Thornbury Marriages 1800 -1809

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22/1/1800William Longden widower, and Sophia Nichols widowBannsHannah Nichols (mark) & Sarah Smith
10/4/1800George Cave, and Sarah Cook widowBannsThomas Hopkins & Jane Lee
13/4/1800William Wherret, and Virtue FisherBannsMarks of Stephen Bird & Amelia Bendall
24/4/1800Daniel Hobbs, and Hannah JonesBannsMarks of James Williams & Sarah Reeves
30/4/1800Benjamin Walker, and Frances Hicks widowBannsMarks of Thomas Walker & Sarah White
6/5/1800James Smith, and Ann BirtBannsJoseph Smith (mark) & Deborah Smith
19/5/1800John Alpass of Berkeley and Mary TaylorLicenceWilliam Dee & Obed Pitcher
6/7/1800Abraham Boulton, and Sarah Smith widowBannsMarks of John Longden & Betty Edmonds
7/7/1800Aaron Newman, and Maria AddisLicenceBenjamin Addis & Obed Pitcher
10/9/1800William Cramp, and Sarah BiggsLicenceThomas Cramp & Obed Pitcher
13/9/1800Samuel Morgan of St Mary le Bone in London, and Betty CollinsLicenceAnna Collins & William Jones
6/10/1800George Suggs widower, and Martha Cartwright widowBannsFrances Walker (mark) & Obed Pitcher )
13/10/1800William Walker widower and Mary DrayseyBannsMarks of Esther Draysey & Joseph Walker
1/12/1800Thomas Adams and Mary CaddyLicenceEliza Davis Edward Lewis & Ann Caddy
6/12/1800Willm. Penduck and Sarah WhitfieldBannsJohn Edmonds & Obed Pitcher
30/12/1800John Pritchard and Sarah Parker of TortworthLicenceJohn Stock & Obed Pitcher
31/12/1800Joseph Smith widower, and Ann ChapelBannsJohn Best (mark) & Obed Pitcher
18/2/1801Job Curthoys Elberton, and Sarah WhiteBannsRpbert England, Hannah Pearce & Ann Paeslow
26/3/1801William Brown Yate widower, and Mabel BennettLicenceSarah Bennett & Obed Pitcher
29/3/1801John Nelms of Elberton, and Hannah ReevesBannsWilliam Clark & Sarah Clark
14/4/1801James Weeks, and Hannah ChittsBannsChristian Chitts (mark), William Cowley & Thomas Harris
20/4/1801James Day, and Unity NealeLicenceMary Day (mark) & Thomas Day
30/4/1801Laurence Short, Clerk, of Ashover in Derby widower and Charlotte, E. HolwellLicenceE O Holwell Oriel College Oxford, Martha Holwell & Mary Anne Hodges
3/5/1801John Williams, and Mary BedggoodLicenceElizabeth Young, Joh Barnett, Sarah Barnett & Thomas Bedggood
4/5/1801John Croome, and Esther CullimoreBannsJohn Boulton & Sarah Beckerton (mark)
9/5/1801William Ball of Berkeley and Sarah DaviesBannsElizabeth Taylor& Obed Pitcher
4/6/1801Nicholas Cornock, and Mary ComelyLicenceJohn Comely & James Martin
12/11/1801John Burroughs of Hill and Ann Knapp.LicenceMartha Knapp & Richard Knapp
16/12/1801Richard Wilkes of Rockhampton and Hannah GoughBannsMarks of William King & Thomas Willkes
23/2/1802Robert Ford and Lucinda MaisieBannsBetty Ford & Benjamin Leech
28/3/1802William Virgo, and Sarah NewtonBannsObed Pitcher & Susanna Higgs
30/3/1802John Prewett and Sarah TaylorLicenceJames Taylor & Obed Pitcher
7/4/1802William Hiron of Alverston and Ann ChappelBannsJane Hopkins, Robert Chappel (mark) & Ann Hiron (mark)
15/4/1802John. Leonard of Hill and Sarah AllenLicenceJohn Allen & Mary Allen (mark)
2/5/1802John. Virgo and Sarah CullimoreLicenceCharles Gayner (mark) & Ann Gayner
