Register of Marriages, United Reformed Church, Thornbury

On April 1st 1862 Richard Scarlett, the superintendent registrar of Thornbury, certified the Independent Chapel in Thornbury as a place of public worship registered for the solemnization of marriage.  The Bristol Mercury of 5th April 1862 reported that the marriage of Frances Jane Powell and Thomas Henry Dodd on 3rd April 1862 was the first marriage solemnised in the building and the Revd J. Morgan presented the bride with a handsomely-bound family bible in commemoration.

Date Groom, Address & Occupation Bride, Address & Occupation Minister
1862 3rd April Thomas Dodd Frances Powell John Morgan
1864 Tues 26th July Thomas Andrew of London Elizabeth Strickland of Bristol John Morgan
undated Edwin Boyes Lonnen Annie Dodd John Morgan
undated Stephen Colewell (?) Jane Barnard John Morgan
1865 Mon Dec 25th Walter Baylis Anne Morley John Morgan
1867 Tues Jan 1st J. H. Taylor of Newnham Mary E Lane J Morgan- Blackburn and JS Binder – Thornbury
1868 April 7th Thomas Hudson of Thornbury Elizabeth Smith of Thornbury Jno. S Binder
1869 Oct 6th Philipp Wilhelm Reinmuth Mary Ann Binder of Thornbury Jno. S Binder
1870 Sat Dec 3rd Jno. Robertson of Oldbury Naite Mary Jane Perkins of OIdbury Naite Jno. S Binder
1873  Sat (no date) April 1873 John Allen of Thornbury Elizabeth Liddiatt of Thornbury Rev D Griffiths
1874 Sat 22nd Aug Samuel Barnard of Thornbury Fanny Thurston of Thornbury Rev Geo. Rees
1875 Mon April 19th George Mansel Williams of Thornbury Adelaide Screen of Tockington Thomas R Donaldson
1879 Thurs June 19th Samuel Wilmot of Bristol Mary Ann Ann of Thornbury C J Gayler
1885 Thurs Aug 20th Richard Ward of Frampton on Severn Sarah Hodges Williams of Thornbury C J Gayler
1886 Sat May 1st Thomas Eldridge English, baker of Thornbury Hannah Putley of Thornbury C J Gayler
1886 Mon Nov 15th Oliver Higgins, smith of Thornbury Mary King of Bristol C J Gayler
1886 Sat Dec 11th Charles Pick carpenter of Olveston Mary Elizabeth Slade of Crossways G J Gaylor
1887 Tues Sep 6th John Nathaniel Bartlett, butcher of Thornbury Ellen Withey of Thornbury CJ Gayler
1887 Mon Oct 17th Alfred Gill, fireman of Thornbury Sarah Ann Stevens of Thornbury C J Gayler
1889 Thurs June 27th George Tucker of Thornbury Louisa Jane King of Sibland Rev George Rees.
1889 Sat July 27th Edward Salmon of Thornbury Eliza Webb of Kington Rev George Rees.
1889 Sat Nov 2nd George Payne of Falfield Elizabeth Nelmnes of Thornbury D D Evans
1890 Mon Sep 1st Henry Bartlett of Thornbury Peninnah Moss of Thornbury David Evans
1891 Thurs Oct 29th Charles Alfred Liddiatt of Thornbury Miriam Ball of Crossways David Evans
1892 Tues  Jan 4th John Joseph Hookway Carey of Pill Clara Mary King of Thornbury D D Evans
1893  Thurs Sep  7th William Thomas Farr of Bristol Emily Williams of Oldbury on Severn D D Evans
1895 Monday the 11th day of the year James Collins Wilkins of Olveston Ruth Watkins of Olveston D D Evans
1895 Thurs June 6th William Wall, formerly of Kingswood near Wotton under Edge Ellen Sainsbury of Thornbury D D Evans
1897 Mon March 22nd John Nathaniel Bartlett, butcher of Thornbury Elizabeth Celia Sainsbury dressmaker of Thornbury A O Moore
1897 August 12th Edgar Walter Pitcher, (29) Thornbury Caroline Staley (21) Thornbury A O Moore
1897 Sat Nov 13th Henry Longman, (21) of Thornbury Ellen Maria Probert Greenwood (22) of Thornbury A O Moore
1898 Thurs Sep 29th Arthur Hewlitt Wilkins, (26) draper of Thornbury Laura Elizabeth Symes of High St Thornbury (24) A O Moore
1899 Wed March 15th Frederick Bladwell, builder of Bath, aged 30 Mary Ann Pitcher Olds 27 of Morton A O Moore
1899  Mon April 3rd Easter Monday John Thomas Oates formerly soldier (27) of Thornbury Eliza Ann Fowler (25) of Thornbury A O Moore
1900 Sat Sep 19th George Herbert Sillence of Bournemouth aged 23 Charlotte Matilda Symes of Thornbury aged 25 A Jackson
1900 Tues Oct 30 George Barrett of Hill aged 56 Elizabeth Brown aged 55 of Hill A O Moore
1902 Tues April 29th Harry Sainsbury of Thornbury Julie Isabel Carter of Gloucester A O Moore
1902 Wed July 2nd Cecil Walter Marchant of Slough Martha Harriett Wiltshire of Thornbury Robert Nott of Elbey and A O Moore
1902 Tues Aug 26th Edward James Elliott of Stroud, Gloucestershire Blanch Mower of Thornbury A O Moore
1903 Jan 19th James English of Thornbury Hester Eliza Spill A O Moore
1903 June 3rd Richard George Bevan of Ledbury Edith Mary Allen of Thornbury A O Moore
1903 June 3rrd Thomas Hext of Thornbury Alice Lydia Carter of Thornbury A O Moore
1904 May 23rd Reginald Champion of Croyden, Surrey Charlotte Williams of Thornbury A O Moore
1904 July 11th Howard Flude Wheeler of Dorchester Beatrice Annie Bennett A O Moore