1887 Thornbury Rate Book

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Special Drainage District – owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury
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No.Name of OccupierName of OwnerDescription of propertyAddress of property
1Rev Henry B HodgsonRev H. B. HodgsonHouse, lawn garden etcVicarage
2Rev Henry B HodgsonRev H. B. HodgsonLandNear Vicarage
3Rev Henry B HodgsonRev H. B. HodgsonTithe Rent ChargesVicarial &
4Mrs White & Mrs ThurstonRev H. B. HodgsonHouse & gardenOld Rectory
5Dean of ChristchurchDean of ChristchurchTithe Rent ChargesRectorial
6Edward Stafford HowardE S HowardCastle, gardens etcThornbury Castle
7Edward Stafford HowardE S HowardLandNr Thornbury Castle
8Edward Stafford HowardE S HowardPlantation covers etcNr Thornbury Castle
9Edward Stafford HowardE S HowardGardenNr Thornbury Castle
10Mrs LiddiattE S HowardLodge House and gardenNr Thornbury Castle
11Josiah BennettE S HowardLodge House and gardenNr Thornbury Castle
12William BrownE S HowardHouse and gardenNr Thornbury Castle
13Thornbury Gas Co.Thornbury Gas CoGas worksBack Church Lane
14Thomas Golding FillArchdeacon of GloucesterHouse & gardenSchool House
15Management of Thornbury National SchoolArchdeacon of GloucesterSchool etcNational School
16Major Gen MundySir K G KeyHouse lawn & garden etcThornbury House
17Major Gen MundySir K G KeyLandNr Thornbury House
18Major Gen Mundy (George Millard)Sir K G KeyHouse & gardenKington Lane
19Major Gen Mundy (George Millard)Major Gen MundyHouse & gardenCastle Street
20Maria LaverSir K G KeyHouse & gardenCastle Street
21Colonel StackCapt H. C.St JohnHouse Lawn & gardenStokefield House
22Colonel StackCapt H. C.St JohnLandNr Stokefield House
23Christopher Hawkes (crossed out)Capt H. C.St JohnHouse & gardenCastle Street
24Capt H. C.St JohnLandNr Stokefield
25William UnderhillCapt H. C.St JohnLandNr Stokefield
26George NixonCapt H. C.St JohnHouse & gardenCastle Street
27John HodgesCapt H. C.St JohnHouse & gardenCastle Street
28Sarah WickhamCapt H. C.St JohnHouse & gardenCastle Street
29Thomas Cox SmithCapt H. C.St JohnHouse & gardenCastle Street
30John Clark JamesJohn C JamesHouse & gardenCastle Street
31Charlotte JonesCharlotte JonesHouse & gardenCastle Street
32Phoebe RickettsPhoebe RickettsHouse & gardenCastle Street
33John AllenTrustees of late J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
34Thomas LatterJohn RiddHouse & gardenCastle Street
35Henry Hume LloydH H LloydHouse lawn & gardenCastle Street
36Liddiatt (crossed out) Charles SewellTrustees of late Caroline LewisHouse & gardenCastle Street
37Miss Spencer (crossed out)Henry CarterHouse & gardenCastle Street
38William Grove SalmonWilliam Grove SalmonLandParslows
39William Grove SalmonWilliam Grove SalmonHouse & gardenCastle Street
40Mrs HaleGovernors of grammar schoolHouse & gardenCastle Street
41George PowerTrustees of late J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
42Nathaniel Bartlett (crossed out)Trustees of late J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
43Stephen GaleTrustees of late J C GwynnHouse & gardenCastle Street
44Charles Sewell (crossed out) Jacob SaveryMrs CollingsHouse & gardenCastle Street
45William PowellWilliam PowellHouse & gardenCastle Street
46Susannah BoultonWm WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
47Thomas Adams (crossed out) Christopher HawkesWm WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
48Ann BevanMiss GibbsHouse & gardenCastle Street
49Mrs ManistoneHenry KnightHouse & gardenCastle Street
50Mrs HarveyMrs HarveyHouse & gardenCastle Street
51James TillingThomas EddingtonHouse & gardenCastle Street
52Thomas EddingtonThomas EddingtonHouse & gardenCastle Street
53James HallFrancis GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
54Alfred PhelpsFrancis GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
55Hester ArthurJames & Hester ArthurHouse & gardenCastle Street
56Mary & Ellen CornockMary & Ellen CornockHouse & gardenCastle Street
57Manager of Savings BankManager of Savings BankHouseSavings Bank Castle Street
58John Thomas BuckleyTrustees of late S H ApplegateHouseCastle Street
59Elizabeth CornockElizabeth CornockHouse & gardenCastle Street
60Elizabeth CornockElizabeth CornockLandCastle Street
61Charles Augustus PorterC A PorterHouse & gardenCastle Street
62Ruth Taylor (crossed out) Nathaniel BartlettRuth Taylor (crossed out)House & gardenCastle Street
63Joseph Young SturgeTrustees of late Richard ScarlettHouse & gardenCastle Street
