1869 Thornbury Rate Book

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For occupiers but not owners mainly in the High Street and Castle Street of Thornbury
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LocationOccupierProperty descriptionNotes
1High Street East SideRobert JordanHouse & Garden
2High Street East SideMrs TaylorHouse & Garden
3High Street East SideGeorge WhiteHouse & Garden
4High Street East SideJohn BrownHouse & Garden
5High Street East SideHouse & Garden
6High Street East SideWilliam ChambersHouse & Garden
7High Street East SideNathaniel ShieldHouse & Garden
8High Street East SideJesse CosshamHouse & Garden
9High Street East SideJames ScreenHouse & Garden
10High Street East SideHouseJunct with Chapel Street
11High Street East SideHouse
12High Street East SideHouse
13High Street East SideHugh SmartBeerhouse etc
14High Street East SideFrederic JonesHouse & court
15High Street East Side HawkinsHouse & court
16High Street East SideJames MichaelHouse & garden
17High Street East SideThomas MorganHouse & garden
18High Street East SideEdward LuceHouse yard etc
19High Street East SideJames VirgoHouse & garden
20High Street East SideWilliam ClarkHouse & garden
21High Street East SideThomas HignellHouse & garden
22High Street East SideStephen ApplegateHouse & garden
23High Street East SideGeorge ChambersHouse & garden
24High Street East SideGeorge ShepherdHouse yard etc
25High Street East SideRichard EllisHouse yard etc
26High Street East SideAnn AnsteyHouse & garden
27High Street East SideGeorge LaneHouse & garden
28High Street East SideRichard ScarlettOffice etc
29High Street East SidePolice StationOffice etc
30High Street East SideThomas PointingPorter Grocer etc
31High Street East SideSamuel MillsHouse etc
32High Street East SideHenry TrayhurnHouse yard & garden
33High Street East SideAlfred CollingsHouse & garden
34High Street East SideWilliam Henry CouncellHouse & premises
35High Street East SideEdward G CouncellHouse & garden
36High Street East SideCharles KingHouse & garden
37High Street East SideJoseph FordHouse & garden
38High Street East SideHenry GaynerHouse etc
39High Street East SideFrances GaynerHouse yard etc
40High Street East SideCharles OldsHouse & yard
41High Street East SideThomas RickettsHouse & garden
42High Street East SideE.B. LonnenHouse & garden
43High Street East SideE.B. LonnenHouse & garden
44High Street East SideCatherine DavisHouse & court
45High Street East SideHenry BarrettHouse & garden
46High Street East SideAaron TidmanHouse etc
47High Street East SideAaron TidmanHouse etc
48High Street East SideAaron TidmanHouse etc
49High Street East SideJames VaughanHouse & garden
50High Street West SideMrs MooreHouse & garden
51High Street West SideJohn SanigerHouse & garden
52High Street West SideJames WilliamsHouse & garden
53High Street West SideGeorge CosshamHouse & garden
54High Street West SideJames WillshenHouse & garden
55High Street West SideJohn HughesHouse & garden
56High Street West SideWilliam JonesHouse & garden
57High Street West SideJames WilliamsHouse & garden
58High Street West SideStephen HignellHouse & garden
59High Street West SideRichard JamesHouse & court
60High Street West SideElizabeth FryHouse & court
61High Street West SideMrs BartonHouse & court
62High Street West SideMrs BartonHouse & court
63High Street West SideMiss MacDonnellHouse & garden
64High Street West SideO.E. ThurstonHouse & garden
65High Street West SideThomas MorganHouse & court
Mrs Ricketts
66High Street West SideWilliam ShepherdHouse & garden
67High Street West SideGeorge AdamsHouse & court
68High Street West SideHarriett HarveyHouse & court
69High Street West SideGeorge WalkerHouse & garden
70High Street West SideEliza EmbleyHouse & garden
71High Street West SideFrederic ParfittHouse & garden
72High Street West SideMrs WhiteHouse & garden
73High Street West SideThomas FordHouse & garden
74High Street West SideHannah MawleyHouse & garden
75High Street West SideAaron B MarshHouse & premises
76High Street West SideA. J. BallPart of house and garden
