Thornbury Marriages 1810 -1819

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05/03/1810Thomas Day & Maria Ball both of the Parish of ThornburyBannsEizabeth Trayhurn & John Savery
17/04/1810Charles Workman & Hester Collin both of the parish of ThornburyLicenceAnn Collins & Guy Nelms
26/04/1810Isaac Webb & Sarah Taylor both of the parish of ThornburyBannsElizabeth Fowler (mark ) & Obed Pitcher
31/05/1810William Screen & Ann Woodruff both of the parish of ThornburyBannsThomas Screen (mark) & Obed Pitcher
12/07/1810Henry Young, of the Parish of Almondsbury, in the County of Glor & Diocese of Bristol, bachelor, & Elizth: Cullimore of this Parish, spinsterLicenceHannah Collins & William Cullimore
17/09/1810Thomas Gibbons of this Parish, widower, & Sarah Haglett tof the same, spinsterBannsMartha Hained & Henry Binden junior
26/09/1810John Bowyer of the parish Eberton, in the County & Diocese of Bristol, bachelor, & Maria Riddle of this Parish, spinsterBannsLuke Riddle (mark) & Obed Pitcher
30/09/1810William Walker of this Parish, widower, & Ruth Lydiatt of the same, spinsterBannsMary Lydiatt (mark) & Obed Pitcher
04/10/1810John Robinson of this Parish, bachelor, & Ann Morgan of the same Parh: spinsterBannsMarks of John Shurman & Eizabeth Shurman
29/11/1810William Cook of this Parish bachelor, & Mary Olive of the same, SpinsterBannsUrsula Olive (mark) & Obed Pitcher
11/02/1811James Ablett of this Parish, bachelor, & Ursula Trotman of the same spinsterBannsJohn Prewett & Obed Pitcher
27/04/1811Robert Allen of this Parish, bachelor, & Hester Rymer of the same Parh: SpinsterLicenceJames Sheppard & Sarah Sheppard
20/06/1811William Ford of the Parish of Cromhall, bachelor, & Sarah Baker of this Parish, SpinsterLicenceS. Slade baker & Elizabeth Baker
24/06/1811Thomas Packer of Tytherington bachelor & Ann Croome of this parish spinsterBannsRobert Chappell, Sarah Croome (mark) & Obed Pitcher
01/07/1811Robert Rummals of Iron Acton bachelor & Mary Wiltshire of this parish spinsterBannsGeorge Williams, Mary Barge (mark) & Obed Pitcher
04/07/1811George Motley bachelor & Sarah Greenwood spinster both of this parishLicenceThomas Coventry the elder (mark) & Obed Pitcher
24/08/1811George Garland bachelor & Sarah Wilson spinster both of this parishLicenceMary Williams & Joseph Wilson
21/09/1811Richard Strong of Rockhampton bachelor & Hannah Lambert of this parish spinsterBannsMary Lambert (mark) & Obed Pitcher
29/09/1811William Woodruffe bachelor & Phobe Thomas spinster both of this parishBannsMarks of Isaac Thomas & Elizabeth Thomas
07/10/1811Charles Bennett bachelor & Hannah Ship spinster both of this parishBannsRachael Ship (mark) & Obed Pitcher
19/10/1811William Gibbs bachelor & Sarah Reeves spinster both of this parishBannsJohn Nelmes (mark) & Obed Pitcher
29/10/1811John Gifford bachelor & Sarah Clark spinster both of this parish.BannsWilliam Clark & Mary Hatheway
09/11/1811William Templar bachelor & Elizabeth Barnett spinsterBannsJohn Davis & Obed Pitcher
05/12/1811James Morgan bachelor & Elizabeth Hayward spinster both of this parishLicenceMary Carter, Martha Saniger & Thomas Hayward
21/12/1811George Hendin bachelor & Hester Fowler spinster both of this parishBannsMary Fowler, William Wither, Thomas Curtis & Obed Pitcher
17/2/1812Nicholas Parnell bachelor & Mary Clark spinster both of this parishBannsJohn Tilley (mark) & Obed Pitcher
22/3/1812John Niblett & Mary Stinchcombe spinster both of this parishBannsThomas Savery & Obed Ptcher
29/3/1812William Powell bachelor & Ann Thurston spinster both of this parish.BannsNathaniel Bartlett (mark) & Obed Pitcher
09/04/1812Benjamin Collins of Littleton upon Severn bachelor & Ann Cox of this parish spinsterLicenceSarah Cox & James Cox
13/04/1812John Thurston bachelor & Rachael Bennett spinster both of this parishBannsThomas Carter & Obed Pitcher
25/04/1812George Williams bachelor & Martha Facey widow both of this parishLicenceEdward Hathway (mark) & Hannah ?