64J.Y. Sturge & William HatcherJohn & William PayneHouse & gardenCastle Street
65William PenduckFrancis GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
66William SmithE V JenkinsHouse & gardenCastle Street
67Thomas Henry TaylorT. H. TaylorHouse & garden & stableThe Plain
68G D Crossman & H H LloydMessrs WeeksHouse & gardenThe Plain
69Henry KnightHenry KnightHouse & gardenThe Plain
70Edmund CullimoreJames KingHouse & gardenThe Plain
71Anna WeeksMark SaveryHouse & gardenThe Plain
72Mark Savery & Edwin SaveryS. M. WilmotHouse & gardenThe Plain
73William CullimoreWilliam CullimoreHouse & gardenThe Royal George Inn
74Proprietor of Thornbury WeighbridgeProprietor of Thornbury WeighbridgeWeighbridgeThe Plain
75John DayE B LonnenHouseThe Plain
76James BevanJames BevanHouseThe Plain
77Eliza BallsJames VaughanHouseThe Plain
78James VaughanJohn Hodges WilliamsHouseThe Plain
79Strode SmithHarwood & coHouse garden etcThornbury Bank
80Strode SmithHarwood & coLandNr Thornbury Bank
81Edmund Hatherell Collings (crossed out) George WalkerJohn WilliamsHouse & yardHigh Street
82Joseph SainsburyJohn Hodges WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
83Eliza OgbornW.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenHigh Street
84Eliza OgbornW. O. MaclaineLandNr High Street
85Eliza OgbornW. O. MaclaineLandNr High Street & at Kington
86Josiah HallJosiah HallHouse & gardenWhite Lion hotel
87Edward Mills GraceE M GraceHouse lawn & garden etcPark House
88Edward Mills GraceW O MaclaineLandNr Park house
89Mrs PrewettE.S. HowardToll HouseHigh Street
90Mrs PrewettE.S. HowardTown HallHigh Street
91John MarshallJohn MarshallHouse & yardHigh Street
92John MarshallJohn MarshallHouse & yardHigh Street
93William VowlesWilliam YarnoldHouse & yardHigh Street
94Hesther MorganThomas MorganHouse & gardenHigh Street
95Edward John PontingE J PontingHouse & gardenHigh Street
96Charles FryCharles FryHouse & gardenHigh Street
97Thomas AnsteyEmily AnsteyHouse & gardenHigh Street
98John TaylorHouse & gardenHigh Street
99Henry RobbinsCaroline ParfittHouse & gardenHigh Street
100William EmbleyEliza EmbleyHouse & gardenHigh Street
101John TaylorSarah WalkerHouse & gardenHigh Street
102John TaylorE. S. HowardLandThe Coppices
103John TaylorTrustees of late R. scarlettCoach house & garden Soapers Lane
104Jane BrownMayor & Corporation of ThornburyHouseHigh Street
105Mrs GrovesCorporation of ThornburyHouseHigh Street
106Thomas HarneyJohn WeatherheadHouse & gardenHigh Street
107William SmithE. HarwoodLandBakers Grove
108Obed Edward ThurstonO. E. ThurstonHouse & gardenHigh Street
109Obed Edward ThurstonO. E. ThurstonHouse Lawn and gardenHigh Street
110Obed Edward ThurstonW O MaclaineStables yard etcThe Close
111Mrs Joseph RobertsonW O MaclaineHouse Lawn etcThe Close
112VoidEmma BrutonHouseHigh Street
113Emma BrutonEmma BrutonHouseHigh Street
114Ann Harris CollingsA. H. CollingsHouseHigh Street
115Richard James & Edward JamesR. JamesHouseHigh Street
116Mrs ApplegateEmily AnsteyHouse & gardenHigh Street
117James WilliamsJames WilliamsHouseHigh Street
118Caroline Parfitt (crossed out) William WilliamsCaroline ParfittHouse & gardenHigh Street
119Arthur Le BallAustin J. HoneyborneHouse & gardenHigh Street
120Henry William John CarterMayor & CorporationHouse & gardenHigh Street
121Francis James WilliamsFanny WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
122James WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
123Mrs TrayhurnJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
124John Taylor ChambersJohn T. ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
125William Frederick Nalder (crossed out) John Taylor ChambersMrs HughesHouse & landPolterbrook
126Mayor of ThornburyMayor & corporation of ThornburyLandDaggs
127Robert PhelpsJohn H WilliamsHouseHigh Street
128Mary SainsburyJohn WilliamsHouseHigh Street
129John H WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
130Catherine DavisC DavisHouse & gardenHigh Street
131Charles Hill WilkinsC. H. WilkinsHouse & gardenHigh Street
132John Thomas BuckleyE B LonnenHouse & gardenHigh Street
133Charles SymesAnn FordHouse & gardenHigh Street
134John FordAnn FordStables & yardSt Mary Street
135Charles OldsCharles OldsHouseHigh Street
136Richard QuinR QuinHouse & premisesThe Swan Hotel
137Henry LiddiattFrancis GaynerShopHigh Street
138Mrs Wells & Edward EddingtonFrancis GaynerHouseHigh Street
139Francis WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
140Charles KingCharles KingHouse & gardenHigh Street