77High Street West SideWilliam BalchPart of house and garden
78High Street West SideHouse & court
79High Street West SideW.H. CouncellHouse & garden
80High Street West SideMrs BrownHouse & garden
81High Street West SideSamuel SmithHouse & court
82High Street West SideJoseph PrewettHouse
83High Street West SideSamuel CrewHouse & garden
84High Street West SideCharles YoungHouse & garden
85High Street West SideEdwin PooleHouse & garden
86High Street West SideEliza LaneHouse & garden
George Lane
87High Street West SideCharles PutleyHouse & yard
88High Street West SideHarwood & CoHouse & garden
89St Mary StreetMrs HoneyborneHouse & court
90St Mary StreetEdward SalmonHouse & court
91St Mary StreetEdwin FaceyHouse & court
St Mary StreetHouse & court
92St Mary StreetJohn LuceHouse & court
93John StreetHouse & garden
94Gloucester RoadJohn WilliamsHouse & garden
95The PlainJames HallBoars Head & premises
96The PlainHenry KnappHouse & garden
97The PlainMrs BeardHouse & garden
98The PlainThomas HarveyHouse & garden
99The PlainJames JonesHouse & garden
100The PlainCrossman & LloydOffice & Garden
101The PlainGeorge RiceHouse & court
102The PlainElizabeth WoodlandHouse & court
103The PlainWilliam BevanHouse & court
104The PlainWilliam BevanHouse & court
105Castle Street East SideHouse & garden
106Castle Street East SideJ.S. BinderHouse & garden
107Castle Street East SideJos. SmithHouse & court
108Castle Street East SideJos. SmithHouse & court
109Castle Street East Side PenduckHouse & garden
110Castle Street East SideMiss CornockHouse & garden
111Castle Street East SideMiss TaylorHouse & garden
112Castle Street East SideC.A. PorterHouse & garden
113Castle Street East SideJ.Y. SturgeHouse & garden
114Castle Street East SideGeorge GodwinHouse & garden
115Castle Street East SideSavings BankBanking house
116Castle Street East SideE.M. GraceHouse etc
117Castle Street East SideHester ArthurHouse & garden
118Castle Street East SideWilliam HurdHouse & garden
119Castle Street East SideFrancis DriscollHouse & garden
120Castle Street East SideThomas EddingtonHouse & garden
121Castle Street East SideThomas EddingtonHouse & garden
122Castle Street East SideJohn FootHouse & garden
123Castle Street East SideJoseph JamesHouse & garden
124Castle Street East SideJoseph BirtHouse & garden
125Castle Street East SideAnselm HarveyHouse & garden
126Castle Street East SideRichard SalmonHouse & garden
127Castle Street East SideMrs ReevesHouse & garden
128Castle Street East SideJohn ThomasHouse & garden
E Bevan arrears
129Castle Street East SideJohn BoultonHouse & garden
130Castle Street East SideWm PowellHouse & garden
131Castle Street East SideThomas PowellHouse & garden
132Castle Street East SideJohn RumboldHouse & garden
133Castle Street East SideNathaniel BartlettHouse & garden
134Castle Street East SideWm BaileyHouse & garden
135Castle Street East SideJonah HaleHouse & garden
136Castle Street East SideW.G. SalmonHouse & garden
137Castle Street East SideEdwin BevanHouse & garden
138Castle Street East SideThomas LiddiattHouse & garden
139Castle Street East SideMrs LloydHouse & garden
140Castle Street West SideJohn BarberHouse & garden
141Castle Street West SideMrs ThurstonHouse & garden
142Castle Street West SideMisses CornockHouse & garden
143Castle Street West SideSamuel CollingsHouse & garden7
144Castle Street West SideHarris CollingsHouse & garden9
145Castle Street West SideThomas GwynnHouse & garden11
146Castle Street West SideWm LiddiattHouse & garden13
147Castle Street West SideCharles MorganHouse & garden15
148Castle Street West SideJ. H. DoddHouse & garden17
149Castle Street West SideLewis DavisHouse & garden
150Castle Street West SideHouse & garden
151Castle Street West SideWm. FackrellHouse & garden
152Castle Street West SideMrs GastrellHouse & garden
153Castle Street West SideMrs RodneyHouse & garden
154Castle Street West SideMiss LaverHouse & garden
155Castle Street West SideRevd H.Y. RobertsHouse & garden
156Castle Street West SideHouse & garden
157Castle Street West SideRevd M. F. T. TownsendHouse & garden