11/7/1802William Poulton of Newport Monmouths. & Mary Collins of Thy.LicenceJames James, Mary Cornock & William Collins (mark)
12/7/1802John Bell & Celia Gough Both of Thy.BannsNathaniel Thorn, Maria Llewellyn & Ann Bell (mark)
16/8/1802William Wade & Ann Crossman Both of Thy.BannsMary Denning Thomas Denning & James Wade (mark)
31/8/1802William Spill of Tortworth and Elizabeth Symes of Thy.LicenceThomas Facey & Joseph Facey (mark)
4/10/1802Ralph Thorn & Mary Pegler Both of Thy.BannsMarks of John Croome & Esther Tether
4/10/1802John Davies & Esther Gough Both of Thy.BannsMarks of Mary Rowe & Unity Walker
11/10/1802William Walker & Elizabeth Edmunds of Thy.BannsWilliam Coventry & Obed Pitcher
14/10/1802William Cowley & Betty Cornock Both of Thy.BannsHannah Cornock & John Cornock
21/11/1802William Gayner & Jane Hopkins Both of Thy.BannsJames Cullimore & Obed Pitcher
23/12/1802John Thomas & Hannah Newman Both of Thy.BannsWilliam Thomas, Ann Thomas (mark) Maria Llewellyn & Obed Pitcher
7/3/1803James Taylor & Hannah Harding Both of ThyLicenceJohn Harding & Obed Pitcher
21/3/1803William Lee of Elberton & Hannah Whitfield of Thy.BannsCelia Smith (mark) & Obed Pitcher
7/4/1803George Taylor & Ann Grove Both of ThyLicence? & ElizabethTaylor
22/4/1803Robert Hobbs & Sarah Martin Both of Thy.BannsAbigail Croome (mark) & Obed Pitcher
26/4/1803James Ford & Elizabeth Baker Both of Thy.BannsThomas Walker(mark) & Obed Pitcher
5/6/1803William Clutterbuck & Sarah Thurston Both of ThornburyBannsMarks of James Cossham & Mary Thurston
19/6/1803William Clarke & Elizabeth Latch Both of ThornburyBannsMary Latch & Obed Pitcher
30/6/1803George Harvey & Catherine Harris Both of ThornburyBannsWilliam Worden & Obed Pitcher
30/6/1803John Phillips of Wotton under Edge & Hannah Bennett of ThornbyBannsThomas Phillips & Obed Pitcher
18/7/1803William Baker & Susanna Webb Both of ThornburyBannsSephen Webb (mark) & Obed Pitcher
21/7/1803Obed Pitcher & Hannah Binden Both of ThornburyBannsElizabeth Pitcher & Henry Binden
11/9/1803George Martin & Mary Cullimore Both of ThornburyBannsWilliam Tether (mark) & Obed Pitcher
25/10/1803John Garland & Sarah Ball Both of ThornburyBannsJohn Lippiatt & Obed Pitcher
27/10/1803William Saniger & Mary Neale Both of ThornburyLicenceJames Neale & Elizabeth Neale
18/12/1803James Cossham & Hannah Clutterbuck Both of ThornburyBannsJohn Cossham (mark) & Mary Cossham
29/12/1803Robert England & Hannah Pearce Both of ThornburyBannsMarks of John Pearce & Sarah Celia Pearce
12/1/1804Benjamin Leach & Mary Latch Both of ThornburyLicenceRobert Ford & Hester Latch
27/2/1804William Hawker & Hannah Parslow Both of ThornburyLicenceMarks of Robert England & Hannah England
1/3/1804Solomon Child & Mary Jenkins Both of ThornburyBannsDaniel Hobbs (mark) & Obed Pitcher
21/3/1804Mathew Baker & Sarah Hicks Both of ThornburyBannsHenry Angood & Ann Angood
22/3/1804William Gibbons & Mary Merrett Both of ThornburyBannsSamuel Wyatt & Obed Pitcher
5/4/1804John Knapp & Mary PearceBannsMarks of Robert England & Celia Pearce
5/4/1804William Birt & Elizabeth Chappel Both of ThornburyBannsMarks of James Smith & Ann Smith
17/4/1804William Bayley & Celia Smith Both of ThornburyBannsAnn Smith (mark) & Obed Pitcher
