St Mary’s Memorials B


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South Wall Barry of 10 argent and az. And 6 Escutcheons sable 3, 2, 1, each charged with a lion rampant of the first …Cecill.

Near this place lyeth interred ye Body of John Baker of this parish, Gent, who departed this life, Febr. ye 14th 1676. Aged 80 years.  Also the Body of William Baker of this parish, clothier, son of ye abovesaid John Baker who departed this life Febr. 26th 1719 aged 80 years.  Likewise his two wives Jane and Lucretia, and four of his children, Sarah, Mary, Joseph and Grace.  Also here lyeth ye Body of Mary Higgins, grand daughter of ye above said John Baker, who died January ye 28 1708. Aged 54 years.

South Wall Arms ; “quarterly : “sable and argent,” in the first and fourth, three mullets of the second.  Crest ; a swallow volant.

In memory of JANE the wife of John Baker, Gent. and daughter of Richard Newman, Gent, who had issue by the said John Baker, 13 children, 11 of which survived her.  She was buried 20th Octob. 1646.  As for life and conversation, she imitated her parents in virtue, was constant in her love to her husband, tender to her children, provident in her family, charitable to all and zealous in God’s service which crowneth the rest.  The said John Baker hath at his last farewell erected (at the place where he first brought and last left her).  This monument: Hoc tumulo inclusa virtus pietas perennant mors licet eripuit, fama superstes erit.”

Chancel Sacred to the Memory of John Barton, of Kington in this Parish, Gent, who departed this Life 5th Novr. 1827 aged 77 years.

Also of John, his son, who died Febr. 25th 1821 in the 28th year of his age and was buried in Aldersgate Church, London.  Also Susanna, Relict of John Barton Gent departed this Life Febr. 11th 1855 aged 81 years.
Also George, their son who died at Bevington in the parish of Berkeley Aug. 21st 1846 in the 40th year of his age.

Also Thomas their son of Kington who departed this life the 12th day of Aug. 1869.  Aged 75 years and was interred in the Churchyard Oldbury Aug. 18th.

In Memory of  John  Barton of Kington Gent died November 5th 1827 Aged 77 years
Chancel (brass) Here lyeth the Body of Richard Giles of Kington, Gent, who died the 25th Decr. 1714.  Age 76.

In memory of Sarah, widow of Thomas Barton, and daughter of Richard and Ann Giles, late of Kington, Gent who died 26 day of July 1788. Aged 74 years.

Middle aisle Near this Place are deposited the remains of Henry Cotten, son of Henry and Ursula Cotten, of the City of Bristol, who deceased September the 10, 1775. aged 27 years.

Also George, son of the above Henry and Ursula Cotten who deceased May 24 1778. Aged 17 years.  Likewise Margaret, Daughter of Nevill Bath and Lydia Bath, and Grand Daughter of Henry and Ursula Cotten, who deceased September 1, 1775, aged 3 months.

South Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the Body of Mrs Frances Deering, Relict of Francis Deering, Esqr, Barrister- at- law, and eldest daughter of the Right Revd. Doctor William Beaw, sometime Bishop of Landaff.  She died May the second 1743, in the 78 year of her age.
Stafford Chapel floor Arms: “argent, a chevron sable between three mullets Gules, Willis, impaling Azure a Griffin segrant per fess Argent and Or, within a border engrailed Ermine, Walker”.  (Atchmant against South Wall, the same Arms Crest and Mottto).  

Under this Stone lies ye Remains of the Revd. Thomas Willis, Batchelor of Physick, who was Vicar of this Parish twenty years and Rector of Rockhampton about seven years.  Married with Ann Walker, granddaughter to Thomas Lushington, of Sittingborn in Kent, by whome He had three sons, who all lie buried in this Vestry.  He was grandson to William Beaw, Lord Bishop of Landaff, first cousin to John, Lord Arundel, at whose death the Parish and all the poor, have just reason to lament.  He departed this Life, 26 June 1748.  Aged 50.

