St Mary’s Memorials N-O

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Cross Aisle Entrance to the vault of the family of NEWMAN of Thornbury Park in this parish  1824
South Wall Arms ; “quarterly : “sable and argent,” in the first and fourth, three mullets of the second.  Crest ; a swallow volant.

In memory of JANE the wife of John Baker, Gent. and daughter of Richard Newman, Gent, who had issue by the said John Baker, 13 children, 11 of which survived her. She was buried 20th Octob. 1646.  As for life and conversation, she imitated her parents in virtue, was constant in her love to her husband, tender to her children, provident in her family, charitable to all and zealous in God’s service which crowneth the rest.  The said John Baker hath at his last farewell erected (at the place where he first brought and last left her).  This monument: Hoc tumulo inclusa virtus pietas perennant mors licet eripuit, fama superstes erit.”

South Wall “Omnium Versatur urna, serius, ocyus
Sors exitura”. Hor.
Sacred to the Memory of Anne Toll, spinster, daughter of Ashburnham Toll Esqr., of Northampton, and Granddaughter of Ashburnham Toll Esqr, of Graywell, in the County of Hants.  She died at Clifton, in the 19th day of September 1824 in the 77th year of her age.
Her nephew Henry Wenman Newman caused this Tablet to be erected, as a tribute to her virtues, and the humble memorial of his dutiful affection.
South Wall Sacred to the Memory of Richard Goodenough Newman, born the 25th August 1851, died the 1st August 1852.  He was the beloved infant son of Lieut. Colonel Henry Wenman Newman (Commandant of the Royal South Gloucestershire Militia) and Frances Margaret Newman of Thornbury Park in this Parish.

Also to the memory of the above Henry W. Newman, D.L. J.P. who died at Cheltenham July 24th 1865 in the 78th year of his age.

South Wall Tumuli Sub Silentio Requiesit
(De Vivario De Thornbury In Hac Parochia)
Ex Natalibus Antiquis, Ortus: Homo Pervitam
Apud Superiores, Aestimatus, Inter Aequales
Honoratius, Dilectus In Suos
Obiit 29 Die Septembris A.D. 1829 Aetatis Ejus 77.
Neque De Grizel Ejusdem Ricardi Newman Newman
Uxore, Hoc Sileat Marmor: Quae, Cumvidua Longiorem
Tolerarat Vitam, Benigna Tandem Morte Amans
Amantissimo Restitutaest,. Obiit Octavoid Augusti
Die A.D. 1841. Octogesimo Quinto Aetatis Suae Anno.
  South Aisle   Under this stone lyeth the Body of Hester, the wife of William Osborne, of this parish, and daughter of Thomas Linke, of Oldbury upon Seaverne, Gent. by Elizabeth, his first wife who departed this life the 2 day of July 1762, aged 43 years.Marginal inscription:
Susannah, daughter of Thomas Linke, of Oldbury, was interr’d the ….Oct 160…
Cross Aisle   John Osborne son of William and Elizabeth Osborne of Kington died 26th day of January 1789 aged 28 years
Cross Aisle   Edward Tayer of this parish, Gent. Died 31st of Decr. 1724 aged 42 years

Thomas son of William and Martha Osborne of this parish died the 18 day of Decr 1756. Aged 16 years and is here interred

 Mary daughter of William and Martha Osborne died the 24 day of Aprill 1764, Aged 28 years and is interred under the adjoining Stone

Hester wife of Benjamin Addis of this Town and daughter of William and Martha Osborne of this Parish died the 23rd day of April 178..

Cross Aisle   Under this stone lyeth the Body of Sarah, the wife of John Tayer of Kington, Gent, and daughter of Phillip Davies, of Nettleton, in the county of Wilts, Gent, who departed this Life, August the 5th Anno Domini 1726.  Aetatis suae 70.

Also under this Stone lyeth the Body of Mary, the daughter of John and Sarah Tayer of Kington in this Parish, who departed this Life, January the 6th and was buried the 10th A.D. 1697.  Aetatis suae 21.

 And also here lyeth the Body of Sarah Osborne, daughter of the above-said John Tayer, Gent, and Sarah his wife, who departed ye Life, February the 27th 1749.  Aged 71 years.

North Wall (brass)   Here lyeth the Body of John Tayer, Gent, eldest son of John Tayer, of Kington, Gent, and Sarah his wife, who departed this life, the 25th day of October 1703.  Aetatis suae 29o..

Also Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Tayer, Gent, second son of the above named John Tayer and Sarah, his wife, who departed this Life, the 18th day of Aprill An. Dni. 1730. Aetatis suae 53.

And also near this Stone was interred the Body of William Osborne, of this Parish, Gent, who departed this Life, the 5th day of Nov. 1743.  Aged 46 years.

  North Wall   Near this spot are interred the mortal remains of Martha, wife of Colonel Hector Maclaine, and daughter of the late William Osborne, Esquire, of Kington in this parish, born 23rd May 1793. Died 5th April 1841.

Also the remains of the above named Colonel Hector Maclaine, youngest son of Gillian Mclaine Esqr, of Scallasdale, Isle of Mull, he served in the 64th Regt. in the West Indies and Surinam, joined the 57th Regiment in Portugal in 1811 as Captain, and was present everywhere with Lord Hill’s Division.  He fought at Victoria, Roncesvalles, the Pyrenees, in front of Pampluna, at Nivelle, Tarbes, Orthes and Toulouse.  Besides constant skirmishing, as he was attached to, and frequently commanded the Light Companies of Gen. Byng’s Brigade.  He was wounded and received a medal for his distinguished conduct at Nivelle.  He served afterwards in North America and France.  After the war he resided many years at Kington in this parish, and departed this life the 15th January 1847, aged 62.  Regretted by his friends. That is by all who knew him.

William Osborne Maclaine, of Kington, M.A J.P. D.L. son of the above named Hector and Martha Maclaine, was at Valenciennes, 6th March 1818, and died at Kington 8th September 1906