5/6/1804John Player Gent of Elberton & Elizabeth Fewster of ThornbyLicence? Fewster & Ann Fewster
14/6/1804Luke Trayhern & Ann Barton Both of ThornbyLicenceJohn Trayhurn & Ann Trayhurn (mark)
16/7/1804John Wilcox & Ann Peglar Both of ThornbyBannsElizabeth Hodgs & Obed Pitcher
9/8/1804Thomas Johnson Gent of Elberton & Martha Cullimore of ThornbyLicenceWilliam Osborne & ? Cullimore
28/8/1804James Bevan junior& Ann Lippiatt Thomas Both of ThornbyBannsJames Eley & James Bevan
3/9/1804John Machin & Mary Allen (widow) Both of ThornbyBannsAnn Parslow & Jonah Whitfield
16/10/1804Isaac Lawson, gent, & Ann French Both of ThornbyLicenceJohn Shepherd & Mary Shepherd
20/10/1804James Hancock & Jane Hopkins Both of ThornbyBannsWiliam Hancock (mark) & Elizabeth Banks (mark)
24/10/1804Jonah Whitfield & Ann Parslow Both of ThornbyBannsSamuel Thomas & Elizabeth Whitfield
15/11/1804William Vaughan & Elizabeth Addis Both of ThornbyBanns? Of Annis Addis & Ann Pritchard (mark)
31/12/1804Thomas Hopkins & Mary Taylor Both of ThornbyBannsJohn Hopkins (mark) & Obed Pitcher
7/4/1805William Ball & Hannah Allen Both of Thornby.BannsGeorge Thomas & Hester Thomas (mark)
8/4/1805James Witch of Alveston & Elizabeth Ockell of ThornbyBannsMargaret Ockell & Obed Pitcher
6/5/1805Thomas Withers (widower) & Sarah Wheeler (widow) Both of Thornby.BannsHannah Monsell (mark) & Obed Pitcher
13/5/1805Richard Knapp of Thornby yeoman & Ann Burroughs of HillLicenceJohn Burroughs & Ann Burroughs
21/5/1805James Hill & Sarah Wise Both of Thornby.BannsMarks of Mary Taylor & William Hill
9/9/1805Samuel Barge and Charlotte MeadBannsJames Wade, Ednna Pinell (mark)
1/10/1805John Hobby and Susanna GreyBannsSarah Reeve (mark) & Obed Pitcher
26/11/1805James Roach and Elizabeth FordBannsHenrietta Roach & Robert Ford
12/12/1805James Cox and Ann Parnell widowBannsJohn Barton & Sarah Cox
16/12/1805Hugh Clark and Hannah TaylorBannsElizabeth Taylor & Richard Putley
24/12/1805John Hawker and Mary SheppardBannsJohn Boulton & Mary Boulton (mark)
21/12/1805Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth CosshamBannsJohn Cossham & Mary Cossham
6/2/1806Thomas Wright Lawford of Elberton Esqr. and Ann Rolph of this parishLicenceGeorge Rolph, Thomas Rolph, Mary Rolph & Thomas Langley junior
7/4/1806John Edmonds and Sarah NelmsBannsJames Edmonds & Obed Pitcher
9/4/1806Edward Sanigar of this parish & Martha Hayward of OlvestonLicenceJoseph Clarke & Mary Sanigar
9/4/1806Robert Clark of the psh. of Arlingham & Elizabeth Sanigar of this parishLicenceJoseph Clarke & Mary Sanigar
10/4/1806Thomas Hobbs (widower) and Hannah CookBannsRobert Cook (mark) & Mary Cook
10/4/1806John Thorn and Susanna DayBannsObed Pitcher & Sarah Smith
27/4/1806Henry Osborne and Elizabeth Osborne widowBannsMary Thurstpn (mark) & Obed Pitcher
8/5/1806Richard Putley and Elizabeth TaylorBannsMaria Grove & James Taylor
25/5/1806Anthony Parkhouse and Hannah HuddBannsJohn Shepherd & Obed Pitcher
5/6/1806Joseph Chappell & Hannah James Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsJames Chappell & Obed Pitcher
19/6/1806William Riddiford widower & Dinah Riddiford Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsJohn Hayward & Elizabeth Honeybourne
