1926 Thornbury Poor Rate Book

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The 1926 Rate Book shows the owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury at that time.  However on this page we have only included the streets in the central, older area of Thornbury which we have researched and referred to on the Thornbury Roots website.
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No.Name of OccupierName of OwnerDescription of propertyAddress of property
1Thornbury Gas CompanyThornbury Gas Co.Gas Works etcThornbury
2Richard A BennettR. A. BennettMansion and landThornbury Park
3John R. WilcoxR. A. BennettHouse & gardenPark Lodge
4Pitcher & HigginsMajor HowardAg landNear Castle
5Major HowardMajor HowardCastle gardens etcThornbury Castle
6Major HowardMajor HowardAg landNear Thornbury Castle
7Major HowardMajor HowardGardensNear Thornbury Castle
8Major HowardMajor HowardAg landNear Thornbury Castle
9Major HowardMajor HowardAllotmentsNear Thornbury Castle
10Major HowardHouse & gardenCastle Lodge
11Major HowardHouse & gardenCastle Lodge
12A. HensonSir E S HowardHouse & garden)Near Thornbury Castle
13Howard & BennettMajor HowardAg landThe Pithay
14Managers of Church SchoolArchdeacon of GloucesterSchool buildingsChurch School
15Chief Constable & A. J. GladswellArchbishop of GloucesterHouse & gardenNear Church School
16Rev Claud R CotterRev CR CotterHouse garden etcThe Vicarage
17Rev Claud R CotterRev CR CotterAg landNear The Vicarage
18H. J. ThurstonRev C. R. CotterHouse & gardenNear The Vicarage
19Hon. Mrs GillettHon. Mrs GillettHouse, lawn & gardenThornbury House
20Hon. Mrs GillettHon. Mrs GillettAg landNear Thornbury House
21C. HawkesHon. Mrs GillettHouse & gardenNear Thornbury House
22Annie MackieHon. Mrs GillettHouse & gardenThornbury Cottage
23Lady JenkinsonLady JenkinsonHouse, lawn and gardensClouds
24Lady JenkinsonLady JenkinsonAg landNear Clouds
25Lady JenkinsonLady JenkinsonAg landNear Clouds
26Lady JenkinsonLady JenkinsonAg landNear Clouds
27Luke BallLady JenkinsonHouse & gardenCastle Street
28Herbert C Hume SpryH. C. Hume SpryHouse & gardenCastle Street
29Elizabeth HodgesElizabeth HodgesHouse & gardenCastle Street
30Alfred WilliamsElizabeth HodgesHouse & gardenCastle Street
31Thomas Cox SmithT.C. SmithHouse & gardenCastle Street
32John Clark JamesJ C JamesHouse & gardenCastle Street
33Frank BiddleMrs L. SmithHouse & gardenCastle Street
34Oliver TaylorO. TaylorHouse & gardenCastle Street
35Edgar Walter PitcherE.W. PitcherHouse & gardenCastle Street
36William RugmanF. ExellHouse & gardenCastle Street
37Alice LloydAlice LloydHouse lawn & gardenCastle Street
38Alice LloydAlice LloydAg landCastle Street
39HawkerAlice LloydHouse & gardenCastle Street
40Elizabeth GaleAlice LloydHouse & gardenCastle Street
41George PowerAlice LloydHouse & gardenCastle Street
42Emma BrooksAlice LloydHouse & gardenCastle Street
42Leonard SmithG. H. HallHouse & gardenCastle Street
43Rev C. J. B WebbRev C. J. WebbHouse, lawn & gardenCastle Street
44Rev C. J. B WebbRev C. J. WebbAg landCastle Street
45Rev C. J. B WebbRev C. J. WebbBuildingsCastle Street
45Rev C. J. B WebbRev C. J. WebbAg landCastle Street
45Annnie J. BennettMiss BennettBungalowNr Church Lane
46John H. BondJ. H. BondHouse & gardenCastle Street
47William EddingtonLeonard PitcherHouse & gardenCastle Street
48Henry GaleHenry GaleHouse & gardenCastle Street
49George StoneGeorge StoneHouse & gardenCastle Street
50G. TaylorLady JenkinsonHouse & gardenCastle Street
51J. BargeF. WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
52Dennis W ThompsonH. KnightHouse & gardenCastle Street
53Herbert Birt MillinF. WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
54Robert MillsR. MillsHouse & gardenCastle Street
55Robert MillsR. MillsHouse & gardenCastle Street
56Alfred SmithMrs F. GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
