St Mary’s Memorials H


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North Wall Arms: “Sable, a chevron Argent between three eagles displayed Or, on a chief of the third, three martlets gules,”… Raymond.
Crest: “a seal’s head and neck erased proper”.
In the Church Yard behind this Monument are deposited the Remains of William Raymond of Sibland in this parish, Esqr. who died 14 April 1756.  Aged 57 years.

He married Mary, daughter of Jacob Vanderesch, of Hague, in the Province of Holland, Esqr. by whom he had Elisabeth, wife to Mr. Ralph Grove, of the Borough of Thornbury. By Mary, his next Wife, third daughter and coheir of Philip Hampton, of Westbury in the Forest of Dean, And Anne, his wife, daughter and coheir of Thomas Symons, of Cleer-well in this County, Esqr.  he had Issue Five Sons and Six Daughters, of whom Six lie buried with their Mother, at Westbury: Two, Philip and Anne, with their father.

The Survivors,
Mary, wife of Richard Bigland, of Frocester in this county, Florence Raymond, and Thomas Raymond, from Duty and Affection have erected this Monument to the Memory of the deceased.  AD. 1770. 

Arms at the bottom in the middle blank, on the Dexter side Raymond, impaling:- “Per fess Or and azure, two carpenter’s squares interlaced points upwards, and in base an estoil all Counterchanged …….” Vanderesch. On the sinister side Raymond impaling: “Argent, a chevron gules between three Cinque foils Az.” Hampton.

Stafford Chapel Here Restethe the Bodi of Henry Harrys, Yeomane, who waiteth for a Resurrection to Glori, who deceased the 19 day of July Anno Domini 1600.

Here lyeth the Body of Phillip Harris, Yeoman, who deceased vi day of July 1648

Middle Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the Body of Mary, the wife of George Harvest, who departed this life Sept. the 11th Anno Domi. 1718. aged 26 years.
Momento Mori

Also here lyeth the Body of Thomas Hobbs late of T….clothier who was buried the 10 day of November 1737. ………..Thomas Hobbes…….buried the … of December A. D. 1737, aged 11months 22 days.
Middle Aisle (brass) Here lyeth the Body of Sarah Hayward, wife of Richard Hayward, tanner, who departed this life 16th of April in the year of Our Lord 1779.  Aged 30 years.
Middle Aisle Here rest the Bodies of Thomas Haywood, and Jane, his wife.  He departed this Life November 27th and She the 8th of December 1702.
Middle aisle (brass) Here resteth the Body of John Hayward, who departed this life December the 17, Anno Doni. 1727. aged 65 years.
Nave In Memory of  John Hayward of this Parish yeoman who died the 17th day of June in the 71st year of his age. 

Also of Sarah his wife who died 10th day of December 1787 in the 77th year of her age. 

Chancel Here lieth the Body of John Hayward son of John Hayward late of Morton in this Parish Gent, by Sarah his wife who departed this life March 12 1794.  Aged 59 years.

Also under this Stone lieth the Body of Sarah the daughter of the above-said John and Sarah Hayward who departed this Life November the 13th 1802 aged 62 years.

Also in memory of Elizabeth the wife of Robert Haywood of Morton in this Parish who departed this life the 31st day of March 1819, aged 75 years.

Brass Plate To the Memory of Richard Hayward gent (of this parish) who departed this life 26th October AD 1822 aged 80
Middle Aisle To the memory of John Webb, Junior of this parish, who died 29th day of September Ano Domi. 1719.  Aetatis suae 25o.

Here lyeth the body of Mary, the daughter of Richard Webb, of Morton, who departed this life, the 24 of January 1695. aged 8 years.

Here lyeth the Body of Martha Hayward, wife of ….Hayward, and daughter of ….Webb, who departed this Life, the 21 day of August 1710.  Aged 22 years.

Stafford Chapel (floor – mostly hidden by pews) Here lyeth the Body of William Gwatkins, late of Thornbury, Gent.  Interred the 21st of December 1626.  Aged 80 years.
Also the Body of Moore Hill late of this parish, Gent, interred the 18 of September 1667. Aged 84 years.
Also the Body of Dorothy, Wife of the said Moore Hill, and eldest daughter of the above said William Gwatkins, who died aged 70 years.

Also the Body of John Hill, late of Brintmarsh, Yeoman, son of Edward and Mary Hill, and grandson of the above named Moore Hill.  He died the 25th of April 1730, aged 67 years.

Chancel Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, wife of John Hill, of Brintmarsh and daughter of John Tayer of Kington, Gent, by Sarah, his wife.  She died the 7th of January 1728, aged 75 years.

