Charitable Bequests

These boards can be seen on the wall of the Choir Vestry at the western end of the Church.

1580 JOHN SLIMBRIDGE gave Houses and Lands to the Poor of the Borough of Thornbury amounting to 11L. 19S. per annum
1594 WILLIAM WHITE gave an Annuity of 17S. 4D. per annum to the Poor of the said Borough
1594 CATHARINE RIPPE gave an Annuity of 3S. 4D. per annum to the Poor of the said Borough
1620 JOHN HILPE gave an Annuity of 2L. 12S. per annum to the Poor of the said Borough
1673 JOHN JONES gave an Annuity of 5S. per annum to the Poor of the said Borough
N.B. The above Charities are under the management of the Corporation of the said Borough
1606 JOHN JONES gave a House and Garden and also a Paddock for the Endowment of a Free-School in Thornbury
1642 WILLIAM WHITE  gave a Messuage and a Paddock to the said School
1648 WILLIAM EDWARDS  gave a Messuage and Garden, and also a Paddock to the said School; and other Messuages, for other charitable purposes


1620 SIR JOHN STAFFORD founded an Alms-House in the Borough of Thornbury, for six single poor persons, and endowed it with 10L. per annum
1723 WILLIAM STEPHENS of Littleton-upon-Severn, gave an Annuity of 20L. per annum, to the Poor of this Parish, not receiving Parish-Alms
1729 MRS JANE RUSSELL, of Oldbury, gave 120L. the Interest thereof to the Poor of this Parish, not receiving Parish-Alms
1729 JOHN ATTWELLS, of this Town, Gent. gave 800L. to endow a Free-School, for educating the poor Boys and Girls of the Town of Thornbury, in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Sewing and Knitting; and for other charitable purposes.
1808 KINGSMILL GROVE, of this Town, Gent. gave 500L. the Interest thereof to be paid to a Lecturer, to read Prayers & preach a Sermon in this Church, once every Sunday.
1813 WILLIAM REED, late of this Town, Gent. by his Will dated 3rd June 1813 gave 226L. 13S. 4D. Stock to the Infirmaries of Bristol and Gloucester on condition that the Mayor of Thornbury be entitled to nominate 2 Patients annually to each Institution


1839 JOHN HARVEY OLNEY, left 200L. to the Vicar and Church-Wardens of Thornbury, the Interest to be expended Annually in Coals and Blankets for the deserving Poor.
1901 JULIA FANNY WHITE, Daughter of WILLIAM ROLPH, of this Town, gave 500L. the Interest on which sum to be applied at the discretion of the Vicar and Church-Wardens, for the Assistance of poor persons living in the Parish of Thornbury being members of the Church of England

Go, and do Thou likewise.

Luke, Chap 10th : Verse 37th

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