57Sidney ScreenMrs F. GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
58George Herbert HallG. H. HallHouse & gardenCastle Street
59Eliza Link CornockE. L. CornockHouse & gardenCastle Street
60John HodgesMrs HodgesHouse & gardenCastle Street
61Joseph SainsburyJ. SainsburyHouse & gardenCastle Street
62David Crawford Prowse?L H WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
63Lionel H WilliamsL H WilliamsAg LandCastle Street
64Lionel H WilliamsL H WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
65Grace CommelineL H WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
66George LeggeL. H. WilliamsHouse & gardenCastle Street
67Eliza FudgeEliza FudgeHouse & gardenCastle Street
68Percy E. LydfordH. F. S. HammondHouse & gardenCastle Street
69Alfred J SouthcottMrs GaynerHouse & gardenCastle Street
70Alfred G. ExcellA. G. ExcellHouse & gardenCastle Street
71Edward SaveryE W SaveryHouse & premisesCastle Street
72Crossman & CoCrossman & CoHouse & gardenThe Plain
73Howard KnightH. KnightHouse & gardenThe Plain
74Sidney GaynerMrs GaynerHouse & gardenThe Plain
75Mrs HoneyborneT. L. DavisHouse & gardenThe Plain
76Eliza SymesMrs SymesHouse & gardenThe Plain
77James ParkerW. J. Rogers LtdHouse & gardenRoyal George Inn
78VoidProprietors of WeighbridgeWeighbridgeThe Plain
79John BartlettJohn H WilliamsHouse & yardThe Plain
80John BartlettJ. H. WilliamsBuildings & landGloucester Road
81Sidney H DearingA. E. BevanHouse & yardThe Plain
82Fred ChurchF. C. ChurchHouse & yardThe Plain
83John Hodges WilliamsJohn H WilliamsHouse & yardThe Plain
84Albert Edward LorymerNat. Prov. BankHouse & gardenThe Old Bank
85Albert Edward LorymerNat. Prov. BankLandNear Old Bank
86Cecil CookJ H WilliamsHouse & yardHigh Street
87Ernest Augustus PitcherJ H WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
88Charles Henry ParsonsC. H. ParsonsHouse & gardenHigh Street
89Charles Henry ParsonsC. H. ParsonsAg landNear High Street
90Herbert ParsonsGeorges BreweryHouse & gardenWhite Lion Hotel
91Edgar Mervyn GraceE. M. GraceSurgeryHigh Street
92Edgar Mervyn GraceE. M. GraceHouse lawn & garden etcPark House
93Edgar Mervyn GraceE. M. GraceAgricultural LandNr Park house
94Ernest P WeatherheadE. P. WeatherheadOld Toll HouseHigh Street
95Ernest P WeatherheadE. P. WeatherheadOld Town HallHigh Street
96Ernest P WeatherheadE. P. WeatherheadHouse & yardHigh Street
97Lawrence RoachF. SymesHouse & gardenHigh Street
98Mary PontingMrs PontingHouse & gardenHigh Street
99Victor YarnoldW. YarnoldHouse & yardHigh Street
100Albert PrewettA PrewettHouse & gardenHigh Street
101Thomas GaleW. E. TrubodyHouse & gardenHigh Street
102Allen HorderJohn TaylorHouse & gardenHigh Street
103Arthur Charles PitcherA C PitcherHouse & gardenHigh Street
104Joseph PaveyMrs WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
105F. Brown & M. BrownThomas ExellHouse & yardHigh Street
106Thomas ExellT. ExellStables & coach-houseHorseshoe Lane
107J. Croome CullimoreTown TrustHouse & yardHigh Street
108Frederick W. DaviesReps of late Emily WeatherheadHouse & gardenHigh Street
109Thurston & coReps of late H. P. ThurstonOfficesHigh Street
110W. Richardson WatsonW. R. WatsonHouse Lawn garden etcHigh Street
111W. Richardson WatsonW. R. WatsonStables and coach-houseThe Close
112Mary GreenfieldMiss GreenfieldHouse Lawn garden etcThe Close House
113Annie Maria BuchanAnnie BuchanHouse & yardHigh Street
114Ellen JonesEllen JonesHouse & yardHigh Street
115Edward JamesEdward JamesHouse & yardHigh Street
116William G SymesReps of late Emily AnsteyHouse & gardenHigh Street
117Archibald H SymesA. H. SymesHouse & yardHigh Street
118Frederick DayHon Mrs MundyHouse & gardenHigh Street
119F. D. ArmstrongWestminster BankHouse & gardenHigh Street
120Mrs H TaylorTown TrustHouse & gardenHigh Street
121Rowland R WarrenF. WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
