Thornbury Marriages 1760-1769

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9/1/1760William Osborn of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah JelfesBannsLewis Pritchard & Ann Child
20/1/1760Andrew Vaughan of the Parish of St. Vedast Foster Lane in the City of London, widower & Alice Thurston of this Parish, widowLicenceJames Knapp & Elizabeth Knapp
28/1/1760Thomas Hurly of the Parish of Wotton under Edge in the County & Diocese of Gloucester, batchelor & Anne Wilson of this Parish, spinsterLicenceJ. W. Salmon & Andrew Whitefield
30/1/1760Francis Bellingham of the Parish of Berrow in the County of Worcester, batchelor & Hester Pountney of this Parish, spinsterLicenceEliza Lewis & J. W. Salmon
10/2/1760James Eley of this Parish, batchelor & Ann Taylor of this Parish, spinsterLicenceJames Taylor & Andrew Whitefield
16/2/1760Richard Russel of the Parish of Tytherington, Butcher & Elizabeth Knapp of this Parish, widowLicenceRobt. Pountney & Andrew Whitefield
20/2/1760William Hathway of ye Parish, batchelor & Mary Webb of this Parish, spinsterBannsJohn Taylor & Mary Ford (mark)
14/4/1760Thomas Jones of the Parish of Wickwar & Sarah Greenway of this ParishBannsSamuel Harper & Hester Bellingham
20/4/1760Thomas Trayherne of this Parish & Rebekah Hopkins of this ParishBannsJane Cox & John Mills
20/4/1760John James of this Parish & Anne Taylor of this ParishBannsJune Cox & John Mills
12/10/1760Josiah Eacut of the Parish of Cromhal & Eleanor Trayhurn of this ParishBannsEdward Trayhurn (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
25/12/1760William Machin of ye Parish & Mary Beckerton of ye ParishBannsMoses Hignell & Ann Trayhern
2/2/1761John Niblett of this Parish & Betty Jayne of this ParishBannsWm. Lippiatt & Anne Lippiatt
2/2/1761Roger Nott of this Parish & Sarah Lowle of this ParishLicenceJoseph Nott & Jonna Stone
22/3/1761Abraham Reddall of this Parish & Sarah Barns of this ParishBannsAndrew Whitefield & John Grove
22/3/1761James Pagler of this Parish & Susan Attwells of the Parish of HillBannsAndrew Whitefield & John Grove
5/4/1761William Bert of this Parish & Elizabeth Reed of this ParishBannsEdward Reed (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
11/4/1761Luke Summers of this Parish & Sarah Oliff of this ParishBannsJohn Long & Joseph Latch
12/4/1761William Hawkins of this Parish & Mary Chapple of this ParishBannsThomas Chapple (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
18/4/1761Thomas Trotman of this Parish & Nancy Thurston of this ParishBannsSarah Thurston & Samuel Ball (mark)
20/4/1761William Price of this Parish & Elisabeth Price of this ParishBannsThomas Goodman & Wm. Lippiatt
20/5/1761John Day of this Parish & Sarah Pruett of this ParishLicenceRobert Allin & Andw. Whitefield
26/5/1761Robert Allin of this Parish & Mary Day of this ParishLicenceJames Day & Elisabeth Bendall (mark)
3/6/1761Hezekiah Coles of this Parish & Susannah York of this ParishBannsJonathan York (mark) & Samuel Reed (mark)
7/6/1761Thomas Ball of this Parish & Clear Bullock of this ParishBannsWilliam Bigley & Joseph Latch
3/9/1761James Bill of this Parish & Mary Garland of the Parish of HillLicenceThomas Wetmore Junr & Andw. Whitefield
9/11/1761John Nelms of this Parish & Sarah Blanch of the Parish of AlvestonLicenceJohn White & Andw. Whitefield
15/12/1761Thomas Driver of this Parish & Anne Pruett of this ParishBannsEdward Trayhurn (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
28/12/1761John Long of this Parish & Mary Hale of this ParishBannsDavid Powell & Andw. Whitefield
29/12/1761Thomas Thorn of this Parish & Hannah Gough of this ParishBannsFrancis Allen & Betty Thorn (mark)
9/2/1762David Jones of ye Parish of Llanorth in ye County of Monmouth & Martha Walters of the Parish of ThornburyLicencePeggy Walters (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
16/2/1762Daniel Pitcher of this Parish & Elisabeth James of this ParishLicenceWilliam Pitcher & Andw. Whitefield
22/2/1762John Parslow of this Parish & Sarah Shipway of this ParishLicenceEnoch Parslow & Andw. Whitefield