13/8/1806George Isles & Anne Ann Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsThomas Barge (mark) & Sarah Ann
28/8/1806William Longman & Ann Hatheway Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsMary Hatheway & John Longman
1/9/1806James Morgan & Esther Close Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsThomas Prewett & Hannah Prewett (mark)
4/9/1806Robert Gibbs & Mary Allen widow Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsMarks of John Croome & Eleanor Cathers
2/10/1806Michael Mills & Amelia Ball Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsMary Stinchcomb (mark) & Obed Pitcher
9/10/1806Thomas Coventry & Elizabeth Beard widow Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsWilliam Coventry & Obed Pitcher
26/10/1806John Phelps & Sarah Thorn Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsSusanna Thorn & Obed Pitcher
24/11/1806James Lackington Price of the psh of Winterborn & Susanna Higgs of ThornburyLicenceJames Higgs & Hannah K Pitcher
16/12/1806John Baker Lydiatt & Mary Clements Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsJane Lydiatt (mark) & Obed Pitcher
2/2/1807William Lippiatt & Hester Pinnell Both ot the psh of ThornburyBannsMarks of Mary Pinnell & Robert Pinnell
26/2/1807Edward Salmon Gent. & Mary Anne Hodges Both of the psh of ThornburyLicenceElizabeth Salmon & John Salmon
7/4/1807George Allen & Hannah Price Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsDaniel Pitcher & Obed Pitcher
27/4/1807Thomas Screen & Elizabeth Woodruff Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsWilliam Woodruff & Obed Pitcher
28/4/1807Mapson Thomas Smith & Sarah Collins Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsHannah Collins & John Collins
5/5/1807Henry Cottrell Esqr. of the psh of Wollaston & Anne Caddy of the psh of ThornburyLicenceB Slade & William Llewellyn
13/5/1807James Morgan of the psh of Hill & Ann Carter of the psh of ThornburyLicenceSarah Carter & Henry Bingham
17/5/1807John Davies & Hester Hopkins Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsAdam Hopkins & Obed Pitcher
23/5/1807Richard King & Elizabeth Dyer Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsJoseph Dann (mark) & Obed Pitcher
30/5/1807John Taylor & Hannah Dorney Both of the psh of ThornburyBannsJohn Taylor & Obed Pitcher
8/6/1807Richard Greenman (widower) and Sarah Ball Both of ThornburyBannsSamuel Ball (mark) & Obed Pitcher
21/6/1807James Ford and Ann TaylorBannsThomas Taylor, Sarah Ford & Joseph Laver
22/6/1807Robert Comely and Hannah NealeLicenceSarah Hignell & William Neale
30/6/1807Lewis Pritchard and Sarah Pearce (widow)BannsWilliam Jenkins (mark) & Obed Pitcher
10/8/1807John Vaughan and Hester LatchBannsJohn Gastrell, Mary Ravenhill & Ann Hooper
13/10/1807Samuel Ball widower and Ann Watkins widowBannsHenry Honeybourn (mark) & Obed Pitcher
9/11/1807Frederic Oatway of the psh of Bedminister Co. Somerset and Ann Hooper of ThornburyBannsJohn Gastrell & Mary Ravenhill
17/11/1807John Croom and Hannah ShillBannsJohn Hodges & Elizabeth Hodges
28/12/1807Thomas Trayhern widower and Ann WelshBannsThomas ? & Sarah Parker (mark)
29/12/1807George Cox of the psh of Almondsbury Gent. and Elizabeth Adams of ThornburyLicenceThomas Jones & Obed Pitcher