122John Evomy PhelpsJ H WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
123G. PhillipsJ H WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
124Maurice ChambersM ChambersHouse & garden lawn etcHigh Street
125Town TrustTown TrustAllotmentsDaggs
126John H WilliamsJohn H WilliamsHouseHigh Street
127Ernest A PitcherJohn H WilliamsHouseHigh Street
128Thornbury Town ClubJohn H WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
129Arthur H WilkinsJohn H WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
130Arthur H WilkinsA H WilkinsHouse & gardenHigh Street
131International StoresInternational Tea Co.House & gardenHigh Street
132Mrs J Spencer PalmerMrs J. S. PalmerHouse & gardenHigh Street
133Gladys BallsGladys BallsHouse & gardenHigh Street
134Arthur Reginald PhernAnglo Brewery Co.HouseThe Swan Hotel
135Arthur Reginald PhernAnglo Brewery Co.Stables & yardBack High street
136Albert E ThompsonMrs F. GaynerHouse & yardHigh street
137Francis WilliamsF. WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
138Francis WilliamsF. WilliamsStableSt Mary Street
139William J BlizzardF GaynerShop & warehouseHigh Street
140Mrs F GaynerMrs F GaynerHouse & premisesHigh Street
141Mrs F GaynerMrs F GaynerGardenOuter Back Street
142Mrs F GaynerMrs F GaynerHouse & gardenHigh Street
143Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAgricultural landThe Coombe
144W. H. Councell & SonsCouncell & sonsHouse & premisesHigh Street
145W. H. Councell & SonsCouncell & sonsHouse & premisesHigh Street
146W. H. Councell & SonsCouncell & sonsHouseSt Mary Street
147Ernest P WeatherheadJ. H. WilliamsHouse & yardHigh Street
148Leonard SmithJohn H WilliamsHouse & yardHigh Street
149Ernest Jno. LawrenceMagistrates of the CountyHouse & premisesPolice Station
150John TaylorJohn TaylorAg landBullys Eyes Lane
151Archibald H SymesF. SymesCoach-house & gardenSoapers Lane
152Alfred G ExcellG. B. SymesHouse & yardHigh Street
153George Bernard SymesG. B. SymesHouse & gardenHigh Street
154Frank EdmondsF. EdmondsHouse & gardenHigh Street
155S. M. WilliamsS.M. WilliamsHouse & gardenHigh Street
156Thomas ExellT. ExellHouse & yardHigh Street
157Thomas ExellF. W. YatesAg landNear The Villa
158Edward J UnderhillE. J. UnderhillHouse & gardenHigh Street
159VoidThomas ExellHouse & gardenHigh Street
160Walter Hallen DentEli ButtHouse & yardHigh Street
161Adrienne DickerW. H. DentHouse & gardenHigh Street
162Walter Hallen DentW. H. DentStables & yardSt Mary Street
163Edith MichaelMrs MichaelHouse and gardenHigh Street
164Frank Henry MoodyMrs F. H. GracePicture House Tea RoomsHigh Street
165Francis Henry GraceMrs F. H. GraceCinemaHigh Street
166William MortonAshton Gate BreweryAssembly RoomExchange hotel
167William MortonAshton Gate BreweryHouse, premises & yardExchange hotel
168William MortonAshton Gate BreweryAssembly Room & stablesSt Mary Street
169Harold PearceW. H. PhillipsHouse & yardHigh Street
170W. H. Phillips or Harold Pearce ?W. H. PhillipsHouse & yardHigh Street
171Henry HeardGeorges BreweryHouse & premisesQueens Head Inn
172Henry HeardF. W. YatesOrchardNear The Cedars
173Albert E ThompsonA. E. ThompsonHouse & premisesHigh Street
174Parish CouncilParish CouncilBuilding & gardenHigh Street
175Wilfred EdmondsMrs F GaynorHouse & gardenHigh Street
176Frank C PooleM. ChambersHouse & gardenHigh Street
177Dennis BeszantMrs WisseHouse & gardenHigh Street
178Louisa LongMrs WisseHouse & gardenHigh Street
179Louisa BaylisMrs WisseHouse & gardenHigh Street
180Austin W HoneyborneMrs WisseHouse & gardenHigh Street
181Agnes A AnnMrs WisseHouse & gardenHigh Street
182L. M & Scott RailwaysL. M & Scott RailwaysStation goods sheds etcRailway Station
183L. M & Scott RailwaysL. M & Scott RailwaysLand plant & appurtenancesNear Thornbury Station
184Charles CooperL. M & Scott RailwaysLand & houseNear Thornbury Station
