Quaker Burials

Quaker burials and memorial meetings are frequently happy and fulfilling occasions.  Friends and family attending a  Quaker funeral can offer memories of the deceased and Bible readings in a spontaneous way.  Quakers tend not to wear black which is the tradition in other faiths.  See also Quaker Births  Quaker Marriages and Quaker History

We have begun to compile a list of the Quaker burials of Thornbury people as recorded in the Quaker registers. Unfortunately the registers don’t show details of where a family lived but we have tried to limit the entries to those families with connections to Thornbury.  Some of these burials took place at the Friends’ Burial Ground at Lower Hazel that was used from about 1655 until around 1720.  Click on the thumbnail image to see a modern plan showing where the burial ground was.  Note it is still possible to look around the place but you must ask the person in the adjoining house for the key.

After 1720 although some Quakers were buried at Hazel most were buried in Thornbury in the burial ground next to Friend’s Meeting House in what became St John Street.  The old meeting house in St John Street was demolished in the 1980s when the human remains were exhumed and re-interred in the burial ground at Hazel in 1981.

In these older records Quakers typically did not use the names of the months or days of the week because most of these names were derived from pagan gods (e.g. Thursday came from “Thor’s Day”).  Instead, they recorded dates using numbers to describe the day of the week and month of the year.  To confuse things even more, up to and including 1751 they were still using the old Julian Calendar in which the year started on 25th March.  The existence of two calendars led to the use ‘double-dating’ in respect of recording dates in January, February and March.  Thus as you will see below the dates of ’31st day 11th month 1705/6′ would be 31st January in 1703 under the old style Julian calendar, but 31st January 1704 under the new style Gregorian calendar.

From 1752 onwards the dates were still recorded using numbers of the days and months in a particular year but the numbers were based on the modern calendar so the dates are the same as we use today.  In the listing below we have included the date as shown in the register and the date as expressed under the modern Gregorian calendar.  Please note that the ‘Piece and Folio numbers’ where quoted are those used by the Public Record Office.

YearNameDate in RegisterModern FormatPlacePiece and folio numbers
1658Nathaniel Packer son of John Packer of Morton9th day 9th month 16589th November 1658Hazel
1680Ann Gayner died 23rd day 12 month called February 168023rd February 1681RG6/1259 page 22
1681Christian Hawksworth wife of Richard Hawksworth died 19th day 1st month 1681RG6/1426 Folio 2
1682Edward Tayler of Oldbury12th day 12th month 168212th February 1683RG6/1426 Folio 4
1684Mary Netheway that lived with Thomas Morris9th day 11th month 16849th January 1684HazelRG6/1426 Folio 6
1684John Glover son of Joseph Glover of the mill19th day 11th month 168419th January 1684HazelRG6/1426 Folio 6
1684Ann Gainer wife of William Gainer the smith12th day 11th month 168412th January 1684HazelRG6/1426 Folio 6
1684Elizabeth Young wife of Christopher Young the elder of ?6th day 10th month 16846th December 1684HazelRG6/1426 Folio 6
1685Samuel Thurston son of John Thurston of Thornbury6th day of 10th month 16856th December 1685?RG6/1426 Folio 6
1685Richard Mansell son of Phillip Mansell17th day of 11th month 168517th of January 1686HazelRG6/1426 Folio 6
1685John Whitt died 14th day 12th month 1685.Ê He was called Midell John because there was one elder and one younger21st day 12th month 168521st February 1686HazelRG6/1426 Folio 9RG6/1426 Folio 6
1688Elizabeth Dando25th day 3rd month 168825h June 1688HazelRG6/1426 Folio 9
1689Richard Hawksworth25th day 1st month? 168925th day March? 1689HazelRG6/1426 Folio 1
1689Mary Canings daughter of Joseph Canings4th day 4th month 16894th day June 1689TewkesburyRG6/1426 Folio 9
1689Mary Witt wife of William Witt22nd day 10th month 168922nd December 1689HazelRG6/1426 Folio 10
1689Mary the daughter of Jacob Young19th day 9th month 168919th November 1689HazelRG6/1426 Folio 10
1689Hester daughter of Jacob Young26th day 11th month 168926th January 1690HazelRG6/1426 Folio 10
1690John Whitt the elder23rd day 6th month called August 169023rd August 1690HazelRG6/1426 Folio 1
1692Ruth Hopkings29th day 1st month 169229th March 1692HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1692Benjamin Coksey son of John Coksey died 31st day 1st month 169231st March 1692RG6/1426 Folio 11
1692Benjamin Canings son of Joseph Canings of Thornbury7th day 4th month 16927th June 1692HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1692/3Elizabeth Canings mother of Joseph Canings died on 3rd day 1st month 1692/37th day 1st month 1692/37th March 1693HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1693Benjamin Motley son of James Motley14th day 2nd month called April 169314th April 1693Hazel
