1955 Thornbury Rate Book

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The 1955/56 Rate Book lists the owners and occupiers in the whole of Thornbury. However we have only included on this page the older streets that appear elsewhere on Thornbury Roots.  The details in the Rate Book were listed in a fairly random fashion but we have rearranged them roughly in street order.  The number in the final column shows the original list order.
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AddressOccupierOwnerDescriptionRV £No.
Inglenook Cottage, Alveston HillW E MerrieW E MerrieHouse garages & sheds10504
Holly Tree Cottage, Alveston HillMrs M H BarrettMrs M H BarrettHouse & premises6505
The Farm, Alveston HillW.G. Shaw, then J. H. MarshallW.G. Shaw, then J. H. MarshallBungalow (Agr D.H.)151102
The GrangeJ.G. ParkesJ. G. ParkesHse, garage & prems401161
South GrangeA.V. MontgomeryA. V. MontgomeryHse, garage stabling etc301162
1 Bath RoadElsie & Kate BaylissThe Misses BaylissHouse10348
2 Bath RoadMr R T RiddifordH SherbourneHouse550
3 Bath RoadNorman J RogersNorman J RogersHouse549
4 Bath RoadHerbert SherborneHerbert SherborneHouse9343
5 Bath RoadMiss Alice StocktonMiss A StocktonHouse3349
Bath RoadHerbert SherborneHerbert SherborneGarage4344
6 Bath RoadGeorge WilliamsMrs R Clarke (D/N Tiley Rockhampton)House3345
7 Bath RoadFisherMrs TuckerHouse355
8 Bath RoadMrs Florence WilliamsMrs F WilliamsHouse5346
9 Bath RoadBenjamin SalisburyMrs TuckerHouse354
10 Bath RoadH SymesT RDCHouse6347
1 Castle StreetMiss Alice M HawkesMiss Alice M HawkesHouse857
2 Castle StreetPercy E LydfordH H Fudge, then LydfordHouse & shop16139
3 Castle StreetErnest A PitcherErnest A PitcherHouse16114
4 Castle StreetHerbert H FudgeHerbert H FudgeHouse18138
5 Castle StreetMiss K FudgeMiss K FudgeHouse12113
6 Castle StreetE I BryarsExors of L H WilliamsHouse & premises17137
Dot Cottage, 7 Castle StreetW T BrewerSmithHouse8112
Oriel House, 8 Castle StreetThornbury R D CThornbury R D CHouse48135
Lion House, 9 Castle StreetW H NichollsW H NichollsHouse35111
Wigmore House, 10 Castle StreetDr D C ProwseMrs E B CrellinHouse35134
Castle StreetDr D. C. ProwseDr D.C. ProwseW/room, gar. & surgery15988
Porch House, 11 Castle StreetMrs M G SmithMrs M G SmithHouse30110
Epworth House, 12 Castle StreetMichael A NedhamMichael A NedhamHouse21133
13 Castle StreetMiss B McKearneyMiss B McKearneyHouse1043
Bank Cottage, 14 Castle StreetJohn HodgesMrs J HodgesHouse22132
Castle StreetJohn HodgesExors late G HodgesWorkshop garage & yard12790
15 Castle StreetMiss Rachel LloydExors late G HodgesHouse26791
16 Castle StreetWilliamsExors L H Williams (Mrs Robinson in pencil)Bungalow & shed8136
The Priory, 17 Castle StreetMiss Georgina JenkinsonMiss Georgina JenkinsonHouse & premises26108
Ty Gard, 18 Castle StreetC B RobinsonN M RobinsonHouse garage & premises35945
19 Castle Street (adjacent Stokefield)W F J FlowersCapt. W J DutsonHouse8107
The Cottage, Castle StreetP W SetchellP W SetchellHouse26105
20 Castle StreetMrs D. HodgsonDr D. C. ProwseFlat15989
Stokefield, 21 Castle StreetCapt. W J DutsonCapt. W J DutsonHouse & grounds80106
22 Castle StreetThurburn HallMrs F HallHouse & shop12130
The Hatch, 23 Castle StreetRichard Poole then Sheiling Curative Schools LtdRichard Poole, then Sheiling Curative Schools LtdHouse, gar. & garden26104
24 Castle StreetMiss Mary ScreenMrs Gaynor, then Mrs F Ford AnsteyHouse7129
Thornbury House, 25 Castle StreetRichard Poole then Sheiling Curative Schools LtdRichard Poole, then Sheiling Curative Schools LtdHouse garden etc76103