24/2/1762Richard Luce of this Parish & Sarah Grove of this ParishLicence with consent of parentsThos Child & Andw. Whitefield
14/3/1762Lewis Pritchard of this Parish & Anne Child of this ParishLicenceJohn Grove & Andw. Whitefield
15/4/1762Robert Lee of this Parish & Hannah Webb of the Parish of OlvestonBannsGeo. Lee & John Lee
15/4/1762William Cole of this Parish & Eleanor Lee of this ParishBannsGeo. Lee & John Lee
9/4/1762James Oldland of the Parish of Iron Acton & Sarah Pritchard of this ParishBannsGeorge Motley & Andw. Whitefield
22/5/1762William Reed of this Parish, batchelor & Anne Rice of this Parish, spinsterLicenceBenjm. Leach & Catherin Leach
17/6/1762Joseph Summers of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Underwood of this Parish, spinsterBannsJohn Gibbons & Hannah Gibbons
23/8/1762James Beard of this Parish & Eleanor Cole of this ParishBannsJane Gomersom (mark) & Mary Knott
23/8/1762Thomas Burge of this Parish & Sarah Holbrough of this ParishBannsWilliam Baker & James Beard
23/12/1762Thomas Taylor of this Parish, widower & Hannah Jones of this Parish, spinsterBannsMary Whitefield & Jane Gummersom (mark)
30/12/1762Joseph Latch of this Parish, widower & Mary Grove of this Parish, spinsterLicenceThomas Grove & Hannah Grove
14/2/1763Robert Shipway of this Parish, Widdower & Dinah Hignell of this Parish, spinsterLicenceJosiah Hignell & Hester Hignell
14/2/1763Benjamin Addis of this Parish, Widdower & Hester Osborn, spinster LicenceNath Crowther, John Marsh & John Rudge
1/3/1763George Thomas of this Parish, batchelor & Joan Lawrance of this Parish, spinster LicenceJno. Pearce & Andw. Whitefield
13/3/1763William Taylor of this Parish & Jane Farmer of this ParisLicenceAndw. Whitefield & Jane Gammersom (mark)
15/3/1763Benjamin Pierce of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Thurston of this Parish, spinster LicenceMartha Thurston & Susannah Thurston
15/3/1763William Cowley of this Parish, batchelor & Mary Grove of this Parish, spinster LicenceHugh Thurston, Ursula Grove & Jane Gammersom (mark)
27/3/1763William Hudson of this Parish, batchelor & Dinah Holbrook of this Parish, spinsterBannsThomas Thorn & Hannah Thorn
4/4/1763William Limbrick of the Parish of Yate & Mabel Collins of this ParishLicenceMary Burroughs & Andw. Whitefield
3/4/1763Edward Reed of this Parish & Maria Gibbins of this ParishBannsEdward Reed? & Mary Whitefield
10/4/1763Mapson Thomas of the Parish of Olveston & Hannah Chitts of this ParishLicenceWilliam Chitts & Andw. Whitefield
11/4/1763William Powell of this Parish & Hester Grove of this ParishLicenceAndw. Whitefield & Jane Gammersom (mark)
12/4/1763John Carter of this Parish & Sarah Bingham of this ParishLicenceThos. Barton & Ann Barton
12/4/1763John Clutterbuck of this Parish & Sarah Gardener of this ParishBannsJohn Burroughs & Mary Burroughs
20/7/1763Daniel Evans of this Parish & Elisabeth Whitefield of this ParishBannsAnn Marsh & Elizabeth Thurston
1/8/1763John Mills of this Parish & Sarah Kite of this ParishBannsJohn Mills (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
12/9/1763William Hicks of this Parish & Dorothy Walters of this ParishBannsThomas Grove & Joseah Rose
22/10/1763Samuel Creed of the Parish of Haresfield in the County of Gloucester & Margaret Mabbot of the Parish of ThornburyLicence with consent of his fatherJno. Lippiatt & Andw. Whitefield
6/12/1763William Baker of this Parish & Hannah Cole of this ParishBannsAndw. Whitefield & Jane Gommersall (mark)
11/12/1763John Webb of ye Parish of Wickwar & Anne Long of this ParishLicenceRobert Smith (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
25/12/1763William Edmonds of this Parish & Elisabeth Browning of this ParishBannsAndw. Whitefield & George Whitefield
5/3/1764James Buller of this Parish & Jane Gummersall of this ParishLicenceMary Whitlock & Andw. Whitefield
21/3/1764Richard Dier of this Parish & Elizabeth Stanton of this ParishBannsAndw. Whitefield & Robert Whitefield
29/3/1764Timothy Cullimore of this Parish & Margaret Giliam of this ParishLicenceAndw. Whitefield & Thos. Coventry
