Thornbury Baptist Church

We are grateful to Angela de Fraine for her help and to the elders of the Baptist Church in Thornbury for letting us see the collection of older documents held by that church.  We have used this information together with our own researches at Gloucester Archives and Thornbury and District Museum and in the deeds of surrounding properties as well as what we have found on the internet to compile information about various aspects of the Baptist Church up to fairly recent times.    See the Church’s own website

Another member of the church Graham Corpe has taken some excellent photographs of the memorial inscriptions in the churchyard and of the First World War memorial in the church and he has allowed these to be used for research purposes.  We have transcribed the information in these inscriptions and have made this information available on one of our web pages.  See the inscriptions and the photos of the Gravestones

Baptist Church 2014

We have used the information in the booklet “250 years – Thornbury Baptist Church 1747 to 1997” to compile a list of the ministers of the church up to relatively modern times and we have been able to find further information about them from the sources mentioned earlier.  Read about the Ministers

The building itself has undergone many changes and extensions and we have been able to use the documents held by the church and in the deeds of surrounding properties to outline some of these changes.   Read about the Building

Thornbury and District Museum have collected photographs and interviews about peoples’ memories of the church and its role in the life of Thornbury.  We have used this information to create pages about the Social Life of the Church with its Sunday School and its outings and treats and also about the Baptist Prize Band.

The photo of the interior of the Church on the right above was taken at a concert for school children in 2014.  It was copied from the Church’s Facebook page.  We have older photo of the outside and the inside of the Church on the separate page covering the Church’s history.