1876 Thornbury Rate Book

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For Special Drainage District – owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury

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No.Name of OccupierName of OwnerDescription of propertyAddress of property
1Emily Churchill Mr NewmanMansion garden, and stables The Parks
2Emily ChurchillplantationsBack Church Lane
3Edward Stafford Howard E S HowardThe Castle yards & gardensThornbury Castle
4Edward Stafford HowardE S HowardLandNear the Castle
5Henry Jupp E S HowardHouse & gardenNew Lodge
6William Liddiatt E S HowardHouse & gardenCastle Lodge
7Henry Webb E S HowardHouse & gardenNear Pound
8Thornbury Gas Co.Thornbury Gas CoHouse & buildingGas Works
9Frederick Burchell George BallHouse & Paddock The Coombe
10Frederick BurchellMr WedmoreLandThe Coombe
11Revd Thomas Walter Revd Thomas Walter House & gardenThe Vicarage
12Revd Thomas WalterRevd Thomas WalterRentchargeVicarial
13Revd Thomas WalterRevd Thomas WalterLandGlebe
14John Thurston Revd Thomas WalterHouse & gardenOld Rectory
15Eliza Fowler Revd Thomas WalterHouse & gardenOld Rectory
16Management of Thornbury National SchoolManagement of Thornbury National SchoolSchool house & yardsChurch lane
17Thomas George Fill Management of Thornbury National schoolHouse & gardenSchool house
18FordSir K G KeyHouse & gardenCastle Street
19Thomas Ashcroft Sir K G KeyHouseIn the field
20Rev John Leach Feoffees of Thornbury charitiesSir R G KeyCastle Street
21Maria Laver Sir K G KeySir R G KeyKington Lane
22Henry Craven St John H C St JohnHouse & gardenStokefield
23Henry Craven St John H C St JohnLandThornbury
24George Maishment Henry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
25Thomas Powell Henry Craven St John WorkshopCastle Street
26Widow Fachrell Henry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
27Widow Lovesey Henry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
28Walter Davis Henry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
29Charles GaynerHenry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
30Charles Morgan Henry Craven St John House & gardenCastle Street
31Francis Cornock J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
32Edward Boyes Lonnen J C GwynnHouse yard & gardenCastle Street
33Edward Boyes Lonnen J C GwynnLandCastle Street
34Harriett Collings Harriett Collings House & premisesCastle Street
35George Edwards Henry KnappHouseCastle Street
36George Allen Henry KnappHouseCastle Street
37Alfred Jenner Collings J C GwynnHouseCastle Street
38Thomas Latter John RiddHouseCastle Street
39Catherine Lloyd Catherine Lloyd House & gardenCastle Street
40Thomas Liddiatt Mr LewisHouse & gardenCastle Street
41Edwin Bevan Henry CarterHouse & gardenCastle Street
42William Grove Salmon William Grove Salmon House & gardenCastle Street
43William Grove Salmon William Grove Salmon LandCastle Street
44Jonah Hale Feoffees of Thornbury charitiesHouse & gardenCastle Street
45William Bailey J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
46Nathaniel BartlettJ C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
47Stephen GaleJ C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
48George PontingAlfred CollingsHouse & gardenCastle Street
49William PowellWilliam PowellHouse & gardenCastle Street
50William PowellE.S. HowardLandThe Pithay
51Susannah BoultonWm WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
52Thomas PowellWm WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
53Ann BevanMiss GibbsHouse & gardenCastle Street
54John PowellHenry KnightHouse & gardenCastle Street
55Anselm HarveyWilliam WhiteHouse & gardenCastle Street
56Joseph JamesGeorge Danvers CrossmanHouse & gardenCastle Street
57Thomas EddingtonGeorge Danvers CrossmanHouse & gardenCastle Street
58Thomas EddingtonGeorge Danvers CrossmanHouse & gardenCastle Street
59Thomas EddingtonGeorge Danvers CrossmanHouse & gardenCastle Street
60Thomas EddingtonGeorge Danvers CrossmanHouse & gardenCastle Street
61Francis Driscoll Francis Driscoll House & gardenCastle Street
62William Hurd Francis Driscoll House & gardenCastle Street
