Memorials inside St Mary’s Church

The Church has many monuments and tombstones within the Church building.  Many of these are visible today.  Most however have disappeared or are no longer legible.  Fortunately records were made of the inscriptions at various times in the past, the earliest by Ralph Bigland who made a record of 17th and 18th century inscriptions.  We have used these records to compile this database.

We have attempted to locate the various monuments mentioned, taken photographs and checked the details where possible.  We have found a considerable number of significant errors between the text shown on the monuments and the text recorded in the old documents and we have corrected these entries in this database.  Where there is no visible record for checking, we have used the ‘Bigland’ version.

We have also included Bigland’s description of Arms and Crests etc, as we have no knowledge of that field.

Inscriptions are organised by surname, duplicating entries where more than one surname appears in the inscription. Please click on the initial letter of the surname you require on the sidebar shown on the left of this page.  If there is a thumbnail image alongside an inscription, you can click on the thumbnail to view a  photo of the memorial.