St Mary’s Memorials R


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Chancel In loving memory Canon Robert Gwillym Rawstorne 1907 – 1990.  Vicar of Thornbury 1943 – 76.  Beloved Pastor & Friend
North Wall Arms: “Sable, a chevron Argent between three eagles displayed Or, on a chief of the third, three martlets gules,”… Raymond.
Crest: “a seal’s head and neck erased proper”.
In the Church Yard behind this Monument are deposited the Remains of William Raymond of Sibland in this parish, Esqr. who died 14 April 1756.  Aged 57 years.  He married Mary, daughter of Jacob Vanderesch, of Hague, in the Province of Holland, Esqr. by whom he had Elisabeth, wife to Mr. Ralph Grove, of the Borough of Thornbury.  By Mary, his next Wife, third daughter and coheir of Philip Hampton, of Westbury in the Forest of Dean, And Anne, his wife, daughter and coheir of Thomas Symons, of Cleer-well in this County, Esqr.  He had Issue Five Sons and Six Daughters, of whom Six lie buried with their Mother, at Westbury: Two, Philip and Anne, with their father.

The Survivors, Mary, wife of Richard Bigland, of Frocester in this county, Florence Raymond, and Thomas Raymond, from Duty and Affection have erected this Monument to the Memory of the deceased. AD. 1770.

Arms at the bottom in the middle blank, on the Dexter side Raymond, impaling:- Per fess Or and azure, two carpenter’s squares interlaced points upwards, and in base an estoil all Counterchanged ……. Vanderesch.
On the sinister side Raymond impaling: “Argent, a chevron gules between three Cinque foils Az. Hampton.

North Wall Arms and Crest of Raymond as above.

In memory of William Raymond, late of this parish, Esqr. who died 28th of July 1729, aged 56 years.  Also in memory of Hester, daughter of John Tayer of this parish, Gent, and relict of William Raymond, Esqr.  She departed this life, the 4th of April 1764. Aged 76 years.

Also of Anna the beloved Wife of John Cullimore, grandson of the said Willm. Raymond.  She died 24th Dec. 1806 aged 56.

Notam fac Mihi Salutis viam: tuum enim Vultum semper comitatur summa Felicitas

Ps. Xvl.12.

Also of the said John Cullimore who died the ………

North Wall Sacred to the Memory of Ann Raymond, Florence Raymond , Mary Bigland, Sophia Raymond who died (note there are 3 dates given against the 4 names – Dec 26 1741, June 17 1789 and August 14 1792 and only ages – aged 16 and aged 18 – see photo)

This Monument is erected according to the directions left by their brother Thomas Symons late of the Meend Park in Herefordshire Esq. who departed this life on the 6 of Nov 1818 aged 74 years and was buried in the Parish Church of Much Dewchurch in the same County. He was the son of William Raymond formerly of Sibland in this Parish Esq. deceased and took the name of Symons on succeeding to the Meend Estate.

Also to the Memory of Philip Raymond brother of the said Thomas Symons who died 26 Aug 1769 aged 21 years.
North Aisle Here lyeth the Body of John Raymond, the sonne of George Raymond, Esqr. who deceased the 22 day of October 1651.

Also Anne, the daughter of George Raymond, Esqr. was buried here the 2 day of July 1642

North Aisle William Raymond, 1682.

Mary, his wife, 1715,

Joan the wife of William Raymond their son, 1718.

William, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah and Hester, their children.

North Aisle William Raymond, Esqr. 1729.

Hester Raymond, relict of William Raymond, Esqr. 1764.

North Aisle Under this Stone lye
the Bodies of Charles Raymond, Esqr, son of William Raymond, Esqr, who departed this life the 30th day of June Ano Dom. 1732.  Aged 21 years and eight months.

Mary Cullimore, eldest daughter of William Raymond, Esqr, who departed this life Febr. 22nd 1758 in the 49th year of her age.

And Ann Cullimore, daughter of John Cullimore and the above named Mary, his wife, who died the 1st day of October 1775.  Aged 64 years.

North Wall In memory of Daniel Gingell Esqr. M.D. of this Parish who died Feby. 7th 1860 aged 79.
Also of Anne his wife who died January 29th 1870 aged 88 years.
Also of Mary Raymond their Daughr. widow of William Vawdrey died Oct. 29th 1914.  Aged 95.
Also of Julia Raymond, Daughr. of Daniel Gingell Junr. M.D. died April 18th 1916.  Aged 66.
North Wall Near this Place are deposited the Remains of Ralph Grove, Gent, an eminent Surgeon of this Borough, who died June 14th 1793.  Aged 60 years.