63Hester Arthur James & Hester ArthurHouse & gardenCastle Street
64Mary & Ellen Cornock John PowellHouse & gardenCastle Street
65Savings Bank ManagerSavings Bank ManagerHouseCastle Street
66Henry Knapp Henry Knapp House & stableCastle Street
67Elizabeth Cornock Elizabeth Cornock House & gardenCastle Street
68Elizabeth Cornock Elizabeth Cornock LandCastle Street
69Charles A Porter Samuel PetwinHouse & gardenCastle Street
70Ruth Taylor Sarah BeardHouse & gardenCastle Street
71Charles Olds Richard ScarlettHouse & gardenCastle Street
72Sarah Penduck Sarah Penduck House & gardenCastle Street
73Sarah Penduck E S HowardGardenCastle Street
74Joseph SmithJoseph Smith HouseCastle Street
75William Smith E V JenkinsHouse & gardenCastle Street
76Edward Mills GraceNicholas GroveGardenGloucester Road
77Edward Mills GraceNicholas GroveHouse & gardenCastle Street
78Strode SmithMessrs Harwood Hatcher & CoHouse & gardenThe Plain
79James VaughanMrs EleyHouseThe Plain
80John LuceMrs EleyHouseThe Plain
81James BevanWilliam BevanHouseThe Plain
82William BevanWilliam BevanHouse & gardenThe Plain
83William BevanCorporation of Thornbury GardenThe Plain
84William BevanFeoffees of Thornbury CharityGardenSt John Street
85H H Lloyd & G D CrossmanM H HooperHouse office etcThe Plain
86ThurstonNicholas GroveHouse & gardenThe Plain
87Thomas NicholsNicholas GroveHouse & gardenThe Plain
88Sarah BeardSarah BeardHouse & gardenThe Plain
89Mark SaveryMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenThe Plain
90Walter HallJames KnappHouse & gardenThe Plain
91Proprietor of Thornbury Weighbridge Proprietor of Thornbury WeighbridgeWeighbridgeThe Plain
92Charles PutleyCharles PutleyHouseHigh Street
93Walter EllisE. B. LonnenHouseHigh Street
94George PooleE.B. LonnenHouse & gardenHigh Street
95John OgborneW.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenHigh Street
96John OgborneW. O. MaclaineLandHigh Street
97Josiah HallJames HallHouse & gardenHigh Street
98Wm Henry CouncellW.H. CouncellHouse & gardenHigh Street
99Wm Henry CouncellW. O. MaclaineLandHigh Street
100Joseph PrewettE.S. HowardHouseHigh Street
101Joseph PrewettE.S. HowardMarket HouseHigh Street
102Samuel SmithHarriett CollingsHouseHigh Street
103John MarshallHarriett CollingsHouseHigh Street
104Rev George RobinsonW.H. CouncellHouse & gardenHigh Street
105Henry BonesReps of late John HendyHouse & gardenHigh Street
106Aaron B MarshHenry Davis?House & gardenHigh Street
107O.E. ThurstonH.J. DoddHouse & gardenHigh Street
108Elizabeth FordElizabeth FordHouse & gardenHigh Street
109Sarah Ann WhiteS.A. WhiteHouse & gardenHigh Street
110Henry RobbinsCaroline ParfittHouse & gardenHigh Street
111Eliza EmbleyEliza EmbleyHouse & gardenHigh Street
112Sarah WalkerSarah WalkerHouse & gardenHigh Street
113Jane BrownCorporation of Thornbury HouseHigh Street
114George AdamsCorporation of Thornbury HouseHigh Street
115James ScreenJames ScreenHouse & gardenHigh Street
116James ScreenE.S. HowardLandKnapps
117Henry BaylisJames ScreenGardenRaglan Castle
118George MorganO.E. ThurstonHouseHigh Street
119Obed E. ThurstonO.E. ThurstonHouse & gardenHigh Street
120Joseph Young SturgeW.O. MaclaineHouseHigh Street
121VoidMary BrutonHouseHigh Street
122Mary BrutonMary BrutonHouseHigh Street
123Ann CollingsAnn CollingsHouseHigh Street
124Richard JamesMiss RaymondHouseHigh Street
125Stephen HignellElizabeth FordHouse & gardenHigh Street
126James WilliamsJames WilliamsHouseHigh Street
127Ann Morgan & Eunice PowellSarah JonesHouse & gardenHigh Street
128John StephensJohn StephensHouse & gardenHigh Street
129VoidCorporation of Thornbury House & gardenHigh Street
130Mary CosshamMary CosshamHouse & gardenHigh Street
131James WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
132John SanigerJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
133John ChambersJohn ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
134Richard ScarlettF.W. YatesHouse & gardenThe Villa
135Richard ScarlettF.W. YatesLandNear The Villa
136Nicholas GroveN. Grove & othersHouse garden buildings etcThornbury Farm
137Nicholas GroveN. Grove & othersLandThornbury Farm
