Congregational Church – Church Roll 1892

Below is a list of members of the Congregational Church in Thornbury taken from the Church Roll of 1892. It shows the name of the member and their occupation and/or notes about them.

Name Occupation or Notes
David D Evans (John Street, Thornbury) Pastor  [1889 – 1896]
Charles King Ironmonger
Charles Olds Shoemaker
Charlotte Olds Wife of C Olds
George Whitfield Miller
Francis Whitfield Wife of G Whitfield
James Bevan (The Plain) Shoemaker
Annie Bevan         “ Wife of J Bevan
John Williams (Gloucester Road) Tailor         (Dead)
 Mrs  Williams Wife of J Williams      (Dead)
Lydia J Whitfield (Morton Mill) Widow          (Dead)
Esther Saise (High Street) Spinster        (Dead)
George King (Sibland) Baker
Hester Morgan (High Street) Widow
Isaac King (Sibland) Baker
Bernice King (Sibland) Wife of I King
Henry Knight (The Plain) Shoemaker
 Mrs  Knight Wife of H Knight
George Morgan (Alveston) Labourer       (Dead)
  Mrs  Morgan        “ Wife of G Morgan
John Allen (Castle Street) Shoemaker
Mrs   Allen         “ Wife of J Allen
John Hobbs (Grovesend) Labourer          (Dead)
Thomas White (Grovesend) Plasterer and Tiler
Mrs  Symes (Gillingstool) Widow
Hannah English (John Street) Housewife
Henry Williams (Oldbury on Severn) Shoemaker
 Mrs Williams Wife of H Williams
Mrs  Cann (High Street) Widow
Jane Summers (Grovesend) Widow
Henry Blake (Oldbury on Severn) Market gardener
Amelia Hicks (Milbury Heath) Widow
Chas A Porter (The Bank) Bank Manager
 Mrs Porter           “ Wife of C. A. Porter
Frederick Sainsbury (Horseshoe Lane) Labourer          (Dead)
Mrs  Sainsbury           “ Wife of F Sainsbury
Elizabeth Sainsbury Dressmaker
Adelaide Williams (John Street) Housewife
Frank Tucker (John Street) Carpenter
Alice Tucker         “ Wife of F Tucker
Joseph Sainsbury (High Street) Plasterer
 Mrs  Sainsbury        “ Wife of J Sainsbury
Mrs  Liddiatt (Castle Street) Widow
Lucy Liddiatt (John Street) Housewife
George Tucker (Gloucester Road) Carpenter
Louisa Tucker (Gloucester Road) Wife of G Tucker
Ellen Jones (High Street) Spinster
Mark Curthoys (Bath Road) Shoemaker
Selina A King (High Street) Schoolmistress
Clara M Carey (High Street) Housewife
S A Gill (John Street) Housewife
Elizabeth Pick (Olveston) Housewife
Water W Pitcher (Gloucester Road) Builder
Anna M Pitcher Wife of W W Pitcher
Robert Beams (Morton) Labourer
Edward Salmon (Castle Street) Painter
Mrs  Greenwood (Kington) Housewife
Oliver Higgins (John Street) Blacksmith
Mrs  Higgins         “ Wife of O Higgins
William Phillips       “ Foreman of Saw Mills
William Nichols (Gloucester Road) Labourer
William Wall Carpenter
Francis Stinchcombe (Cowhill) Dressmaker       (Lunatic)
Mrs  Eddington (John Street) Housewife
John Bartlett (The Plain) Butcher
John Day (Oldbury Naite) Farmer        (Resigned)
Mrs  Day         “ Wife of J Day
George Spill (Upper Bath Road) Carter
Mrs  Spill              “ Wife of G Spill
Ada Cullimore (John Street)
Hannah Duncombe (St Mary Street) Widow
Mary Collings (Gloucester Road) Seampstress
Caroline Staley
Ellen Staley
Mrs  Blake Wife of H Blake
Chas Liddiatt
Emily Williams
Mrs Bartlett Wife of J Bartlett
Mrs  Evans Wife of Pastor      (dead)
Ellen Sainsbury
Edith Allen
Catharine Salmon
Ellen Greenwood Resigned
John Payne
Annie King
Miriam Liddiatt Wife of C Liddiatt
Mrs  Wiltshire
Thomas Bell
William Oseland
Annie Pitcher
Henry Bartlett
Peninnack Bartlett Wife of H Bartlett
Albert Pitcher
Geo M Williams
George Fowler
Elizabeth Symes
William Hinder
John Mosedale
Mrs  Mosedale Wife of J Mosedale
Lucy Park
Mrs  Tilly
Edgar W Pitcher Date of admission 3/5/1893. Appointed organist in cen? 1894
John Dayman
Annie Dayman
Annie Morton
Olive Wiltshire Resigned  February 5, 1897
Alfred Riddiford Resigned April 28, 1897
Albert Fear
Mrs  Phillips Wife of W Phillips