1877 Thornbury Gas Rate Book

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For owners and occupiers mainly in the High Street (then known as ‘Front Street’) and Castle Street (then known as Church Street’) of Thornbury
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LocationOccupierOwnerProperty description
01VicarageRevd Thomas WatersRevd Thomas WatersHouse, lawn garden etc
02Church StreetVoid (crossed out) Major General MundySir K.G. KeyHouse, lawn, garden etc
03Church StreetRevd John Leach (crossed out) VoidSir K.G. KeyHouse & garden
04Kington LaneMaria LaverSir K. G. KeyHouse & garden
05StokesHenry Craven St JohnH.C. St JohnHouse, lawn, garden etc
06Church StreetVoid (crossed out) Walter DavisH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
07Church StreetVoidH.C. St JohnWorkshop
08Church StreetHannah Frackrell (crossed out) VoidH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
09Church StreetGeorge Marshman (crossed out) VoidH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
10Church StreetWalter Davis (crossed out) VoidH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
11Church StreetGaynerH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
12Church StreetCharles Morgan (crossed out) John L JamesH.C. St JohnHouse & garden
13Church StreetFrances CornockJohn C. GwynnHouse & garden
14Church StreetEdward Bryers LonnenJohn C. GwynnHouse, lawn & garden
15Black Lion InnHarriett CollingsHarriett CollingsHouse & garden
16Church StreetJonesHenry KnappHouse & garden
17Church StreetJohn AllenHenry KnappHouse & garden
18Church StreetAlfred Collings JnrJohn C GwynnHouse & garden
19Church StreetThomas LatterJohn RiddHouse & garden
20Church StreetCatherine Lloyd (crossed out)Reps of Catherine LloydHouse, lawn & garden
21Church StreetThomas LiddiattMrs LewisHouse & garden
22Church StreetEdwin Bevan (crossed out)Henry CarterHouse & garden
23Church StreetVoidW. G. SalmonHouse & garden
24Church StreetJonah HaleTrustees of Jones, Edwards, & Whites CharitiesHouse & garden
25Church StreetWilliam BaileyJ. C. GwynnHouse & garden
26Church StreetNathaniel BartlettJ. C. GwynnHouse & garden
27Church StreetStephen GaleJ. C. GwynnHouse & garden
28Church StreetGeorge PontingAlfred CollingsHouse & garden
29Church StreetWilliam PowellWilliam PowellHouse & garden
30Church StreetSusannah BoultonWilliam WilliamsHouse & garden
31Church StreetPowell (crossed out) Gilbert SymesWilliam WilliamsHouse & garden
32Church StreetSpencer (crossed out) Ann BevanMiss GibbsHouse & garden
33Church StreetJohn PowellHenry KnightHouse & garden
34Church StreetAnselm HarveyLate William WhiteHouse & garden
35Church StreetJoseph JamesG.D. CrossmanHouse & garden
36Church StreetThomas EddingtonG.D. CrossmanHouse & garden
37Church StreetThomas EddingtonG.D. CrossmanHouse & garden
38Church StreetThomas EddingtonG.D. CrossmanHouse & garden
39Church StreetThomas EddingtonG.D. CrossmanHouse & garden
40Church StreetFrancis DriscollFrancis DriscollHouse & garden
41Church StreetWilliam HurdFrancis DriscollHouse & garden
42Church StreetHester ArthursJames & Hester ArthursHouse & garden
43Church StreetEllen & Mary CornockJohn PowellHouse & garden
44Church StreetManager of Savings BankManagers of Savings BankHouse
45Church StreetHenry KnappHenry KnappHouse
