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North Wall Arms: Quarterly 1 & 4 Sable three Salmons haurient Argent. Salmon. 2 & 3 Argent, a lion rampant sable….Mathew. 

To the Memory of Anne Salmon, who died the 20th of January 1789, aged 70 years and is interred in this church. This Monument is erected conformable to the will of Thomas Stokes Salmon, Esqr. (son of John, and the said Anne Salmon, who died in Jamaica the 15th Oct. 1795, aged 51 years).  As a Tribute to his Affection. 

Also of the above John Salmon who died May 8th 1800, aged 83.  He was many successive years Mayor of this Town.

And of their Sons
John who died Dec. 8th 1795, aged 58.

William died August 15th 1794 on his passage from Jamaica.  Aged 50.

Brice Webb died Jan. 15th 1796 in the Island of Cuba aged 50.

Rd. Slade Vicar  from February 1798 to 5th May 1823
South Wall In memory and according to the will of Thomas Smith, late of Moreton, Yeoman; this Marble is erected, who after repeated shocks of a teadious Nervus Disorder, yielded up his breath the 23rd of Jany. 1734, in the 41st year of his age.  Much lamented by his real friends.
South Aisle Near this place lies the Bodies of Harry Smith and Ann, his wife.

Also here lyeth the Bodies of Four sons and one daughter, sons and daughter of Harry and Ann Smith, Harry, and John, Charles, William and Betty.

Cross Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Walter Span, sometime of the City of Bristol, and late of this town who departed this life, the 5th day of October 1753.  Aged 84 years. 

Also underneath this Stone lieth the Body of Jane late Widow of Walter Span above mentioned who departed this life the 1st day of October 177? aged 74 years. 

Under this Stone lieth ye Body of William Cox son of Thomas Cox of Kington Gent by Jane his wife who died December 28th 179?  aged 33 years.

Cross Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, the wife of Walter Span, who died Nov. the 24, 1743.  Aged 31 years.
Chancel (North Wall) Arms: on an Escutcheon are these insignia “Gules, in pale on the dexter side the Stafford Knot Or, on the sinister side a Peacock’s Head erased upon a wreath of the second. 

Here lyeth the Body of Sir John Stafford, Knight.  A Gentleman Pensioner during the Space of 47 Yeares to Queene Elizabeth and King James, Hee had as a Reward of his Valour and fidelity conferred upon Him by her Majestie the Constable-ship of Bristoll Castle, wherein hee continued a long time.  He lived (as himselfe on his Deathbed had confessed) in the frail and slippery course of a souldier and a courtier from the time of his manhood neere unto the Time of his Death: Notwithstanding, sensible of his End and that accompt hee was to give at the last Day, Hee did fully and freely forgive all men, sealing the same by calling for and receiving the blessed Sacrament, as a Pledge of his forgiving other men, and of the forgivenesse of his owne sines for whatever the Frailty of his Life, or bitterness of the disease, whereof hee died might be, his hope of a better Life through the Mercies and sufferings of his Redeemer made him a Conqueror over and beyond those humane frailties hee dying in the sound faith of a Penitent Sinner, a Loyall Servant to his prince, a lover of his Country, wherein Hee did beare the chiefest Offices of trust and credit, and a founder of an Almhouse in the Parish where he lived, endowing the same with 10 Pounds per Annum, to be paid for ever.  Obiit 28o die Septemb. A. Dni. 1624. 

In cujus memoria
et veritatis hujus testimonium Nepos ejus sciens videns que
hoc Monumentum posuit, hac fretus spe, votoque, inquiens,
Non Aliter cineres Mando jacere Meos.

Chancel floor Johannes Stafford, Armig. Obit 7o. die Jan. Anno Dom. 1704-5, Anno Aetatis suae 73.

In the memory of Catharine, widow of John Stafford, late of Morlwood, in this Parish, Esqr. who died October ye 29, 1710, aged 88.