26 Castle StreetDennis J MatthewsDennis J MatthewsHouse6128
Castle StreetRobert MillsRobert MillsCottage3127
28 Castle StreetRobert MillsRobert MillsHouse18126
30 Castle StreetFrederick PearceMrs C G ChampionHouse952
32 Castle StreetBroughton (ER 1954 Dora Braunton), then Mrs R Gough (from 4/7/55)Howard Knight, then Mrs R. GoughHouse926
34 Castle StreetArthur J BargeMrs C G ChampionHouse951
36 Castle StreetEdward SymesThornbury Castle EstateHouse6125
38 Castle StreetMrs B A NelmesThornbury Castle EstateHouse6124
40 Castle StreetHenry S GaleH S GaleHouse6123
42 Castle StreetWilliam EddingtonLeonard PitcherHouse11122
44 Castle StreetThomas Nelmes (to 13/5/55) then Lambert Eardley-Wilmot (from 22/12/55)Exors H E Riddiford, then Lambert Eardley-Wilmot710
46 Castle StreetEdward & Audrey BlasycjykExors H E RiddifordHouse59
48 Castle StreetSidney R. HawkerReps late Mrs LloydHouse48
50 Castle StreetMiss B V GibbinsMrs D M MundyHouse6121
The OrchardElsie M CliffordElsie M CliffordHouse garage & grounds48120
The Chantry, Castle StreetBrian DavidsonBrian DavidsonBuildings4119
The Chantry, 52 Castle StreetBrian DavidsonBrian DavidsonHouse & premises58118
54 Castle StreetThurburn HallGeorge Herbert HallHouse & garage10117
56 Castle StreetS C MossmanS C MossmanHouse & premises18116
Fairfield, 58 Castle StreetJohn P F De SalisJohn P F De SalisHouse, gar. & premises44115
Cossham Hall, Chapel StreetThornbury Parish CouncilThornbury Parish CouncilHall & appurts12368
2 Chapel StreetRobert BayntonRobert BayntonHouse & premises24237
4 Chapel StreetR SalisburyBartlettHouse & premises7238
The Wheatsheaf Inn, 6 Chapel StreetMrs M Ford, then Leslie PowellStroud BreweryLicensed premises42388
8 Chapel StreetJohn BullochJohn BullochHouse484
10 Chapel StreetL BlanchardHawkins BrosHouse485
10A Chapel StreetSidney Wilson (to 26/12/55 (section 10 order closed)Mrs B A WinterHouse389
12 Chapel StreetHarold WeekesMrs B A WinterHouse388
14 Chapel StreetJoseph W TandyMrs B A WinterHouse390
16 Chapel StreetW A James (to 26/9/55), then Mrs B S Trayhurn (from 12/11/55)Mrs B S TrayhurnHouse786
1 Crispin LaneThomas WhiteExors E CullimoreHouse448
Crispin House, 3 (sic) Crispin LaneMrs A. T. HigginsMrs A.T. HigginsHouse, gar. & prems.111152
4 Crispin LaneMrs R WilcoxR TuckerHouse6332
6 Crispin LaneMrs Elsie EllisMrs F TuckerHouse6333
Crispin LaneTucker BrosTucker BrosStables & Coach House6372
Crispin LaneF. PearceMrs W. HigginsBlacksmiths Shop41137
Gillingstool Cottage, GillingstoolRaymond T RugmanRaymond T RugmanHouse6334
Jubilee House, GillingstoolMiss Mabel CooperMiss Mabel CooperHouse15335
GillingstoolMrs F WalkerE Cullimore LtdHouse7467
GillingstoolNorman Hedley (from 12/5/55)E Cullimore LtdHouse7468
GillingstoolHarry A WoodwardE Cullimore LtdHouse7469
GillingstoolRugmanE Cullimore LtdHouse7470
GillingstoolMrs M TilleyE Cullimore LtdHouse7471
GillingstoolWilliam George SmithGeorge J CollinsHouse4495
GillingstoolH E BaileyH E BaileyHouse4496
GillingstoolHenry H LivallC PimmHouse6497
GillingstoolDonald William SmithDonald William SmithHouse6501
The Dingle, GillingstoolJohn HurleyJohn HurleyHouse, garden & premises9506
GillingstoolGeorge TaylorGeorge TaylorHouse7573
GillingstoolWilliam LiddiattA WhiteHouse5574
South View, GillingstoolCharles WilliamsCharles Williams, then Henry J BubbHouse6576
Normandy, GillingstoolGeorge E GroveGeorge GroveHouse14577
GillingstoolLeonard SmithL SmithHouse14578
GillingstoolMiss M C LiddiattM C LiddiattHouse7579
