St Mary’s Memorials D


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South Wall Sacred to the Memory of Cornelia D’Arville, who died August 9th 1845. 

Also of The Revd. George D’Arville, who died July 9th 1853, aged 85, whose children George and Frederick are buried near. 

His daughter, Katharine, wife of George Hancock, of South Bank, Weston daughter of the Revd George D’Arville died March 27th 1867, aged 70 years.

Blessed are the pure in hearts.

Stafford Chapel Sacred to the Beloved Memory of the Rev. F.L. D’Arville, B.A. for 15 years curate of this parish.  His sincere, but unaffected piety, his kind and gentle behaviour secured to him the respect, and attachment of all ranks: and the recollection of his ministry will long be cherished in this place. 

He fell on sleep August 23rd 1842 aged 40 years.
Resting his hope on the Rock of Ages, declaring with his latest accents the atonement of Christ was “All in all.”

His mortal remains, at his own request, repose in the same grave with those of his elder brother. G. S. D’Arville M.R.C.S. who died January 10. 1823.

This tablet is erected by one to whom he ever shewed a brother’s love and who considers it one of the greatest blessings vouchsafed to him by God to have enjoyed with him for 23 years an uninterrupted friendship

Cross Aisle Under this stone lyeth the Body of Sarah, the wife of John Tayer of Kington, Gent, and daughter of Phillip Davies, of Nettleton, in the county of Wilts, Gent, who departed this Life, August the 5th Anno Domini 1726.  Aetatis suae 70.

Also under this Stone lyeth the Body of Mary, the daughter of John and Sarah Tayer of Kington in this Parish, who departed this Life, January the 6th and was buried the 10th A.D. 1697.  Aetatis suae 21.

And also here lyeth the Body of Sarah Osborne, daughter of the above-said John Tayer, Gent, and Sarah his wife, who departed ye Life, February the 27th 1749.  Aged 71 years.

South Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the Body of Mrs Frances Deering, Relict of Francis Deering, Esqr, Barrister- at- law, and eldest daughter of the Right Revd. Doctor William Beaw, sometime Bishop of Landaff.  She died May the second 1743, in the 78 year of her age.
Chancel Here lyeth the Body of Joseph Glover, who died in the Lord on December the 2nd Anno Dom. 1715.  Aged 63 years.
J.G. 1715

Also under this stone lyeth the Body of Margaret, the wife of the above said Joseph Glover, who departed this Life, in the year of our Lord 1722.  Aged 80 years.

And also under this stone lieth the Body of Anne, the wife of Peter Dore, of this Town, Apothecary, and daughter of the above said Joseph and Margaret Glover, who departed this Life, January the 13th 1755.  Aged 72 years.

South Wall Sacred to the Memory of Edward Doward, of Alveston, Innholder, whose remains lie interred on the South side of the Tower of this Church.  He died on the 14th of November 1797 in the 39th year of his age.

Also of Betty his widow who died February 1833 aged 83 years.