Stafford Chapel Beneath this Marble lieth the Body of JANE, LADY ARUNDELL, Dowager Baroness of Trerise in Cornwall, and one of the daughters of the Right Reverend Dr. William Beaw sometime Lord Bishop of Landaff, interred June 23rd 1744

I look for the Lord: my soul doth wait for him: in his word is my Truth
Psalm 130 verse 5

North Wall To the Memory of William Bell, late of this parish, (son of John and Mary Bell), of Tortworth in this county, and nephew of Mr. Edward Mathew, whose remains are interred near this Place).  He departed this Life, the XlV of March MDCCXCVl, aged LlX years.
North Aisle To the Memory of Anna Bedggood, eldest daughter of Nicholas Bedggood, Gent, and of Anne his wife, who died the third day of August, in the year of Our Lord 1735, aged eleven years and eight months.
Chancel floor Sacred to the Memory of Mrs Martha Bendysh, daughter of Sir John Bendysh, Bar. of Steeple Bumpstead, in Essex, who lies deposited under this Marble.
Weary’d with Care, and Tir’d out with Grief,
In this Assylum I have found Relief,
I here Enjoy a most Profound Repose,
No longer Ruffl’d by my Friends nor Foes.
Long I had left the World and all that’s Great,
To Enjoy my Friend in a Remote Retreat.
Thus Peace and Quiet’s all I did pursue,
But ‘till Entomb’d, was what I never knew.
The World with Censures treated ill by Name,
And for my Friendship, Loaded me with blame,
But whilst g’t David’s Friendship was my Guide,
I hop’t for Pity. Tho ever met with Pride.
With Base Insults from these that never knew,
What is to Vows and Sacred Friendship due.
North Wall Arms: “Sable, a chevron Argent between three eagles displayed Or, on a chief of the third, three martlets gules,”… Raymond.
Crest: “a seal’s head and neck erased proper”.
In the Church Yard behind this Monument are deposited the Remains of William Raymond of Sibland in this parish, Esqr. who died 14 April 1756.  Aged 57 years.
He married Mary, daughter of Jacob Vanderesch, of Hague, in the Province of Holland, Esqr.  By whom he had Elisabeth, wife to Mr. Ralph Grove, of the Borough of Thornbury.
By Mary, his next Wife, third daughter and coheir of Philip Hampton, of Westbury in the Forest of Dean, And Anne, his wife, daughter and coheir of Thomas Symons, of Cleer-well in this County, Esqr.  He had Issue Five Sons and Six Daughters, of whom Six lie buried with their Mother, at Westbury: Two, Philip and Anne, with their father.

The Survivors,
Mary, wife of Richard Bigland, of Frocester in this county, Florence Raymond, and Thomas Raymond, from Duty and Affection have erected this Monument to the Memory of the deceased. AD. 1770.

“Arms at the bottom in the middle blank, on the Dexter side Raymond, impaling:- Per fess Or and azure, two carpenter’s squares interlaced points upwards, and in base an estoil all Counterchanged ……. Vanderesch.
On the sinister side Raymond impaling: “Argent, a chevron gules between three Cinque foils Az. Hampton.

North Wall Sacred to the Memory of Ann Raymond, Florence Raymond , Mary Bigland, Sophia Raymond who died (note there are 3 dates given against the 4 names – Dec 26 1741, June 17 1789 and August 14 1792 and only ages – aged 16 and aged 18 – see photo)

This Monument is erected according to the directions left by their brother Thomas Symons late of the Meend Park in Herefordshire Esq. who departed this life on the 6 of Nov 1818 aged 74 years and was buried in the Parish Church of Much Dewchurch in the same County. He was the son of William Raymond formerly of Sibland in this Parish Esq. deceased and took the name of Symons on succeeding to the Meend Estate.Also to the Memory of Philip Raymond brother of the said Thomas Symons who died 26 Aug 1769 aged 21 years.
Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Mary, the daughter of John Brinkworth, who departed this life ye 5 day of November Anno Do. 1695.  Aetatis suae 9.

Momento mori.
Mors incertarum rerum certissima cunctis incertum quando.
Certum aliquando mori.

Here lyeth the Body of Richard Webb, of Keinton in the parish of Thornbury, who departed this life the 18th day of October Anno Do. 1715 aged 64 years.

Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Mary, the wife of John Brinkworth, daughter of Susannah White, who departed this life, the 17 day of July Anno Dom. 17…..
Middle Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the body of Thomas Brock of the City of Bristol, yeoman, who departed this life, the 25th day of March Anno Domini 1731.  Aetatis suae 84.

Also Here lyeth the Body of Mary, the wife of the abovesaid Thomas Brock, who departed this life, ye 10th day of October 1739, in the eightieth year of her age
Obiit 27th September, 1710.