GillingstoolMinnie EylesM EylesBungalow & garage9580
GillingstoolCharles ThomasMinnie EylesHouse5581
GillingstoolArthur PearceExors E Cullimore LtdFarm house Agr. D H6747
Black Horse Inn, GillingstoolMrs Underdown (to 18/10/55) then G C Parsons (from 18/10/55)Stroud BreweryLicensed premises28765
GillingstoolCharles RobertsExors Mrs TrayhurnHouse & shed7925
GillingstoolEdmund Cullimore LtdEdmund Cullimore LtdBrickworks & claypits47981
1 Gloucester RoadMiss D. AllenReps late Mrs WilmotHouse520
2 Gloucester RoadGabriel S Pippett (to 21/12/55), then Terrence C Henderson (from 1/1/56)H W WilliamsHouse & premises30270
3 Gloucester RoadWinifred Ivy Rosser (to 17/8/55), then Mrs M. A. Underdown (from 18/8/55)Reps late Mrs WilmotHouse519
5 Gloucester RoadWoodwardReps late Mrs WilmotHouse418
7 Gloucester RoadMrs M YoungReps late Mrs WilmotHouse417
Old Town Mill, Gloucester RoadThornbury Transport LtdReps G HodgesOffice garage Store & premises20949
6 Gloucester RoadE L J MilesThornbury Transport LtdHouse & premises11778
8 Gloucester RoadPercival H HandReps Late G HodgesHouse11271
9 Gloucester RoadMrs Mabel NorrisMrs M NorrisHouse516
10 Gloucester RoadMrs Sarah OrganReps late G HodgesHouse11272
11 Gloucester RoadErnest H. MonksReps late Mrs WilmotHouse515
12 Gloucester RoadMrs S TuckerH W WilliamsHouse11273
Glenthorne, 13 Gloucester RoadFrederick H BurchellMrs F TuckerHouse22296
Durley, 14 Gloucester RoadMrs Ethel GarnH W WilliamsHouse11274
Heath View, 15 Gloucester RoadMrs E H LaycockMrs F TuckerHouse22295
16 Gloucester RoadWilliam Arthur SelmanWilliam Arthur SelmanHouse11275
Fernleigh, 17 Gloucester RoadA J WoodwardA J WoodwardHouse22294
18 Gloucester RoadGeorge A ExcellGeorge A ExcellHouse10276
Nesdale, 19 Gloucester RoadStanley J BennettMrs F TuckerHouse22293
20 Gloucester RoadExors George A BeardH W WilliamsHouse10277
21 Gloucester RoadHarry JohnsonC DavisHouse & garage19291
Selwood, 22 Gloucester RoadSamuel W G DennisSamuel W G DennisHouse13278
Gloucester RoadH W Williams, then Gloucester County CouncilGloucester County Council (from 1/5/55)garage1279
23 Gloucester RoadDouglas H CudmoreDouglas H CudmoreHouse18290
24 Gloucester RoadLeonard PitcherPitcher BrosHouse & Prems35280
Gloucester RoadEdward W MilesH W WilliamsLand etc6281
25 Gloucester RoadWilliam G. Rabley, then Mrs F.M. RableyReps Mr DavisHouse18289
The Elms, 26 Gloucester RoadEdmund C GraceE.C. GraceMaisonette291218
The Elms, 26 Gloucester RoadMiss Storey (to 31/8/1955)Exors E. Cullimore then E.C. GraceFlat81219
27 Gloucester RoadMrs Alice DavisReps Mr DavisHouse18288
West Shen, 28 Gloucester RoadHelen G GraceExors Edmund CullimoreHouse28298
Greystones, 29 Gloucester RoadJohn A WillisMrs A DavisHouse18292
The Shen, 30 Gloucester RoadMrs HaleyExors Edmund CullimoreHouse35297
Gloucester RoadFrancis H GraceF H Grace (Exors Ed Cullimore Ltd)Wooden Hall3789
Alresford, 31 Gloucester RoadW D ApplebyDavis BrosHouse22287
The Grammar School, 32 Gloucester RoadJohn RouchThe Governors Thornbury Grammar SchoolHouse & garage34282
34 Gloucester RoadH Craik-SmithH Craik-SmithHouse22283
Gloucester RoadH Craik-SmithH Craik-SmithMasons premises & yard5366
36 Gloucester RoadPercy ReevesGloucester County CouncilHouse64
Gloucester RoadSouthmead Hospital Group Man. CommitteeSouthmead Hospital Group Man. CommitteeInfirmary hospital etc451284
The Coombe Gloucester RoadHarry M TrayhurnHarry M TrayhurnHouse22286
The Polish CampG. E. WoodmanTRDCLiving Hut51231