08/06/1812John Leonard of the parish of Hill bachelor & Meriam Hopkins of this parish spinsterBannsMarks of Francis Wilks & Thomas Wilks
21/06/1812William Fowler bachelor & Hester Mills spinster both of this parishBannsMichael Mills (mark) & Obed Pitcher
27/07/1812John Hatherill bachelor & Mary Allen spinster both of this parishBannsJames Knight (mark) & Obed Pitcher
10/09/1812William Curtis of the par. of Shepton Mallett Co. Somerset widower & Martha Gastrell of this parish spinsterLicenceElvira Croome, John Croome & Obed Pitcher
21/09/1812John Frampton widower & Ann Jones spinster both of this parishBannsJohn Jones (mark) & Obed Pitcher
28/09/1812Richard Slade clerk widower & Joanna Robinson spinster both of this parishLicenceSusanna M Robinson, George Worrall & Obed Pitcher
14/10/1812George Gough & Jane Everett both of this parishBannsAnn Gough (mark) & Obed Pitcher
21/10/1812Daniel Ball widower & Ann Haines widow both of this parishBannsMarks of Samuel Ball & Ann Ball
16/11/1812William Goddard bachelor & Susannah Stickler, spinster both of this parishBannsAnn Aglett (mark) & Obed Pitcher
15/01/1813John Bennett of Thornbury & Elizabeth Ball of BerkeleyBannsJames Bennett (mark) & Obed Picther
23/02/1813Robert Hewett of Berkeley & Hannah Bennett of ThornburyLicenceHester Bennett & James Bennett
28/02/1813John Baker & Hannah Ball both of this parishBannsSarah Haymes (mark) & Obed Pitcher
04/04/1813James Grey & Sarah Reeves both of this parishBannsMarks of John Reeves & Hannah Reeves
08/04/1813John Lydiatt & Hannah Dyer both of this parishBannsSarah Trotman (Alias Rimore) & Obed Pitcher
11/05/1813William Limbrick & Elizabeth MillardBannsWilliam White (mark) & Sarah Britton
03/06/1813William Morgan & Jane Curtis both of this parishBannsJohn Gifford (mark) & Obed Pitcher
07/06/1813James Machin & Dinah Holbrook Hudson both of this parish.BannsWilliam Baker (mark) & Obed Pitcher
24/06/1813Edward Weeks (widower) & Ann Chitts both of this parish.BannsChristian Chitts (mark) & Thomas Chitts
23/09/1813William Smith & Hannah Stagg both of this parish.BannsMarks of John Lydiatt & Martha Stagg & Obed Pitcher
20/12/1813Thomas Hudson (widower) & Sarah Tanner (widow) both of this parish.BannsMarks of Mary Cook & William Cook
27/01/1814William Walker & Hannah Wilson both of this parish.BannsJoseph Wilson, Ann Longden & Obed Pitcher
03/05/1814Samual Collings of Chipping Sodbury & Elizabeth HarrisLicenceR Scarlett, Hannah Cullimore (mark) & Obed Pitcher
03/05/1814John Upton Chuchill of Olveston & Hannah JenkinsBannsJohn Jenkins. Elizabeth Jenkins, Hester Jenkins & Thomas Jenkins
31/05/1814John Cullimore & Hannah Cullimore both of this parish.BannsThomas Savery & Elizabeth Cullimore (mark)
14/06/1814Benjamin White of Littleton upon Severn & Sarah PowellLicenceIsaac Powell (mark) & Obed Pitcher
11/10/1814Richard Scarlett & Mary Hatheway both of this parish.BannsE Alway, William Clark & Obed Pitcher
23/10/1814William Thorn & Sophia Lewis both of this parish.BannsBetty Jenkins (mark) & Obed Pitcher
15/11/1814John Tilley (widower) & Ann Clutterbuck both of this parish.BannsNicholas Parnell & Obed Pitcher
20/11/1814James Smith & Mary Baker both of this parish.BannsRuth Barton & William Barton (mark)
12/12/1814John Paine & Mary Hudson both of this parish.BannsMarks of Mary Cook & William Cook
12/03/1815George Wilson & Amelia Peglar both of this parishBannsJonah Peglar (Mark) & Obed Pitcher