138William Percy PayneMidland Railway Co.Station yard & good shedThornbury
139William Percy PayneMidland Railway Co.House & gardenStation master’s house
140William Percy PayneMidland Railway Co.RailwayThornbury
141Robert PhelpsJohn Williams JnrHouseHigh Street
142Aaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouseHigh Street
143Aaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouseHigh Street
144John Williams JnrJohn WilliamsHouse & yardHigh Street
145Catherine DavisCatherine DavisHouse & yardHigh Street
146Edward Boyes LonnenH.J. DoddHouse & yardHigh Street
147Edward Boyes LonnenE.W. LonnenHouse & yardHigh Street
148Mrs RickettsHannah JenkinsHouse & yardHigh Street
149Charles OldsCharles OldsHouse & yardHigh Street
150Samuel CrewSamuel CrewHouse yard & stablesSwan Inn
151Samuel CrewTrustees of Stafford CharityGardenBack Street
152Henry GaynerFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseHigh Street
153Henry GaynerE.S. HowardLandThe Coombe
154Joseph FordJoseph FordHouse & gardenHigh Street
155Charles KingCharles KingHouse & gardenHigh Street
156William Gates & Herbert MullingsE.G. CouncellHouse & premisesHigh Street
157William H. CouncellW.H. CouncellHouse & premisesHigh Street
158William H. CouncellW.H. CouncellStable & yardSilver street
159GibbonsW.H. CouncellHouse & courtSilver street
160Charlotte BargeW.H. CouncellHouse & courtBack Street
161Alfred CollingsFeoffees of to CharitiesHouse & gardenHigh Street
162Henry TrayhurnHarriett MawleyHouseHigh Street
163Hester SweetmanMary CosshamHouseHigh Street
164Arthurs & othersMagistrates of County of Gloucestershire Police StationHigh Street
165Richard Scarlett & GwynnRichard ScarlettHouse & court
166George LaneGeorge LaneHouse & courtHigh Street
167George LaneGeorge LaneGardenOuter Back Street
168Ann AnsteyAnn AnsteyHouse & gardenHigh Street
169Jane EllisJane EllisHouse & gardenHigh Street
170Thomas NelmesLate John CarwardineHouse & yardHigh Street
171Mrs ChambersMrs ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
172Stephen ApplegateJ.H. HockleyHouse & gardenHigh Street
173Thomas HignellStephen HignellHouse & gardenHigh Street
174Thomas HignellStephen HignellLandHigh Street
175William ClarkWilliam ClarkHouse & gardenHigh Street
176James VirgoGeorge ButlerHouse & gardenHigh Street
177Edward LuceLate John ThurstonHouse & premisesHigh Street
178Charlotte MorganCharlotte MorganHouse & gardenHigh Street
179Ann MichaelCharlotte MorganHouse & gardenHigh Street
180George SpillFrederick JonesHouse & courtHigh Street
181Frederick JonesFrederick JonesHouseHigh Street
182Hugh SmartEliza TannerHouseHigh Street
183Hugh SmartFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesGardenOuter Back Street
184William VowlesWilliam VowlesHouse & yardHigh Street
185Jesse CosshamJesse CosshamHouse & gardenHigh Street
186Widow ShieldWidow ShieldHouse & gardenHigh Street
187William ChambersWilliam ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
188George FryEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
189George MillsEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
190George WhiteEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
191Thomas GrahamEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
192VoidEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
193Charles WhiteJane EllisHouseSoapers Lane
194Thomas PointingArnold & coHouse & yardSilver Street
195VoidHarriett MawleyHouse & courtSilver Street
196VoidHarriett MawleyStable & gardenSilver Street
197VoidHarriett MawleyHouseSilver Street
198Harriett MawleyHarriett MawleyHouseSilver Street
199William G SalmonW.G. SalmonHouse yard & stablesSilver Street
200Charles GibbsW.S. HadleyHouseSilver Street
201VoidW.G. HadleyHouseSilver Street
202Ruth JefferiesW.G. HadleyHouseSilver Street
203Thomas MorganJesse CosshamHouse & gardenChapel Street
204Walter BaylisFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseChapel Street
205Alfred PointingJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenChapel Street
206Nancy LesterJames ScreenHouseChapel Street
207SpillJames ScreenHouseChapel Street