141Francis GaynerLouisa CouncellHouse & premisesHigh Street
142Francis GaynerE. S. HowardLandThe Combe
143Francis GaynerE. S. HowardLandThe Combe
144Mrs B Westcombe & CouncellTrustees of late W H CouncellHouse & premisesHigh Street
145Thomas SmithTrustees of late W H CouncellHouseSilver street
146William Edwin Beak (crossed out) CurthoysTrustees of late W H CouncellHouseSt Mary street
147Mrs B Westcombe & CouncellTrustees of late W H CouncellHouse & gardenHigh Street
148John Hodges WilliamsMiss MawleyHouseHigh Street
149Kate FryJohn WilliamsHouseHigh Street
150Thomas EylesMagistrates of the County of Glos.House & premisesPolice Station
151Scarlett & GwynnsTrustees of the late R. ScarlettHouseHigh Street
152George LaneGeorge LaneHouseHigh Street
153George LaneGeorge LaneGardenOuter Back Street
154Ann AnsteyAnn AnsteyHouse & gardenHigh Street
155Jane EllisJane EllisHouseHigh Street
156Jane EllisJane EllisHouseSt Mary street
157Jane EllisJane EllisHouseSt Mary Street
158Jane EllisJane EllisHouseSoapers Lane
159Luke CullimoreLuke CullimoreHouse & yardHigh Street
160Luke CullimoreJ. N. CosshamGardenMutton Lane
161Sarah ChambersSarah ChambersHouse & yardHigh St
162George WittsTrustees of late S H ApplegateHouse and yardHigh Street
163Thomas ExellJohn TaylorHouse & yardHigh Street
164William ClarkWilliam ClarkHouse & gardenHigh Street
165John PhelpsGeorge ButlerHouse & gardenHigh Street
166McGowanO E ThurstonHouseCastle Hotel & Coffee Tavern
167William UnderhillO E ThurstonStable & yardSt Mary Street
168William Harris PontingW H PontingHouse & yardHigh Street
169James Merrett MichaelW H PontingHouse & yardHigh Street
170Mrs CannF. JonesHouseHigh Street
171Frederick JonesF. JonesHouseHigh Street
172Hugh SmartF. JonesHouseThe Queens Head Inn
173Francis William MarmentElias HadleyHouse & premisesHigh Street
174Hester SaiseHester SaiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
175George EdwardsGeorge EdwardsHouse & gardenHigh Street
176William ChambersWilliam ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
177George FryEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
178BradleyEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
179Mrs WhiteEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
180Mrs CoxEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
181Henry James AbbottEdward WiseHouse & gardenHigh Street
182Midland Railway CompanyThemselvesLine of RailwayThornbury Branch Line
183Midland Railway CompanyThemselvesLand buildings plant etcThornbury Station
184Midland Railway CompanyThemselvesLandNrThornbury Station
185Midland Railway CompanyThemselvesLand & houseStation masters house
186John Crowther GwynnF W YatesHouse lawn gardenThe Villa
187John Crowther GwynnF W YatesLandNear The Villa
188John Crowther GwynnF.W. YatesLandNear The Villa
189Samuel StutchburyE. S. HowardLandPolterbrook
190Thomas PointingThomas Arnold & coHouse & yardPorter Stores Inn
191LewisMiss MawleyHouseSilver Street
192Miss MawleyMiss MawleyHouseSilver Street
193Miss MawleyMiss MawleyHouseSilver Street
194Miss MawleyStables & coachhouseSt Mary Street
195William Grove SalmonW.G. SalmonHouse & yardSilver Street
196William Grove SalmonCoach houseSilver Street
197James SmithW. P. HadleyHouseSilver Street
198George MillsW P. HadleyHouseSilver Street
199Mrs PeglarW.P. HadleyHouseSilver Street
200Thomas Morgan (crossed out) VoidTrustees of late Jesse Cossham (crossed out)House & gardenChapel Street
201William ClarkGovernors of Grammar schoolHouseChapel Street
202Alfred StinchcombeJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenThe Wheatsheaf Inn
203Mark CurthoysHannah ShepherdHouse & gardenChapel Street
204Hester SpillHannah ShepherdHouse & gardenChapel Street
205Mrs StephensJames MartinHouse & gardenChapel Street
206John PrewettJames MartinHouse & gardenChapel Street
207John BealeJames MartinHouse & gardenChapel Street
208Walter BaylisGeorge WalkerHouse & gardenChapel Street
209Thomas Purnell (crossed out)Sarah RiddleHouseChapel Street
210Sarah RiddleHouseChapel Street
211Robert DixonSarah RiddleHouseChapel Street
212William WilsonMayor & CorporationHouseSt Mary St
213John FordAnn FordMalthouseSt Mary St
214Gilbert SymesAnn FordHouse & yardSt Mary St
215Ann GaleTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
216Hannah DuncombeTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
217Martha CornockTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
218Eliza CornockTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
219Mrs BrooksTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