08/04/1815Daniel Burchell & Hester Jenkins both of this parishBannsThomas Jenkins & Ann Jenkins
09/04/1815Robert White & Hannah Orchard both of this parishBannsJohn Burley (mark) & Obed Pitcher
12/04/1815Luke Riddle & Sarah Whetmore of ElbertonBannsMaria Bowyer (mark) & Obed Pitcher
14/04/1815Thomas Lambert & Hannah Chamberlin both of this parishBannsMary Lambert (mark) & James Clutterbuck (officiating clerk)
18/04/1815Enoch Binden & Elizabeth Roberts both of this parishBannsWilliam Roberts (mark) & S Roberts
09/05/1815William Whitfield of Berkeley & Diana North of this parishBannsWilliam Penduck & ? Penduck
11/05/1815Jonas Peglar & Elizabeth Wathen both of this parishBannsGeorge Wilson & Obed Pitcher
05/06/1815James Knapp & Hannah Comely (widow) both of this parishLicenceHannah Cullimore & Obed Pitcher
08/07/1815John Bishop & Anna Withers both of this parishBannsHester Gough (mark)& Obed Pitcher
28/07/1815Thomas Luce & Mary Virgo both of this parishBannsMarks of Mary Gibbs & Robert Gibbs
03/09/1815Thomas Smith & Elizabeth Bevan both of this parishLicenceJ W Bevan & Mary Bevan
09/10/1815John Bailey & Elizabeth Bennett both of this parishBannsWilliam Brown (mark) & Obed Pitcher
29/10/1815William Arnold of Trevethin (Widower) & Ann SimmonsLicenceWilliam Limbrick (mark) & Obed Pitcher
20/11/1815William Creed & Sarah Coleman both of this parishBannsMarks of William Clark & Elizabeth Clark
20/11/1815Thomas Creed (widower) & Martha Summers (widow) both of this parishBannsHannah Butler & James Selman (mark)
31/12/1815William Lippiatt (widower) & Elizabeth Roberts both of this parishBannsWilliam Fowler (Mark) & Obed Pitcher
29/02/1816Edward Hathway of Wotton under Edge & Sarah ClarkBannsDaniel Clark & Mary Clarke
03/04/1816Joseph Morgan & Susanna White both of this parishBannsCharles Webb & Sarajh Thorn (mark)
08/04/1816Daniel Lewis & Mary Sparks both of this parishBannsSamuel Sparks (mark) & Obed Pitcher
10/04/1816Howell Goddard & Sarah Payne both of this parishBannsAnn Goddard (mark) & Obed Pitcher
20/04/1816Thomas Hall & Elizabeth Banks (widow) both of this parishBannsWilliam Brown & Obed Pitcher
01/05/1816Adrian Stokes (gent) of St Pauls Bristol & Annis RolphLicenceWilliam Rolph & Obed Pitcher
25/05/1816Thomas Wetmore of Lammartin & Susanna CollinsLicenceHannah Collins & William Cullimore
09/06/1816William Jones & Sarah Smith both of this parishBannsMarks of Thomas Olive & Mary Jones
30/09/1816Daniel Reed & Ann Allen both of this parishBannsSamuel Whitfield & Elizabeth Penduck
17/11/1816William Hodges & Hester Pratt both of this parishBannsHester Olive & Bryant Pratt (mark)
18/11/1816Joseph Cullimore of Cromhall & Mary LydiattBannsSarah Biggs & William Cullimore
02/12/1816James Beard & Virtue Baker both of this parishBannsMary Nelms & Arthur Nelmes
25/01/1817Mapson Taylor & Jane Sanigar both of this ParishLicenceHester Sanigar, Hannah Taylor & James Savery
28/01/1817Rpbert Barrett & Sarah Oldland both of this ParishBannsSusannah Povey & Obed Pitcher
13/02/1817Noah Ball of Berkeley & Mary BakerBannsSusanna Powell & Charles Cossham (mark)
16/02/1817Joseeph Mills & Elizabeth Smith both of this ParishBannsWilliam Fowler (Mark) & Obed Pitcher
06/03/1817William Le Messurier of Bristol widower & Jane AlwayLicenceHenry Alway and Diana Alway
23/03/1817Mathew Barrett & Elizabeth Honeybourn both of this ParishBannsJohn Honeyborn & Ann Watkins
