/4/1743Thomas Taylor and Elisabeth Trotman
27/10/1743Thomas Watkins and Sarah Snaylam
27/10/1743Thomas Walker and Mary Taylor
24/11/1743John Wetmore and Sarah Adams
22/1/1743/44Edward Morgan and Sarah Rogers
4/3/1743/44Samuel Thomas and Sarah Browning
9/7/1744William Hudd and Elizabeth Lane
26/11/1744Giles Hancock and Mary Hollister
25/12/1744John Pearce and Hannah Hart
27/12/1744William Edmonds Elizabeth Lacey
18/2/1744/45Richard Tombs and Elizabeth Taylor
25/2/1744/45Daniel Vines and Mary (missing)
25/2/1744/45John Watkins and Hester Sindry
25/4/1745Ralph Phillips and Joanna Smith
18/6/1745James Bedggood and Eliz: Wall
3/1/1745/46John Nichols and Jane Pearce
9/1/1745/46John May and Eliz. Horwood
5/2/1745/46Edward Hunt and Eliz: Leonard
17/2/1745/46Francis Francomb of Little Badmington and Eliz: Adams of Oldbury
26/2/1745/46Joseph Simmonds of ye City of Bristol and Rachel Neal of Thornbury
7/4/1746William Isgar and Mary Tovey
19/5/1746James Goodman and Christian Sannigar
21/5/1746Robert Huet and Mary Hathway
30/6/1746John Wilshur and Mary Webb
2/7/1746Isaack Tray and Sarah Jones
24/7/1746John Parsley and Susannah Williams
10/2/1746/47John Hancock and Mary Trayhern widow
22/2/1746/47Richard Wither and Mary Green
2/3/1746/47Henry Allen and Eliz: Longden
5/3/1746/47Joseph Neal and Mary Cullimore
19/4/1747John Cullimore and Eliz: Roach
7/5/1747William Bennet and Mary Neal
24/5/1747Jonathan Cole and Sarah Limbrick
19/7/1747Francis Higgs and Mary Shepherd
30/8/1747James Knapp and Eliz: Hobby
27/12/1747William Cotten of Bristol Merchant and Ursula Giles widow
8/2/1747/48William Floyd and Mary Morgan
22/2/1747/48Thos. Arnold and Eliz. Howel
24/3/1747/48Mr. Brereton Greville of Bristol and Ann Bedggood of this parish widow
5/4/1748Joseph Haynes and Mary Link
11/4/1748Joseph Lippiat and Isabel Bartlet
17/4/1748Theophilus Tanner and Eliz: Nichols
2/5/1748John Raulins and Hannah Gazard
28/8/1748Joseph Thurston and Betty Edwards
11/9/1748John Cox and Ann Burroughs
18/9/1748John Martin and Ann Thomas
9/10/1748William. Nelms and Eliz: Badnam
26/10/1748John Jones and Catharine Thomas
30/10/1748John Beard and Martha Trotman
27/3/1749Thos. Saunders and Hannah Bowley
28/3/1749James Milles and Martha Pullen
29/3/1749Samuel Nelmes and Ann Hobby
15/5/1749Benjamin Payn and Elizabeth Fowler
8/8/1749Thomas Morgan and Hannah Crum of Owlby
25/9/1749Charles Hopkins of Almondsbury and Mary White of Moreton widow
28/9/1749John Gowing of Yate and Elisabeth Riden
5/11/1749Thomas Clutterbuck and Sarah Hall
6/12/1749Jeremiah Walter and Ann Thurston
27/12/1749George Watkins and Ann Booth
25/2/1749/50Guy Pope & Unity Tayler
25/2/1749/50Robert Simmonds & Margaret Walker