1693Thomas Morris29th day 4th month called June 169329th June 1693HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1693John Young16th day 12th month 169316th February 1694HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1694Edward Parker son of Edward Parker16th day 11th month 169416th January 1695HazelRG6/1426 Folio 11
1694Dorothy Mansell wife of Phillip Mansell29th day 9th month 169429th November 1694HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1694/5Joan Far wife of Thomas Far11th day 12th month 1694/511th February 1695HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1695Thomas Smith alderman12th day 3rd month called May 169512th May 1695HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1695Christopher Young the elder18th day 2nd month 169518th April 1695HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1696Mary Cob wife of Joel Cob6th day 4th month 16966th June 1696HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1696Mary Canings wife of Joseph Canings the younger26th day 6th month 169626th August 1696HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1697Mary Player wife of Joseph Player27th day 2nd month 169727th April 1697HazelRG6/1426 Folio 12
1698Thomas Mabbett of Tewkesbury died 4th day 9th month 16984th November 1698?RG6/1426 Folio 14
1698Alis Rudge?24th day 12th month 169824th February 1698HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1698Elizabeth Coksey24th 12th month 169824th February 1698HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1699Nathan Irwin27th day 9th month 169927th November 1699HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1700Samuel Cooksey son of John Coksey18th day 4th month 170018th June 1700?RG6/1426 Folio 14
1701Thomas Edwards Edward elder in town died 4th day 1st month 17014th March 1701RG6/1426 Folio 14
1701/2Elinor Canings wife of Joseph Canings19th day 1st month 1701/219th March 1702HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1702Samuel Neck son of William Neck died 19th day 10th month 170224th day 10th Month 170224th December 1702HazelRG6/1426 Folio 1RG6/1426 Folio 18
1702Sarah Mabett wife of John Mabett3rd day 7th month 17023rd September 1702HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1702John Mabett the baker23rd day 7th month 170223rd September 1702HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1703Thomas Thurston9th day 4th month 17039th June 1703HazelRG6/1426 Folio 1
1703John Coxey son of John Coxey23rd day 6th month 170323rd August 1703HazelRG6/1426 Folio 14
1704Joseph Canings died 12th day 3rd month 170415th day 3rd month 170415th May 1704HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1704Joane Cook wife? (widow?)16th day 3rd month 170416th May 1704HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1704Jane the wife of Joell Cobb13th day 3rd month 170413th May 1704HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1704Mary daughter of Joseph Trotman11th day 12th month 170411th February 1705HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1704Joseph Trotman above mentioned4th day 1st month 1704/054th March 1705HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1705Elizabeth wife of Edward Parker2nd day 2nd month 17052nd April 1705HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1705Joane wife of John Stones21st day 6th month 170521st August 1705HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1706Elizabeth daughter of William Weekes28th day 1st month 170628th March 1706HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1706Alice Pitcher widow11th day 2nd month 170611th April 1706HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1706Joseph Cooksey son of John Cooksey17th day 5th month 170617th July 1706HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1706/7Sarah daughter of Arthur Longdon19th day 1st month 1706/0719th March 1707HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1706/07Abraham son of Joell Cobb23rd day 1st month 1706/0723rd January 1707HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1707ÊHannah Allway died on 1st day 5th month 17073rd day 5th month 17073rd July 1707HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1707Margarett wife of Henry Bingham17th day 7th month 170717th September 1707HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1708Anne daughter of Henry Bingham29th day 4th month 170829th June 1708HazelRG6/1426 Folio 17
1708Nathaniel Garland5th day 9th month 17085th November 1708HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1708John Neck another of the sons of William Neck10th day 9th month 170810th November 1708HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1708Jane wife of Edward Parker4th day 12th month 17084th February 1709HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1708Joane Page widow14th day 12th month 170814th February 1709HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1709Rebecca Hampton13th day 9th month 170913th November 1709HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1709Unity Hues20th day 9th month 170920th November 1709HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1709Edmond Hues3rd day 11th month 17093rd January 1710HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1710Mary Edwards widow2nd day 2nd month 17102nd April 1710HazelRG6/1426 Folio 18