2/4/1764George Motley of this Parish & Mary Lawrance of this ParishBannsWilliam Edmonds & Christian Withers (mark)
24/4/1764William Tether of this Parish & Elisabeth Nelms of this ParishBannsUrsula Thurston & Benjamin Pierce
29/4/1764John Withers of this Parish & Martha Alloway of this ParishBannsGeorge Buller & Andw. Whitefield
30/4/1764Richard Jones of this Parish & Hannah Ford of this ParishBannsJohn Wade & Joseph Champneys
27/5/1764Thomas Gough of this Parish & Elisabeth Keech of this ParishBannsWilliam Grove & Robert Whitefield
14/6/1764James Day of this Parish & Anne Smith of this ParishLicenceJane Buller & Andw. Whitefield
3/9/1764Edwd. Hunt of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Close of this Parish, spinsterBannsWm Lippiatt & Ann Lippiatt
25/9/1764William Osborn of the Parish of Uley in the County of Gloucester, batchelor & Mary Thurston of this ParishBannsAnselmn Thurston & Bethiah? Thurston
14/10/1764William Hobby of the Parish of Hill, widower & Mary Carter of this Parish, SpinsteBannsJoseph Millett & Luke Summers (mark)
15/11/1764George Collier of the Parish of Awre, batchelor & Sarah Robert of the Parish of Thornbury, spinsterLicenceMartha Thurston, Henry Cotten, Susanna Thurston, Hugh Thurston, George Whitefield & Obed Thurston
17/1/1765Mortimore Smyth of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Dun of this Parish, spinsterBannsRobert Whitefield & Sarah Nelm (mark)
1/4/1765Henry Price of the Parish of Berckley, widower & Sarah Withers Alias Bennet of this ParisLicenceJW Salmon & Nath Crowther
7/4/1765Henry Croom of this Parish, batchelor & Ann Ball of this Parish, spinsterBannsGeorge Whitefieldf & Hestr Cume
21/4/1765George Philips of the Parish of Wotten under Edge, batchelor & Hannah Walker of this Parish, spinsterBannsAndw Whitefield & Mary Knott
7/8/1765Joseph Taylor of this Parish, batchelor & Hannah Mills of this Parish, spinsterLicenceAndw. Whitefield & Joseph Mills
1/9/1765George Cannarthan of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Bell of this Parish, SpinsteLicenceGeorge Whitefield, Mary Whitefield
9/9/1765John Grove of this Parish, batchelor & Hester Knott of this Parish, spinsterBannsAndw. Whitefield & William Stephens
15/9/1765Daniel Clutterbuck of the Parish of Rockhampton, widower & Rachell Worand of this Parish, spinster BannsAndw. Whitefield & James Whitefield
24/9/1765John Shill of this Parish, batchelor & Betty Knot of this Parish, spinsterBannsMary Knott & George Whitefield
4/11/1765John Morgan of the Parish of Rockhampton, batchelor & Mary Burroughs of this Parish, spinsterLicenceJohn White & Andw. Whitefield
11/2/1766James Woodroff of the Parish of Wooleston, batchelor & Mary Curnock of this Parish, spinsterLicenceThomas Cornock & Nicholas Cornock
13/2/1766William Lippiatt of this Parish batchelor & Elizabeth Taylor of this Parish, spinster LicenceWm. Gwinnett & Jno. Lippiat
3/4/1766William Cullimore of this Parish, batchelor & Martha Osborn of this Parish, spinsterLicenceW. Osborne & James Cullimore
19/4/1766Will: Addams of this Parish, batchelor & Sarah Hunt of this Parish, spinsterLicenceWilliam Collins & Andw. Whitefield
3/5/1766John Bennet of the Parish of Old Sodbury, batchelor & Sarah Parker of this Parish, spinsterBannsAnn Powel (mark) & Andw. Whitefield
8/6/1766Henry Long of the Parish of Tortworth, batchelor & Ann Smyth of this Parish, spinsterBannsWilliam Pain & Andw. Whitefield
22/6/1766Thomas Ball of this Parish, widower & Elizabeth otherwise Betty Allen of this Parish, Single WomanLicenceThos. Knapp & John Luce
1/7/1766William Collings of the Parish of Thornbury, & Sarah Cornock of the Parish of ThornburyLicenceThomas Cornock & Anne Lippiatt
21/7/1766John Allen of this Parish, batchelor & Mary Taylor of this Parish, widowBannsRose Sheppard & Thos Trayhern
21/9/1766Sam: Lewis of this Parish & Fortune Issick of this ParishBannsAndw. Whitefield & Robert Whitefield
27/9/1766Edward Bowen of the Parish of Christ Church, Bristol, batchelor & Anne Tyson of this Parish, spinsterLicenceMary Bowen & Betty Tyson
