1867 Thornbury Poor Rate Book

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For owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury

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No.Name of OccupierName of OwnerDescription of propertyAddress of property
1Rev M F S Townsend Rev M F S Townsend House & land Vicarial
2Rev M F S Townsend Rev M F S Townsend Tithes Vicarial
3Nathanial Bartlett & John BoultonRev M F S TownsendHouse & gardenRectorial
4Rev John FieldRev John FieldTithesRectorial
5Rev Charles ToothRev Charles ToothTithesRectorial
6Dean of ChristchurchDean of ChristchurchTithesRectorial
7Alfred KiltThornbury Gas CompanyHouse buildings etcChurch Lane
8William BevanHenry HowardLandFewsters
9Thomas J. G. FillManagers of National SchoolHouse & gardenNear the Church
10Thomas PenduckH. HowardGardenJoining the Pound
11HerbertH. HowardHouse & gardenNear the Pound
12Thomas PenduckH. HowardLandNear the Pound
13F. J. WalkerK. G. KeyHouse & landChurch Street
14F. J. WalkerK. G. KeyLandChurch Street
15Rev W RobertsFeoffeesHouse & gardenChurch Street
16Catherine LloydCatherine. LloydHouse & gardenChurch Street
17Maria LaverK. G. KewHouse & gardenKington Lane
18Joseph PymK. G. KeyHouse & gardenIn the field
19Eleanor RodneyEleanor RodneyHouse & landStokes
20Eleanor RodneyEleanor LloydBuildingsFront Street
21Thomas LiddiattMrs LewisHouse & gardenChurch Street
22George MaishmentHenry CarterHouse & gardenChurch Street
23William Grove SalmonW. G. SalmonLandParslows
24W. G. SalmonHouse & gardenParslows
25Flora GastrellMrs NealeHouse & gardenFront Street
26Flora GastrellMrs NealeShop etcFront Street
27Mrs NealeHouseFront Street
28Mrs NealeHouseFront Street
29Mrs NealeHouseFront Street
30Jonah HaleFeoffeesHouse & gardenFront Street
31William BaileyThomas GwynnHouseFront Street
32Nathaniel Bartlett JnrThomas GwynnHouse & gardenFront Street
33John RumboldThomas GwynnHouse & gardenFront Street
34Thomas PowellAnn BurroughsHouse & gardenFront Street
35William PowellLate William PowellHouseFront Street
36George MattyWilliam WilliamsHouseFront Street
37Edwin BevanWilliam WilliamsHouseFront Street
38Mrs ReevesMrs ReevesHouseFront Street
39Richard SalmonElizabeth ColeHouseFront Street
40William OsborneMrs WhiteHouse & gardenFront Street
41Thomas CrossmanHouseFront Street
42Thomas CrossmanHouseFront Street
43Thomas CrossmanHouseFront Street
44Thomas CrossmanHouseFront Street
45Thomas CrossmanHouseFront Street
46Henry Withers jnr (crossed out)Henry Withers jnrHouse & gardenFront Street
47Henry Withers jnr (crossed out)Henry Withers jnrHouse & gardenFront Street
48Hester ArthurJames & Hester ArthurHouse & gardenFront Street
49John PowellJohn PowellNew house & gardenFront Street
50John PowellHouse & gardenFront street
51Charles MorganThomas GwynnHouse & landFront street
52William LiddiattThomas GwynnHouseFront Street
53Thomas GwynnThomas GwynnHouse & landFront Street
54Robert Baylis & George ShepherdJ. C. GwynnLandTynings
55Walwin BaylissThomas GwynnLandPutleys
56Thomas GwynnHouseFront Street
57Harris CollingsHarris CollingsHouse & premisesFront Street
58Samuel CollingsHenry KnappHouseFront Street
59Misses CornockHenry KnappHouseFront Street
60Susan ThurstonThomas GwynnHouse & gardenFront Street
61Abiah ShearmanJohn RiddHouse & gardenFront Street
62Manager of Savings BankManagers of Savings BanksHouse etcSavings Bank
63George GodwinGeorge GodwinHouse etcFront Street
64J. Y. SturgeMrs CornockHouse & landFront Street
65Thomas PenduckT. O. WetmoreStable & gardenGloucester Road
66C. A. PorterSamuel PetvinHouse & gardenFront Street
67Ruth TaylorMrs BeardHouse & gardenFront Street
68Miss CornockRichard ScarlettHouse & gardenFront Street
69Thomas PenduckThomas PenduckHouse & gardenFront Street
70Joseph SmithGeorge PowellHouse & gardenFront Street
