1859 Thornbury Rate Book

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For owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury
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No.Name of OccupierName of OwnerDescription of propertyAddress of property
1Rev M F S Townsend Rev M F S Townsend House & land Vicarial
1Rev M F S Townsend Rev M F S Townsend Tithes Vicarial
1Rev M F S Townsend Rev M F S Townsend Tithes Rectorial
1Nathanial Bartlett & John BoultonRev M F S TownsendHouse & gardenRectorial
1Joseph LimbrickRev M F S TownsendHouse & gardenRectorial
2Major CharlewoodKingsmill Grove KeyHouse & gardenChurch Street
2Major CharlewoodKingsmill Grove KeyLandTurtons & Wears
3Joseph PymKingsmill Grove KeyHouse & gardenIn the field
4Rev John FrieldFeoffeesHouse & gardenChurch Street
5Mrs LloydMrs LloydHouse & gardenChurch Street
6John Watson DalbyKingsmill Grove KeyHouse & gardenKington Lane
7Mrs RodneyMrs LloydHouse & gardenStokes
8William BevanMrs LloydLandStokes
9Thomas PowellThomas PowellHouse & gardenChurch Street
10George MaishmentHenry CarterHouse & gardenChurch Street
11Mrs GastrellMrs NealeHouse & gardenFront street
11Mrs GastrellMrs NealeShop etcFront Street
12Nathaniel BartlettMrs NealeHouse etcFront Street
12FrackerelMrs NealeHouse etcFront Street
12Lewis DavisMrs NealeHouse etcFront Street
13Elizabeth CarterFeoffeesHouse & gardenFront Street
14William BaileyThomas GwynnHouse etcFront Street
14Miss ChittsThomas GwynnHouse etcFront Street
15John RumboldThomas GwynnHouse etcFront Street
16Alfred HarveyElizabeth KnappHouse etcFront Street
17Eli BrutonWilliam PowellHouse etcFront street
18Edwin BevanLate William WoodruffeHouse etcFront Street
19MattyWilliam WilliamsHouse etcFront Street
20Mrs ReevesMrs ReevesHouse etcFront street
21Mrs SalmonElizabeth ColeHouse etcFront Street
22William OsborneMrs WhiteHouse & gardenFront Street
23Joseph BirtThomas CrossmanHouse etcFront street
23Joseph JamesThomas CrossmanHouse etcFront Street
23Thomas HopkinsThomas CrossmanHouse etcFront Street
23Thomas EddingtonThomas CrossmanHouse etcFront street
23Henry Withers JnrThomas CrossmanHouse etcFront street
24George MartinSamuel LeonardHouse & gardenFront Street
25William HopkinsSamuel LeonardHouse & gardenFront Street
26Hester ArthurHester ArthurHouse & gardenFront Street
26Hester ArthurMrs Rodney
27Henry Withers SnrJohn PowellHouse & gardenFront street
28William PowellThomas GwynnHouse & landFront street
29William LiddiattThomas GwynnHouse etcFront Street
30Thomas GwynnThomas GwynnHouse & landFront Street
31John Thurston JnrJ. C. GwynnLandTynings
32Walwin BaylissThomas GwynnLandPusleys?