The Anchor Inn, MortonEdgar M AbrahamsCheltenham Hereford BreweriesLicensed premises32766
1 High StreetE W DobsonH W WilliamsHouse shop & premises7189
2 High StreetCecil CookH W WilliamsHouse & shop premises18153
3 High StreetMrs Annie PitcherH W WilliamsHouse shop & premises11190
4 High StreetK R ReeceH W WilliamsHouse26154
Victoria House, 5 High StreetThornbury Social ClubH W WilliamsHouse club shop offices etc59191
Old Registry Office, 6 High StreetThornbury R D C from 2/5/1955Thornbury R D COld registry office12155
High StreetGloucester County Council Fire ServicesThornbury R D CFire station & premises30156
The Old Beehive, 7 High StreetCranbrook Radio LtdH W WilliamsHouse & shop40192
8 High StreetClaude S BrowningClaude S BrowningHouse shop & premises29157
9 High StreetMrs M CullimoreMrs CullimoreHouse & shop30193
White Lion, 10 High StreetBryan S GayGeorge BreweryLicensed premises56380
11 High StreetInternational Tea Stores LtdInternational Tea Stores LtdHouse shop & premises35194
High StreetDr Edgar M GraceDr Edgar M GraceSurgery & prems9158
Park House, 12 High StreetDr Edgar M GraceDr Edgar M GraceHouse garden etc60159
Coronation House, 13 High StreetBernard W RuggB W RuggHouse shop & premises48195
Commercial House, 14 High StreetW J Beaven, then G E WorthingtonW J Beaven, then G E WorthingtonHouse shop & premises58966
Old Town Hall, 14A High StreetW J Beaven, then G E WorthingtonW J Beaven, then G E WorthingtonOffices22967
15 High StreetMiss Gladys BallsMiss Gladys BallsHouse shop & premises11196
16 High StreetVictor YarnoldVictor YarnoldHouse & premises22164
The Swan, 17 High StreetJohn Anthony SandhamSimmonds BreweryLicensed premises62381
Rear of the SwanJohn Anthony SandhamSimmonds BreweryStables and yard7382
18 High StreetFrancis G HopkinsF G HopkinsHouse shop & premises22161
19 High StreetA E Thompson & SonsMrs F GaynorHouse shop & premises24197
20 High StreetS James & A BowyerS James & A BowyerShop restaurant house & prems30163
Seed Supply, 21 High StreetMrs C G ChampionMrs C G ChampionHouse shop & premises26199
22 High StreetPrewett & sonPrewett & sonHouse & premises22165
Warrington House, 23 High StreetCharles H BaldwinMrs F Gaynor, then Bristol Co-Operative SocHouse shop & premises20201
24 High StreetG HugginsG HugginsHouse shop & premises40166
25 High StreetBristol Co-Operative SocBristol Co-Operative SocHouse Shop & premises20202
25 High StreetBristol Co-Operative SocBristol Co-Operative SocHouse shop & premises48203
26 High StreetCharles P SweetCharles P SweetHouse shop & premises40167
27 & 29 High StreetBristol Co-Operative SocBristol Co-Operative SocHouse shop & premises68204
Post Office, 28 High StreetArthur Charles PitcherArthur Charles PitcherHouse & premises20168
30 High StreetJoseph PaveyJoseph PaveyHouse shop & premises17169
31 High StreetWestminster Bank LtdWestminster Bank LtdBank & premises44206
32 High StreetM V MoggMrs L M EdwardsHouse shop workshop & premises22170
33 High StreetC D AshfordC D AshfordHouse shop & premises14207
34 High StreetFrederick SainsburyThornbury Town TrustHouse & yard15171
Belmont, 36 High StreetMrs L DaviesMrs L DaviesHouse & yard17172
37 High StreetH FordH FordShop & premises23208
38 High StreetThurstons, Jolly & BurbidgeThurstons, Jolly & BurbidgePremises20173
39 High StreetArthur D Sluce, then Quality Cleaners from 1/10/55Arthur D Sluce, then Quality Cleaners from 1/10/55House shop & premises26209
40 Close High StreetW.R. WatsonW.R. WatsonHouse, surgeries gar etc481156
41 High StreetMrs E EdmondsMrs E EdmondsShop house & premises34210