208William BendallJames MartinHouseChapel Street
209William RiddifordJames MartinHouseChapel Street
210John BealeJames MartinHouseChapel Street
211Charles TrayhurnGeorge WalkerHouse & gardenChapel Street
212Amelia ParsonsElizabeth TannerHouseChapel Street
213Joseph DavisElizabeth TannerHouseChapel Street
214Thomas FaceyElizabeth TannerHouseChapel Street
215Harriett BirtCorporation of Thornbury HouseBack Street
216John FordHannah JenkinsMalthouseBack Street
217Samuel HughesHannah JenkinsHouse & yardBack Street
218GaleFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
219Priscilla MartinFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
220Hannah HowardFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
221TrayhurnFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
222Eliza CornockFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
223Mary SmithFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouseAlmshouse
224RossiterSamuel CrewHouseBack Street
225Richard ScarlettRichard ScarlettCoachhouse & gardenSoapers Lane
226George LaneCorporation of Thornbury Slaughter HouseBack Street
227Samuel SimsCorporation of ThornburyHouseBack Street
228Elizabeth EnglishCorporation of ThornburyHouseBack Street
229William WithersJane EllisHouseBack Street
230Sarah WalkerJane EllisHouseBack Street
231VoidCharlotte MorganHouseBack Street
232VoidCharlotte MorganHouseBack Street
233Mark WilliamsCharlotte MorganHouseBack Street
234Henry HoneyborneHenry HoneyborneHouse & premisesBack Street
235Luke CullimoreAbraham ColeHouse & yardBack Street
236Luke CullimoreJ. N. CosshamGardenSt John Street
237DavisFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouse & gardenBack Street
238Elizabeth CarterFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouse & gardenBack Street
239Henry CarterFeoffees of Thornbury CharitiesHouse & gardenBack Street
240George WetmoreHenry KnappHouse & gardenBack Street
241Charles ThompsonCorporation of Thornbury HouseBack Street
242Joseph UnderhillCorporation of Thornbury HouseBack Street
243B. J. BurchellReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & premisesBack Street
244Alfred StinchcombeReps of late Daniel BurchellHouseBack Street
245Daniel LiddiattReps of late Daniel BurchellHouseBack Street
246Thomas WilsonHenry KnappHouse & gardenBack Street
247Henry WilliamsMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenBack Street
248Emma WithersMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenBack Street
249Henry BlakeMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenBack Street
250Daniel RackettMary CosshamHouse & gardenBack Street
251VoidMary CosshamHouse & gardenBack Street
252VoidMary CosshamHouse & gardenBack Street
253Thomas BargeRichard ScarlettHouse & gardenBack Street
254Ambrose WithersRichard ScarlettHouse & gardenBack Street
255Robert SargentEmma StevensHouse & gardenBack Street
256Henry MainstoneEmma StevensHouse & gardenBack Street
257John GoodmanMrs HallHouse & gardenBack Street
258RyanMrs HallHouse & gardenBack Street
259SmartMrs HallHouse & gardenBack Street
260Charles MundyMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenBack Street
261William GreenwoodMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenBack Street
262Frederick AveryJohn StevensHouse & gardenBack Street
263James RossiterNicholas GroveHouse & gardenBack Street
264Mary KingNicholas GroveHouse & gardenBack Street
265Henry BaylisNicholas GroveHouse & gardenBack Street
266CoombsHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
267Widow ComelyHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
268Mary TannerHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
269Thomas LongmanHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
270Edwin WathenHenry KnappCoachhouseHorse Shoe Lane
271James TrayhurnHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
272Frederick SainsburyHenry KnappHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
273Thomas MartinReps of late Thomas WiseHouseHorse Shoe Lane
274Lewis WallingtonReps of late Thomas WiseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