33William SmithThomas GwynnHouseFront Street
34Charles PowellCharles PrewettHouse & premisesFront Street
35Mary OliveLate George MotleyHouse etcFront Street
36Mrs LeonardHenry KnappHouse etcFront Street
37John Thurston JnrThomas GwynnHouse & gardenFront Street
38Isaac PhilpottJohn RiddHouse & gardenFront Street
39Manager of Savings BankManagers of Savings BanksHouse etcSavings Bank
40George GodwinGeorge FewsterHouse & gardenFront Street
41Edward LongRichard FerrisHouse & gardenFront Street
41Edward LongRichard FerrisOrchardFront Street
41Edward LongElizabeth FewsterLandGloucester Road
42J. Y. SturgeRichard FerrisHouse & gardenFront Street
43George FryElizabeth FewsterHouse & gardenFront Street
44Mrs O’BrienRichard ScarlettHouse & gardenFront Street
45Thomas PenduckThomas PenduckHouse & gardenFront Street
46Joseph SmithGeorge PowellHouse & gardenFront Street
47John Thurston (crossed out)George PowellHouse etcFront Street
48Henry Newman (crossed out) George HarperGeorge PowellHouse & gardenFront Street
49James JonesJames JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
50Crossman & LloydMartin William HooperHouse, offices etcThe Plain
51Edward Withy (crossed out)T. O. WetmoreHouse & gardenThe Plain
52Thomas HarneyT. O. Wetmore House & gardenThe Plain
53Thomas GalsworthyGeorge WattsHouse & gardenThe Plain
54Henry KnappGeorge WattsHouse & gardenThe Plain
55George DimeryJames KnappHouse & gardenThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
56George WattsHouse etcThe Plain
57William Grove SalmonW. G. SalmonLandParslows
58William Grove SalmonW. G. SalmonHouse & gardenParslows
59Ann ElliottT. O. WetmoreStable & gardenGloucester Road
60John YoungJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road 22
61John HodgesJohn HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 20
62James HodgesJohn HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 18
63John WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse gardenGloucester Road 2
64William EddingtonThomas CrossmanHouse etcThe Plain
65William BevanThomas CrossmanHouse etcThe Plain
66Richard GreenwoodThomas CrossmanHouse etcThe Plain
67J. Y. SturgeMrs LaneOrchardGloucester Road
68George RiceJames EleyHouse etcThe Plain
69James VaughanJames EleyHouse etcThe Plain
70Joseph SamsHarwood & CoHouse & landNew Bank
71John HodgesStable & gardenGloucester Road
72Light (crossed out)John WilliamsNew house etcGloucester Road
73Charles PutleyMrs KnappHouse etcFront Street
74Mrs LaneMrs LaneHouse etcFront Street
75Henry Knapp (crossed out)Elizabeth KnappHouse & gardenFront Street
76Edward WilliamsW. O. MaclaineHouse & landFront Street
76Edward WilliamsHowardLandCoppices
77John WhiteT. O. WetmoreHouse & gardenLion Inn
78Thomas Osborne WetmoreT. O. WetmoreHouse & landFront Street
79John EylesT. O. WetmoreHouse etcFront Street
80John BrownT. O. WetmoreHouse etcFront Street
81Samuel SmithT. O. WetmoreHouse etcFront Street
82James RobertsJohn HendyHouse & gardenFront Street
83Henry Davies (crossed out)Henry DaviesHouse & gardenFront Street
84Mary LuceMary LuceHouse & gardenFront Street
85Thomas FordThomas FordHouse & gardenFront Street
86Charles WhiteCharles WhiteHouse & gardenFront Street
87Frederick ParfittF. ParfittHouse & gardenFront Street
88William EmbleyWilliam EmbleyHouse etcFront Street
88William EmbleyFeoffeesGardenBack Street
89George WalkerGeorge WalkerHouse etcFront Street
90Harriett HarveyLate Mrs ClarkeHouse etcFront Street
91Sarah BargeCorporationHouse etcFront Street
92Mrs RickettsMrs RickettsHouse etcFront Street
93Emily Thorne (crossed out)Susan RolphHouse etcFront Street
94Obed Edward ThurstonSusan RolphHouse & gardenFront Street
95Miss MacdonnellW. O. MaclaineHouse & gardenFront Street