Close House, 42 High StreetBrig. G A K MayerThornbury Parish CouncilHouse & garage38176
43 High StreetStanley M WilliamsStanley M WilliamsHouse shop & premises40211
44 High StreetR G HemmingsDr W R WatsonHouse7177
45 High StreetJames Leslie PearceJames Leslie PearceHouse shop & premises35212
46 High StreetWilliam S SimpsonWilliam S SimpsonHouse & yard7178
47 High StreetN J TippittsN J TippittsHouse shop &premises18213
48 High StreetHector GillHector GillHouse8179
49 High StreetMiss Mabel TrayhurnMiss Mabel TrayhurnHouse & premises30214
50 High StreetW G SymesMiss C SymesHouse11180
51 High StreetLionel E RiddifordLionel E RiddifordHouse shop & premises35215
52 High StreetArchibald H SymesA H SymesHouse9181
53 High StreetRowland J HignellH H DentHouse shop & garage18216
54 High StreetFrederick DayExors V Munday (sic)House16182
55 High StreetMiss D ParsonsMiss D ParsonsHouse15218
Over front of cinema, 57A, 57B High StreetThornbury Picture House LtdThornbury Picture House LtdPremises meeting room & two flats42219
57 High StreetThornbury Picture House LtdThornbury Picture House Ltd (Ruth E Rowe)Cinema163390
57 High Street (part)Thornbury Picture House LtdThornbury Picture House LtdConfectionary shop & store room12946
58 High StreetThornbury Nursing Association to 13/6/55, then Raymond Henry Pratt from 23/7/55Thornbury Nursing Association, then Thornbury Town TrustHouse18184
The Exchange Hotel, 59 High StreetMrs Florence L GoreGeorges BreweryLicensed premises46384
59 High Street
Part of the ExchangeMrs F LangcasterGeorges BreweryAssembly rooms & Stables5385
Over garage St Mary StThornbury Branch British LegionMrs F GoreOld Assembly Rooms Living Accommodation7937
60 High StreetHerbert R ChampionMrs C G ChampionHouse18185
61 High StreetMrs Bessie AshleyMrs Bessie AshleyHouse553
62 High StreetFrancis G PhillipsH W WilliamsHouse9186
63 High StreetWilliam H PhillipsWilliam H PhillipsHouse & yard10220
64 High StreetL Williams (to 10/1/56)H W WilliamsHouse6187
Queens Head, 65 High StreetFrederick SmithGeorges BreweryLicensed premises22386
Rosemount, 66 High StreetMrs M G ChambersExors M G ChambersHouse35188
67 High StreetA E Thompson & SonsA E Thompson & SonsHouse shop bakery & premises52198
69 High StreetArthur AllenArthur AllenHouse14221
71 High StreetDorothy K PooleMiss F ChambersHouse & Shop14222
73 High StreetErnest BallErnest BallHouse15223
75 High StreetErnest ShermanJ L PearceHouse11224
77 High StreetR Pearce (from 12/9/55)Miss Kate Sainsbury, then Reginald PearceHouse11225
79 High StreetRobert F BayntunRobert F BayntunHouse11226
81 High StreetFrank A Pennington, then Mrs R PenningtonWilliam WallHouse11227
PoulterbrookExors late M G ChambersHouse6507
The CedarsJohn Gammon Wicks, then Mrs L M WicksJ G Wicks, then Louisa M WicksHouse garage & premises55229
1 Horseshoe LaneWilfred J Parker, then Mrs J Twelvetrees (from 23/8/55)Wilfred J Parker, then Mrs Joyce TwelvetreesHouse841
Myrtle House, 2 Horseshoe LaneMrs E RiddifordMrs E RiddifordHouse14256
Myrtle Cottage, 2 Horseshoe LaneMrs E RiddifordMrs E RiddifordStable & coach house3257
School House, 3 Horseshoe LaneMrs ClutterbuckMrs E RiddifordHouse6255
4 Horseshoe LaneJ BondJ BondHouse783
5 Horseshoe LaneF BondF BondHouse640
6 Horseshoe LaneGloucestershire County CouncilGlos. Joint Board for TuberculosisDispensary780
7 Horseshoe LaneMiss E NealF BondHouse339
8 Horseshoe LaneR P KnightHawkins BrosHouse9251
9 Horseshoe LaneJ TrevelyanClement PimmHouse634
11 Horseshoe LaneF HarrisClement PimmHouse635