16/04/1817William Taylor & Ann Roberts both of this ParishBannsWilliam Roberts (mark) & Sarah Roberts
14/05/1817Frederick Biddle & Ann Johnson both of this ParishBannsHugh Biddle & Sarah Trotman
01/08/1817Peter Morgan & Mary Wetmore both of this ParishBannsMary Walker (mark) & Obed Pitcher
14/01/1818William Parnell & Sophia Beckerton both of this ParishBannsElizabeth Day & ? Day
09/02/1818Richard Gale (widower) & Ann Birchell widow both of this ParishBannsMartha Creed (mark) & Obed Pitcher
14/03/1818Robert Willcox of Almondsbury & Elizabeth TaylorLicenceJohn Taylor & Ann Taylor
27/04/1818Thomas Jones & Elizabeth Croome both of this ParishBannsArthur Nelms & Mary Nelms
04/05/1818Richard Jones & Sarah Burley both of this ParishBannsAnn Wilcox (mark) & Obed Pitcher
17/05/1818Moses Summers & Mary Ann Cross both of this ParishBannsMarks of George Jones & Mary Ball
23/05/1818John Box (widower) & Rebecca Frankland of AlvestonLicenceFrances Knapp & George Laver
25/05/1818John Peade & Mary Howard both of this ParishBannsAnn Howard & Obed Pitcher
07/06/1818Thomas Mason of Olveston & Martha KnappBannsFrances Knapp & Wiliam Knapp
09/08/1818Charles Hopton & Hannah Redman both of this ParishBannsAnna Maria Evans & Obed Pitcher
03/09/1818William Sloane Wilson of The Island of Tobago Clerk A.M. & Annie RobinsonLicenceGeorge & Hannah Worrall, Elizabeth, Cath & Augusta Robinson & Charlotte Isabella Fraser
08/10/1818John Hogg & Charity Gough both of this ParishBannsRobert Wilcox & Daniel Pitcher
12/10/1818Charles Woodward & Hannah Gough both of this ParishBannsHester Cullimore & Thomas Gough (mark)
26/10/1818Thomas May & Ann Howard both of this ParishBannsMarks of Harriet Howard & James Carley
03/12/1818William Ford & Mary Ann Machin both of this ParishBannsAnn Collins (mark) & Obed Pitcher
07/12/1818John Croome & Celia Williams both of this ParishBannsJane & Hannah Shepherd & John Hale (mark)
18/01/1819William Cullimore & Sarah Lydiatt both of this ParishLicenceMary Culimore & Thomas Lydiatt (mark)
03/04/1819James Savery & Hannah Thomas Taylor both of this ParishLicenceWilliam & Hester Taylor
07/04/1819Abraham Yemms & Sarah Dean both of this ParishBannsRichard Rugman & Sarah White
19/04/1819John Biddle of Alveston & Hannah BeckertonBannsMarks of William & Hester Biddle
29/04/1819John Cornock & Ann Day both of this ParishLicenceSamuel Day & Obed Pitcher
13/05/1819Thomas Gwyn & Margaret Thurston both of this ParishLicenceJohn & Ursula Thurston
28/06/1819Robert Day & Ann Phillips both of this ParishBannsMary Phillips & William Ford (mark)
28/06/1819Nicolas King & Sarah Britton both of this ParishBannsThomas & Elizabeth Britton
26/09/1819John Cross (widower) & Mary Chappell (widow) both of this ParishBannsAlbon Cooper & ?
16/11/1819William Till & Mary Ann Day both of this ParishLicenceJohn & Ann Cornock
24/11/1819Roger Keene of Wiliton, Monmouth & Amelia Collins LicenceHannah & William Collins
29/11/1819William Ablett & Eliza Cossham both of this ParishBannsMarks of Harriet Cossham & Thomas Day
20/12/1819William Woodward & Mary Ann Mills Croome both of this ParishBannsMary Ann Ford (mark) & Obed Pitcher
22/12/1819Wiliam Herapath & Mary Phillips Gibson both of this ParishLicenceGeo. Motley, Sam. Herapath, Hannah Shepherd, Ann Eley & Abraham ?
25/12/1819James Burris & Jemima Bennett both of this ParishBannsMarks of Ann May & John Bennett