275William WathenReps of late Thomas WiseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
276Edwin WathenTrustees of British SchoolHouse & courtHorse Shoe Lane
277Susan MoxhamReps of late Daniel BurchellHouseHorse Shoe Lane
278Rowland HuntReps of late Daniel BurchellHouseHorse Shoe Lane
279Joseph SainsburyWilliam Collings JnrHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
280William WorkmanWilliam Collings JnrHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
281J.H. TaylorM.C. MeredithHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
282John WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road 2
283John WilliamsJohn WilliamsLandGloucester Road
284George HodgesGeorge HodgesHouse & premisesGloucester Road 6
285George HodgesGeorge HodgesLandGloucester Road
285aGeorge HodgesJohn GroveLandGloucester Road
286Samuel NewmanJohn GroveHouse stable etcNear john Street
287William LiddiattJohn GroveHouse & gardenNear John Street
288Joseph MabbottJohn GroveHouse & gardenNear John Street
289Hester MilnerGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 8
290George StoneGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 10
291Walter PitcherJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road 12
292Henry KnightJohn HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 14
293John HodgesJohn HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 16
294George BlowfieldGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road 18
295Sophia BennettJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road 20
296Stephen JennerJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road 22
297Thornbury Union GuardiansGuardians of Thornbury Union House & gardenUnion workhouse
298John VizardMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
299Anselm ThurstonMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
300HarrisMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
301Thomas GreenmanMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
302StephensMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
303James GoughMary Ann AnnHouse & gardenGloucester Road
304George MallettBroadBuildingsGloucester Road
305George MallettBroadLandGloucester Road
306William ColeAbraham ColeHouseSt John Street
307Abraham ColeAbraham ColeHouse & premisesSt John Street
308Abraham ColeE.S. HowardLandBack Church Lane
309Abraham ColeE.S. HowardLandThornbury
310Abraham ColeHenry MarshLandThornbury
311Thomas TuckerSociety of FriendsWorkshopSt John Street
312George ThomasJ.C. GwynnHouse & yardSt John Street
313Revd DonaldsonB.J. BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
314George HughesB.J. BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
315Alfred BurchellReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
316Thomas VowlesReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
317William SymesReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
318NelmesReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
319Thomas UnderhillReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
320John ThatcherReps of late Daniel BurchellHouse & garden St John Street
321Hester WalkerM. C. MeredithHouseSt John Street 1
322John KnappM.C. MeredithHouseSt John Street 3
323John SmithJohn HodgesHouseSt John Street 5
324Widow HawtinM.C. MeredithHouseSt John Street 7
325Sarah WetmoreM.C. MeredithHouseSt John Street 9
326Samuel HaynesHester CullimoreHouseSt John Street
327HatherellHester CullimoreHouseSt John Street
328William SainsburyHester CullimoreHouse & garden St John Street
329Thomas TuckerHugh SmartHouse & garden St John Street
330James Underhill ThomasHouse & garden St John Street
331Joseph StephensThomas WilsonHouse & garden St John Street
332Rev George ReesG. D. CrossmanHouse & garden St John Street 5 Pullins Green
333Richard SalmonJohn EylesHouse & garden St John Street 7 Pullins Green
334Francis WilliamsJames WilliamsHouse & garden St John Street 9 Pullins Green
335Robert JordanH.W. J. Carter & G.M. WilliamsHouse & garden St John Street 11 Pullins Green
336Mark WilliamsH.W. J. Carter & G.M. WilliamsHouse & garden St John Street 13 Pullins Green