220Mrs WalkerTrustees of Stafford CharitiesAlmshouseSt Mary St
221William ColeWilliam YarnoldHouseSt Mary St
222Thomas AllsopMayor & CorporationHouseSt Mary St
223George JamesMayor & CorporationHouseSt Mary St
224Thomas AnsteyMayor & CorporationStableSt Mary Street
225William UnderhillW H PontingCoachhouseSt Mary St
226George BaylisAnn HoneybourneHouse & yardSt Mary St
227George HughesGeorge HughesHouse & yardThe Plough Inn
228George HughesTrustees of late John GarlickLandRaglan Castle
229George HughesTrustees of late John GarlickLandRaglan Castle
230Trustees of late J. C. GwynnLandThe Tynings
231Eliza FowlerMayor & corporationHouseSt Mary street
232Mrs RodmanMayor & corporationHouseSt Mary street
233Mrs MaslinTrustees of Stafford CharitiesGardenSt Mary street
234Mrs MaslinHouse and gardenChurch Institute
235Robert SargentRobert SargentHouse and gardenSt Mary street
236Charles ThompsonMayor & corporationHouse and gardenSt Mary street
237Mrs Andrews (crossed out) John SaveryMayor & corporationHouse and gardenSt Mary street
238Bryant Jenkins BurchellB. J. BurchellHouse & premisesSt Mary street
239Frederick BurchellF. BurchellHouseSt Mary street
240Daniel LiddiattF. BurchellHouseSt Mary street
241Charles Henry WilsonMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenThe Horseshoe Inn
242Charles Henry WilsonSociety of FriendsLandVilner
243Charles WhiteMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenSt Mary street
244John Savery Mrs VizzardMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenSt Mary street
245Samuel BargeMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenSt Mary street
246Mrs SimsGeorge WalkerHouse & gardenSt Mary street
247William NewmanGeorge WalkerHouse & gardenSt Mary street
248Edward VizzardTrustees of late Richard ScarlettHouse & gardenSt Mary street
249Ambrose WithersTrustees of late Richard ScarlettHouse & gardenSt Mary street
250John PhillipsAustin J HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
251Hannah Duncombe (crossed out) Mrs CookAustin J HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
252William LiddiattAustin J HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
253Hannah SmartFrances HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
254Maurice PoultonFrances HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
255William CornockFrances HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
256Charles MundyMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenSt Mary street
257Thomas PowellMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenSt Mary street
258Thomas PowellAustin HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
259Thomas MorganHouse & gardenSt Mary street
260Thomas MorganThomas MorganHouse & gardenSt Mary street
261Thomas PointingSydney PontingHouse & gardenSt Mary street
262James Townsend (crossed out) Mrs ThornMary Ann WilmotHouseHorseshoe Lane
263William CurtisMary Ann WilmotHouseHorseshoe Lane
264William Thorn (crossed out) Nathaniel BallMary Ann WilmotHouseHorseshoe Lane
265James CornockMary Ann WilmotHouseHorseshoe Lane
266William BendellMary Ann WilmotCoachhouseHorse Shoe Lane
267James TrayhurnMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
268Frederick SainsburyMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
269Mrs WallingtonEdward WiseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
270Joseph UnderhillEdward WiseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
271George ThornEdward WiseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
272Maria WathenTrustees of British SchoolHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
273Nathaniel BallF. BurchellHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
274Henry HarveySarah WinstoneHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
275George Henry ExellG. H. ExellHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
276Mrs MarshallM. MeredithHouse & premisesGloucester Road
277John WilliamsJohn WilliamsHouse & premisesGloucester Road
278John WilliamsJohn WilliamsLandGloucester Road
279John WilliamsJohn WilliamsBuildings & LandGloucester Road
280George HodgesGeorge HodgesHouse & premisesGloucester Road
281George HodgesGeorge HodgesLandGloucester Road
282George HodgesGeorge HodgesGardenSt John Street
283Rev C. W. RhodesGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
284EnglishGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
285YoungJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