25/1/1808William Walker widower and Jane BenceBannsMartha Daw & William Daw
29/2/1808John Fisher and Rachael BigleyBannsEdward Smith (mark) & Obed Pitcher
10/4/1808Mark Williams and Mehitabel ThomasBannsHannah Williams & Samuel Thomas
21/4/1808John Gastrell and Mary RavenhillBannsAnne Oatway & Matthew Mills
21/4/1808Thomas Hobbs (widower, Sojurner in this parish) and Mary ClutterbuckBannsJane Hopkins & Obed Pitcher
24/4/1808John Allen and Emma WiltshireBannsMary Wiltshire & George Hendy
5/5/1808Daniel Gingell of Wick and Abson, & Anne Cullimore)Jno Brickdale Ward , Mary Ward & Jno Cullimore
5/6/1808John Sheerman & Elizabeth MorganBannsWilliam Blick & Ann Morgan (mark)
21/5/1808Thomas Ford & Henrietta RoachLicenceSarah Roach & James Roach
28/5/1808William Millett & Mary HignellLicenceJohn Hignell, Sarah Hignell & Daniel Pitcher
21/7/1808Joseph Neale & Mary SanigerLicenceJane Sanigar & Mary Sanigar
8/9/1808William Nelms & Celia PearceBannsJno Pearce & Obed Pitcher
4/10/1808John Pearce of the psh of Thornbury & Elizabeth England of ElbertonBannsJohn Trayhurn & Virtue Curtis (mark)
28/11/1808Jonathan Creed & Elizabeth LippiattBannsWilliam Lippiatt & Mary Pinnell (mark)
3/12/1808John Gibbs of the psh of Thornbury & Martha Stallard of AlvestonBannsElizabethDorney (mark) & Jhn Stallard
26/12/1808Thomas Ackland of Foxley Wilts widower & Mary Woodward of ThornburyBannsEleanor Gee (mark) & Obed Pitcher
29/12/1808John Prewett & Rhoda SheppardBannsHester Trotman & James Sheppard
21/2/1809Joseph Bennett Wid. & Mary AllenBannsWilliam Limbrick (mark) & Obed Pitcher
10/4/1809Isaac Bennett & Ann CollinsLicenceHester Collins & Obed Pitcher
11/4/1809John Fowler & Elizabeth TaylorBannsGeorge Thomas & Ann Thomas (mark)
12/4/1809William Cox & Elizabeth LewisBannsAmelia Potts (mark) & Obed Pitcher
23/4/1809Richard Howell & Ann LippiattBannsJohn Lippiatt & Rosamond Lippiatt (mark)
24/4/1809Thomas Parslow of the psh of Alveston & Ann Spill of ThornburyLicenceSarah Spill & Obed Pitcher
1/5/1809Joseph Davy of St Peter's Port Island of Guernsey & Mary Hunt of the psh of ThornburyLicenceMary Milgrove & George Rolph
20/7/1809John Cook and Elizabeth Neale both of the Parish of ThornburyLicenceAllen Ford & James Ford
6/8/1809James Williams and Sarah Atwells both of the Parish of ThornburyBannsRichard King (mark) & Obed Pitcher
15/8/1809John Clutterbuck and Mary Bennett both of the Parish of ThornburyBannsStephen Clutterbuck (mark) & Obed Pitcher
9/10/1809James Edmonds and Elizabeth Phillimore both of the Parish of ThornburyBannsJohn Phillimore & Obed Pitcher
12/11/1809Christopher Edmonds of the Parish of Westbury upon Severn, and Nancy Workman of the Parish of ThornburyLicenceHester Collins & Obed Pitcher
23/11/1809Samuel Plomer of the Parish of Wotton - under - Edge, and Betty Limbrick of the Parish of ThornburyLicenceSusannah Plomer & James Limbrick
6/12/1809James Peglar and Anne Buy both of the Parish of ThornburyBannsJonas Peglar (mark) & Susanna Buy (mark)
27/12/1809John Lippiatt of the Parish of Thornbury and Hannah Cole of the Parish of HillBannsThomas Lippiatt & Obed Pitcher
31/12/1809George Laver and Mary Cook Both of the parish of ThornburyBanns? King? & Sarah King?