Also the Body of John eldest son of the said John and Elizabeth Hill, who died the 20th of July 1692.  Aged one year and three months.

John Champneys, Gent. died the 23 day of October 1754, aged 28 years, and is here interred.

Chancel Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Hill, of Brintmarsh who departed this Life, the 27 day of Sept. 1714.  Aged 24 years and 6 months.
Chancel Here lyeth the Body of Dorothy Thomson, relict of John Thompson, Citizen of London, Linnen Draper.  She was the daughter of Edward and Mary Hill, Brintmarsh and granddaughter of Moore Hill, who lye near this place.  She departed this Life, the 1 day of January 1737.  Aged 70 years.
Chancel Here lyeth the Body of John, second son of John and Elizabeth Hill, of Brintmarsh, who departed this Life, the 16 day of November 1705, aged 10 years and 10 months.

Also Here lyeth the Body of Mary Champneys, Relict of John Champneys, late of Tockington in the Parish of Olvestone, Gent, daughter of the aforesaid John and Elizabeth Hill, who departed this Life the 2nd day of February 1737 aged 43 years.  

An epitaph made by herself and found among her papers after her death.Weep, weep no more my Parents dear, Nor yet despair that I am here, The Glories of this world are vain. And all its gilded pleasures pain. I’ve left the envious world to seek, A Place of Rest among the meek, Where I desire with joyful chear, To meet my dearest brother there, My dear sweet Parents I must leave, To God’s Protection them Bequeath, In hope to see them both again, In heavens Eternall Joys to Reign

Chancel floor Sacred to the memory of Mrs Sarah Hill, of this Town, Spinster, who was the last of the Family of that Name, who for many Generations resided at Brintmarsh in this Parish.

In prospect of a Blessed Immortality. She endured much Infirmity and Pain full sixty Years of her Life, with unexampled patience. Ever ready to relieve the distressed, a great Part of her Income She constantly applied, in Acts of Charity, and by thus disposing the Riches of this World, hath laid up for Herself, a Treasure in that which is to come. 

She departed this Life the 10th day of November 1782 in the 85 year of her age and lies interred with her Ancestors in this Chancel

North Wall (brass) In loving memory Manley Ogden Hopkins, Colonel Royal Artillery, born at Lachine, Canada 23 October 1853.  Died at Portsmouth 29th January 1918 (Afghanistan 1879-80).  Thanks be to God which giveth us this Victory.
Chancel (South Wall) In memory of Sir Algar Stafford Henry Howard K.C.B. K.C.V.O. M.C. J.P. D.L. born 7th August 1880 died 14th February 1970.
Lord of the Manor of Thornbury, Garter Principal, King of Arms, 1944-50
Chancel (South Wall) To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Sir Edward Stafford Howard K.C.B. J.P. D.L., Lord of the Manor of Thornbury
Born 28 November 1851 died 8 April 1916. 
These altar rails were erected in 1938 by his widow and five children
Middle Aisle In memory of John Hicks of the parish of Dursley, Chirurgeon, who died January the 18th 1735.  Aged 74 years
Stafford Chapel In loving memory Violet Ethel Howard beloved wife of Sir Algar Howard K.C.B. K.C.V.O. died 29 February 1960 aged 74.
Stafford Chapel (brass) To the Glory of God and in most loving memory of Rachel Anne Georgiana Howard: this screen was placed here in 1914 A.D. by Edward Stafford Howard, Algar Henry Stafford Howard, Ruth Evelyn Cadogan and Alianore Rachel Talbot-Ponsoby.  
West Wall (brass) In loving memory Charlotte Caroline Georgiana, eldest daughter of Henry Hawes and Lady Catherine Long and wife of Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland and of Thornbury Castle Gloucestershire born at Hampton Lodge in Surrey April 23rd 1823. Died at Ravenstone near Keswick July 24th 1896. 

This tablet is placed here by her six children.
“Ye are come unto Mount Sion and unto the City of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem and to an enumerable Company of angels.  And to the God the Judge of All and to the Spirits of Just Men made perfect to Jesus the mediator of the Covenant” Hebrews Xll:23-24.

West Wall (brass) To the most dear and honoured memory of Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland and of Thornbury Castle in this Parish.  This window and tablet are placed here by his wife and children.  He was born 25th July 1802 and died at th Castle 7th January 1875.
“Thou will shew me the Path of Life in Thy presence is fullness of Joy”. Psalms 16.11
Stafford Chapel In Memory of Joseph Hume of London, formerly of London, Esq., who died Oct. 1846, aged 91 years. Also Catharine Elizabeth, his wife, who died Jan. 24 1847, aged 76. And of George Walter Hume, their eldest son, who died December 14 1832, aged 32.