96James BrutonJames BrutonHouse etcFront Street
96James BrutonHouse etcFront Street
97Richard SlyHenry EdmondsHouse etcFront Street
98Richard JamesMiss RaymondHouse etcFront Street
99Mrs WinstoneMrs WinstoneHouse etcFront Street
100James WilliamsJames WilliamsHouse etcFront Street
101William JonesWilliam JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
102Griffith HughesG. HughesHouse & gardenFront Street
103James WillshenFeoffeesHouse & gardenFront Street
104George CosshamGeorge CosshamHouse & landsFront Street
105James WilliamsElizabeth ColeHouse etcFront Street
106John SanigerElizabeth ColeHouse etcFront Street
107Mrs MooreMiss S. F. BarrowHouse & gardenFront Street
108Robert BaylisJames WillshenHouse & yardPolterbrook
110George GerrishGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
111George WhiteGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
112John ShepherdGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
113Charlotte CosshamGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
114Nathaniel ShieldNathaniel ShieldHouse & gardenFront Street
115William ChambersWilliam ChambersHouse & gardenFront Street
116Jessie CosshamJesse CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
117Jessie CosshamJesse CosshamHouse etcBulls Lane
117Jessie CosshamJesse CosshamHouse etcBulls Lane
118James ScreenJames ScreenHouse & premisesFront Street
119James ScreenEdward HarwoodLandBakers Grove
120Hugh SmartThomas MorganHouse etcFront street
121Frederick JonesThomas MorganHouse etcFront Street
122Harriett PrewettThomas MorganHouse etcFront Street
123James MichaelThomas MorganHouse & gardenFront Street
124Thomas MorganThomas MorganHouse & gardenFront Street
125Thomas LaneJohn ThurstonHouse & premisesThe Beaufort Arms
126Thomas ButlerThomas ButlerHouse & gardenFront Street
127William ClarkWilliam ClarkHouse & gardenFront Street
128Stephen HignellS. HignellHouse & gardenFront Street
129James Henry Hockley (crossed out)Mrs SurridgeHouse & gardenFront Street
130William Hurd (crossed out)George ChambersHouse & premisesFront Street
130George ShepherdJ. CarwardineHouse & premisesFront Street
131Richard EllisRichard EllisHouse & premisesFront Street
132Ann AnsteyWilliam JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
133George LaneMrs LaurenceHouse & gardenFront Street
134Richard ScarlettLate William RolphHouse, offices etcFront Street
135Richard ScarlettLate W. M. NoelHouse & landThe Villa
136Richard ScarlettSociety of FriendsLandVilner
137Richard ScarlettH. HowardLandPolterbrook
138Late Richard CowleHouse & gardenFront Street
139William BevanArnoldPremises & gardenBack Street
140Late William RolphLandStreamleaze
141Abrell & othersLate William Rolph3 tenementsBack Street
142UnderhillRichard EllisHouse etcSoapers Lane
144Henry HowardHenry HowardCastle & landsThornbury
145Henry HowardHenry HowardLandAllotments
146Henry HowardHenry HowardGardenJoining the ???
147John SmithH. HowardHouse & gardenNear the ???
148Joseph PrewettH. HowardToll HouseFront Street
149H. HowardHouse & gardenKington
150Frederick Jones (crossed out)Harriett MawleyHouse etcSilver Street
151Samuel CollinsHarriett MawleyHouse etcSilver Street
152John LuceHarriett MawleyHouse etcSilver Street
153Edward SalmonW. & P. SalmonHouse etcSilver Street
154James MichaelT. O. WetmoreGardenBack Street
155William CouncellWilliam CouncellStables & yardBack Street
156William Pearce HadleyHouse etcSilver Street
156William Pearce HadleyHouse etcSilver Street
157William Pearce HadleyHouse etcSilver Street
157William CouncellHouse etcSilver Street
158William CouncellHouse etcBack Street
159Henry MainstoneJames ScreenHouse etcRotten Row
159James ScreenHouse etcRotten Row
160Samuel MillsGeorge CosshamHouse etcFront Street