1710William Neck died 30th 4th Month 17102nd day 5th month 17102nd July 1710HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1711Francis Boy2nd day 7th monthÊ 17112nd September 1711HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1711Anne Mansell21st day of 8th Month 171121st October 1711HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1711Joseph Canings4th day 9th month 17114th November 1711HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1711Bridget Pinnell of Thornbury widow31st day 10th month 171131st December 1711HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1712Henry Bingham the elder15th day 4th month 171215th June 1712HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1712Elizabeth Young daughter of Jacob Young18th day 4th month 171218th June 1712HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1712Susanna Smith22nd day 4th Month 171222nd June 1712HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1712Rebecca Jones the younger20th day 5th month 171220th July 1712HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1712Joell Cobb25th day 11th month 171225th January 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1713Joane Wife of William Skeets?? Sheels? of Thornbury29th day 1st month 171329th March 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1713Joane daughter of Thomas Hampton of the Forest3rd day 2nd month 17133rd April 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1713Edward Parmiter commonly called DoctorÊ Parmiter17th day 3rd month 171317th May 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1713Hannah daughter of Thomas Withers3rd day 4th month 17133rd June 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1713Sarah Burton wife of William Burton died 18th day 9th month 1713 having lived near 56 years22nd of 9th month 1713 (being the first day of the week).22nd November 1713HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714Thomas Collins junior of Kington in the parish of Thornbury1st day 4th month 17141st June 1714HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714Mary Shipway of Alveston widow10th day 4th month 171410th day June 1714HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714John Thurston junior son of John Thurston mercer7th day 5th month 17147th July 1714HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714Margery Barley wife of John Barley died 19th day 8th month 171422nd day 8th month 171422nd October 1714HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714Rebecca Jones died 4th day 10th month 1714 in the 94th year of her age7th day 10th month 17147th December 1714HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1714William Green11th day of 11th month 171411th January 1715HazelRG6/1426 Folio 22
1715Edward Parker4th day 10th month 17154thÊ December 1715HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1715Jonathan Thurston the elder11th day 10th month 171511th December 1715HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1716Jacob Young the elder3rd day 3rd month 17163rd May 1716HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1716Mary Young daughter of the said Jacob Young6th day 3rd month 17166th May 1716HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1716John Cooksey Ð he was a public friend of the Ministry and dyed about the 71stÊyeare of his age.3rd day 6th month 17163rd August 1716HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1716Elizabeth wife of John Gayner the elder19th day 6th month 171619th August 1716HazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1717Sarah Longdon daughter of Arthur Longdondate not on copy of registerHazelRG6/1426 Folio 23
1718Sarah wife of Jacob Young and Daughter of William Peaseley6th day 2nd month 17186th April 1718Hazel
1718William Champneis14th day 6th month 171814th august 1718HazelRG6/1426 Folio 24
1718Elizabeth Jones daughter of John Jones26th day 7th month 171826th day September 1718HazelRG6/1426 Folio 24
1719John White the elder of Thornbury shopkeeper died 6th day 6th month 1719 and was the first that was buried in the new burial place at Thornbury9th day 6th month 17199th August 1719ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 24
1719John Gayner junior22nd day 6th month 171922nd August 1719ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 24
1719Mary wife of John Young of Hill2nd day 12th month 17192nd February 1720ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 24