12/10/1766Kingsmill Grove of the Parish of St. Peters, Bristol, batchelor & Hester Pountney of this Parish, spinsterLicenceSarah Jenner & Ann Tayler
6/11/1766John Grove Junior of this Parish & Jane Hathway of the Parish of Westerley in ye County of Glosr., spinsterLicenceThos. Child & Henry Sditt
13/1/1767Paul Day & Susannah JonesLicenceAbraham Riddiford (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
5/4/1767John Chapple & Hannah BirtBannsJames Backer & Andrew Whitefield
18/5/1767Thomas Coventry & Betty BellBannsSarah Oldland & James Whitefield
31/5/1767George Rolph widower & Sarah ClarkeLicenceThomas Clarke & Andrew Whitefield
11/6/1767Charles Cox of Rangeworthy & Susannah Barrow of this parishBannsLewis Pritchard & Andrew Whitefiled
17/6/1767William Cullimore of the Parish of Tethrington and Ann Prigg of this ParishLicenceJohn Taylor & Andrew Whitefield
30/7/1767James Ball and Ann Barrow both of this ParishBannsJames Allen (mark) & Anselm Thurston
6/9/1767Joseph Cole and Mary Bishop both of this Parish.BannsRobert & Andrew Whitefield
22/9/1767Thomas Hendy and Mary Grove both of this ParishLicenceMary Thurston (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
15/10/1767Richard Martin of the Town of Ledbury Herefordshire and Susannah Thurston of this Parish.LicenceMartha Thurston & Betty Tyson
18/11/1767Thomas. Barton of the Borough and Mary Collins both of this ParishLicenceW Salmon & James Whitefield
25/11/1767Samuel Cole and Mary Cornock both of this Parish.BannsHannah Osborn (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
29/11/1767Thomas Grove and Ann Wetmore both of ye Borough.LicenceWilliam Wetmore, Thomas Barton, John Grove jr & W. Salmon
31/3/1768Hugh Cleverly and Hannah Pritchard both of ye ParishBannsWilliam Greenwood & George Whitefield
8/4/1768George Suggs and Sarah Blinman both of ye ParishBannsHannah Taylor (mark) & James Whitefield
9/4/1768John Kindall and Mariah Williams both of this ParishBannsWilliam Kendall (mark) & James Whitefield
17/4/1768Robert Lee of this Parish widower and Mary Hignell of the Parish of HenburyLicenceWilliam Cullimore & George Whitefield
14/6/1768Samuel Adams & Mary BakerLicenceThomas Adams & James Whitefield
1/8/1768William Osborn Widr. & Hester ClutterbuckBannsMartha Osborn (mark) & George Whitefield
13/10/1768Benamin: Barnett & Anne LippiattLicenceWilliam Lippiatt & Brice Webb Salmon
24/10/1768Peter Morgan & Mary CullimoreBannsWilliam Mills (mark) & George Whitefield
6/11/1768John Goodenough Cossham & Mary PopeBannsSarah Nott (mark) & John Shill (mark)
8/11/1768John Morgan & Jane NourseBannsElizabeth Nourse (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
17/11/1768James Bedgood widower & Elizabeth Sharruck widowLicence? Salmon & Richard Exell
1/2/1769John Sarch widower & Elizabeth Arnold widowLicenceJoanna Brookes (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
8/3/176William Lawrence & Betty VinesLicenceNathaniel Crowther & Nathaniel Webb
31/3/1769Caley Jackson of Rockhampton & Ann VinesLicenceJuno Salmon jr & & George Whitefield
3/4/1769Samuel Parnell of Berkeley & Ann WebbLicenceAnn Collins & Edward Ford
7/4/1769John Wither Junr. & Ann TurnerBannsJohn Wither & Martha Wither
30/4/1769Joseph Hopkins & Elizabeth HosierBannsJohn Hopkins (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
10/5/1769Brice Webb Salmon & Hannah Downes both of this parish married in Lacock
15/5/1769William Taylor Widr. & Hester TaylorLicenceJane Taylor & James Taylor
28/5/1769John Bert & Mary HolderBanns.Marks of John Chapple & Thomas Newman
8/6/1769William. Marmon & Mary MorganBanns.Phillip Tucker & Rose Sheppard
22/8/1769John Shepherd & Jane TaylorLicence.James Taylor & Andrew Whitefield
15/10/1769John Hopkins & Mary PrewettBanns.Stephen Hopkins & Andrew Whitefield
16/10/1769John Hasell of Stinchcomb & Sarah Cook of OldburyLicence.William ? & Andrew Whitefield
30/10/1769Samuel Day & Anne JonesLicence.John Hancock (mark) & Andrew Whitefield
30/11/1769Abraham Nelmes & Mary LippiatBanns.Joseph Parslow & George Motley
22/12/1769John Burroughs farmer & Hannah MotleyLicence.(consent of mother being guardian)Anne Powell & Andrew Whitefield