46Church StreetElizabeth CornockElizabeth CornockHouse & garden
47Church StreetCharles A PorterSamuel PetvinHouse & garden
48Church StreetRuth TaylorSarah BeardHouse & garden
49Church StreetCharles OldsRichard ScarlettHouse & garden
50Church StreetSarah PenduckSarah PenduckHouse & garden
51Church StreetJoseph SmithJoseph SmithHouse & garden
52The PlainWilliam SmithE. V. JenkinsHouse & garden
53The PlainEdward Mills GraceLate of Nicholas GroveHouse & garden
54The PlainG.D. Crossman & H.H. LloydM. W. HooperHouse & garden
55The PlainMiss ThurstonNicholas GroveHouse & garden
56The PlainVoid (crossed out) PaynterNicholas GroveHouse & garden
57The PlainSarah BeardSarah BeardHouse & garden
58The PlainMark SaveryMary Ann AnnHouse & garden
59Boars Head InnWalter HallJames KnappHouse & garden
60The PlainJohn WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & garden
61The PlainThomas Henry TaylorM. C. MeredithHouse & garden
62St John StreetMrs WalkerM. C. MeredithHouse & garden
63The PlainWilliam GrahamM. C. MeredithHouse & garden
64The PlainProps of WeighbridgeProprietors of WeighbridgeWeighbridge
65The PlainWilliam BevanWilliam BevanHouse & garden
66The PlainJames BevanWilliam BevanHouse
67The PlainJames BevanWilliam BevanHouse
68The PlainJohn LuceJames VaughanHouse
69Thornbury BankStrode SmithMessrs Harwood Hatch etcHouse & garden
70Front StreetCharles PutleyCharles PutleyHouse & garden
71Front StreetRandallE.B. LonnenHouse & garden
72Front StreetVoidTrustees of Weslyan ChapelHouse & garden
73Front StreetJohn OgbornW.O. MaclaineHouse & garden
74White Lion InnJosiah HallJames HallHouse & garden
75Toll HouseJoseph PrewettE.S. HowardHouse
75aFront StreetJoseph PrewettE.S. HowardTown Hall
76Front StreetJohn FryHarriett CollingsHouse
77Front StreetJohn MarshallHarriett CollingsHouse
78Front StreetWilliam Henry CouncellW.H. CouncellHouse, lawn & garden
79Front StreetRevd Thomas HowsonW.H. CouncellHouse & garden
80Front StreetHenry Bones (crossed out) ?? MorganReps of late John Hurdy Thomas MorganHouse & garden
81Front StreetAaron B MarshHenry DavisHouse & garden
82Front StreetO.E. Thurston (crossed out)H.J. DoddHouse & garden
83Front StreetElizabeth FordElizabeth FordHouse & garden
84Front StreetSarah Ann WhiteS.A. WhiteHouse & garden
85Front StreetHenry RobbinsMrs Caroline ParfittHouse & garden
86Front StreetEliza EmblyEliza EmblyHouse
87Front StreetJohn TaylorSarah WalkerHouse
88Front StreetJane BrownCorporation of ThornburyHouse
89Front StreetEllen Walker (crossed out) Frank SturgeCorporation of ThornburyHouse
90Front StreetJames ScreenJames ScreenHouse & garden
91Front StreetMrs Morgan (crossed out)O.E. ThurstonHouse
92Front StreetObed E ThurstonO.E. ThurstonHouse, lawn & garden
93Front StreetJoseph Sturge YoungW.O. MaclaineHouse, lawn & garden
94Front StreetVoidMary BrutonHouse
95Front StreetMary BrutonMary BrutonHouse
96Front StreetAnn CollingsAnn CollingsHouse
97Front StreetRichard JamesMrs RaymondHouse
98Front StreetReps of late Stephen Hignell (crossed out) Ann MorganElizabeth FordHouse
99Front StreetJames WilliamsJames WilliamsHouse
100Front StreetSarah Jones (crossed out) John VinneycombeSarah Jones (crossed out)House & garden
101Front StreetJohn StevensJohn StevensHouse & garden
102Front StreetH.W. J. CarterCorporation of ThornburyHouse & garden