Chancel Here lyeth the Body of the Right Hon’ble Mary, Baronesse Stafford, sometime Wife of Edward, Lord Stafford, who was Grandson to the potent and excellent Prince Edward, Duke of Buckingham, this Good Lady after the Death of her Husband passing the rest of her days a Widow in this Town, and having in the Course of her Life tasted of both Fortunes, deceased the 3rd day of September, 1609, about the LXX Year of her Age.  She was the daughter to the Most Noble and pious Edward, Earl of Darby, by the Lady Dorothy, his Wife, Daughter to the high and Mighty Prince Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.  Her Body was committed to this Earth; and her Soul lyeth at the Mercy of our sweet Saviour.
Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Stone, of Plimouth, captain of one of her Majesty’s ships, son of John Stone, Alderman of Thornbury, who dyed September the 22nd 1709.  Aged 56.

Also here lyeth the Body of Thomas Lewis, the son of Thomas and Anne Lewis, of Thornbury, who departed this life, the 27th day of November Anno Domini 1720.  Aetatis suae 30o.

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Joseph Young Sturge for XXVI years Churchwarden of this Church who died XXVII December MDCC CXCI.  This Window is erected by Public Subscription MDCCCXCII
Middle Aisle Here lyeth the Body of Anne, wife of John Stone, who was buried in January the 21, Anno Dom. 1691–2.

Also Here lyeth the Body of John, the son of Thomas Lewis, who was buried the 6th day of April 1684.

Likewise Anne, the daughter of Thomas Lewis, who died the 28th day of January Anno Dom. 1691-2.

And here lyeth the Body of Anne Lewis, the wife of Thomas Lewis, and daughter of John and Anne Stone of this town, who departed this the 23rd of October 1742, in the 85th year of her age.

The Reverend JOHN MARTIN SUDDARDS 22nd June 1952 – 14th February 2012 Vicar of this Parish from 4th July 2011. 

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.  Psalm 116.  Rest in peace and rise in glory

North Wall Arms: “Sable, a chevron Argent between three eagles displayed Or, on a chief of the third, three martlets gules,”… Raymond.
Crest: “a seal’s head and neck erased proper”. 
In the Church Yard behind this Monument are deposited the Remains of William Raymond of Sibland in this parish, Esqr. who died 14 April 1756.  Aged 57 years.
He married Mary, daughter of Jacob Vanderesch, of Hague, in the Province of Holland, Esqr. by whom he had Elisabeth, wife to Mr. Ralph Grove, of the Borough of Thornbury.
By Mary, his next Wife, third daughter and coheir of Philip Hampton, of Westbury in the Forest of Dean, And Anne, his wife, daughter and coheir of Thomas Symons, of Cleer-well in this County, Esqr.  he had Issue Five Sons and Six Daughters, of whom Six lie buried with their Mother, at Westbury: Two, Philip and Anne, with their father.
The Survivors,
Mary, wife of Richard Bigland, of Frocester in this county, Florence Raymond, and Thomas Raymond, from Duty and Affection have erected this Monument to the Memory of the deceased. AD. 1770.

Arms at the bottom in the middle blank, on the Dexter side Raymond, impaling:- Per fess Or and azure, two carpenter’s squares interlaced points upwards, and in base an estoil all Counterchanged ……. Vanderesch.
On the sinister side Raymond impaling: “Argent, a chevron gules between three Cinque foils Az. Hampton.

North Wall Sacred to the Memory of Ann Raymond, Florence Raymond, Mary Bigland, Sophia Raymond who died (note there are 3 dates given against the 4 names – Dec 26 1741, June 17 1789 and August 14 1792 and only ages – aged 16 and aged 18 – see photo)

This Monument is erected according to the directions left by their brother Thomas Symons late of the Meend Park in Herefordshire Esq. who departed this life on the 6 of Nov 1818 aged 74 years and was buried in the Parish Church of Much Dewchurch in the same County. He was the son of William Raymond formerly of Sibland in this Parish Esq. deceased and took the name of Symons on succeeding to the Meend Estate.

Also to the Memory of Philip Raymond brother of the said Thomas Symons who died 26 Aug 1769 aged 21 years.