71Joseph SmithGeorge PowellHouseFront Street
72Rev J. S. BinderGeorge PowellHouse & gardenFront Street
73James JonesJames JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
74Crossman & LloydWilliam Martin HooperHouse, offices etcThe Plain
75ParmiterT. O. WetmoreHouse & gardenThe Plain
76Thomas HarneyT. O. Wetmore House & gardenThe Plain
77Sarah BeardSarah BeardHouse & gardenThe Plain
78Henry KnappTrustees of late Thomas AnnHouse & gardenThe Plain
79James HallJames KnappHouse & gardenThe Plain
80Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouseGloucester Road
81Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouseGloucester Road
82Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouse Gloucester Road
83Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouseGloucester Road
84Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouse Gloucester Road
85Trustees of late Thomas AnnHouseGloucester Road
86Edward LongJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
87Edward LongEdward LongLandGloucester Road
88Sophia BennettJohn WilliamsHouse etcGloucester Road
89Mrs WilliamsGeorge HodgesHouseGloucester Road
90John HodgesJohn HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
91John HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
92George GerrishGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
93John WhiteheadGeorge HodgesHouse & premisesGloucester Road
94George HodgesGeorges HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
95George HodgesGeorge HodgesLandGloucester Road
96George HodgesGeorge HodgesGardenSt John Street
97George HodgesJohn GroveOrchardSt John Street
98George HodgesJohn GroveTwo tenementsSt John Street
99John WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
100John WilliamsJohn WilliamsLandGloucester Road
101John WilliamsMrs LaneOrchard etcGloucester Road
102William BevanWilliam BevanHouse The Plain
103William BevanWilliam BevanHouseThe Plain
104William BevanWilliam BevanHouseThe Plain
105George Rice Mrs EleyHouseThe Plain
106James VaughanMrs EleyHouse The Plain
107Strode SmithHarwood & CoHouse & landThe Bank
108Charles PutleyCharles PutleyHouse Front Street
109Mrs LaneMrs LaneHouse Front Street
110PooleM. C. MeredithHouse & gardenFront Street
111Charles YoungW. O. MaclaineHouse & landFront Street & Kington
112Samuel CrewT. O. WetmoreHouse & gardenLion Inn
113W. H. CouncellW. H. CouncellHouse & gardenFront Street
114W. H. CouncellW. O. MaclainePaddockFront Street
115Joseph PrewettH. HowardToll HouseFront Street
116Samuel SmithT. O. WetmoreHouseFront Street
117Jane BrownT. O. WetmoreHouseFront Street
118T. O. WetmoreT. O. WetmoreHouse Front Street
119BallJohn HendyHouse & gardenFront Street
120Aaron Burchell Marsh Henry DavisHouse & gardenFront Street
121Mary LuceMary LuceHouse & gardenFront Street
122Thomas FordThomas FordHouse & gardenFront Street
123Sarah Ann WhiteS. A. WhiteHouse & gardenFront Street
124Frederick ParfittF. ParfittHouse & gardenFront Street
125Mrs EmbleyMrs EmbleyHouse Front Street
126George WalkerGeorge WalkerHouseFront Street
127Harriett HarveyCorporationHouseFront Street
128George AdamsCorporationHouseFront Street
129Mrs RickettsMrs RickettsHouseFront Street
130Thomas MorganO. E. ThurstonHouse Front Street
131Obed Edward ThurstonO. E. ThurstonHouse & gardenFront Street
132Mary MacdonnellW. O. MaclaineHouse & gardenThe Close
133Mrs BrutonMrs BrutonHouse Front Street
134Mrs BrutonHouse Front Street
135Elizabeth SlyHenry EdmondsHouse Front Street
136Richard JamesMiss RaymondHouseFront Street
137Stephen HignellThomas FordHouse & gardenFront Street
138James WilliamsJames WilliamsHouse & garden Front Street
139William JonesWilliam JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
140John Griffiths HughesJ. G. HughesHouse & gardenFront Street
141James WillshenCorporationHouse & gardenFront Street