185District CouncilDistrict CouncilEngine shed & Store YardRaglan Castle Road
186District CouncilDistrict CouncilCattle Market & BuildingsRaglan Castle Road
187E A. PhillipsDistrict CouncilHouse & gardenStreamleaze
188E. A. PhillipsDistrict CouncilAllotmentsStreamleaze
189John Gammon WicksJ. G. WicksHouse, lawn garden etcThe Cedars
190John Gammon WicksJ. G. WicksAg landThe Cedars
191Hon. Mrs MundyHon. Mrs MundyHouse & premisesThe Farm
192Hon. Mrs MundyHon. Mrs MundyAg landThe Farm
193Void & PhilpottJ. H. WilliamsHouseSilver street
194W. Hiron SalisburyF. G. SymesAg landRaglan Castle Rd
195Francis WilliamsF. W. WilliamsStable & coach-houseSt Mary Street
196George FordArnold Perrett & CoHouse & premisesThe Barrell Inn
197Reg. A ChampionMrs ChampionHouse & yardSilver street
198Thomas BallT. BallHouseSilver Street
199Allen HorderF. W. YatesAg. landNear The Cedars
200Philip G HawkinsP. G. HawkinsHouse & shopSilver Street
201Parish CouncilParish CouncilPublic HallThe Cossham Hall
202Arthur BartlettMrs BartlettHouse & gardenChapel Street
203Mary A BurrowsMrs BartlettHouseChapel street
204Daniel John HowesStroud Brewery Co.House & premisesThe Wheatsheaf Inn
205L. UnderhillLily ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
206Frederick CannLily ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
207G. CollinsAnnie ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
208Henry WebbAnnie ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
209WebbAnnie ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
210William SimsThomas ExellHouse & gardenChapel Street
211Thomas ExellThomas ExellStable & coach-houseRaglan Castle road
212Maurice PoultonThomas ExellHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
213Emma Jane ClarkThomas ExellHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
214James WeareTown TrustHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
215George SmithTown TrustHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
216G. B. SymesTown TrustStableSt Mary Street
217George SkuseW. YarnoldHouseSt Mary Street
218Lambert (crossed out)Town TrustHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
219Fanny JeremyTown TrustHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
220Geo. Bernard SymesG. B. SymesWarehouseSoapers Lane
221J. HarrisJ. H. WilliamsHouse & yardSt Mary Street
222J. H. WilliamsStoresSt Mary Street
223Parish CouncilJ. H. WilliamsFire StationSt Mary Street
224VoidJ. H. WilliamsStoresSt Mary Street
225VoidJ. H. WilliamsHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
226Maria CrippsD Sykes & CoHouse & yardThe Plough Inn
227George Bernard SymesTown TrustGardenSt Mary Street
228Sarah Ann BallChurchwardensHouse and gardenChurch Institute
229Mary ClutterbuckMrs ClutterbuckHouse and gardenSt Mary Street
230G. HarrisTown TrustHouse and gardenSt Mary Street
231Sarah PearceTown TrustHouse and gardenSt Mary Street
232Phillips G HawkinsP. G. HawkinsHouse & premisesSt Mary Street
233County CouncilDispensaryHorse Shoe Lane
234William EylesWilliam EylesCoach houseSt Mary Street
235William EylesWilliam EylesHouse & yardSt Mary Street
236William EylesWilliam EylesHouse & yardSt Mary Street
237George HillGeo. HillHouse & premisesSt Mary street
238Charles WhiteMrs LawrenceHouse & gardenSt Mary Street
239Henry SkuseH. KnightHouse & gardenSt Mary street
240John ScreenH. KnightHouse & gardenSt Mary street
240Reps of late R WithersHouse & gardenSt Mary street
241Clement WilliamsC. WilliamsHouse & gardenSt Mary street
242J. TrayhurnF. H. GraceHouse & gardenSt Mary street
243Charles HurnF. H. GraceHouse & gardenSt Mary street
244A. CollinsA. HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
245William CookA. HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
246William LiddiattA. HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