13 Horseshoe LaneH. MoormanReps late Mrs WilmotHouse311
15 Horseshoe LaneJohn WhiteReps late Mrs WilmotHouse312
17 Horseshoe LaneJohn WhiteReps late Mrs WilmotHouse313
19 Horseshoe LaneMrs Sarah Mahagan, then Harry MahaganReps late Mrs WilmotHouse314
Horseshoe LaneFrank WilliamsFrank WilliamsStable & coach house3264
Horseshoe LaneP.G. Hawkins & SonsP.G. Hawkins & SonsW/shop, Str. Gar. Yard & Premises23977
Park Lodge, (Park Road)Sheiling Curative SchoolSheiling Curative SchoolHouse75
Castle Lodge, (Park Road)Lewis John GangeMajor Sir Algar HowardHouse564
Castle Lodge, (Park Road)John D RoseMajor Sir Algar HowardHouse565
Pound Cottage, (Park Road)Fred SkuseMajor Sir Algar HowardHouse566
Castle (Park Road)Major Sir Algar HowardMajor Sir Algar HowardCastle premises & grounds8098
School House, (Park Road)Edward A ThurstonArchdeacon of GloucesterHouse9100
The Vicarage, (Park Road)Rev R G RawstorneEcclesiastical CommissionersHouse40101
Old Rectory, (Park Road)A B ThurstonEcclesiastical CommissionersHouse7102
The Manse, 1 Pullins GreenRev B DearyCongregational Trustee DeaconsHouse21330
2 Pullins GreenDonald ReevesDonald ReevesHouse5307
3 Pullins GreenMargaret K RoweMr J F RoweHouse22329
4 Pullins GreenMrs SpillMrs SpillHouse5308
Ivanhoe, 5 Pullins GreenHerbert G PullinHerbert G PullinHouse9300
6 Pullins GreenDorcas CookC H DavisHouse5311
7 Pullins GreenMrs Alice HughesMrs Alice HughesHouse8320
8 Pullins GreenMervyn CheakerC H DavisHouse5312
9 Pullins GreenMrs F HallMrs F HallHouse11321
10 Pullins GreenNorman ClutterbuckC H DavisHouse5313
11 Pullins GreenThomas P KirbyThomas P KirbyHouse9322
12 Pullins GreenAlbert LongC H DavisHouse6314
13 Pullins GreenMrs W. HigginsMrs W. HigginsHouse, shop & premises211136
15 Pullins GreenWilliam Champion (died)Reps late G HodgesHouse11328
17 Pullins GreenGeorge OrdReps late G HodgesHouse11327
19 Pullins GreenMrs E A WilkinsonReps late G HodgesHouse11326
21 Pullins GreenErnest F BiddleReps late G HodgesHouse11325
23 Pullins GreenHerbert BaylissReps late G HodgesHouse11324
25 Pullins GreenWilliam WallReps late G HodgesHouse14318
1 Rock StreetL C SmithL C SmithHouse garage & premises11268
2 Rock StreetFrank PontingReps late Mrs WilmotHouse421
3 Rock StreetFrederick JamesFrederick BishopHouse231
4 Rock StreetFrankWillcoxReps late Mrs WilmotHouse422
5 Rock StreetJack BondFrederick BishopHouse230
6 Rock StreetVictor NealReps late Mrs WilmotHouse423
7 Rock StreetI SmithFrederick BishopHouse232
8 Rock StreetEdgar WilliamsReps late Mrs WilmotHouse424
Rock StreetWilliam ChampionCyril WilliamsStable & Coach House125
9 Rock StreetF Bance (Bunce)Frederick BishopHouse229
10 Rock StreetW G HarrisA W HoneybourneHouse5337
11 Rock StreetR. VowlesMrs J E GaleHouse367
12 Rock StreetWalter RugmanWalter RugmanHouse5336
13 Rock StreetGeorge SmartMrs J E GaleHouse468
14 Rock StreetSamuel LongdenA W HoneybourneHouse6338
15 Rock StreetMrs H BarnesMrs J E GaleHouse469
16 Rock StreetHarry SalisburyExors Luke BallHouse359
17 Rock StreetMrs Sarah CaiseMrs J E GaleHouse470
18 Rock StreetWilliam BartonExors Luke BallHouse360
19 Rock StreetMr A DixonMrs J E GaleHouse471
20 Rock StreetNorman DaleyE F DickersonHouse361
21 Rock StreetPeter W BarnesPeter W BarnesHouse9340
1 St John StreetMrs C M E SealyMrs C M E SealyHouse7309
Slaughterhouse Yard 2 St John StreetA. A. NottTrayhurn BrosHouse161163
St John StreetTrayhurn BrosTrayhurn BrosSlaughterhouse & premises81165
3 St John StreetE A PriceE A PriceHouse10310