1720Alice Sifford daughter of Samuel Sifford of Sodbury27th day 7th month 172027th September 1720ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1720Timothy Hardiman13th day 8th month 172013th October 1720ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1720John Thurston baker14th day 8th month 172014th October 1720ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1721Joseph Hort son of John Hort25th day 4th month 172125th June 1721ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1721Margaret Russell the elder wife of Thomas Russell (a public Friend ofÊ the ministry )2nd day 6th month 17212nd August 1721ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1721Anne Ogborn widow21st day 4th month 172121st June 1721HazelRG6/1426 Folio 25
1722Elizabeth Cook widow7th day 10th month 17227th December 1722ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1722George Mutley (Motley) the elder11th day 10th month 172211th December 1722HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1722Sarah Cooksey daughter of Nathaniel Cooksey5th day 2nd month 17225th April 1722ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1722John Thurston mercer19th day 6th month 172219th August 1722ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 25
1722Thomas Jones son of John Jones17th Day 12th Month 172217th February 1723HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1722Sarah Thurston widow ( a very ancient friend)3rd day 2nd month 17233rd April 1723ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723Thomas Clarke son of Bovey Clarke14th day 12th month 172314th February 1724ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723Anne Russell wife of Charles Russell16th day 12th month 172316th February 1724ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723Nathaniel Burrowes12th day 1st month 1723/412th March 1724ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723Richard Parker31st day 3rd month 172331st May 1723HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723Jacob young son of Jacob Young by Sarah his late wife8th day 4th month 17238th June 1723HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1723William Boye23rd day 6th month 172323rd August 1723HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1724Daniell Packer20th day 10th month 172420th December 1724HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1725Alice White widow8th day 1st month 1725/68th March 1726HazelRG6/1426 Folio 28
1725Phillip Mansell the elder3rd day 9th month 17253rd November 1725ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1725Susanna wife of Joseph Player (a friend of the ministry)24th day 11th month 1725.24th January 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1725John Gayner the elder23rd day 12th month 172523rd February 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Mary Edwards daughter of Thomas Edwards deceased6th day of 9th month 17266th November 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Hannah Cooksey widow13th day 9th month 172613th November 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Charles Russell (an ancient friend)17th day 9th month 172617th November 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726John Jones the elder11th day 10th month 172611th December 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Richard Robbins12th day 10th month 172612th December 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Edward Dudge18th day 10th month 172618th December 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Jane Longden daughter of Arthur Longden19th day 10th month 172619th December 1726ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1726Mary Russell daughter of Thomas Russell20th day 7th month 172720th September 1727ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1727Mary wife of Thomas Cornock26th day 7th month 172726th September 1727ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1727Mary Burton sister of William Burton18th day of 8th month 172718th October 1727ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 28
1728Sarah wife of Richard Wilkins of Thornbury25th day 12th month 172825th February 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32RG6/1359
1728Mary Glover31st day 3rd month 172831st May 1728ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728John Clarke an ancient Friend30th day 5th month 172830th July 1728ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728Rachell Clarke widow who was wife of John Clarke above said8th day 6th month 17288th August 1728ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728George Mutley young infant son of George Mutley by Elizabeth his wife31st day 8th month 172831st October 1728ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728Thomas Clarke son of Bovey Clarke by Sarah his wife14th day 9th month 172814th November 1728ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728Mary Charles a child who came to Thornbury with Webb Davis14th day 12th month 172814th February 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1728/9Hester Bristow (Bristoll) of Thornbury widow12th day 1st month 1728/912th March 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32RG6/1359