247Samuel BargeF. J. HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
248Jane ColesF. J. HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
249Joseph DavisF. J. HallHouse & gardenSt Mary street
250William Hiron SalisburyW. H. SalisburyHouse & gardenSt Mary street
251Thomas BirkettT. BirkettHouse & gardenSt Mary street
252J. RadfordA. HoneyborneHouse & gardenSt Mary street
253George Henry RobertsG. H. RobertsBakehouse & coachhouseSt Mary Street
254Amelia Powell etcThe Misses PowellHouse & gardenSt Mary street
255Harry TrayhurnThe Misses PowellHouse & gardenSt Mary street
256Herbert ThomasReps of late S. M WilmotHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
257Henry WebbReps of late S. M WilmotHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
258William RugmanReps of late S. M WilmotHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
259Mary Ann WhiteReps of late S. M WilmotHouse & gardenHorseshoe Lane
260Edgar WilliamsE. WilliamsCoachhouse & stablesHorse Shoe Lane
261HughesJoseph TuckHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
262Fred C. HarrisJoseph TuckHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
263N. HigginsMrs WisseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
264William BennettMrs WisseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
265Nelson HigginsMrs WisseHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
266James ClutterbuckP G HawkinsHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
267Henry HarveyWilliam EylesHouse & GardenHorse Shoe Lane
268Thomas LanfearT. ExellHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
269Thomas LanfearT. ExellGardenRaglan Castle road
270Alfred RiddifordT. ExellHouse & gardenHorse Shoe Lane
271Charles SymesCharles SymesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
272J. H. Williams JnrJ. H WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
273A. R. PhernJ. H WilliamsAg LandGloucester Road
274VoidJ. H WilliamsWorkshopGloucester Road
275Chard BrothersRep of late George HodgesWarehouseGloucester Road
276Chard BrothersRep of late George HodgesHouse & premisesGloucester Road
277Chard BrothersRep of late George HodgesGardenGloucester Road
278Maurice SymesRep of late George HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
279William James ShepherdRep of late George HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
280George TuckerJ. H. WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
281Miss RutterJ. H. WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
282Winifred RigdenRep of late George HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
283John Herbert BrutonRep of late George HodgesHouse & gardenGloucester Road
284Mary Ann SainsburyJ. H. WilliamsHouse & gardenGloucester Road
285Samuel W. G. DennisS. W. G. DennisHouse & gardenGloucester Road
286W. W. Pitcher & sonsReps of late W W PitcherHouse & premisesGloucester Road
287W. W. Pitcher & sonsGovernors of Grammar SchoolQuarryGloucester Road
288Governors of Grammar SchoolGovernors of Grammar SchoolAg landGloucester Road
289Governors of Grammar SchoolGovernors of Grammar SchoolGrammar schoolGloucester Road
290Charles Hackville RossGovernors of Grammar SchoolHouse & gardenGloucester road
291Frank Kelson HowellF. K. HowellHouse & gardenGloucester Road
292Thornbury Union GuardiansGuardians of Thornbury UnionWorkhouseGloucester Road
293Thornbury Union GuardiansGuardians of Thornbury UnionInfirmaryGloucester Road
294Percy ReevesGuardians of Thornbury UnionHouse & gardenGloucester Road
295Harry ClarkHarry ClarkHouse & gardenGloucester Road
296Alice DavisReps of late W. V DavisHouse & gardenGloucester Road
297William George RableyReps of late W. V DavisHouse & gardenGloucester Road
298VoidReps of late W. V DavisHouse & gardenGloucester Road
299Joseph ThomasonReps of late W. V DavisHouse & gardenGloucester Road