286Walter PitcherJohn WilliamsWorkshopGloucester Road
287George P MallettGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
288Alexander SutherlandGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
289Ernest Joseph ThoroughgoodGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
290George StoneJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
291Walter PitcherJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
292Governors of Grammar SchoolGovernors of Grammar SchoolGrammar schoolGloucester Road
293Guardians of Thornbury UnionGuardians of Thornbury UnionHouse & landUnion workhouse
294Walter Hooper (crossed out) William HarrisMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
295Mrs ThurstonMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
296Mrs RumboldMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
297Sarah Greenman (crossed out) Mrs JacksonMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
298Mrs HughesMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
299William NicholsMary Ann WilmotHouse & gardenGloucester Road
300George P MallettJohn WilliamsBuildingsGloucester Road
301George P MallettJohn WilliamsLandGloucester Road
302Frederick BurchellF. BurchellLandGloucester Road
303George TrayhurnTrustees of late A. ColeHouseJohn Street
304George TrayhurnGovs of Grammar SchoolLandCrossways
305Henry W J CarterTrustees of late Abraham ColeHouse & gardenJohn street
306G W WhitfieldTrustees of late A. ColeOld MalthouseSt Mary Street
307Frank TuckerSociety of FriendsWorkshopSt John Street
308Thomas EnglishTrustees of late J.C. GwynnHouse & gardenSt John Street
309David OwenB.J. BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
310Harry EddingtonB.J. BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
311William ColeMayor & corporationGardenSt John Street
312Jane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
313DannJane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
314John SmithJane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
315George MaishmentJane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
316Thomas UnderhillJane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
317Jane BurchellHouse & gardenSt John Street
318George HughesM. MeredithCoachhouseSt John Street
319Walter DavisM.C. MeredithHouse & gardenSt John Street
320Mrs GrahamM.C. MeredithHouse & gardenSt John Street
321George Walker (crossed out)George HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
322Charles PutleyM.C. MeredithHouse & gardenSt John Street
323John White (crossed out) Alfred BartlettM.C. MeredithHouse & gardenSt John Street
324Mrs BallHester CullimoreHouseSt John Street
325John LuceHester CullimoreHouseSt John Street
326Frank TuckerHester CullimoreHouse & gardenSt John Street
327George TuckerHester CullimoreHouse & gardenSt John Street
328James UnderhillThomas KnightHouse & gardenSt John Street
329Joseph StephensTrustees of late Mrs WilsonHouse & gardenSt John Street
330Daniel RackettEdmund CullimoreHouse & gardenSt John Street
331Edmund CullimoreHouse & gardenSt John Street
332Edmund CullimoreEdmund CullimoreBuildings & orchardSt John Street
333James BevanHouse & gardenSt John Street
334Alfred BurchellG. D. CrossmanHouse & gardenSt John Street
335Richard SalmonRichard JamesHouse & gardenSt John Street
336George Mansell WilliamsJames WilliamsHouse & gardenSt John Street
337Edward LiddiattH.W. J. Carter & G.M. WilliamsHouse & gardenSt John Street
338Oliver HigginsH.W. J. Carter & G.M. WilliamsHouse & gardenSt John Street
339James PullinGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
340Mrs DrakeGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
341Rev George ReeceGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
342William HemmingGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
343William SymesGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenSt John Street
344Hester CullimoreHester CullimoreHouse & gardenThe Crispin Inn
345William BendallHester CullimoreHouse & gardenMutton Lane
346Mrs SkuseRobert SargentHouse & gardenMutton Lane
347Joseph PymRobert SargentHouse & gardenMutton Lane
348George HarrisRobert SargentHouse & gardenMutton Lane
349Sarah MorganJohn H. SmithHouse & gardenMutton Lane
350Daniel MoretonSymesHouse & gardenGillingstool Hill
351Bernard SymesSymesHouse & gardenGillingstool Hill
352William Cook (crossed out)J. F. TrewHouse & gardenGillingstool Hill
353William BendallJ. F. TrewHouse & gardenGillingstool Hill
354Managers of British SchoolTrustees of British schoolSchool etcGillingstool Hill
