Thornbury Poor Rate 1769

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Mrs Elizabeth Crowther260.5
Mrs Sarah Wetmore4
William Pitcherfor his dwelling house1
Mr Edward Matthewfor the Chantry8
Alice Vaughanfor her dwelling house late Webb’s2
Ann Clarkfor her dwelling house1
Mr George Rolphfor his dwelling house1
Jonathan Bartonfor late Always now the Society of Quakers7.5
Daniel Thurstonor tenant John Lewis1.25
Hannah Brutonfor late Gibbs1.75
William Hitchingsor tenant George Motley1.5
Elizabeth Bennettor tenant John Cossham0.75
Solomon Smithfor the burnt orchard0.5
John Johnsonor tenant for late Wilkin’s5.5
John Putleyfor part0.5
Charles Kingstonfor Mabbots15
Theophilus Lewisfor Sharpleys2
Theophilus Lewisor tenant William Lippiatt1.5
Jonathan Bartonfor Nuppfields at Kington1
George Cosshamor tenant for Oldfields at Crossways1
Anthony Wisse1.5
William Adamsfor late Davis’s4
Mary Trayhurn widow2.5
Jonathan Barton2.5
Thomas Clarkfor late Bartons4
George Cosshamfor part of Parkers1
Simeon Tompkinsfor part of Bartons2
George Hewettor tenant Thomas Webb2
Elizabeth Tyson widowor tenant2
blank Hewett widowor tenant Jno Niblett1
John Wadefor part1
Richard Williamsfor late Mill’s0.5
Martha Osbornefor Greenfields1.5
William Bigleyfor part1
Thomas Sparksfor his dwelling house1
Thomas Hendy2.5
Mr John Marshfor Stone’s2.5
Mr William Turtonfor part or tenant John Fewster1.75
Mr William Turtonfor part or tenant William Wisse1.75
Mr Kingor tenant for Thurstons8.5
John Longmanfor part2.75
William Colefor late Clark’s Thurstons Orchard0.5
George Cosshamfor Mapsons1
Thomas Clarkfor Corner Croft1
Mr John Rudgefor part of Wilkins0.5
Elliot Marshor tenant Elizh Tyson for the Tanhouse11
Rachel Symondsfor late Always0.75
Thomas Clarkfor his dwelling house2
William Clarkfor late ?Hudes0.75
Thomas Simsor tenant Susanna Ward1
Mary Bennett widowfor late Glovers15
Richard Scarlett’s Heirsfor late Eleys1.5
Edward Hulbertfor part2
Mr Ralph Grovefor late Jacobs2
William Greenwood2
George Motleyor tenant for Mabbots1
Joseph Hulbertor tenant William Cowley1.5
John Hughesor tenant Joseph Taylor1.5
Thomas Sparksfor Hamptons1
Nathaniel Bartlettfor Ogborn’s0.75
John Grove Snr0.5
William Wiltonfor late Leonards3
The Lordor tenant Daniel Fowler for the Paddocks Lords2
Mr John Salmonfor late Groves1.5
Mr John Salmonfor late Raymonds2
Mr John Salmonfor Cobb Hall0.75
Mr John Salmonfor Harrises1.5
blankfor late Scotts late Hulberts1.5
Mr John Marshor tenants for late Neats,? Neasts4
Peter Parkfor late Thurstons1.25
Charles Hughes’s Heirs0.5
John Cullimorefor late Motleys0.25
William Reedfor late Prices1
Mr Robert Boyor tenant Benjamin Pain2.5
Nicholas Cornockor tenant John Salmon for late Linkes2.5
Thomas Coxfor late Powells1.5
William Taylor Jnrfor late Blanches2.25
George Cosshamfor Whiteheads or tenant Hester ?Cox0.5
Bradley Smithor tenant William Grove2
The Lordor tenant Matthew Meredith for the Swan Inn7
Mr John Salmonfor the Shambles & Toll6
Mr James Vaughanfor the Coomb & Little Blakes2.75
The Lordor tenant for Shewley Leaze2
The Lordor tenant for Quarry Leaze2.5
Thomas Childfor the Old Tavern4.5
Mr John Rudgefor late Cookseys1.5
Robert Pountneyor tenant for the George Inn3.5
Henry Weare Esqor tenant John Fewster2
Bradley Smithor tenant John Taylor2
Robert Shipwayfor the Paddocks1.75
Mrs Rogersor tenant Widow Leonard511.25
Mr Bartlett’s Heirsor tenant William Adams18
William Withersfor the Lord’s House2.25
Mr Edward Matthewfor late Hill’s late Gayner’s1
James Millsfor Pontins Mr E Matthew1.5
John Pickfor the Parsonage110.5
Mr Edward Matthewfor late Brutons (NB CROSSED OUT)0.75
Mr Brutonor tenant Joannah Stone (NB CROSSED OUT)1.5
Thomas Sparksfor late James’s1
Timothy Childfor late Smith’s1
Hannah Brutonor tenant for Croom’s0.5
Thomas Nealefor his dwelling house1
Robert Pountneyfor the Horse Shoe2
Thomas Sparksor tant Solomon Smith for late Hobb’s1
Benjamin Leachfor late Tanners1
Richard Williams0.5
Solomon Smithfor the Lord’s next to Sibland0.75
John Lewisor tenant Richard Collins3
Mr George Rolphor tenant Hugh Cleverly for Shipleys1
Mr Vokinsor tenant George Thomas1
Joseph Champneys1.25
Mr Ralph Grovefor Blays0.5
William Pountneyor tenant for the Red Heart0.75
Mr George Rolphfor Awkleys ? Arbleys1
Joseph Hudsonor tenant for part0.5
Elizabeth Ricketts1
George Cosshamfor his dwelling house1
George Cosshamor tenant1
Mr Thomas Webb’s Heirsor tenant1
John Swanley’s Heirsor tenant William Davis1
Hugh Greenfieldor tenant John Davis4
John Smithor tenant1
Thomas Clark1
Benjamin Piercefor late Swanleys0.5
Daniel Pitcherfor late Powells3
Thomas Shillor tenant John Shill1
Widow Corpor tenant1
Mr John Rudgeor tenant for late Hendys1
Thomas Clarkor tenant Robert Pountney1
Thomas Clarkor tenant William Clark1.5
Susannah Barrow2
Richard Williamsfor late Webbs0.5
Mr John Marshfor Cannings2.5
William Clarkfor late Hewetts1
John Grove? T Hendy for part0.25
Richard Hobbyfor Worgan Well Paddock0.25
John Shepherd’s Heirs1.75
John Salmon Jnrfor late Clarks0.25
Mr Gardeneror tenant1.75
Robert Shipwayfor Bird Leaze2.5
Mr Edward Matthewfor Daggs1.5
Benjamin Addis3
Widow Span2.5
Richard Collinsfor late Powells0.5
Joseph Saundersfor late Tompkins2
Mary Binghamfor Bakers Paddock1.25
John Rudgeor tenant Mary Vowls1
Mr George Rolphfor late Always1.5
Elizabeth Gilliamfor late Ogborns0.5
John Grove1.5
Jonathan Bartonfor late Davis’s5
John Stonefor late Hawksworths3
James Knappfor Worgan Well Leaze the Lord’s1.5
John Hughesor tenant Joseph Taylor0.5
Ann Caddyor tenant1
Mr Henry MarshPidgeon House Close2
William Powell1
John Grovefor part of Parkers1.5
Samuel Musgravefor the school late West’s3.5