1728/9Hannah Boye widow of Thornbury but late of Tytherington20th day 1st month 1728/920th March 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32RG6/1359
1729Francis Gainer son of John Gainer deceased by Hannah his wife1st day 2nd month 17291st April 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1729John Stone13th day 8th month 172913th October 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1729Sarah Robbins widow9th day 2nd month 17299th April 1729ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 32
1734Eliz. Frampton wife of Robert Frampton? 7th month 1734July 1734ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1735Arthur Longdon of Crossways1735 (no date given)1735 (no date given)ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1736Elias Player late of Bristol11th day 2nd month 173611th April 1736ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1736Mary Player wife of Elias Player18th day 2nd month 173618th April 1736ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1736William Linard son of Ann Linard of Morton by her first husband9th day 3rd month 17369th May 1736ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1736Betty Gayner daughter of Hannah Gayner17th day 8th month 173617th October 1736ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1737Brigett Tayler lived at William TannerÕs30th day 8th month 173730th October 1737ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
Hannah Gayner widow29th day 3rd month 173829th May 1738ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1739William Powell son of John and Mary Powell16th day 3rd month 173916th May 1739ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 34
1739Mary Young wife of Christopher Young of Gaunts Urkett19th day 3rd month 173919th May 1739ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1739Eliz. Dudge4th day 1st month 1739/404th March 1740ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1740Hester Sharples wife of Isaac Sharples4th day 2nd month 17404th April 1740ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1740Eliz. Mutley wife of George Mutley24th day 2nd month 174024th April 1740ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1740Mary Tanner widow of Kenton?20th day 3rd month 1740/120th May 1741ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1741Eliz. Robbins daughter of late Richard Robbins4th day 4th month 17414th June 1741ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1742William SagesÕs daughter3rd day 8thÊ month 17423rd October 1742ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1742Joan Burroughs of Crossways17thÊ day 9th month 174217th November 1742ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1743Anna Thurston widow at 93 years of her age27th day 2nd month 1743 about noon27th April 1743ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1743William and Mary GreenwoodÕs child29th day 4th month 174329th June 1743ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1743Sarah Timbrill widow about 74 years of her age31st day 5th month 174331st July 1743ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1743/4Sarah Horward daughter of Daniel Horward buried at FriendsÕ Burial place at Quar neer Stinchcombe belonging to our meeting at Thornbury25th day 11th month 174325th January 1744RG6/1426 Folio 38
1744Hester Clarke wife of Abraham Clarke of Henbury5th day 8th month 17445th October 1744ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1744George Mutley19th day 8th? month 174419th October 1744ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1744Daughter of Abraham Clarke of Henbury10th day 12th month 1744/510th February 1745ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1745John Gayner son of John Gayner8th day 3rd month 17458th May 1745ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1745Foabe Clarke another daughter of Abraham Clarke of Henbury27th day 7th month 174527th September 1745ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1746Mary Williams31st day 6th month 174631st August 1746ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 38
1746Jean Lewis daughter of Theophilus Lewis17th day of 8th month 174617th October 1746ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1747Christopher Young elder of Gaunts Irkett17th day 3rd month 174717th May 1747ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1747Sarah Mutley of Morton widow aged about 8024th day 11th month 174724th January 1748ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1747Thomas Allway of Thornbury mercer aged 782nd day 12th month 17472nd February 1747ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1747/48John Gayner second son of of John Gayner surgeon and his wife Ann Gayner. He was nearly two years of age6th day 1stÊ month 1747/86th March 1748ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1748Hannah Gayner second daughter of Ann and John Gayner aged 5 years4th day 3rd month 17484th May 1748ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1748Mary