300Stanley James BennettF & G TuckerHouse & gardenGloucester Road
301Charles Henry DaviesF & G TuckerHouse & gardenGloucester Road
302Benjamin LaycockF & G TuckerHouse & gardenGloucester Road
303Frederick H BurchellF & G TuckerHouse & gardenGloucester Road
304Thomas BirkettReps of late G. HodgesAg landGloucester Road
305Thomas BirkettReps of late G. HodgesBuildingsGloucester Road
306W. W. Pitcher & SonsJ. H. WilliamsBuildings and landGloucester Road
307E. MonksReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
308Mary TrusslerReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
309Emma GallopReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
310Florence DixonReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
311Henry JonesReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
312Henry AllenReps of late S. M. WilmottHouse & gardenGloucester Road
313Elizabeth TrayhurnMrs TrayhurnHouse & yardJohn Street
314Elizabeth TrayhurnMrs TrayhurnHouse & premisesJohn Street
315Elizabeth TrayhurnMrs TrayhurnOld MalthouseSt Mary Street
316Thomas Eldridge EnglishT E EnglishHouse & gardenJohn Street
317Mabel ClarkE. P. WeatherheadHouse & gardenJohn Street
318Alfred Gill JnrE.P. WeatherheadHouse & gardenJohn Street
319Thomas E. EnglishTown TrustBuildings & orchardJohn Street
320S. PhillipsReps of late H F BurchellHouse & gardenJohn Street
321Samuel SpillReps of late H F BurchellHouse & gardenJohn Street
322George CookC. H. DaviesHouse & gardenJohn Street
323Eliza PullenC. H. DaviesHouse & gardenJohn Street
324BurgessC. H. DaviesHouse & gardenJohn Street
325Albert LongC. H. DaviesHouse & gardenJohn Street
326William SealeyW. SealeyHouse & gardenJohn Street
327Mary TaylorW. SealeyHouse & gardenJohn Street
328Jane Margaret YoungReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
329George SmartMary PontingHouse & gardenJohn Street
330Edith CarverMary PontingHouse & gardenJohn Street
331W. SaveryF & G TuckerHouse & gardenJohn Street
332Jane WakefieldF & G TuckerHouse & gardenJohn Street
333Frank TuckerF & G TuckerHouse & gardenJohn Street
334B. EnglishWilliam WallHouse & gardenJohn Street
335R. H. DaggerMajor HowardHouse & gardenJohn Street
336GriffithsA. E. Bevan (crossed out) Edmund CullimoreHouse & gardenJohn Street
337Thomas WhiteE. CullimoreHouse & gardenJohn Street
338Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreSaw MillsJohn Street
339Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landJohn Street
340Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGloucester Road
341Harold TaylorE. CullimoreHouse & gardenSaw Mill Lane
342E. CullimoreHouse & gardenSaw Mill Lane
343Francis Henry GraceE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGloucester Road
344Ellen TillE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGloucester Road
345James VaughanJ. VaughanHouse & gardenJohn Street
346Mary Ann DavisReps of late G M WilliamsHouse & gardenJohn Street
347Sarah WilliamsReps of late G M WilliamsHouse & gardenJohn Street
348Lucy LiddiattReps of late G M WilliamsHouse & gardenJohn Street
349Oliver HigginsO HigginsHouse & gardenJohn Street
350William WallReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
351Rebecca WiltshireReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
352William Thomas LambertReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
353Frederick SainsburyReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
354James HodgesReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
355William Charles ChampionReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
356Arthur HigginsE. Cullimore (crossed out)House & gardenMutton Lane
357John OatesRonald TuckerHouse & gardenMutton Lane
358Jack OatesE. CullimoreHouse & gardenMutton Lane
359Graham John YoungReps of late G. HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
360Selina WilmotReps of late G. HodgesHouse & gardenJohn Street