161Thomas BevanHarriett MawleyHouse etcFront Street
161Thomas BevanHarriett MawleyStables & gardenBack Street
162Mrs WalkerRichard EllisHouse etcBack Street
163William WithersRichard EllisHouse etcBack Street
164Alfred CollinsFeoffeesHouse etcFront Street
165William CouncellWilliam CouncellHouse & premisesFront Street
166Edward G CouncellE. G. CouncellHouse & premisesFront Street
167Charles KingGeorge PowellHouse & gardenFront Street
168Joseph FordJoseph FordHouse & gardenFront Street
169Henry GaynerFeoffeesHouse etcFront Street
169Henry GaynerFeoffeesLandAlveston Hill
170Mayor of Thornbury CorporationLandDaggs
171Thornbury Union GuardiansGuardians of Thornbury UnionHouse & landUnion Workhouse
172Frances GaynerF. GaynerHouse & premisesThe Swan Inn
172Frances GaynerH. HowardLandThe Coombe
172Frances GaynerStaffords CharityGarden etcBack Street
173Charles OldsH. J. DoddHouse etcFront Street
174Thomas RickettsThomas JenkinsHouse & gardenFront Street
175Miss LaverHarwood & CoHouse etcFront Street
176Ann ElliottHarwood & coHouse & gardenFront street
177Late William Rolph (crossed out) George HodgesHouse & gardenBack Street
178Henry James DoddH. J. DoddHouse etcFront Street
179Miss DaviesHenry DaviesHouse etcFront Street
180John ChampionFeoffeesGardenSt John Street
181Aaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouse etcFront Street
182William KnappWilliam KnappHouse & premisesSt John Street
183Mrs HawtinWilliam KnappHouse etcSt John Street
184George PontingJohn HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
185Abraham ColeA. ColeHouse & premisesSt John Street
186Mrs McHughLuke WithersHouse etcSt John Street
186LewisLuke WithersHouse etcSt John Street
187Luke WithersLuke WithersHouse &gardenSt John Street
188James PowellWilliam ThomasHouse etcSt John Street
189William AllowayMrs ThomasHouse etcSt John Street
190George WiltshireGeorge WiltshireHouse etcSt John Street
191George TaylorGeorge TaylorOrchardSt John Street
191Joseph MabbettGeorge TaylorTwo tenementsSt John Street
192Samuel Newman George TaylorHouse stable etcSt John Street
193John ChampionThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
194James BevanJames BevanHouse & gardenSt John Street
195Nicholas CornockThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
196David Rawle (crossed out) Sarah BeardThomas CrossmanHouse etcPolice Station
197Mark WilliamsThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
198Joel SaveryHenry KnappHouse etcMutton Lane
198SheaHenry KnappHouse etcMutton Lane
198Henry KnappHouse etcMutton Lane
199John DavisJames Henry SmithHouse etcMutton Lane
200Thomas MorganBenjamin EnglishHouse etcMutton Lane
201James CullimoreLuke WithersHouse & GardenMutton Lane
201James CullimoreJ. N. CosshamGardenMutton Lane
202George ThomasMrs PrewettHouse etcSt John Street
203William SymesDaniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
203Thomas VowlesDaniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
203Daniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
203Daniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
204Alfred BurchellDaniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
205Mrs ThatcherDaniel BurchellHouse etcSt John Street
206Mrs DyerMrs DyerHouse & gardenGillingstool
206Edward TrayhurnMrs DyerHouse & gardenGillingstool
206James NelmesMrs DyerHouse etcGillingstool
207Thomas WiseThomas WiseHouse & gardenBack Street
207Thomas WiseHouse & gardenBack Street
207Thomas WiseHouse & gardenBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
208Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
209John GarlickJohn GarlickHouse etcBulls Lane
209John GarlickHouse etcBulls Lane
209Late SaveryOrchardHawmead?