355Robert SainsburyMary Ann WilmotHouseOuter Back Street
356Luke HiggsMary Ann WilmotHouseOuter Back Street
357Luke Dixon (crossed out) William BendallMary Ann WilmotHouseOuter Back Street
358Thomas PurnellMary Ann WilmotHouseOuter Back Street
359Harveys etc??Mary Ann WilmotCoach house
360George ThornAustin J. HoneyborneHouseOuter Back Street
361George Carter (crossed out) WiltshireAustin J. HoneyborneHouseOuter Back Street
362Hezekiah BrownAustin J. HoneyborneHouseOuter Back Street
363Walter BaylisAustin J. HoneyborneStables & coachhouseOuter Back Street
364Sarah JefferiesFrances HallHouseOuter Back Street
365Mrs LongFrances HallHouseOuter Back Street
366Walter TannerFrances HallHouseOuter Back Street
367Alexander SutherlandGovernors of Grammar SchoolGardenOuter Back Street
368William StinchcombeGovernors of Grammar SchoolHouse & GardenOuter Back Street
369William LippiattW.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
370Henry SmartW.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
371George FordW.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
372W.O. MaclaineHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
373Thomas Millard (crossed out)John Reed GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
374Oliver ScreenJohn Reed GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
375Henry OlpinJohn Reed GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
376William RugmanJohn Reed GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
377Jeremiah MahaganJohn Reed GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
378William HicksTrustees of the late A ColeHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
379Rowland Morgan (crossed out)Thomas MillardJames MartinHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
380Mrs LongmanJames MartinHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
381John SmithJames MartinHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
382John StinchcombeJames MartinHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
383William UnderhillTrustees of late Jesse CosshamHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
384Henry BaylisEmma ShepherdGardenRaglan Castle Road
385Thomas FordGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
386Francis StinchcombeGeorge HodgesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
387Reuben GreenmanJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
388H W. J CarterF.W. YatesLandRaglan Castle Road
389H. W. J. CarterF.W. YatesStables & coach houseRaglan Castle Road
390Charles PritchardF.W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
391Francis W YatesFrancis W YatesAllotmentsStreamleaze
392George SpillF.W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle
393George BakerF.W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle
394Thomas CollinsF.W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle
395George HopkinsGeorge HopkinsHouse & gardenRaglan Castle
396John SmithGeorge HopkinsHouse & gardenRaglan Castle
397James FordAustin J. HoneyborneHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
398Charles Reeves (crossed out) PritchardAustin J. HoneyborneHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
399Charles Prewett (crossed out) Thomas AdamsTrustees of late John GarlickHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
400WilliamsMark WilliamsHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
401Thomas AshcroftMrs PrewettsHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
402Henry BaylisHenry BaylisHouse stable etcBulls Eyes Lane
403Henry BaylisGovernors of Grammar schoolLandGloucester Road
404Henry BaylisTrustees of late J. C. GwynnLandThe Tynings
405Henry BaylisMary Ann WilmotLandBulls Eyes Lane
406George CornockTrustees of late Mrs WilsonHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
407Ann WalkerJohn WilliamsHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
408William Harris (crossed out)Trustees of late Jesse CosshamHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
409William Hughes (crossed out)Trustees of late Jesse CosshamHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
410Trustees of old ChapelOld Chapel BuildingsChapel Street
411Managers of British SchoolSociety of FriendsOld Meeting HouseSt John Street
412William BendallGovs of Grammar SchoolLandAlveston Hill
413Western Counties & South Wales Telephone Company Ltd: H. F. LewisWestern Counties & South Wales Telephone Company LtdTelephone wires & fixturesAlveston Hill to Lower Morton