361F. HolleyF & G TuckerHouse & gardenMutton Lane
362Tuckers BrosF & G TuckerStable & coach houseMutton Lane
363Tuckers BrosF & G TuckerGardenMutton Lane
364Tuckers BrosSociety of FriendsOld Meeting HouseJohn Street
365Tuckers BrosSociety of FriendsWorkshopJohn Street
366LloydMiss LloydHouse & gardenGillingstool
367Alfred GillAlfred GillHouse & gardenGillingstool
368County Education CommitteeCounty Education CommitteeSchool building etcGillingstool
369Joseph TuckJoseph TuckGardenOuter Back Street
370Joseph TuckJoseph TuckAg landOuter Back Street
371Joseph TuckJoseph TuckHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
372H. J. ThorneReps of late SM WilmotHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
373Maurice DixonReps of late SM WilmotHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
374Victor NealeReps of late SM WilmotHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
375Edgar WilliamsReps of late SM WilmotHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
376Reps of late SM WilmotReps of late SM WilmotStable & coach houseOuter Back Street
377Walter RugmanW. RugmanHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
378HarrisA. W. HoneyborneHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
379George HorsemanA. W. HoneyborneHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
380H. W. AdamsA. W. HoneyborneStables & coachhouseOuter Back Street
381W. Hiron SalisburyA. W. HoneyborneStables & coachhouseOuter Back Street
382F. J. HallF. J. HallHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
383Ann Long (crossed out)F. J. HallHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
384Mary GoughF. J. HallHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
385Tom TaylorA. E. BevanHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
386A. E. BevanHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
387A. E. BevanHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
388A. E. BevanHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
389Goliath ColeMrs GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
390M. A. SmartMrs GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
391NiblettMrs GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
392Theophilus CaiseMrs GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
393F. G. MessengerMrs GaleHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
394Leonard SmithH. L. HardwellHouse & gardenOuter Back Street
395William CornockAnnie ExellHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
396Annie SherborneAnnie ExellHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
397Henry BendallAnnie ExellHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
398Rosina MaishmentAnnie ExellHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
399R. StaffordT. ExellHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
400E. SmithReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
401Clara WebbReps of late George HodgesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
402Mrs GregoryJ. H WilliamsHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
403George HopkinsG. HopkinsHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
404F. W. YatesF W YatesAllotmentsStreamleaze
405Thomas ExellT. ExellAg landGillingstool
406Eliza CollinsF. W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
407Albert ScreenF. W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
408Caroline ScreenF. W. YatesHouse & gardenRaglan Castle Road
409Henry SaveryH. S. SherborneHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
410Louisa Alsop (crossed out)H. S. SherborneHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
411H. S. SherborneHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
412H. S. SherborneStable & coach houseBulls Eyes Lane