210William ParkerHouse etcBack Street
211Mrs PitcherMrs PitcherHouse & gardenBulls Lane
212Stephen HignellT. O. WetmoreHouse orchard etcBulls Lane
213W. O. MaclaineHouse etcBulls Lane
213W. O. MaclaineHouse etcBulls Lane
213W. O. MaclaineHouse etcBulls Lane
213W. O. MaclaineHouse etcBulls Lane
214John HallHouse etcBack Street
214John HallHouse etcBack Street
214John HallHouse etcBack Street
215Thomas ButlerHouse etcBack Street
215Thomas ButlerHouse etcBack Street
215Thomas ButlerHouse etcBack Street
216Frederic WilliamsThomas ButlerHouse etcBack Street
217Samuel Turvy? (crossed out) Henry KeelThomas ButlerHouse & gardenBack Street
218John TrayhurnMrs ParnellHouse & gardenBack Street
219Henry SargeantJessie CosshamHouse & gardenBack Street
220Abraham GaleRobert AnnHouse etcBack Street
220William HowardRobert AnnHouse etcBack Street
221John WilsonMrs AnnHouse etcBack Street
221Mrs AnnHouse etcBack Street
221Mrs AnnHouse etcBack Street
221Mrs AnnHouse etcBack Street
222Walwin BaylisFeoffeesHouse etcBack Street
223Coole & BrownJohn HodgesHouse etcBack Street
224James PitcherJ CarwardineLandThe Grove
225John LiddiattJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenBack Street
226Thomas FaceyJessie CosshamHouse & gardenBack Street
227Thomas FaceyHester AllenOrchardBack Street
227Hester AllenHouse etcBack Street
227Thomas FaceyHouse etcBulls Lane
228John HoneyborneThomas WatkinsHouse etcBack Street
229Thomas MorganHouse etcBack Street
229Thomas MorganHouse etcBack Street
229Thomas MorganHouse etcBack Street (up the ..)
229Thomas MorganHouse etcBack Street
229Thomas MorganHouse etcBack Street
230John CarwardineHouse etcBack Street
230John CarwardineHouse etcBack Street
230John CarwardineHouse etcBack Street
231Thomas AnnThomas AnnHouse etcBack Street
232House etcBack Street
232House etcBack Street
233Thomas AnnHouse etcBack Street
Thomas AnnHouse etcBack Street
234John HallHouse etcBack Street
John HallHouse etcBack Street
John HallHouse etcBack Street
235William NewtonWilliam ParkerHouse & gardenBack Street
236Robert SargeantWilliam ParkerHouse etcBack Street
237Morris EdmondsHouse etcBack Street
238George DavisRichard ScarlettHouse etcBack Street
238IlesRichard ScarlettHouses etcBack Street
239George CosshamHouse etcBack Street
239George CosshamHouse etcBack Street
239George CosshamHouse etcBack Street
240Ephraim WilsonHenry KnappHouse & gardenBack Street
241George RiceMayor of Thornbury House etcBack Street
242Thomas RickettsW. O. MaclaineGardenBack Street
243Alexander ThorneAlexander ThorneHouse etcBack Street
244Henry CarterFeoffeesHouse etcBack Street
245George HughesThomas JenkinsHouse etcBack Street
246Henry KnappHouse etcBack Street
247Benjamin InglishCorporationHouse etcBack Street
CorporationHouse etcBack Street
CorporationHouse etcBack Street
CorporationHouse etcBack Street
CorporationHouse etcBack Street
248Daniel BurchellDaniel BurchellHouse & premisesBack Street
250Mary Ann WilsonDaniel BurchellHouse etcBack Street
Daniel BurchellHouse etcBack Street
Daniel BurchellHouse etcBack Street
251Mrs GibbonsDaniel BurchellHouse etcBack Street
252James PitcherJ. CarwardineLandCoombe Leaze
253Sarah TrayhurnSarah TrayhurnHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
253Hester WalkerSarah TrayhurnHouse etcHorse Shoe Lane
254William WalkerCharles KnottHouse & gardenBulls Lane
255Joseph StephensJoseph StephensHouse & gardenBack Street
256Joseph PymFeoffeesHouse & gardenBack Street
257John ShepherdAbraham ColeHouse & premisesSt John Street (Brewery)
258Mark SmithAbraham ColeHouse etcBack Street
259Thomas JenkinsThomas JenkinsMalthouseBack Street
260John KnottJoseph PrewettHouse etcBulls Lane
261George HawoodThornbury Gas Light CompanyHouse buildings etcChurch Lane
262George HodgesJohn Hodges (crossed out) George HodgesHouseGloucester Road
263George HodgesGeorge HodgesGarden (late James Hodges)Gloucester Road
263George HodgesGeorge HodgesWorkshops & premises lately charged on the house now occupied by Mr YoungGloucester Road