103Front StreetGeorge EdwardsReps of late Mary CosshamHouse & garden
104Front StreetJames WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & garden
105Front StreetMrs Saniger (crossed out) Charles TrayhurnJohn WilliamsHouse & garden
106Front StreetJohn T ChambersJohn T ChambersHouse, lawn gardens etc
107Front StreetJohn D’Arcy (crossed out)Edward WiseHouse & garden
108Front StreetRobert Hurn (crossed out)Edward WiseHouse & garden
109Front StreetGeorge WhiteEdward WiseHouse & garden
110Front StreetMrs DoddEdward WiseHouse & garden
111Front StreetGeorge FryEdward WiseHouse & garden
112Front StreetWilliam ChambersWilliam ChambersHouse & garden
113Front StreetMrs ShieldMrs ShieldHouse & garden
114Front StreetJesse CosshamJesse CosshamHouse & garden
115Front StreetWilliam VowlesWilliam VowlesHouse & premises
116Back StreetHenry HoneyborneHenry HoneyborneHouse etc
117Chapel StreetMiss FaceyEliza TannerHouse
118Chapel StreetJoseph DavisEliza TannerHouse
119Chapel StreetJefferies (crossed out) Amelia ParsonsEliza TannerHouse
120Front StreetHugh SmartEliza TannerHouse
121Front StreetFrederick JonesFrederick JonesHouse
122Front StreetJohn BrownFrederick JonesHouse
123Front StreetJames MichaelCharlotte Morgan (crossed out) W.H. PontingHouse & yard
124Front StreetCharlotte MorganCharlotte Morgan (crossed out) W.H. PontingHouse & yard
125The Beaufort ArmsEdward Luce (crossed out) Charles BrowningReps of late John ThurstonHouse & yard
126Front StreetJames VirgoGeorge ButlerHouse
127Front StreetWilliam ClarkWilliam ClarkHouse & garden
128Front StreetThomas HignellReps of late Stephen HignellHouse & yard
129Front StreetStephen ApplegateJ.H. HockleyHouse & yard
130Front StreetMrs ChambersMrs ChambersHouse & garden
131Front StreetArthur HydenLate J. CarwardineHouse & yard
132Front StreetJane EllisJane EllisHouse & yard
133Front StreetAnn AnsteyAnn AnsteyHouse & garden
134Front StreetGeorge LaneGeorge LaneHouse
135Front StreetRichard Scarlett & J.C. GwynnRichard ScarlettHouse
136Police StationEmanuel ArthursCounty of GloucesterHouse & premises
137Silver StreetThomas PontingMessrs Arnold & CoHouse & premises
138Silver StreetW.G. & P SalmonW.G. & P SalmonHouse & garden
139Silver StreetHarriett MawleyHarriett MawleyHouse
140Silver StreetVoidHarriett MawleyHouse
141Silver StreetGeorge WetmoreHarriett MawleyHouse
142Front StreetFrank WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse
143Front StreetHenry TrayhurnHarriett MawleyHouse
144Front StreetAlfred CollingsHouse
145Front StreetWm Henry CouncellW.H. CouncellHouse & premises
146Front StreetHerbert MullingsReps of late E.G. CouncellHouse & premises
147Front StreetCharles KingCharles KingHouse & garden
148Front StreetJoseph FordJoseph FordHouse & garden
149Front StreetHenry GaynerHouse
150The Swan InnSamuel CrewSamuel CrewHouse & premises
151Front StreetCharles OldCharles OldHouse
152Front StreetMrs RickettsHannah JenkinsHouse & yard
153Front StreetEdward Boyes LonnenE.B. LonnenHouse
154Front StreetThomas PearsonH.J. DoddHouse
155Front StreetCatherine DavisCatherine DavisHouse
156Front StreetJohn Williams JnrJohn WilliamsHouse
157Front StreetAaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouse
158Front StreetAaron TidmanAaron TidmanHouse
159Front StreetRobert PhelpsJohn Williams JnrHouse
160Front StreetJames VaughanJohn WilliamsHouse