413George WilliamsMrs ClarkHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
414Florence WilliamsH. WilliamsHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
415Ernest W TidmanDistrict CouncilHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
416George OReilley (crossed out) voidG. OÕReilleyHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
417Ellen WilcoxG. OÕReilleyHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
418Ralph, Kate & Elsie BaylisJoint ownersHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
419Ralph, Kate & Elsie BaylisJoint ownersAg landBulls Eyes Lane
420Ralph, Kate & Elsie BaylisJoint ownersBuildingsBulls Eyes Lane
421A. StockdenJohn H WilliamsHouse & gardenBulls Eyes Lane
422Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landThe Coombe
423Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landBlakes
424Francis H GraceE. CullimoreElectric Light undertaking lines and polesThornbury
425West Glos Water CompanyWest Glos Water Co.Water Mains & fixturesThornbury
427Samuel PhippsF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
428Norman TuckerF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
429Emily Norah DanceyF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
430Caroline E BrownseyF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
431J. J. PickfordF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
432Sidney LucasF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
433Dudley J CullimoreF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
434F. A. SteerF & G TuckerHouse & gardenChurch Road
435Tucker BrothersF & G TuckerAg landChurch Road
436Elizabeth TrayhurnElizabeth TrayhurnOld MalthouseSt Mary Street
437Moses Smith Luce & CoUnion GuardiansOfficesHigh Street
481Charles ParsonsCharles ParsonsAg landNear Thornbury
482Maurice ChambersF. W. YatesAg landNear The Cedars
483Maurice ChambersM. ChambersOrchardPoulterbrook
484Maurice ChambersMaurice ChambersBuildingsPoulterbrook
485Maurice ChambersM. ChambersOrchardPoulterbrook
486Rowland CarterM. ChambersHouse & gardenPoulterbrook
487P. G. HawkinsP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
488VoidP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
489VoidP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
490Ron BoultonP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
491Harold AmosP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
492William Henry BallP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
493Noble NationP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
494Rose PerkinsP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
495Mary YoungP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
496P. G HawkinsP. G. HawkinsHouse & gardenEaston Hill
497Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landThe Coombe
498Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landThe Coombe
499Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreAg landNear Thornbury
500Edmund CullimoreE. CullimoreBrickworks & yardGillingstool
501Fred WalkerE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGillingstool
502BaylisE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGillingstool
503Henry WoodwardE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGillingstool
504William CookE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGillingstool
505William TilleyE. CullimoreHouse & gardenGillingstool
506Guardians of the UnionGuardians of the UnionAg landNr Workhouse
507Guardians of the UnionGuardians of the UnionHospitalNr Workhouse
508Guardians of the UnionGuardians of the UnionSewage WorksNr Workhouse
509William YarnoldWilliam YarnoldHouse & gardenGillingstool
510S. TaylorWilliam YarnoldHouse & gardenGillingstool
511Harry AshcroftH. AshcroftHouse & gardenEaston Hill
512Albert BrownA. H. BrownHouse & gardenEaston Hill
513Elton BallA. H. BrownHouse & gardenEaston Hill