Gayner first daughter of John and Ann Gayner aged 6 years and near two months31st day 3rd month 174831dt May 1748ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1750Ann Gayner wife of John Gayner surgeon died 10th day 4th month 175013th day 4th month 175013th June 1750ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1750William Levett Gayner son of John Gayner25th day 4th month 175025th June 1750ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1750Hanah Clark daughter of Bovey and Sarah Clark4th day 9th month 17504th November 1750ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1750/51Ann Bingham wife of George Bingham10th day 1st month 1750/5110th March 1751ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1752Arthur Tanner 4th son of William and Rachell Tanner of Kington29th day 11th month n.s. 175229th November 1752ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 39
1753Richard Wilkins the elder10th day 12th month 175310th December 1753ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1754Hester Cooksey widow28th day 5th month 175428th May 1754ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1754Abraham Tanner son of William and Rachell Tanner of Kington4th day 8th month 17544th August 1754ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1754Kathern Juell a relation of and lived with William Tanner9th day 8th month 17549th August 1754ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1754Sarah Clark wife of Bovey Clark27th day 12th month 175427th December 1754ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1755Rebeca Alway widow of Thomas Alway and a friend in the ministry died ye 21st 4th month 175525th of 4th month 175525th April 1755ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1755Robert Gayner son of John and Hannah Gayner was born 5th day of 10th month 175521st inclucive (sic)21st October 1755ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1757Joan Hughs wife of John Hughs13th day 1st month 175713th January 1757ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1757Jacob Young of Rough Erthcot18th day 2nd month 175718th February 1757ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1757James Mutley senior of Morton13th day 3rd month 175713th March 1757ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1758John Hughs14th day 11th month 175814th November 1758ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1759Abraham Tanner 2nd son of that name and of William and Rachell Tanner of Kington23rd day 9th month 175923rd September 1759ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1759Robert Gayner30th day 9th month 175930th September 1759ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 40
1763Francis Cole son of William Cole and Sarah his wife4th day 3rd month 17634th March 1763ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 43
1771Mary Trusted wife of Charles Trusted of Morton23rd day 6th month 177123rd June 1771ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 43
1774Arnold Smith cooper of this town16th day 1st month 177416th January 1774ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 43
1774John Gayner senior of Alveston late of Thornbury21st day 8th month 177421st day August 1774ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 43
1780Theophilus Lewis mercer died 11th day 4th month 1780 aged 82 years 3 months16th day 4th month 178016th April 1780ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 43
1782George Motley, shoemaker of Thornbury aged about 427th day 1st month 17827th January 1782ThornburyRG6/767 Folio 59
1784John Longdon son of Arthur Longdon and Jane his wife died on 25th and buried where he had been grave digger to our Society for many years aged near 7128th day 6th month 178428th June 1784ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 44
1784Elizabeth Lewis of Thornbury daughter of the late Theophilus Lewis mercer deceased and Elizabeth his wife 18th day 10th month 1784 aged 5222nd 10th 178422nd October 1784ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 44
1784James Burroughs son of John and Hannah Burroughs of Hill died 19th 12th month 178422nd day 12th month 178422nd December 1784ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 44
1785Mehitable Barton widow of the late Jonathan Barton (not a member) daughter of John and Joan Hughes late of Thornbury31st day 3rd month 178531st March 1785ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 44