142Mrs CosshamGeorge CosshamHouse & GardenFront Street
143James WilliamsGeorge & Elizabeth ColeHouse & gardenFront Street
144John SanigarGeorge & Elizabeth ColeHouse & gardenFront Street
145Elizabeth MooreS. F BarrowHouse & gardenFront Street
146Robert BaylisJames WillshenHouse & landPolterbrook
147Mayor of Thornbury CorporationLandDaggs
148Robert JordanGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
149Mrs TaylorGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
150George WhiteGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
151John BrownGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
152Charlotte CosshamGeorge CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
153Nathaniel ShieldNathaniel ShieldHouse & gardenFront Street
154William ChambersWilliam ChambersHouse & gardenFront Street
155Jesse CosshamJesse CosshamHouse & gardenFront Street
156James ScreenJames ScreenHouse & premisesFront Street
157James ScreenEdward HarwoodLandCoppices
158James ScreenH. HowardLandBakers Grove
159James ScreenHouseRotten row
160James ScreenHouseRotten Row
161Hugh SmartThomas MorganHouse Front street
162Frederick JonesThomas MorganHouseFront Street
163Henry MillardThomas MorganHouseFront Street
164James MichaelThomas MorganHouse & gardenFront Street
165Thomas MorganThomas MorganHouse & gardenFront Street
166Edward LuceJohn ThurstonHouse & premisesThe Beaufort Arms
167James VirgoReps of late Thomas ButlerHouse & gardenFront Street
168William ClarkWilliam ClarkHouse & gardenFront Street
169Thomas HignellS. HignellHouse & gardenFront Street
170Stephen Henry ApplegateMrs SurridgeHouse & gardenFront Street
171George ChambersGeorge ChambersHouse & gardenFront Street
172George ShepherdLate J. CarwardineHouse & premisesFront Street
173Richard EllisRichard EllisHouse & premisesFront Street
174Richard EllisHouseBack Street
175Richard EllisHouseBack Street
176Richard EllisHouseSoapers Lane
177Ann AnsteyWilliam JonesHouse & gardenFront Street
178George LaneGeorge LaneHouse & gardenFront Street
179George LaneGeorge LaneGardenBack Street
180Richard ScarlettRichard ScarlettHouse, offices etcFront Street
181Richard ScarlettF. W. YatesHouse & landThe Villa
182Richard ScarlettSociety of FriendsLandVilner
183Richard ScarlettH. HowardLandPolterbrook
184County of GloucesterHouse & premisesPolice Station
185Thomas PointingArnold & CoHouse & premisesSilver Street
186John LuceHarriett MawleyHouseSilver Street
187Harriett MawleyHouseSilver Street
188Harriett MawleyHouseSilver Street
189Edward SalmonW. G. & P. SalmonHouseSilver Street
190Thomas TuckerWilliam Pearce HadleyHouseSilver Street
191William Pearce HadleyHouseSilver Street
192William Pearce HadleyHouseSilver Street
193Samuel MillsGeorge CosshamHouseFront Street
194TrayhurnHarriett MawleyHouseFront Street
195John LuceHarriett MawleyStable & gardenBack Street
196Alfred CollingsFeoffeesHouseFront Street
197William Henry CouncellW. H. CouncellHouse & premisesFront Street
198William Henry CouncellW. H. CouncellStable & yardBack Street
199W. H. CouncellHouseBack Street
200W. H. CouncellHouseBack Street
201Edward Gough CouncellE. G. CouncellHouse & premisesFront Street
202Charles KingCharles KingHouse & gardenFront Street
203Joseph FordJoseph FordHouse & gardenFront Street
204Henry GaynerFeoffeesHouseFront Street
205Henry GaynerFeoffeesLandAlveston Hill & Crossways
206Frances GaynerF. GaynerHouse & premisesThe Swan Inn
207Frances GaynerH. HowardLandThe Coombe
208Frances GaynerStaffords CharityGardenBack Street
209Charles OldsCharles OldsHouse etcFront Street
210Thomas RickettsThomas JenkinsHouse & gardenFront Street
211William HurdMaria LaverHouse etcFront Street
212Edwin Boyes LonnenJ. H. DoddHouse etcFront street
213Henry BarrettMrs ElliottHouse & gardenFront Street
214Catherine DavisHenry DavisHouseFront Street