337John D’ArcyGeorge HodgesHouse & garden St John Street
338John DrakeGeorge HodgesHouse & garden St John Street
339Hester CullimoreHester CullimoreHouse & garden Mutton Lane
340VoidWilliam CullimoreHouse & garden Mutton Lane
341Mary Ann SaveryHenry KnappHouse & garden Mutton Lane
342Edward FowlerHenry KnappHouse & garden Mutton Lane
343Widow HarrisHenry KnappHouse & garden Mutton Lane
344 DavisJames Henry SmithHouse & garden Mutton Lane
345Hannah DyerHannah DyerHouse & garden Mutton Lane
346William HollisterSamuel CollingsHouse & garden Gillingstool
347 GingellSamuel CollingsHouse & garden Gillingstool
348Managers of British School Managers of British SchoolsSchool & premisesGillingstool
349William RyanHenry KnappcoachhouseOuter Back Street
350John BendallHenry KnappHouse & garden Outer Back Street
351John BendallHenry KnappHouse & garden Outer Back Street
352William BendallHenry KnappHouse & garden Outer Back Street
353Joseph GoughHenry KnappHouse & garden Outer Back Street
354George ThornJohn StevensHouseOuter Back Street
355Henry PrattJohn StevensHouseOuter Back Street
356James BargeJohn StevensHouseOuter Back Street
357Walter BaylisJohn StevensStables & coachhouseOuter Back Street
358 JefferiesMrs HallHouseOuter Back Street
359 LongMrs HallHouseOuter Back Street
360VoidMrs HallHouseOuter Back Street
361Joseph PymmFeofees of Thornbury CharitiesHouse & garden Outer Back Street
362Henry HerbertW.O. MaclaineHouse & garden Outer Back Street
363George FordW.O. MaclaineHouse & garden Outer Back Street
364Charles ExellW.O. MaclaineHouse & garden Outer Back Street
365Hannah HoptonW.O. MaclaineHouse & garden Outer Back Street
366Sarah BendallSarah & Ann ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
367Oliver ScreenSarah & Ann ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
368Jeremiah O’MahaganSarah & Ann ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
369William RugmanSarah & Ann ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
370John ChampionSarah & Ann ButlerHouseOuter Back Street
371Elizabeth CraddockAbraham ColeHouse & garden Outer Back Street
372Daniel GoughJames MartinHouse & garden Raglan Castle
373George LongmanJames MartinHouse & garden Raglan Castle
374Joanna MurphyJames MartinHouse & garden Raglan Castle
375John StinchcombeJames MartinHouse & garden Raglan Castle
376William UnderhillJesse CosshamHouse & garden Raglan Castle
377George HopkinsJohn HodgesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
378Francis StinchcombeJohn HodgesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
379Charles PrewettJohn HodgesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
380John Goodman Joseph GoodenoughF.W. YatesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
381George SpillF.W. YatesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
382 BakerF.W. YatesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
383William WilsonF.W. YatesHouse & garden Raglan Castle
384John SmithJohn SmithHouse & garden Raglan Castle
385Harriett GoughJohn SmithHouse & garden Raglan Castle
386Thomas Knight jnrEmma (crossed out)John StevensHouse & garden Bullseys Lane
387Thomas KnightEmma (crossed out) John StevensHouse & garden Bullseys Lane
388James CornockJohn GarlickHouse & garden Bullseys Lane
389Thomas GarlickJohn GarlickHouse & garden Bullseys Lane
390Walter BaylisJohn GarlickLandRaglan Castle
391William DunscombeJoseph PrewettHouse & gardenBullseys Lane
392George ParnallHenry BaylisHouse & gardenBullseys Lane
393Henry BaylisHenry BaylisStables & coachhouseBullseys Lane
394William LippiattThomas WilsonHouseBullseys Lane
395Ann WalkerJohn WilliamsHouseBullseys Lane
396James MoxhamJesse CosshamHouseBullseys Lane
397William StinchcombeJesse CosshamHouseBullseys Lane
398Frederick BurchellHenry MarshLandChurch Lane
399Dean of ChristchurchDean of ChristchurchTithe RentchargeRectorial
400George WalkerSir R.G. KeyLandThornbury
401Mayor of ThornburyCorporation of Thornbury LandDaggs
402Henry BaylisJ.G. GwynnLandPutleys
403George WalkerN. Grove & othersLandRaglan Castle
404F.W. YatesF.W. YatesLandThornbury
405Henry KnappHenry KnappLandBullseye Lane