1786Jane Hulbert not a member11th day 6th month 178611th June 1786ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1788James Motley died at Newton 11th day 2nd month 1788 aged 3614th day 2nd month 178814th February 1788ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1789Samuel Haydon late of London formerly of Nailsworth died 17th day 6th month 1789 aged about 80 years21st day 6th month 178921st June 1789ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1790Sarah Cole of Thornbury wife of William Cole and daughter of the late George Motley of Newton died 1st day 1st month 1790 aged about 57 years3rd day 1st month 17903rd January 1790ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1790Martha Longdon widow of the late John Longdon aged 82 years18th day 1st month 179018th January 1790ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1790John Burford of Thornbury (late of Olveston) aged about 76 years2nd day 9th month 17902nd September 1790ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1791Hannah Mills not a member aged 79 years17th day 1st month 179117th January 1791ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1791Elizabeth Burford widow of John Burford aged about 84 years21st day 8th month 179121st August 1791ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1792John Cole son of William Cole and Sarah his wife deceased aged about 1926th day 5th month 179226th May 1792ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1792Rachel Symonds widow of the late Joseph Symonds aged about 70 years11th day 7th month 179211th July 1792ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1792Mary Smith widow of late Arnold Smith aged about 76 years18th day 10th month 179218th October 1792ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1794John son of Thomas and Martha Cole died 2nd of 8th month 1794buried 16th day 6th month 1801buried 16th June 1801ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1794Anna Putley widow aged 726th day 3rd month 17946th March 1794ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 48
1795John Motley son of late James and Mary Motley aged 13 and upwards6th day 12th month 17956th December 1795ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 48
1798Elizabeth Longdon daughter of the late John Longdon aged 63 and upwards7th day 1st month 17987th January 1798ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 48
1801John second son of that name of Thomas and Martha Cole13th day ? 18011801ThornburyRG6/1426 Folio 45
1803Mary Bingham of Thornbury aged 94, not a member17th day 4th month 180317th April 1803ThornburyRG6/59
1807Samuel Lewis of Thornbury shopkeeper aged about 7823rd day 11th month 180723rd November 1807ThornburyRG6/59
1809Catherine Parmiter of Morton, wife of John Parmiter aged 7529th day 12th month 180929th December 1809ThornburyRG6/59
1814Elizabeth Sturge of Thornbury daughter of Jacob & Mary Sturge aged 1626th day 1st month 181426th January 1814HazelRG6/59
1814Jane Young of Thornbury wife of Jacob Young aged 556th day 2nd month 18146th February 1814ThornburyRG6/59
1814Jacob Young of Thornbury mercer & grocer, aged 6214th day 2nd month 181414th February 1814ThornburyRG6/59
1814Hester Tilley of Thornbury aged 6518th day 9th month 181418th September 1814ThornburyRG6/59
1816Thomas Motley of Morton, aged 60, not a member13th day 8th month 181613th August 1816ThornburyRG6/59
1816Christopher Young of Gaunts Earthcott, farmer aged 772nd day 10th month 18162nd October 1816ThornburyRG6/59
1817Ann Young of Thornbury, daughter of Robert & Mary Young aged 1916h day 3rd month 181716th March 1817ThornburyRG6/59
1819Ann Eiles of Thornbury aged about 81, not a member16th day 12th month 181916th December 1819ThornburyRG6/59
1820John Tilly of Thornbury aged about 65, not a member2nd day 3rd month 18202nd March 1820ThornburyRG6/59
1822William Longden of Thornbury aged about 8224th day 2nd month 182224th February 1822ThornburyRG6/59
1824Hester Hodges of Thornbury aged 586th day 4th month 18246th April 1824ThornburyRG6/59
1825William Cole of Thornbury taylor about 88 years, not a member11th day 6th month 182511th June 1825ThornburyRG6/59
1826Martha Cole of Thornbury wife of Thomas Cole about 64 years15th day 1st month 182615th January 1826ThornburyRG6/59
1828Robert Young grocer of Thornbury aged about 8222nd day 2nd month 182822nd February 1828ThornburyRG6/59
1829Thomas Cole of Thornbury aged 66.26th day 1st month 182926th January 1829ThornburyRG6/59
1829Bethiah Thurston of Thornbury aged about 8421st day 7th month 182921st July 1829ThornburyRG6/59
1830Francis Cole of Thornbury son of late William Cole aged about 6029th day 11th month 183029th November 1830ThornburyRG6/59
1831Maria Nicholls of Thornbury about 52buried 20th day 3rd month 1831buried 20th March 1831ThornburyRG6/59
1831Mary Young of Thornbury aged about 724th day 9th month 18314th September 1831ThornburyRG6/59
1836Anne Parslow of Moreton widow of Jonathan Parsow farmer aged 82, not a member15th day 10th month 183615th October 1836ThornburyRG6/59
1837John Wansborough of Thornbury aged 77.3rd 4th month 18373rd April 1837ThornburyRG6/59
1866Joseph Stephens of Thornbury aged 64?4th March 1866?
1867Elizabeth Sainsbury of Thornbury widow of late Robert Young, aged 52.?Ê2ndÊFebruary 1867Thornbury
1868Elizabeth Parmiter of Thornbury?29thÊJuly 1868Thornbury
1870ÊJacob Young of Gaunts Earthcott aged 67?15thÊJanuary 1870Thornbury
1875Elizabeth Moore aged about 84?29th March 1875Frenchay
1876Ann Young of Gaunts Earthcott?1stÊSeptember 1876Thornbury