215Walter Sargeant (crossed out) LlewellinAaron TidmanHouseFront Street
216Aaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouseFront Street
217Aaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouseFront Street
218William ShepherdMark C MeredithHouse & gardenSt John Street
219Hester WalkerM. C. MeredithHouse St John Street
220Alfred HarveyM. C MeredithHouse St John Street
221Mrs HawtinM. C. MeredithHouse St John Street
222Mrs WetmoreM. C. MeredithHouseSt John Street
223William SainsburyJohn HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
224Abraham ColeA. ColeHouse & premisesSt John Street
225Luke WithersHouseSt John Street
226Luke WithersHouseSt John Street
227Luke WithersLuke WithersHouse &gardenSt John Street
228George HughesWilliam ThomasHouseSt John Street
229James UnderhillMrs ThomasHouseSt John Street
230George WalkerThomas WilsonHouseSt John Street
231Samuel NewmanJohn GroveHouse stable etcSt John Street
232John ChampionThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
233James BevanJames BevanHouse St John Street
234Revd John MatthewsThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
235Sarah BarnardThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
236Mark WilliamsThomas CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
237Henry KnappHouseMutton Lane
238Henry KnappHouseMutton Lane
239Henry KnappHouseMutton Lane
240John DavisJames Henry SmithHouseMutton Lane
241Thomas MorganBenjamin EnglishHouseMutton Lane
242James CullimoreLuke WithersHouse & GardenMutton Lane
243James CullimoreJ. N. CosshamGardenMutton Lane
244George ThomasJ. C. GwynnHouseSt John Street
245James PowellB. J. BurchellHouseSt John Street
246William BevanFeoffeesGardenSt John Street
247Reps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
248Reps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
249Reps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
250Reps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
251Reps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
252John ThatcherReps of late Daniel BurchellHouseSt John Street
253Mrs DyerMrs DyerHouse & gardenGillingstool Hill
254Mrs DyerHouse Gillingstool Hill
255Mrs DyerHouseGillingstool Hill
256George FryTrustees of British SchoolHouseHorseshoe Lane
257Thomas WiseThomas WiseHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
258Thomas WiseHouseHorseshoe Lane
259Thomas WiseHouse Horseshoe Lane
260Henry KnappHouseHorseshoe Lane
261Henry KnappHouseHorseshoe Lane
262Henry KnappHouseHorseshoe Lane
263Henry KnappHouse Horseshoe Lane
264Henry KnappHouseHorseshoe Lane
265Henry KnappHouseHorseshoe Lane
266MurphyExecutors of late Daniel BurchellHouseHorseshoe Lane
267Thomas SaveryExecutors of late Daniel BurchellHouseHorseshoe Lane
268Reps of late Sarah TrayhurnHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
269Reps of late Sarah TrayhurnHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
270John JamesFeoffeesGardenOuter Back Street
271Joseph PymFeoffeesHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
272Henry KnappHouseOuter Back Street
273Henry KnappHouseOuter Back Street
274Henry KnappHouseOuter Back Street
275Henry KnappHouseOuter Back Street
276Stephen HignellT. O. WetmoreHouse & orchard Bulls Lane
277Thomas FaceyHouseBulls Lane
278William WalkerJohn WilliamsHouse 7 gardenBulls Lane
279James MoxhamJesse CosshamHouseBulls Lane
280John Machin?Jesse CosshamHouseBulls Lane
281LimbrickJoseph PrewettHouseBulls Lane
282John GarlickJohn GarlickHouseBulls Lane
283John GarlickHouse Bulls Lane
284John GarlickLate SaveryOrchardBulls Lane
285Thomas Knight & John SmithJohn HoneyborneHouse & gardenBulls Lane
286W. O. MaclaineHouseOuter Back Street
287W. O. MaclaineHouse Outer Back Street
288W. O. MaclaineHouseOuter Back Street
289W. O. MaclaineHouseOuter Back Street