4 St John StreetC WilkinsonC WilkinsonHouse shop & bakery premises35303
St John StreetC WilkinsonThornbury Town TrustBuildings & orchard11304
5 St John StreetTom GreenReps G HodgesHouse7315
6 St John StreetC WilkinsonC WilkinsonHouse10305
4 John Street (no 7 St John Street new numbering)H. WardenH. WardenHouse56
8 St John StreetJohn McCleodHawkins BrosHouse10306
3 John Street (no 9 St John Street new numbering)Frank SmithFrank SmithHouse57
11 St John StreetHarry WhiteFrancis WhiteHouse4316
13 St John StreetTucker brosTucker BrosOffice3781
15 St John StreetEmily FoxEmily FoxHouse12317
17 St John StreetHenry PetersWilliam WallHouse733
19 St John StreetRichard H DaggerMajor Sir Algar HowardHouse7319
21 St John StreetCharles StaiteMrs D HaleyHouse744
St John StreetSouth Western Gas BoardExors E. CullimoreShowrooms61099
Over gas showroom, St John StreetMossExors Ed Cullimore LtdFlat11973
St John StreetTucker BrosTucker BrosWorkshop9373
1 St Mary StreetKingTrayhurn BrosHouse9951
St Mary StreetTrayhurn BrosTrayhurn BrosGarage store & premises101164
Old Fire Station, St Mary StreetFrancis G HopkinsH W WilliamsGarage & store6371
The Old Fire Station
2 St Mary StreetMrs ScreenH W WilliamsHouse & yard7240
St Mary StreetFrederick ChurchH W WilliamsLockup garage2246
The Plough Inn, 3 St Mary StreetWilliam George BalsonBristol United BreweryLicensed Premises35389
4 St Mary StreetGrantly C Parsons, then Mrs A AshcroftGrantly C Parsons, then T AshcroftHouse4205
5 St Mary StreetA A GreenA A GreenGarage etc & premises18374
St Mary StreetA. A. GreenExors F.H. GraceWorkshop & garages151064
5 St Mary StreetA A GreenTown TrustPetrol pump & land8376
6 St Mary StreetRogersHawkins BrosHouse942
7 St Mary StreetDora GloinThornbury Town TrustHouse475
8 St Mary StreetMrs M TaylorThornbury Town TrustHouse473
St Mary StreetMrs C G ChampionMrs C G ChampionStable1200
9 St Mary StreetKate Allen, then Mrs E CarverThornbury Town TrustHouse474
10 St Mary StreetW StewartThornbury Town TrustHouse372
11 St Mary StreetMrs Davis, then W ExcellChurch InstituteHouse9247
12 St Mary StreetRonald JenkinsMrs B A WinterHouse496
13 St Mary StreetFather Vincent ?Salvat. Fath. Clifton Roman Catholic ChurchHouse11248
14 St Mary StreetMaurice PoultonMrs B A WinterHouse495
15 St Mary StreetV HarrisThornbury Town TrustHouse476
17 St Mary StreetRobert StaffordThornbury Town TrustHouse477
Warwick House, 19 St Mary StreetL. HawkinsP.G. Hawkins & SonsHouse22975
Llanfoist, 21 St Mary StreetNorman KingC KingHouse workshop petrol tank etc14785
23 St Mary StreetC KingMinnie EylesHouse Shop & garage19784
25 St Mary StreetWilliam Lambert, then Esme & James MurrayExors George Hill, then Esme & James MurrayHouse shop & premises22252
27 St Mary StreetCyril WilliamsCyril WilliamsHouse7253
29 St Mary StreetJohn ScreenHoward KnightHouse428
31 St Mary StreetJesse G PerkinsHoward KnightHouse427
33 St Mary StreetJack CollinsClement PimmHouse579
35 St Mary StreetClement WilliamsClement WilliamsHouse6254
37 St Mary StreetCharles RobertsF H GraceHouse582
39 St Mary StreetArthur HillF H GraceHouse581
41 St Mary StreetRichard LansdownA W HoneybourneHouse6255
43 St Mary StreetJohn Arthur DaleyMrs Phyllis MillsHouse658
45 St Mary StreetMiss M LiddiattMrs Phyllis MillsHouse7256
47 St Mary StreetReginald Pearce (to 18/9/55), then W James from 26/9/55Joseph DavisHouse762
49 St Mary StreetThurtleJoseph DavisHouse563
51 St Mary StreetJoseph DavisJoseph DavisHouse6257
53 St Mary StreetW H SalisburyS H SalisburyHouse & shop premises15258