Also of Elizabeth Grove his widow, eldest Daughter of William Raymond Esq. of Sibland in this parish.  She died May 2nd 1811 aged 84 years.

Middle Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the body of Frances, the wife of Robert Reynolds, of this parish, yeoman.  She departed this life, the 3rd day of October Anno Domini 1732.  Aetatis suae 56.

Also near this stone lyeth the Body of the above said Robert Reynolds who departed this life, the 25th day of October 1745, aged 70 years.

Also here lyeth the Body of Mary Humphreys, late of the City of Bristol, Widow and Daughter of the said Robert and Frances Reynolds, who departed this life ye 4 day of May 1764 aged 62 years.

Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Jane, wife of Richard Attwells, of this town, Gent., and daughter of John Ridley of Shrivenham, in the county of Berks., Gent., who departed this life, ye 17 day of June Anno Dom. 1726. Aged 67 years.

Aspice.  A happy mother and a loving wife, Bless’d with content, Liv’d free, From strife, Let none I pray disturb this clay.

South Wall Arms; “Argent a pile in point sable, over all a chevron counterchanged “ …Atwells.  Crest: “A lion rampt. erminois, holding in his paws an annulet.”

In the middle Isle underneath a marble stone Lies with his ancestors, the body of John Attwells, Gent, who died Febr. ye 18th 1729-30, having by his last will dated May ye 16th 1729, (which was prov’d in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury) bequeath’d to this, and other parishes, for charitable Uses, the summe of £1200.  He was the only son and heir of Rich’d Attwells lately of this town, Gent, by Jane his wife, one of the daughters of John Ridley, Gent, formerly of Shrivenham in the county of Berks.  Who are all extinct.

South Aisle Near the Mayor’s Seat (the letters cut deep and near two inches in length)
…………Rippe, the son …..of William Rippe,
Ano Domini 1579.
South Aisle ( Next to above – the letters very deep and about 6 inches long)
W. Rippe  Ano. Do. 1578.
Elizabeth Roberts who died 1809.
Chancel (North Wall) Sacred to the Memory of Colonel Beverley Robinson who died at Bath on the 9th day of April 1792 in the 71st year of his age and was interred in St James Church of that City

And of Susanna, his wife who after a residence in this Town during her widowhood of 30 years died on 22nd November 1822 in the 96th year of her age and was interred in the body of this Church.

This tablet is erected as attribute of affection by their grateful children.

C.C Obit 26th January 1818 Susanna Robinson  died 22nd November  aged 95 years
Cross Aisle Sacred to the Memory of Susanna Maria Robinson daughter of the late Colonel Beverley Robinson died the 9th July 1833 aged 73.
Chancel (North Wall) Sacred to the Memory of Sir William Henry Robinson K. C. H. Commissionary General, fifth son of Col. Beverly Robinson and Susanna his wife.  He departed this life at Bath February the 10th 1836 aged 71 years.
South Aisle John Stratford Rodney, eldest son of the Hon. John and Lady Louisa Rodney, who died at Florence December 28th 1854.  Aged. 53. 

Ellen, his wife, who died July 18th 1873. Aged. 67.

Tollemache Montague Brydges, only son of the above, who died April 24th 1858.  Aged. 11 years..

Chancel Underneath on a white marble gravestone is inscribed: Here lyeth the Body of Richard son and heir to Sir Richard Ashfield, BT, of Nether-Hall in Suffolke by Mary, his wife, eldest daughter, and one of the coheires of Sir Richard Rogers, Knt. who deceased May 17th Anno Dni 1656, Aetat suae Unhappy Losse! nay happy Gaine be’t said, When by Earth’s Loss Heavens Kingdome’s Purchased, Christ’s bloud the Price, God’s word the Evidence

Heaven settles Crownes on Childrens Innocence,.  This Branch soe soone cropt off, earth cast thereon, Adds Turfe to Twig, and gives Possession.  Thy Title’s good, thy Tenure’s capite’ Death past the Fine, Christ the Recoverie

South Aisle Under this Stone lyeth the Body of Anne, the wife of Arthur Aylworth, who departed this Life, the 2nd day of January, Ano. Dom. 1736, aged 42 years.

Also the body of Anne, wife of William Rudge, of the City of Gloucester, and daughter of Arthur and Anne Aylworth, who departed this Life, January 13, 1759. Aged 33