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North Wall Near this spot are interred the mortal remains of Martha, wife of Colonel Hector Maclaine, and daughter of the late William Osborne, Esquire, of Kington in this parish, born 23rd May 1793.  Died 5th April 1841.

Also the remains of the above named Colonel Hector Maclaine, youngest son of Gillian Mclaine Esqr, of Scallasdale, Isle of Mull, he served in the 64th Regt. in the West Indies and Surinam, joined the 57th Regiment in Portugal in 1811 as Captain, and was present everywhere with Lord Hill’s Division.  He fought at Victoria, Roncesvalles, the Pyrenees, in front of Pampluna, at Nivelle, Tarbes, Orthes and Toulouse.  Besides constant skirmishing, as he was attached to, and frequently commanded the Light Companies of Gen. Byng’s Brigade.  He was wounded and received a medal for his distinguished conduct at Nivelle.  He served afterwards in North America and France.  After the war he resided many years at Kington in this parish, and departed this life the 15th January 1847, aged 62.  Regretted by his friends. That is by all who knew him.

William Osborne Maclaine, of Kington, M.A J.P. D.L. son of the above named Hector and Martha Maclaine, was at Valenciennes, 6th March 1818, and died at Kington 8th September 1906

North Wall To the glory of God and In loving memory of Hector Maclaine, Lieutenant, Royal Horse Artillery, eldest son of William Osborne & Anna Maclaine of Kyneton in this parish.  He was taken prisoner in the retreat from Maiwand after five weeks captivity in the camp of Ayoub Khan, was murdered in the hour of British victory near Candahar on September 1 MDCCCLlll.
This window is erected by his many sorrowing friends
Middle aisle Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, late the wife of Jonathan Trewman and daughter of William Marsh of Morton, who deceased May 12th 1676, aged 32 years.

Also Elizabeth the daughter of Robert and Alice Marsh, who departed this life August 10th 1724. aged 20.

Also here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, the wife of Robert Marsh, and daughter of John Parker of the City of Bristol, Gent, who departed this life Feb. ye 10th 1749. Aged 54 years.

Also Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Marsh who died July ye 25, 1732. Aged 2 years.

Middle aisle Here lyeth the Body of Robert Thurston, senior, who departed this life, the 27th day of March, Anno Domini 1704 aged 84 years.

Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, late Widow of William Marsh, of this Parish , Gent who departed this Life the 30th day of November 1751.  Aged 71years.

Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of John Thurston, son of Robert Thurston, Senior, and Elizabeth, his wife, who deceased the 1st day of February 1691, aged 29 years.

Also here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Thurston, the wife of Robert Thurston, senior, who departed this life the 20th day of February 1702.  Aged ….years and 11 months.

Here lyeth the Body of William Marsh, of this parish, Gent, who departed this life, the 7th day of March 1750. aged 77 years.

Middle Aisle Here lyeth ye Body of John Tanner, Yeoman, of Kington, who died Decembr. ye 3rd 1680.

Allso Mary, his wife, and late wife of Henry Marsh of Morton, who died March ye 10th 1722.  Aetatis suae 72. Momento mori.

North Wall Arms: “Sable a lion rampant Or ….Mathew, impaling Argent, on a bend Vert between six cross crosslets fitchee Gules, three crosiers Or ….Weare.

In memory of Susanna, the wife of Edward Mathew, of this parish, who departed this Life, the 19 day of July 1781, aged 63 years.

Also the aforesaid Edward Mathew, who died the 4th day of Decr. 1788, aged 72 years.

North Aisle In Memory of Susanna, the wife of Edward Mathew of this parish, who departed this Life, 19 day of July 1781. Aged 63 years.  Edward Mathew, 1788.
North Aisle Under this stone lyeth the Body of Sarah Townsend, sister to the above Edward Mathew, who died 7 June 1789.  Aged 58 years.
North Wall To the Memory of William Bell, late of this parish, (son of John and Mary Bell), of Tortworth in this county, and nephew of Mr. Edward Mathew, whose remains are interred near this Place).  He departed this Life, the XlV of March MDCCXCVl, aged LlX years.
Stafford Chapel To the Glory of God and the dearly loved memory of Geraldine Henrietta Townshend Mundy and Hugh Hodgson Gillett M.A., this dossal and curtains were presented to Thornbury Church. E.M.G.G. B.St. J.M.