55 St Mary StreetHenry SkuseWilliam LeggeHouse7259
57 St Mary StreetP McLaughlinF H GraceHouse7260
59 St Mary StreetGeorge H Roberts (to 6/8/55)G H Roberts, then J. L. JuddBakery & Coach House7261
59 St Mary StreetGeorge H Roberts (to 6/8/55)G H Roberts, then J. L. JuddHouse11262
St Mary StreetThornbury Picture House LtdW H DentCycle store stable & yard7217
61 St Mary StreetHarry Trayhurn (to 12/11/55)George H Roberts, then J. L. JuddHouse656
St Mary StreetJoseph PaveyThornbury Town TrustStable (garage)278
1 Saw Mill LaneExors E CullimoreHouse445
2 Saw Mill LaneWilliam TaylorExors E CullimoreHouse546
4 Saw Mill LaneWilliam Holpin jrExors E CullimoreHouse447
6 Saw Mill LaneE. Cullimore LtdE. Cullimore LtdOffice & store51100
Timber Works, Saw MillsEdmund Cullimore LtdEdmund Cullimore LtdSawmills appurtenances etc69404
1 Silver StreetWilliam TaylorH W WilliamsHouse9231
The Barrel Inn, 2 Silver StreetGeorge F FordCheltenham Hereford BreweryLicensed Premises32387
The Chippings, 3 Silver StreetWilliam LiddiattWilliam LiddiattHouse & premises35232
5 Silver StreetThomas AshcroftThomas AshcroftGarage & premises3339
Empire House, 5 Silver StreetT. H. AshcroftT.H. AshcroftShop, w/shop Har. Hse etc291140
7 Silver StreetHawkins BrosHawkins BrosOffice & shop9235
Soapers LaneC. HugginsC. HugginsGarage3263
Soapers LaneVictor YarnoldVictor YarnoldLock up garage & garden2162
1 The PlainDavid J Matthews, then Roy D MatthewsFred Church, H W WilliamsHouse shop & premises31151
2 The PlainFred ChurchFred ChurchHouse & premises13150
3 The PlainS H DearingExors A E BeavenHouse & premises32149
4 The PlainD W PearceH W WilliamsHouse & premises24148
5 The PlainTrayhurn BrosTrayhurn BrosButchers shop & premises3052
6 The PlainMiss Rose SymesMiss Rose SymesHouse & premises25269
Royal George, 7 The PlainWilliam Charles EvansSimmonds BreweryLicensed Premises38379
8 The PlainR A Lister & CoR A Lister & CoHouse & premises27147
9 The PlainHowes, Luce Williams & CoHowes, Luce Williams & CoHouse & premises19146
10 The PlainMrs L Gaynor, then S H GaynorMrs L Gaynor, then S H GaynorHouse21145
11 The PlainHoward KnightHoward KnightHouse16144
12 The PlainCrossman & CoCrossman & CoHouse & premises32143
13 The PlainE SaveryE SaveryHouse & premises44142
14 The PlainS. Gayner, then Mrs M SmithS. GaynerHouse, shed & prems171240
14A The PlainH.G. ClarkeS. GaynerShop & prems151241
15 The PlainE H IlesMrs F GaynorHouse & shop12140
16 The PlainNational Provincial Bank, The Old BankNational Provincial BankHouse & bank premises82152
1 Upper Bath RoadJohn BlenkinsoppTRDCHouse prems & garage123
2 Upper Bath RoadAlfred TillMrs B A WinterHouse491
3 Upper Bath RoadFrederick Norman ColeF N ColeHouse1038
4 Upper Bath RoadStanley TaylorMrs B A WinterHouse492
Streamleaze, 5A Upper Bath RoadA. BillettA. BillettHouse & premises737
6 Upper Bath RoadMrs BillettMrs B A WinterHouse493
7 Upper Bath RoadEdward H CollinsEdward CollinsHouse336
8 Upper Bath RoadReginald VowlesMrs B A WinterHouse494
9 Upper Bath RoadMrs G HopkinsMrs G HopkinsHouse7342
10 Upper Bath RoadHarry WilsonJ L EdwardsHouse787
12 Upper Bath RoadElias SmithReps late G. HodgesHouse51
14 Upper Bath RoadMrs Ellen DavisReps late G. HodgesHouse32
Opposite Thornbury MarketG H DawesG H DawesOffice & stores9236
16 Upper Bath RoadReginald W GregoryH W WilliamsHouse3341
Raglan CastleTRDCTRDCLorry shed & yard8369
Raglan CastleTRDCTRDCMarket buildings75370
Station HouseE W BrayRailway Executive Western RegionHouse11228
The Hollow, KingtonMrs D PearceMrs D PearceHouse16516