290James AbrahallJohn HoneyborneHouseOuter Back Street
291292Francis Stinchcombe, Mark Williams & Walwyn BaylisJohn HoneyborneHouse barn etc Outer Back Street
293John HallHouse Outer Back Street
294John HallHouseOuter Back Street
295John HallHouseOuter Back Street
296Reps of late Thomas ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
297Reps of late Thomas ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
298Reps of late Thomas ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
299Reps of late Thomas ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
300Elizabeth KeelReps of late Thomas ButlerHouse & gardenThe Seven Stars
301Thomas FaceyHester AllenOrchardOuter Back Street
301Hester AllenHouseOuter Back Street
302Mrs RolphMrs RolphLandStreamleaze
303Gough & othersMrs Rolph3 tenementsJoining Streamleaze
304John SmithJohn SmithHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
305Charles PrewettJohn HodgesHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
306Charles HoptonJohn HodgesHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
307Isaac ClutterbuckJohn HodgesHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
308William FryJesse CosshamHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
309Robert AnnHouseOuter Back Street
310Robert AnnHouseOuter Back Street
311John WilsonJames MartinHouseOuter Back Street
312James MartinHouseOuter Back Street
313John TrayhurnParnellHouse & gardenChapel Street
314James MartinHouseChapel Street
315James MartinHouseChapel Street
316James MartinHouseChapel Street
317Jane LiddiattJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenChapel Street
318Walwin BaylisFeoffeesHouseChapel Street
319Thomas FaceyJesse CosshamHouse & gardenChapel Street
320Thomas MorganHouseChapel Street
321Thomas MorganHouseChapel Street
322Thomas MorganHouseChapel Street
323John HoneyborneJohn HoneyborneHouse Back Street
324Thomas MorganHouseBack Street
325Thomas MorganHouse Back Street (up the court)
326Thomas MorganHouseBack Street
327J. C. Gwynn & othersHouseBack Street
328J. C. Gwynn & othersHouse Back Street
329J. C. Gwynn & othersHouseBack Street
330John HoneyborneHouseBack Street
331Hannah GreenwoodReps of late Thomas AnnHouse Back Street
332James RobertsReps of late Thomas AnnHouseBack Street
333John HallHouseBack Street
334John HallHouseBack Street
335John HallHouseBack Street
336Henry MainstoneJohn HoneyborneHouse & gardenBack Street
337Robert SargentJohn HoneyborneHouse Back Street
338Ambrose WithersRichard ScarlettHouseBack Street
339Thomas BargeRichard ScarlettHouseBack Street
340George CosshamHousesBack Street
341George CosshamHouse Back Street
342George CosshamHouseBack Street
343Reps of late Thomas AnnHouse Back Street
344Reps of late Thomas AnnHouseBack Street
345George PontingReps of late Thomas AnnHouseBack Street
346Thomas WilsonHenry KnappHouse & gardenBack Street
347Benjamin InglishCorporation HouseBack Street
348CorporationHouse etcBack Street
349Alexander ThorneAlexander ThorneHouseBack Street
350Samuel HughesThomas JenkinsHouse Back Street
351Thomas JenkinsThomas JenkinsMalthouse Back Street
352CorporationHouse & gardenBack Street
353John DorneyExecs of late Daniel BurchellHouseBack Street
354Jeremiah ClowesExecs of late Daniel BurchellHouseBack Street
355Mrs BurchellExecs of late Daniel BurchellHouse & premisesBack Street
356CorporationHouse & gardenBack Street
357CorporationHouse & gardenBack Street
358James Cooper, John Gough & Charles GibbsHenry KnappHouse & gardenBack Street
359Henry CarterFeoffeesHouse & gardenBack Street
360Mary Ann SmithAbraham ColeHouse etcBack Street
361Joseph BarberAbraham ColeHouse etcBack Street
362Frederick BurchellMrs Wetmore LandGloucester Road
363Guardians of Thornbury UnionGuardians of Thornbury UnionHouse & landUnion Workhouse